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running out of work

Posted By: fingers on 2006-07-28
In Reply to: Anyone else running out of work this summer?SM - Howie

I left this outfit at the first of the year and my accounts with my new employer have been going hot and heavy every since.  Let's face it people, people do not quit getting sick or having surgeries in the summer months.  There is no slow season in this field. 

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I work on it. Usual amount of work. Not running out but not backlogged either. They seem to have
about the right staffing on it. Hope that helps.
I actually left about a year ago and work for another company that's running out of work. Have to
Definitely running out of work. nm
running out of work
i work for Cymed and no work either. very hard to get line counts.
Running out of work

Hi there!

About running out of work - I see this is a very hot topic on the boards, as well as in the entire industry, and it's always the same this time of year.  I am a supervisor now, but when I was a regular MT, working on production, it used to be the most frustrating time ever - from mid-October to right after the first of the year.  I'll never forget dialing in multiple times on my C phone one Christmas - all day long.  I just felt like I was fighting for work. 

First of all, the reason for this dramatic drop in work is attributed to several different reasons.  It's not that the company has hired too many people, and pushed you out of work.  It's not that someone is secretly manipulating your work pool, and taking work away.  It has nothing to do with offshoring, or any of that - Trust me.  This was a problem WAY before offshoring became the major issue it is today.  This is simply a result of less office and hospital visits.  Most hospital visits are generated by older patients, and their routine, or urgent, procedures, necessitating H&Ps, Consultations, Discharge Summaries, OP notes, clinic visits to follow up the surgery they just had, etc., and etc. Many of them simply do not want to get out this time of year.  They will put off going to the doctor until after the holidays.  No one wants to schedule things during the holidays, and even people who have minor emergencies will try to treat themselves rather than go to the ER during this busiest season of the year.

So, how do we manage it?

I take a lesson from some people I know who are union workers, and their work is mostly outdoors.  Their work slows down during the wintertime.  They know it, and they prepare for it.  They put their funds in a savings account, or their branch of the union does it for them, to doll out later when work is leaner.  You can be your own credit union.  Many companies offer great - ABSURDLY great - incentives when the work is in a big backlog.  Take this opportunity next year, and put all of your overtime or incentive pay in a savings account, so you can use it when the holidays hit again near the end of October next year!  You could just jump from company to company, or decide to go work in an office somewhere hourly, but don't fool yourself.  Neither of those solutions will ever replace the rewards for being a dependable, steady, disciplined, loyal employee of a good company.  Find one you like, and stick with it, but know ahead of time that this year is going to be lean.  Be ready - be expectant.  It's one of the things about this industry you wish someone would have told you when you started, right?  Well, I'm telling you...

Anybody else with MDI-MD running out of work lately?nm
running out of work
any companies out there that are not running out of work for their employees????
Why is everyone running out of work?-sm

Either these companies are overhiring, or losing accounts? What do you think it is?  I am afraid to start my new job, because I am seeing posts where they run out of work....This is too frustrating...

Why is everyone running out of work?-sm

Either these companies are overhiring, or losing accounts? What do you think it is?  I am afraid to start my new job, because I am seeing posts where they run out of work....This is too frustrating...

