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there are recent positive posts; look below

Posted By: see message on 2007-05-21
In Reply to: What about Spheris? - KC

they pay on time, direct, I have had the same supervisor and QA for 4 years now, they are helpful and nice, insurance not so great, large deductible, all other benefits are good, they have productive and weekend incentives. They do expect you to meet your quota and keep a close on that. Help desk is there 24 hours.

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Posts from April said everyone gets 8.5 cpl/newbie or experienced. Recent posts said
There are also POSITIVE posts about this company!
The owners are not mean.  They are very friendly and caring. The company has a load of work.  They are having pay problems right now, but are working to solve the problem.  They are upfront and honest. One must remember that a poor attitude can affect any nice person.  This "viper pit" of a board is certainly proof of that.
When someone posts positive about a company it has to be a recruiter. sm
With all the negative posts in response to a positive post, I am

surprised that anyone posts anything here. 

I do not work for Keystrokes but I like to see what is out there, and the benefits they are offered, if coupled with a decent line rate and steady work load, are better than most I have seen.

Gone are the days of fully-paid pension plans.  Gone are the days of three weeks' vacation.  Employers cannot afford these, and not just in transcription.

If you aren't interested or do not like something, just ignore the post.  You obviously were interested or you would not have read it.

Can't we cut back on the nasty posts on this board?  If it does not concern you, don't criticize. 

If you are not looking for a new position, don't gripe about ones that are being offered.  If you are looking and a company's line rates, benefits or perks don't meet your personal requirements, why cut that company down?  Just move on and good luck finding what you are looking for. 

I agree with the poster about being mad at the entire industry, but I still love my career choice.  It has been a good fit for me and has allowed me to live a nice lifestyle. 

If I wasn't happy, I'd move on to another career. 

See thread a couple of posts below about TransTech. Very positive.
Posts from last year don't shed a positive light on them, no matter where
Past posts have been positive. They pay by the keystroke. Used to be all Cphone accts, think
Transcend's positive posts stay here cause negatives are deleted! That's the trend!
You cannot rely on honest referrals on this board, especially the archives.  They are edited and deleted forever.  Just as the negative posts on the Transcend forum "magically" disappear once discovered...Don't be so naive, unless you're the one "editing"!
recent posts...
Pay is late. Recruiter takes forever to get back with you, if ever.
I have read all of the recent posts that came up
when I searched, was wanting more information as it did not answer all the questions I had, that is why I was asking someone to email if they could give me more specifics. Thanks.
Recent posts about them are VERY negative. Might want
see archives, recent posts not
exactly glowing.
Read all the recent posts about TT and KS but..

if some of those who work at these companies could email me I would appreciate it.  Looking at possibly making a change soon and just wanting to ask some specific questions and chat about your experiences with them.  Thanks!

Check recent posts about J&J.
recent posts below are all negative.
Check the archives - there were recent posts about them.
USA Only!
Most recent posts show bad as of late. nm
It's EASY to search recent posts (sm)

using Google site search.

Ex:  chase site:mtstars.com revealed all the posts written about this transcriptoin company, most recent first.

Just from recent posts there are still ongoing pay issues.
They have easy escription accounts but I can't tolerate being paid late/wrong. Good luck!
Why no recent posts about Omniscribe? Everyone happy there?
Odd ... I did a search and most recent posts from 2006.
Thanks for responding anyway. Not sure what I'm doing wrong in terms of the search feature.
Check thru the recent posts here that have them running out of work. nm
If you've read the recent posts about them, how could you even think of applying? nm
I left there several years ago, but from reading recent posts, SM
it seems to me that if it's the MTs who have been there for a couple of years or more that are are liking it fine there and sing the praises, and that it is the new hires or recently hired people who don't like it and don't seem to get work or at least get bounced around.  Just an observation from what I've read.  HTH.
many recent negative posts on Company Board
Recent posts in the archives too. Open your post and then near
the bottom click on the blue related posts to bring up most recent ones.   They pay 8 cpl, dictators are horrendous, they have very frequent turnover. 
Anyone have any recent info on Sten-Tel out of Massachusetts? Old posts were rather confusing sm
as to whether the company was Indian or not.  There is an ad up on another board for editors.  Are they offshore?  TIA.
Check the archives and more recent posts. Lots of info there.
many recent negative posts of Amphion on Company Board
there are a couple of recent posts on the main board, bout halfway down...
Also check the archives, you could do much better for yourself...
Recent posts show them with late or nonpayment issues. Do a search. nm
Anyone have recent info on Cymed in Virginia? Oldest posts are from 09/2005- TIA

