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transcription house

Posted By: lorimt on 2007-05-18
In Reply to:

Has anyone ever heard of or worked for an ENT position for a transcription house?  I have seen this posted a few times and have applied before but this is the first time I have had a response back.  Just wanted to know if anyone knew anything??


Thanks in advance.

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Transcription House

Does anyone have any info on Transcription House in Arizona?

Transcription House
Any info. on Transcription House in Arizona?
Transcription House

Any information on Transcription House would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Transcription House

Hi Betty, I am new to this board.  I work for a company in AZ where I live, and just recently found this ad for TH also in AZ.  I have sent them my resume and visited their website, but don't know much more than this.  If you do happen to get any info, good or bad, will you let me know as well?  thanks!

Transcription House
I worked for them in the past and had a great experience. I would recommend them.
Transcription House
Any information on this company? I can't find anything in the archives. TIA.
The Transcription House does, but don't know if she's hiring right now.

Multitranscription and The Transcription House
If anyone has any experience with the 2 above companies, please post pros and cons. Thank you for your help.
The Transcription House - Anyone work for them?
I have done a search on this forum for a company called The Transcription House and I cannot find anything on them.  Does any work for them or know anything about them that they would care to share?  Thanks in advance
The Transcription House out of Arizona, anyone heard of???
I would like any information on this company. I am googling MT companies and am coming up with ones I haven't heard much about. Anyone work for them? Good, bad, ugly??

Any recent info on Transcription House in AZ? Thanks. :) nm

Some hospitals are actually bringing transcription back in house.
I have heard of more and more hospitals bringing transcription back in house and using independent contractors as well as in-house staff to get the job done. So far, it is working out well for most hospitals and, believe it or not, saving the hospital more money then sending it to a service.

Imagine that!!!

Hopefully, 90% of the health services and facilities will bring it back in house and soon!!!!
Do you work in-house here? I applied last August & was told in-house only and they weren't
Totally deluded thinking! "bring transcription back in-house to gain control of the cost."
I just outsourced a hospital where the MTs across the board were making hourly wages that would shock you. My husband, who has a doctorate and makes well over $100 K a year, isn't making what some of them were! Hospitals are outsourcing because the MTs are making way too much money for what they do! Bring it back in house? Not unless they can make it fiscally feasible and pay someone do manage the deal.
Then get an in-house job so there are no
your current position.
In house?

Just curious if that had at-home transcriptionists.  Sorry, I dont know about their testing, but I had thought about applying there before also, so will watch this thread.

Never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I would love to get back into a hospital.
In-house only. sm
They listed the opening on MTjobs.com. Check there for info.
Yesss...and that is one of the reasons hospitals began outsourcing..
That's in-house only. Tried that already... nm
If you are in house, and they are (sm)
having trouble with the home people now, chances are excellent they will continue to have the problems when you go home until they get someone out to fix it.  If all the home MT's are having trouble, then the clinic needs to get someone in to fix it.  Maybe you might have more to say about that while you're there.  Once you go home, you're stuck like everyone else.
im a in-house MT, BUT
I might sound sneaky and dishonest, but I really think that whether you're an IC or employee, they have no say. Unless it's in the contract. But then again, I really don't think they can find out. I also work for a private office consisting of 4 docs who also dictate for the hospital. That friend whom I mentioned who used to work for a vendor AND our hospitals--she now has her own business and I work under her also as an IC in the clinic setting. Our boss doesn't know this because the 4 docs I type for also dictate for 1 of our hospitals. I fear the conflict interest issue. I make $22 by the actual hour plus incentive for the hospital, but as a single parent, I need more than that. I really don't know if I could get in trouble because during my IC shift, I'm not typing for the hospital.

Good luck, I know where you're coming from as far as really wanting just 1 job but needing to live, pay bills, and eat.
I left MQ after 20+ years to go in-house. I assumed I'd take a pay cut, but because of all the changes at MQ and constant lowering of pay, I decided I'd trade the money for some security. I was totally surprised that because of my experience, I started at more than $20.00 an hour, plus shift/weekend/holiday differentials and great benefits. I did have to change my schedule slightly (working afternoons/evenings) but again the differential comes into play so made it worthwhile. Only work 1 weekend a month, no holidays (unless I want to) and the pay is hourly, no production, no worries about NJA. The future of making a living with the MTSOs seems to be more and more uncertain so in your shoes, I'd definitely look into going back in-house. Also my employer now sends their MTs home to work after training and I think a lot of other hospitals are looking at doing the same thing. I know it will be an adjustment for you not working at home, but I've never regretted it for a moment.
in-house MT now
Four months ago, I started work for a local hospital and couldn't be happier. I've been a Transcriptionist for 33 years, and this job has been a God-send. No stress, no minimum line counts, paid hourly (excellent pay) exceptional benefits, low cost health care. I had been an at-home transcriptionist for 10 years, and the work had decreased to the point that my last pay check was only $500.00 for a two week period. I was facing foreclosure on my home. On my interview, the director informed me that they had an outside company, but decided to bring transcription back in-house to be more cost effective for the department.
What planet are you on? Put your name on here so the OSI hen-house
among each other?  Sorry, but you need a reality check.
They must have cleaned house, then. sm
This was a few years ago. However, anybody can do a search of these (and other) boards and find that this was (and I think continues to be) their reputation.
Work in house
I currently work in house for a hospital in Maine who is going from pay per hour to pay per line
Ops are being kept in-house more and more. Lucky to get the few that come my way. nm
There are no in-house MTs at Medware
Since I only go out of the house about once a week, no one
Oh, they do that at your house too - I once mailed (sm)
2 gift cards from my home mailbox to 2 different parts of town.  Neither arrived.  Tells me something about the P.O.  Mail delivery on my street is absolutely the worst!  Thankful for Direct Deposit.  I would let Deb know.
There's an in-house MT job in Wichita, KS, in the
I was hospital in-house for 13 yrs
and only did radiology. There were gals who did basic 4 called the MR people.