RE: Why is everyone running out of work?-sm
Everyone - Too broad of an interpretation - The company I work for, no shortage of work.
RE: Running out of work at MDI-MA
Try one of the heavy ESL teaching accounts.... you'll never have to worry about running out of work. They do have them ya know!
Running out of work
I am a new Precyse MT (2 wks)  and there have been a couple times when I've run out of work before end of my shift, but as soon as I notified my manager, I was given another account to work on. They have so far been very responsive to me and always willing to work with me.  I love it so far.  
I keep running out of work.
The platform is pretty pathetic.  The do pay on time and seem friendly.  I switched companies because I kept running out of work and the same goes on here.  Oh well.   I am tired of learning new doctors and new personalities so I plan on staying.  Maybe I can find something else really flexible to fill in the low spots.    Good luck!
To MDI-MD MTs; is work still running low; I was about to
accept a position but then I heard work had been low. I was also told by recruiter the ESLs were few but then I saw some postings stating there were many. I have been where I am at for several years so when I move I want it to be somewhere I will be happy for a long while. Can you give me an honest opinion?
Yes, but then she might be running out of work.
No win.
KS and running out of work
I think it depends on what account you work on. I worked there a while back and was assigned a certain # of physicians. If they did not dictate then I did not have work. This was clinic work - but if you are on acute care or maybe radiology that might not be the case.
TT running out of work
Ask for a backup.  Today is my day off but I just logged on to see if there was any work to be had and yep, plenty.  I'm P/T and most of the time work more than I would like because of backlog.  Please don't call me a powers that be or any such.  I'm just a lowly MT who has worked for TT for about 4 years, ran out of work only a couple of times on my primary in all that time, asked for a secondary, got it and haven't needed to work on it since.  I sure do get tired of the TT bashing though, doesn't even sound like the TransTech I work for.
If everyone is running out of work...
then why are they hiring? I have an interview Monday for a job with MDI-FL, acute care, ExText account. Which account(s) do you work on?
I think the running out of work is because ...

of the time of the year.  Typically the period between Thanksgiving and the first of the year is a slowdown for the entire industry. 

This company pays well and on time.  They treat their employees very well.  You won't go wrong applying here and accepting their offer if one is extended. 

running out of work
Before I left they finally got direct deposit, but I did recall MTs calling often because they were low on work. In my experience as an MT, it is always best to work for at least 2 companies. I work Superior Global and Focus and love them both.
Running out of work
I can honestly say that I have really never run out of work for more than a few minutes, always make my lines. I even worked extra a few nights these past 2 weeks when asked.
Running out of work.... sm
I can't understand how you could be running out of work at MQ. Maybe a year ago, but not anymore. Some times I wish the work would run out, but there is always work.
work running out
I am curious when I see such postings here on the board.

What type of reports are you generally being assigned??

It's scary to see work running out, no matter what 'type' it is.
You won't be running out of work at all. nm

running out of work
I work second shift, 4-12 CST, my time 5-1 a.m. Work type is Radiology. Slim pickins!
Most definitely NOT running out of work...
and Carlotta is FABULOUS to work with/for.

I don't think that was her posting in defense of MDI. I believe that was another recruiter for another company because I vaguley remember that exchange as well.
Is there always no work or running out

Just curious, I have been an MT for about 18 years - and then stopped for a couple of years.  I am now working for a service.  I read posts about running out of work.  My question to all of you is:

Is this pretty standard with any service you work for?  I know it is hard for them to control when the docs dictate, etc.  Just wondering.  Are there any companies that have somewhat of a steady workflow, or are there more MTs than work available now a days?

Well, unfortunately for them with their running everyone out of work as they do, they will soon
find themselves with the not so great MTs and their quality will go down the tubes.  I cant imagine it hasnt already with the way they run things.  You cant keep people that want to work and do good work without supplying the work.  Total pain in the kazoom.
Anybody NOT Running Out Of Work?

Just wondered if anyone was getting consistent workloads in their queues.  This is not good for my diet. LOL

Anyone else running out of work at TT?

This is absolutely ridiculous. Not much longer and I am out of there. They tell you on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to work extra for your lines and just barely made my lines today. What a crock. Not everyone is able to jump at their beck and call and I refuse to be a puppet for 4 cents a line for VR.  


Running out of work
I have not run out of work in quite a long while either.  I have about 6 accts in my pool (at one time I had 12 as I was working on some new accts that were ramping up), and work on 2 different platforms.  As the other poster states I have good TLs and ROMs and they never let you run out of work if you want more.  Plus all you have to do is let Deb know you need work and she will find you some.
Well, if you are on the DEP you are running out of work also just like the rest of us do.

tired of running out of work!
Are they any small companies out there they don't run out of work for IC people.  I have a set schedule and lately have had to make adjustments to get my line count more then ever!  Please E-mail with information. TIA. 
tired of running out of work
Molly: I am about to give you a closely held secret that will pay off.....guaranteed! Try contacting all the Speech Pathologists in your area and send them a flyer. I got tired of the ESL's, hospitals and even the national companies and have been working for 4 Speech and Lanugage therapists for going on 6 years. Very little complicated medical terminology and they don't require 24 hour service. I type 200+ pages per month at $5.00 a page (no line counts) and have a wonderful relationship with them. Try it.....it works! I also prepare professional resumes for a living.
Also, contact your local colleges for some extra transcription work and stay away from the line counts.
I hope this helps!

