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Posted By: I moved on, sweetie on 2005-10-11
In Reply to: You sound bitter. I just got their new rates - /

Baby, I moved on.  Bitter, nah.  Just want people to know the truth before they invest months they could have invested elsewhere.  The truth is the insurance, without dental and vision, was going to cost me $140 every 2 weeks and I was not pulling in megabucks from them. 

In fact, they cut my lines by changing the doctors I was doing.  I started out doing 1500-1600 lines a day and then I noticed I was doing mostly PAs that could talk for hours with "uh, uh, duh, go back to the top again, please," etc. and I was lucky to get 1200 lines for the day.  They can say what they want, but that's the way it was.  I am not bitter.  I just don't like some company telling me one thing when they're dancing all the way to the bank and I'm struggling to make ends meet.  The wheels of justice turn slow, but they turn.  Their day is coming. 

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