A few posts about them about 3/4 of the way down this page between the DSG & Diskriter posts. nm
Well-I don't have anything positive
to say about my experience so I guess I will shut up!!
Positive for me
At least something positive
came out of this! :)
Not positive, but I think . . . sm
the poster was referring to $1000/mo. since that was the original amount in question.
Mostly positive
It is very different from medical transcription and the pay is low and first payment is delayed, *but* if you want to learn something different and are willing to deal with the learning curve, it is OK. I like the break from medical and the challenge...

I would *not*, however, put all of my eggs (or even most of them) in this basket. Unless/until you are proficient in this type of transcription, you'll probably starve.
And even if positive

Even if you give a positive response to anything someone along the line will knock you down for whatever it is worth.  Sometimes it just not worth it.  Read the comments I guess for whatever they are worth.

Does anyone have anything positive to say about.....sm
Softscript?  I would like to know what makes them an undesireable company to work for as everything sounds okay to me.  Is it their pay?  What is it?  TIA
Be a little more positive.

I too wish this site can be more positive.  I mean, I understand we all need to vent sometimes, but get a grip!!!  There are pluses and minuses to every profession.  If you really can't stand doing this, consider finding a new job or starting a new career.  There are still transcriptionists who like doing this type of work.  For those of you who are so unhappy with your job, are you going you reject your paychecks when you receive it?

My daughter worked for them for a couple of years and for the most part, she was happy there. They are (as many companies now are) sticklers about your scheduled hours but that isn't such a bad thing. She never ran out of work and had support from the company when she needed (okay until she needed time off and they said no they couldn't spare her and that's why she left)

Would you mind emailing me?
So? Is being positive a bad thing?
Maybe this person is the first person to say "can I help?"

Maybe she came from a company where she had the worst account, and now has the best account imaginable (It happened to me--I adore my account at Transcend!)

Maybe she communicates with QA rather than having a "they're out to get me" attitude.

Maybe she is concerned about building rather than destroying.

Maybe she's just one of those people who makes the best out of any given situation.

If I were in management, someone like that would definitely be among my favorites.

I can probably say that, without a doubt, you'd not be on my "favorites" list, without ever having met you.
Spheris positive
I have been there a little over a month, and so far, I absolutely love it.  I had 6 years with MQ and not many of them happy.  Hoping this is my new "home".
Positive Spheris
Have been with EDIX/Spheris for five years and still happy! It is not perfect but have a great supervisor, earning good money and my hours are what I want! Guess we are all looking for something different in companies. Can email me if you like.
Not all positive but not all negative..
At least I stayed busy with them and not sittling idly waiting for work like now.
Positive for me and I agree...
it depends on the supervisor/account. Was a lot of tension for ME for a while, but since new super, been very, very positive.
I had a positive experience
I agree totally with cjs. I had other reasons for quitting them recently.
I have positive experience's with OSi
I have been with OSi for probably 6-7 years. Lord, I am so busy I can't remember.I get paid very very well for my position. I to have rose from the ranks and it did not take long because my goal was to be a superviser. I have never been a manager before so I learn as go but I am enjoying everything about it - to feel that I I am being looked up to and that I can set an example and teach something. It is a goal I have come up with some good ideas that were not in place before. All companies have journies they must take so we may never have perfection so we will hope for the best. I do love working with the new girls who are the future but we still appreciate our older and middle aged women who are strong and perform excellent work. Just so you know that you are not forgotten. Promotions are for everyone , not just the newbies, but is gives them an extra step and helps them be strong for the future. It makes them thrilled that they have been promoted.
One positive - pay on time. sm
Pay is low. I was given work load that stretched my day into 15 hours and low $$$. Burned out and exhausted by the time I stopped working there. Owner is famous for making lots of promises and not following through, and her martyr routines once you notice how hard it is to make lines. They constantly call and IM for things a clerk should be doing. I have heard since I left that she gives some of her work to Indians.
Regarding positive feedback
As company policy, DSG's QA staff never send MTs feedback. All feedback comes from management. There is no such thing as positive feedback. You will get some form of QA information on rare occasions, never a job well done, and often contradictory to previous memos or e-mails or even other direct feedback. The only way to get any response is to pick up the phone, don't rely on e-mails, and call the highest level of management.