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rad dept at the hospital I worked at

Posted By: didn't even check the reports for signatures on 2009-06-10
In Reply to: eliminated 14 MTs plus ER went EHR... - same here

everything was automatic and errors throughout; no one cares anymore.... .  it's sad in a lot of ways... . needless to say, I no longer go to that hospital ; they can forget it; I wouldn't send my worst enemy there; yes it's that bad....

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When I MT'd inhouse in a hospital medical records dept.,
the hourly pay was around $9/hr. I had plenty of experience too. The lady there who had about 25 years of experience made around $12/hr.... I have no idea why it was so low. That's why I ended up working for a service at home. As low as VR pays, that $9-$12 is starting to sound good though. What a shame this profession is.
Call the hospital medical records dept and ask who does their transcription. They will tell you.
I worked at a hospital that used ...
Cerner for their medical records and I found it to be user friendly and easy to learn.
Most who have worked at a hospital know the
but, how many hospitals now the transcriptionists work anymore? To say you have gotten out, well you really are still in this line of work, just working for a hospital instead. I along with others on this board have been outsourced from hospitals and I along with others on this board made excellent salaries. What you are saying, we already know. Consider yourself lucky. I was outsourced from three hospitals before working for a company. The money here is good, just not as good as in the 90s working inhouse.
I know that feeling. The hospital I worked for
when I started had us all at the same "starting pay". Then they changed it to commensurate with experience.

So, new hires (even those with less experience) were getting hired in at sometimes THREE BUCKS more than I was getting.

They wouldn't raise me up to make up for it. So, I quit.
The hospital I worked at used C-Bay and needless to say
It was a nightmare. They are an Indian owned company with an office in Annapolis, Maryland. ALL of their transcription is done in India. Our department spent so much time redoing the reports that we just got sick of it. They still got paid, but we ended up doing double the work.

They will not lie to you about the fact that they offshore. There have been many articles in newspapers (check the Baltimore business newspapers for the articles) about their offshoring to India.

Good luck and get ready to redo a lot of the work. You probably will not see any mistakes for about 4-6 weeks. They make it a practice to do excellent work until they feel the client is comfortable with them enough to stop checking the work.
When I worked for a hospital we used their computers

I could chime in anytime to see what we were doing.  They did it to me several times.  Plus, they could read our e-mails even though we were at home.  They were more worried about us minding our own business and working and not snooping into medical files.  

When we were connected to the VPN, internet was blocked.  We could surf without the VPN.   We could not put any software or any extras on it except what the hospital wanted. 

I am using my own computer now but I wonder if I would be better off with a company that provides the equipment for more structure.  

when I worked in a hospital laboratory...sm
it was suggested to some of us (including me) that we take anger management (don't know if that's the same thing hehe). Of course, we were in denial and decided to step lightly instead.
When I worked in a hospital, we all fought
for ER dictation, so much that we were assigned days. Love ER. There are a lot of runny noses, etc., but the docs normally say the same thing over and over, so you can get lots of macros to increase your line counts significantly.
I worked in the hospital for many years - sm
and worked for private doctors' offices on the side with my own business. When I relocated rurally, I found it so much more cost-effective to work at home. No uniforms, no gas, no lunches out, etc. Could get up 15 minutes before my shift, etc. Now the companies all offer full time status (usually a minimum of 39 hours) with full bennies. Your hourly wage would depend on your speed. You would have to type over 200 lines per hour in order to get the salary you are quoting. It really depends on what you want out of the job. If it's social contact, that surely is lacking. But the pay and benefits are similar, and as I said, some of the additional costs of working outside the home are saved. Also, if you set up an office in your home, you can get tax benefits for that. I came home finally full-time because the bennies at the hospital were way too high a cost. Cheaper with the company I work with, a LOT cheaper. Plus my dad, who lived with use, got cancer, and I needed to be closer to him, as the hospital was over a half-hour away. That's my story, though. Hope yours goes the way that gives you more of what you want. Good luck to you!
When I worked at a hospital we were told
that if stupid mistakes continued from using expanders, we would not be allowed to use them. That is probably the problem, too many mistakes.
I know her personally. We worked together at a hospital for years. nm
Not compared to what I used to pay at the hospital I worked for. I have better coverage with sm
Unicare than the one that my hospital used (United Healthcare).  It includes prescription coverage too.  I am about half the premium I used to be.
This happened to me in a small hospital I worked at SM
several years ago.They actually saved the ESLs for me! With that on top of DS which I can't make money with (I love OPs), I found another job.
worked 3 yrs, went to work for local hospital nm
I was lucky and had on-the-job training in the hospital I worked for. SM
But, it wasn't the medical terminology that I had trouble with. It was the medications that always got me!
Who did they outsource too? Seems like I briefly worked for a company that did ER for a hospital in
either Wyoming or Montana. I cant remember.
It is weird. I worked for the Florida Hospital thru Diskriter.... SM

back in 2005 when Diskriter first landed the gig.  I had to take a drug test, see my personal doctor for a physical and have him fill a very long and involved form, and get a TB test all for a facility I would never set foot in!  It took three long weeks for me to get through all the red tape and actually start the job.

