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regarding MagnaDoc Solutions...

Posted By: Kathy on 2008-04-01
In Reply to: Don't go with either of them...see inside - Missy_MT

I also agree with Missy. I have helped them and they are great. The only thing with them is they are strictly USA based MTs. I guess the owner started the company because she is fed up with seeing the jobs go overseas.

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It's Offshoring Solutions ~er~ Outsourcing Solutions
I am interested in their Pediatric account.  I recently took their test and awaiting a response.  Any info would be great!
Transcription Solutions, Inc
Where did you go?
Transcription Solutions, Inc
Does anyone know if the curriculum that Transcription Solutions offers is good or not?  Looking for a good MT course.
Transcription Solutions, Inc. (nm)
Transcription Solutions of SC
They are great, hiring because they have ad posted on the Job board. 
Anyone from Precyse Solutions that would be
willing to share their experience working for them?
MT Solutions, LLC site?
Is there a site for MT Solutions, LLC? I would like to know something about a company prior to applying. Thank you.
StatIQ Solutions ??

Anyone work for them or heard of them?  Thanks for the info.

They are a great company, and they just opened up radiology hiring. They are SOOO user friendly! And the supervisor who is working with radiology is wonderful.
Documed solutions in Ten
Does anybody know anthing about this company?
Precyse Solutions !!
I have read a few complaints about them, but my year with them has been a top drawer experience, and they are offering a bonus for 2nd/3rd shifts.
StatIQ Solutions MTs

Are there any StatIQ MTs out there?  Do you like it?  Any pros/cons?



Precyse Solutions
What's the consensus?  Thanks in advance.
Precyse Solutions
Does anyone have any information on this company? I am considering submitting my resume, but want to know more first and I can't find them on the BBB website. Thanks!
Precyse Solutions
Would like information on approximate cost of monthly health benefits. Thank you.
Outsourcing Solutions, Inc?
Anyone have any good/bad info on this company?
Precyse Solutions
So does anyone know what the PTO or maternity leave is like at Precyse Solutions?
Precyse Solutions too
Precyse Solutions
Hi y'all...Okay, I need to hear from current Precyse emps or very recent ex-employees.....am considering accepting position with this company...have read other posts....from a year ago....anything recent? Any comments at all are welcome...thanks so much.

Allegiant, You See Solutions, etc - sm
You can even go to www.emdat.com and they have a list of the different companies that utilize their program.
Voice Solutions?

Does anyone out there use Voice Solutions by Central Voice, especially in conjunction with Meditech?  Just curious what all you had to have on your comp. to set up.

Precyse solutions?
Anyone work at Precyse Solutions?  Can you provide me any information at all?  Good?  Bad?  Do they send work oveseas at all?  Any information would be appreciated.  Getting ready to leave employer of 10 years and need to find another great company to work for.  Thanks.
Anybody work for You See Solutions?
Just wondering what they are like to work for.  Pay scale, etc.
Any information on You See Solutions, Inc.? Thank you! NM

CareTech Solutions

I have recently come across the company CareTech Solutions (friend of a friend works there) and I was curious as to any input anybody had on the company.  I'm especially interested in line rate, if they provide a computer, and what kind of contact/feedback they have with their MTs.

Thank you!

Transcriptions Solutions
Has anyone heard of this company, and had any experience with them?

Outsourcing Solutions
OSI- Outsourcing Solutions,Inc

Dictation Solutions
Has anybody worked for this company out of Houston, Texas?
Precyse Solutions does. NM
RI Transcription Solutions
Does anyone know if this company is good or bad?
RI Transcription Solutions, Inc...sm
Can anyone tell me anything about this company, particularly about being paid on time, etc?  TIA
Precyse Solutions
Just thought I'd share, Precyse Solutions has great platform, great benefits & pay is okay but bonuses limited. Also, they require you have your foot on the pedal for 8 hours/40 hours per work week in order to keep your benefits. Yep, that's right. You're now allowed time to look up terminology, physicians, or even go to the bathroom unless you are willing to work 9 or 10 hours a day to make up any lost time or work all the time on the weekend so your footpedal has been pressed for 40 hours. Something they don't tell you on your interview.
StatIQ Solutions in NM?

just wondering if anyone currently works for this company and how you like it, thanks.

Dictation Solutions
I work there PT.  Great MTSO to work for.  Different accounts have different platforms and different pay scale.  Always paid on time and pay depends on the account.   I don't know anything about the pain management acct though.
Precyse Solutions
I have been with this company now for 6 months,  and expected the work to run low around the holidays, but the truth is it has been low since I began work here.  This will be my shortest term of employment anywhere.  I can't seem to make a living here because the workflow is so unreliable.  The worst and most crazy thing is when I logged onto MT jobs.com to see what was there, Precyse is hiring still....no wonder there is no work--they are into over staffing.  If you are interested in working for them, you may want to take this into consideration.  It's hard to pay the bills when the workflow is not there and works against you maintaining a line count.  I have been an MT for 10 years, and living by the computer checking for work to pick up (outside your scheduled shift), staying chained to the computer all day is no way to try and live either.  You become a piece of furniture, one with the desk--horrible. 
Alphamed solutions
Good company?  any info would be appreciated. 
Precyse solutions?
Any feedback? The package looks great, and a sign on bonus.  Is this one we should jump on? Thanks in advance.
StatIQ Solutions?
Anyone heard of this company?  If so what do you know?
Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. OSI
Does anyone have any current info on this company or does anyone work for them?  I reviewed the archives and found some info, but not current.  Just wondering if anything has changed since then.  Thanks!
Transcription Solutions of SC NM
Precyse Solutions
Anybody work for them?  Just heard they now have a big radiology account on which I had a couple of years' experience before my fomer MTSO lost the account.  Would love to be back on that account.  Would anyone advise calling them directly versus doing on-line application?  TIA
Precyse Solutions
Provides complete setup, great training, great benefits.
Any opinions out there on Precyse Solutions?  Thanks!
Precyse Solutions
Precyse Solutions is a multi-international company that offshores its work to Bombay, rather Mumbai. It has offices set up in Mumbai. Just say NO to any company that outsources to another country, because in the long run it will be the demise of our careers in transcription. We can clearly see the results now with the CPLs we are being paid. Why would these offshoring companies continue to pay us a living wage, when they can practically get it for free in another country. We need to send them a message. Our President needs to send them a message by hitting these companies in the pockets and making them pay for the damage they have caused to this career and our country.

Power to the American Transcription Community - Long live American Transcription in the US of A!

Precyse Solutions nm
e-Tranz and You See Solutions..sm
Does anyone know if these 2 companies are still in business?  I was wondering if they are still issuing rubber checks if they are.
eword solutions
Has anyone heard of eword solutions?  They have offered me an independent contractor position, but want a copy of my SSN and driver's license.  I am worried about this.  I would like to know if they are reputable or not.  They are apparently located in California.  Thanks.
Precyse Solutions
If you know anything about working for this company, please share your experience.  Pros and cons please.  Thanks.
precyse solutions
There is nothing wrong with having high standards as long as they are attainable; however, when most of your workforce is on 100% QA,even oldest employees and not just 1) Then, it would be pretty obvious to most that there is a problem and something or someone is stinking up the place. I guess I would have to say there is something rotten in Denmark, I mean in Precyse, and it is not the hardworking MTs.