Pathology, orthopedics, cardiology and the morgue, among others, had their own transcriptionists. NONE of us did everything.

Fair question.
In-house work
I work for two hospitals directly as an employee. Both jobs I got after seeing their ads in the local paper, but would suggest to actually contact the hospitals in your area and inquire rather than wait for an ad.
She could try to find something in-house. SM
She could also post a resume on a message board and hope someone may offer her some work.

You should see the new house he just built! nm

Thinking of in-house
You're right. I was thinking of hospitals or other in-house where I know some still make $8.75/hr in South but I have a sister who makes $19.50/hr in Calif., plus incentive.
I would like to get the heck OUT OF THE HOUSE.
when they gave away my in-house, I
finally got a holiday off. I have worked them for so long, everybody quit even inviting me anywhere. This is the first time I have had Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years, mother's day, off in 21 years. Mostly just got one or two a year.
Sounds like my old in-house job, where all

Try in-house at a hospital.
I truly do not know of any except in-house employees, sorry! nm
When I was in-house I was making -
close to $24/hour, had better bennies, paid holidays, etc. But even that wasn't enough to offset the physical and emotional stress of working under such a dishonest supervisor. We were all so paranoid working under her, that eventually we were all documenting everything that happened around us in the office, and of course it slowed down our productivity. We were subjected to arbitary, silly little rules and job specifications that had nothing to do with the work we did, and further slowed us down. Had we been able to stay unified and go above the supervisor's head as a group, we might have been able to change our working conditions for the better. But there was always those few fraidy-cats that were more concerned with not being noticed, and 'flying under management's radar', than in improving working conditions. Needless to say, those people also were the least-capable transcriptionists in the office.
What about an in-house position with
excellent benefits working for the County of which I live in Alabama at County Hospital or County Health Department with an hourly pay of  minimum level 32,073.60 - 49,587.20 max a year, not to include yearly cost of living raises.  I sitting by the phone hoping they call me for an interview, have already met the qualiafications.
Should I or Shouldn't I take an in-house

hospital job? My friend at the hospital that I worked for as an IC for 10 years stated they are looking for another FT  MT. I left because the only way they would hire me as an employee was 2nd shift MT until an opening opened up on first shift, which I couldn't do due to my own admission that I can't stay awake past 8 p.m. most nights. I'm an early morning person.

I have been working for a national since then. I miss the hospital although we only have 40 doctors and I really did get bored transcribing the reports every day, but I kinda miss the camaradie of the job.  Can I work a 36 hours per week job and follow all their rules? I don't know since I've been a free agent for over 7 years; i.e., not very flexible with the hospital. I know the other MTs at this hospital would jump for joy if I were to get this job. They've been waiting so long for this. They all came to my aid when the last opening came up, but the HIM was totally strict on having to work 2nd shift, which I couldn't do then. Now she is gone, but I don't know if I would still have the same constraints.

I have been thinking of submitting my resume just to see what the outcomje would be. I can always turn the job down. After all, would I even get an interview because of my age? I don't know what they would use as an excuse not to hire me....

I'm really in a dilemma here. DH states I should follow my heart. Nah, I want to follow the money and bennies. Does anyone know what the average hourly pay is for in-house MT in a part rural setting in the northeast? I know it would be hard to answer, but I figure I would need $20/hour or more to make it worthwhile. Is this possible?




By not overflow, do you mean they have no in-house...sm
MTs and we do all work types for them? I wish I were on your team. Sounds great.
same here, i use it for my in-house hospital job. love it
Thinking about going back in-house

We are moving to a new town, and two of the hospitals there have job postings for transcriptionists. I'm trying to decide what to do. I know it would be easier to sit down and do the work without the distractions of home, but I would also lose the flexibility.

Has anyone else out there ever gone back to the hospital medical records department? and what was that like for you?

Good guess. I'm one of the in-house
MTs that were tossed out.
Are you working in-house in Dallas?
If so, no is the answer to your question. It is no where near enough if your are working under one particular person. Good Luck!
I think she means in-house at the hospital. nm