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some differences are...

Posted By: Old MT on 2006-03-04
In Reply to: Difference between employee & IC status - DarcyT

IC cannot be told when to work or how to work other than rudimentary training on account. EMP can be put on a schedule. IC can write off anything to do with job, i.e. new computer, office space, heat/electric/phone for office space. EMP may or may not be provided with equipment to do the job. EMP gets work comp and unemployment. IC pays own half 7.5% of SS tax (called self employment tax on your tax form). Do you have any other specific questions?


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Differences between IC and

statutory employee?  I have always been a full time employee and I might be taking a position as an IC or statutory employee and not sure what the difference is, if any.

Thanks for any info

What are the differences between
Transtech and TransHealth as far as working for them? Is one better than the other?
You still use a foot pedal with a C-phone.  The main difference is how you receive the audio.  With a C-phone, it is through a separate phone line (versus sound file over the computer).  You probably will need a second phone line for the C-phone.  You may also incur long distance charges, depending on whether you dial into a toll free number or not.    
Differences between reality and fantasy

I completely agree with your analysis except to say that what your post proposes as perhaps an ideal standard is not what is in place in today's real world business protocols.  When I worked for a local company who paid by the hour, the lph were the same regardless of trained VR versus untrained VR.  They did not pay for spaces and expected 1600 lpd.  That is 3 cpl whether you did simple editing from what Dragon entered or had to clip out the entire report and build it from scratch.  They would kick in an extra $2/hr if you made above 1600 lpd (no spaces) IF your daily average was above 1600 lpd for the 2-week pay period.  No one ever made the bonus while I was there, and eventually they dropped the bonus program all together.

I ended up leaving and on the first day of my absence, they announced they had contracted to send the easy dictators to India for the necessary training of Dragon to fit the voice file.  The hard dictation was left for the in-office staff.  Fair?  Hardly.  Reality?  You bectcha bottom dollar.  They lost 10 employess within 60 days out of a staff of 16.  I averaged over 1400 lpd, occasionally hitting that 1600 lpd, and got the same pay per hour as those who did 800 lpd.

So, what is my incentive for entering 104,000 Keystrokes a day for 3 cpl?  NONE!  I came back home to do MT for US only MTSOs who treated their staff with respect and with adequate compensation for the knowledge shown in the daily work.  They are out there and I will be loyal to them.  Those who choose to offshore lose my respect.  We all have choices in life.  I know my value.