The work was okay, but it ran out and you had no secondary account because you were employed by the hospital.  So if you wanted a backup account, then you had to go through more red tape to actually be an employee of Diskriter too and there was a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo that came with that because Diskriter was managing the transcription department for this hospital and the hospital had a contract that said that Diskriter could not put the hospital's employees on Diskriter accounts without express consent from the hospital. 

The supervisor of the hospital employees was employed by Diskriter and was incompetent.  We weren't able to get sample reports, normals, etc. out of her.  We always got the standard I'll look into that or It's in the works.  It seemed she had no contact with the hospital HIM department at all.  However, they could have a new person in that position now.  Like I said it was all brand spanking new back then.

Oh and your benefits were out of Florida.  So unless you're planning on flying into Florida to see a doctor or have an operation, you're basically screwed.  The bennies may have changed too by now though -- so who knows.

After three months, I just decided it was all just too much and left.  All the hoops I jumped through to get the job and then to have the job be such a disappointment was just irritating!

I worked on a large teaching hospital account and was
frequently out of work.  KS didn't have the entire account.  I don't know if they had in-house MTs or they used more than one company.  You should have a backup account too, though there may be some  lag time between getting you a backup as they figure out where they can plug you in.   They supposedly are getting several new accounts so surely they should be plenty of work. 
Used to be 7.4-7.7 cpl for clinic, 8 cpl for hospital w/1 weekend shift, 10 if U worked entire
Ewww - I worked on Meditech Magic in a hospital system - sm
unless the platform has improved mightily, it was horrible. There was no word Expander in Meditech and the spellcheck dictionary was very limited. By changing to a Word-based platform, my lines per hour increased about 75 LPH in one whack.
Much easier and better process of doig this, as I worked at a hospital on ExText nm
Yes, it is about the almightly dollar. I worked for a hospital who outsourced to Spheris
and the only reason was NOT because they could not find available MTs but it was because it saved them money from having to pay benefits etc..
no way you are not in QA dept yourself
Any big changes at OSI QA Dept?

I took prolonged maternity leave and would go back to OSi but only if they have a different QA Dept. since summer of 2005.  I never recommend OSI to anyone and I would never return unless that has changed. 


Where is the HR dept?
Diskriter off off offshores - and on some hospital accounts - they have not informed the hospital
Jewish is the main hospital, St. Mary's is another hospital under their management. (nm)
Sounds like you are from the QA Dept--
in order for you to make ASSumptions of what my working experience at OSi was like. This is EXACTLY the kind of attitude most of the people I have dealt with at OSI have. You have just demonstrated my point, thank you.
Okay then BS, get it together. Your dept has been hit the hardest with
You might want to get busy.
So many QA people are getting fired, and she is still hiring replacements for them long before they have a clue that they are about to get the ax. She is not keeping anyone who knows more than she does.

Speaking of which, did you see the email about the account manager position? Only 2 years experience as an MT is required. Two years experience. Unbelievable! Cheap-cheap-cheap.

That is what is wrong with OSi. Nobody is qualified to do their uppity jobs, including the QA Director, except the MTs, who continue to lose work to India via outsourcing!!!!
If DOL is all your HR dept will take, then anyone stating here they could
Perhaps you should just give it up if you are not willing to call and/or see an attorney for yourself. lol

What companies use ADP for their HR dept? nm.
Why not call and ask the HR Dept???
Have you tried their payroll dept???
I went into a radiology dept. for a few years.
It was good for my self-esteem for one thing, got me up out of bed with the rest of the world, dressed nicely and out of the house with the morning traffic. Mingling with the masses was great also. Was surprised on how much info we can pick up just by chatting with whoever is beside us whereever we are. The office politics is what took the joy out of it for me. Favoritism, unfair distribution of work, etc plus the gossip behind each others back. I tried to keep to myself but some women simply insist on infiltrating your boundaries and if you refuse, are considered not a team member (being a team member is big in the work place these days; in my dept., it was more important that quality/quantity of work, reliability, ethics. I watched one woman get creamed during evaluations because she was a Debbie Downer, a personality trait that she could do nothing about.
thanks for the support, Labor Dept. did say ... sm
that they will investigate and they will get compensation for me on lost investment earnings. MW sent me a check for what they withheld from my pay but denied my request for 4% interest that I would have gotten in my money market account. I truly hope this is just my problem and not the other 133 participants in MW's 401(k) plan. I have not been in the plan long enough to be vested so their contributions don't matter to me personally.
Yes, the main transcription dept at DBO. sm
Run, MT, Run! Anyone considering working there should SERIOUSLY reconsider, especially as long as LC is still the dept supervisor. That's the whole problem right there and always has been - HER.
Don't know for sure but it is HUGE - so they must have an oncology dept.
Tell her to file a complaint with Dept SM
of Labor and let them tell the Dept. of Labor that.
Every state's Dept. of Labor has...sm

