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they have a 24-hr window.

Posted By: nm on 2007-02-26
In Reply to: Try MDI-MD (sm) - mtinmaryland


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What a lot of people do not understand is companies have a minimum requirement to transcribe, just because you reach the minimum that does not give us the choice to stop working.  If everyone stopped working when they met the requirement, how would the TAT be met?  Companies expect us to be on during a shift they hired us for, and besides, who wants to just make the minimum?  Must be nice to be able to live on that!  I certainly need to transcribe as much as I can during the day and not just meet the minimum per day.  The company I work for is flexible, but they do expect me to work the days and hours that I agreed to work.  Just because we are not hourly that does not mean we can quit when minimum production is met.  Other people who work for production based companies do not just get up and leave when they have met their production for the day, ie quota.  Think about all those other places that are purely production based.  They do not say, "Oh well I've reached my quota for the day, time to go home!"  We have a production/quota we are required to reach, and that is all this is, a quota you have to reach, the quota does not come with the idea that you reach a quota and you are done for the day!  I never heard of such a thing. 
MDI-MD has 24-hr window.
window of work
Some accounts also need you to be available during your assigned shift in case of stats. They might not care if you're not typing for 8 hrs. if you've met quota and the acc't. isn't out of TAT, but might need the account covered for the full 8 hrs.
WebMDX allows a window
or a 12 hour window/ - nm
24-hour window
Yes, MedScript in Florida, not to be confused with MedScribe.
MDI-MD gives you a 24-hour window sm
to do your lines for the day, whatever you committed to.  The pay is great, and hte accounts are easy.  You do have to pay your own LD, but with so many unlimited plans available, that is really not a big deal for me.  They hire statutory employees, which means they take out your FICA (and match), but no other taxes.  Good luck!
12-hour window
I was offered a job with Spheris in 2/06 and they had
12-hour window schedules at that time.
12 hour window
I also have been looking for this situation. Even a 10-12 hour window would be great. It seems like this could be win-win for both the MT and company because of the need for flexibility on both ends.
Yes, 12-hour window
Also, don't need a second phone line, it's an Internet platform.
Webmedx Window
Does anyone know the window for a part-time (4 hours a day) worker?  I hear it's 9 hours?
MDI-MD gives you a 24-hour window
MDI-MD I believe has a 24-hour window
that is pretty darn flexible if you ask me.
12 hour window
Well I wonder why they told me they no longer allowed the 12-hour window because it was just too crazy form them to deal with. I specifically asked, and the recruiter specifically told me no 12-hour window, I would have to work a set 8-hour shift with a 1/2 hour lunch break and 2 other 15-minute breaks.  That was a big deal breaker for me, if they had allowed the 12-hour window as mentioned here on mtstars I might have seriously considered going with them.
MDI-MD has 24-hr window to do your work.
Webmedx. For those who have a window - do you sm
stick pretty rigidly to this or if you have unexpected interruptions do you run as much as an hour outside your window?   I have heard they are pretty flexible.  E-mail if you wish.
wide window
5 cpl to 11 cpl

Some then have bonuses

Average seems to be 7-8 cpl
Those who are IC working for that are crazy, IMO.

12-hour window.
Been with OSi a while. Never heard of a 12-hour window. Have always asked me for a set schedule. Does it depend on the account you are on?
The 12-hour window has been tried and sm
tossed at a number of different companies.  Reason?  It is abused by people (probably not you).  They never really manage to get those 8 hours within the 12.  That's why companies try it and then decide to scrap it.
...but they have a 24-hour window...
Still may be a good fit if you can fit it in in the early morning or late when kids are asleep.
can you handle a 12-hour window?
Our company is offering a bonus right now, as they are taking on a couple of new accounts.  It depends on so much, because where I find them great to work for, others have not. 

I have been here about six months, and have never had one issue about scheduling; however, I do work the days I have committed to, just that they have a 12-hour window in which to do it.  My supervisor has also never bothered me for the occasional flexibility, and one of the administrators even told me to go ahead and work however I want on the weekend, whether it is Saturday or Sunday. 