TTS Co has an ad running. Anyone know if they are good to work for? nm

Good or bad?

Why are so many companies running out of work?

It seems like MQ is the company most people are complaining about, but lately someone from Amphion told me they were running out of work, too.

So why does this happen? I understand with MQ because of all the changes, but why Amphion? Or perhaps it was just the one person having trouble with their one account?

Here they are, recruiting again, when we are running out of work AGAIN. sm
What is wrong with these people at Webmedx?
I have been running out of work, and when I have it, it is only discharges. nm
Unfortunately they also keep running OUT of work every week. nm
I have been running out of work with them also...frustrating! nm
consantly running out of work.
They don't have enough work for their regular FT employess.  Also, they promise you backup accounts, but they don't follow through with that either.  You might get one, but you have to be out of work for days before that will  happen.  They never, ever have enough work.
Anyone else running out of work this summer?SM
I have been with this company for quite some time, and this is the first time I have run out of work.  It has been slow since June, but pretty much the whole month of July has been hunting for work and getting lucky if there's any there.  We've been told it's just an unusually slow summer.  Anyone else with this problem? 
Seem to be running out of work lots more...
hopefully just a coincidence???
When I worked there, they were always running out of work....
I don't know if that is still the case but was a major problem for me...
If you are running out of work, you need to chat w/your mgr. sm
No one should run out of work consistently; you should be trained on 1-2 backup accounts so that doesn't happen. On rare occasions, like holiday periods, I do run out during my shift and I do try to make up outside my 12-hr flex, or on another day off. It happens so seldom that I usually take PTO or unpaid time instead.

If you consistently do not work 35-40 hours, then yes you lose full-time benefits.
Running out of work daily
We have started running out daily, a lot of the time when I sign on in the morning there is no work on my primary, maybe not even secondary. Our supervisor has asked many to switch shifts, to work the night shift and I know 10 or so have done so. It seems we were getting out of TAT in the evenings, so NOW it is over compensated and there is not much during the day, before noon, anyway. Used to work 8-10 hours OT every week, now that is down to 5-6 or less hours OT. I don't know what to do. I need my hours and some OT, too. Can't work nights.
Running out of work all the time
They send too much of it out of the US, it needs a lot of editing, but they gobble up the jobs and we are left with none.... run out a lot..... Clarity platform
Just wondering if anyone is running out of work or ...s/m

Being switched around a lot.  Great company, just very private about things.  Getting frustrated with them. 

Correct, I have been running out of work too, but this always happens SM
around the holidays. I know Spheris has a place in India. I sometimes mistakenly get emails from them. I dont like that either. With that aside, Spheris is still a better run company in my experience.
I was clost to running out of work
yesterday so I knew it wasn't going to be a good day today. I never ran out on a Sunday before. I can't believe there is nothing today even with the new account coming with the new work types. Said in email that there would be plenty of work for everyone since it was a big teaching hospital.
To MDI-MD employees running out of work (sm)

Are you working on C-phone accounts or the internet platform?   I am just now in training, and I am wondering if I should re-think my decision. If there is new management in place and this is a direct result of such, I am now hesitant to continue. 

What do you do if it is your scheduled weekend day to work. If you have set aside a certain time to work on a Saturday or Sunday and there is no work, do they expect you to continually check throughout the day in order to do your ''commitment?  There is no way I can do this as I have other commitments also and can't spend 12 hours trying to do 5 hours of work. I can only set aside a certain timeframe to transcribe on the weekend and if there is no work in those hours, I won't be able to get the lines done. Any insight you can shed would be so much appreciated.