rules and regulations re. unfair labor practices.  I don't just mean the BS with the IC and set schedule baloney.  What about:

1.  Requiring an employee to work a set schedule of hours, but not being paid for your time, just the actual lines produced during those hours.

2.  Being told during your set, scheduled shift/hours (which you're not being paid for, remember?) that, sorry, no work or work is slow, but you can't take the day off, because, what if everybody decided to take the day off.  Ergo, must sit glued to seat until work comes in.  Needless to say, line quota not able to be met in the specific schedule you're bound to but not paid for.

3.  Told at end of week you must make up line quota or, (take your choice):

a) Lose bennies for that month.

b) Expect a phone call (who is paying whose phone bill?  I know who's paying mine, and that's why the Almight invented voicemail).

c) You lose job w/o cause... it's in agreement, after all. Hire Indians or other US MTs who are desperate and who'll work for $0.01 less than you are.

d)  We take your first-born (That's next.. with what they are allowed to get by with).


Dept of Labor and All Other Agencies
PAYROLL ISSUES: Visit the web site of your state DOL. The federal DOL has hired 3,000 to handle the overflow of complaints. Complete paperwork for a complaint, send registered mail, then give them a followup call. They DO follow up.

EEOC: Discrimination by disability, age, gender, race, religion, etc. They have hired thousands of new mediators to handle case overload and are approving more cases for trial than ever before.

RETIREMENT FUND FRAUD: Visit the ERISA web site; they act fast and audit anonymously and take this issue absolutely seriously. They also represent you legally.

SOFTWARE LICENSING VIOLATIONS: Illegal software installed on your PC by employer can get YOU in trouble. Contact the BSA (Business Software Alliance) with any questions. They take online complaints either anonymously or, if you want to be placed on the reward list, they will audit your computer and if there is a licensing violation, reporters receive from $5,000 to $100,000 in rewards for reporting illegal or unlicensed software use. BSA investigates for Microsoft as well as any other proprietary NON-public software.

INSURANCE EXCLUSION/FRAUD: ERISA and state DOL. Also, look up the consumer protection agencies in your state; there may be an additional Insurance Commission.

Keep a diary, keep good, accurate records (dates, times, calls, emails); this information will prove to be priceless :)
Excuse me, my co's IT dept is in Nashville and sm
Seattle.  Don't say that the majority has IT support out of India, because it's not true.  Even Spheris (with a large presence in India) does IT out of Franklin, TN.
Check with Dept. of Labor. We are in sm
no way considered pieceworkers. Unemployment may not see it that way, but we are officially classified by the US Dept of Labor as a class of employees who need to make at least minimum wage no matter what.
Had many friends in the QA dept who all left about the same time.
AND...yes, I do believe them!
Call the medical records dept there. Sm
I did a bit of this account, too, but my primary was a sister hospital. Loved it.
Dept. of Labor phone number
For Labor Dept, your point of contact depends on where you live I believe. The number to start with is 866-444-3272. Good luck, and please post if you learn anything new. This has been going on for me for nearly a year and not resolved.
I guess my point about the Labor Dept....sm
in my attempt at humor was not clear.  I reported this to the Labor Dept. over a year ago and we are close to a resolution, but it is taking this long.  I don't allow a company to steal from me without making a lot of noise, believe me!
Apply for OSI QA dept if you cain't spell
That's so illegal - turn them in to Dept of Labor. How can they sm
doctor your time sheet? You mean you don't have any way to verify your HOURS worked? that's scary.
IC Paychecks-check with Fed Labor Dept
Having been an IC for over 15 years and working for places where pay was sent when they felt like it (including 2 large hospitals in my area) I checked with the Federal Labor Department to see what my recource was.  Employers have 30 days from date of invoice to pay subcontractors/ICs, after that you have to send them a letter demanding payment.  You have no recourse as a self employed person.  I am happy where I am right now (as happy as I can be in this business) pay is always in my acct when it is supposed to be (except for Ike last week and we were kept apprised the whole time.)