You do punch a timeclock, but after I got used to it, it only has helped me as you actually make a bonus for lines/hour, which if you clock in an out say an hour at a time, you get can that pretty high. 

There is a lot of ESL, but plenty of help and information to help you...

Please feel free to E if you need to...
a 1-hr window is NOT flexibility in my book.
Companies allowing window...
Thanks all for the responses
TRS allowed a 12-hour window to do
an 8-hour shift, at least they did last year. I only worked there a month, though.
24 hour window to do work?
Are there companies who do not require a strict schedule to get your work done, so you have a little flexibility to work your hours in a day?
what company gives 24 hour window? - nm
Spheris has 12-hour window
Working with 24-hour window

I work for MDI-MD (which is a fabulous place to work!) and have a 24-hour window.  E-mail me and I can tell you more.



I currently work a 12 hour window.
in my experience, there is a 12-hour window. sm

Not sure if that is for all accounts, but I believe it is.  

webmedx gives you a 12 hour window. nm
I saw an add for MDI hiring and I believe they have IC with 24 hour window.(sm)
Many praise this company highly. Not a good fit for some.
Webmedx allows you a 12-hour window as
Webmedx allows 12 hour window
I didn't even know there is a 12 hour window.
Thank you so much for your information.  I am really hoping it will be a good change.  I just really want something that I like that I can stay with for the next 40+ years :)
MDI-MD has 24-hour window, SE status
No benefits but they hold out some taxes and you take care of the rest. They give you a 24-hour window to do a set amount of lines that you commit to ahead of time for that particular day. Extra work above that is usually allowed if you want to as long as your account isn't low.
I don't understand - she wants you to work a certain 8 out of your 12 hr window? (sm)
I tend to work about the same schedule each day, but if I have something come up like Dr. appointment for my mom or something I am truly grateful for that 12 hour window. Have NEVER been told to stick to a certain schedule within that.
Medscribe - 12-hour window
Anyone working for Medscribe? How strict are they about 12-hour window? What if you get a late start and need to work past the 12-hour window? Is that a problem? TIA!
a window doesn't mean working less than say 7 to 8 hours a day, sm

it means breaking up your shift over a 12-hour period or whatever period the company offers. 

By flex your time, do you mean the window they give you (sm)
or something else? I can't even get the hours in during the window for running out of work. Do you just mean make up time during the week? thanks.
Set-in-stone schedule or will they allow a window for work? nm
12-hour window schedules are offered
by Spheris.
Nationals with 10- to 12-hour window to work 8 hrs?
I did a search in the archives, but the info I found was a little outdated. Thanks for any help you can provide.
Which companies offer a 12-hour window to
What companies offer a 12-hour window?

I would like to know what companies offer a 12-hour window.  I ask if anyone that knows of any will please let me know.

Thank you so much for your time,


Isn't Phoenix MedCom 600 lpd w/ 12 hour window?
I always thought I would try them if I needed PT because they give you all day to do it.
Twelve-hour window companies (sm)

I know this has probably been asked before, but I'd like to know of some companies alow 8 hours of work within a 10- to 12-hour window?  I don't mind punching in and out, I just can't sit for 8 hours nonstop and produce like I need to.  I know other factors are important, but I think that's where I'm going to start this time.   BTW, no need to offer up MQ.  I work for them PT, just need a good FT right now.  Thanks!

I have 12- hour window and was hired 1 year ago. nm
Keystrokes set schedules or a 12-hour window
Just wondering about the flexibility. 
No Shift Requirements at MDI...Just 24-hour window
Sorry, couldn't let that falsehood go by unchecked.

I've worked at MDI-MD for several months, and THERE IS NO SET SCHEDULE. You have a 24-hour window to get your lines done. You choose the days you wish to work. Not once has anyone ever contacted me to see where I am or what time I will be on. Somedays I get my lines done in a single sitting; other times, I spread it out over the allotted window.

Nope, don't know if it's changed since perhaps you ICd for them or if you've been misinformed, but there is no set shift.
I just interviewed with them, they told me a 1-hour window flexibility.