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unless MTs are leaving in droves

Posted By: NM on 2007-02-05
In Reply to: The keywords are "constantly run ads" - They need to grow....


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Quitting in droves
Well people are quitting in droves because they're sending all the best accounts to India, then forcing US MTs to train as guinea pigs on new platforms, such as Clarity.  As we help them get the bugs worked out, we go broke in the process.  Overstaffing is a problem on some platforms (radiology was mine), I worked 6-7 days a week for the last 7 weeks and couldn't even make production, fighting for every line.  Supe lied to me and promised me a new platform, only to schedule me for training on Clarity.  Glad to be gone!
WELL SAID - OSi people are quitting in droves including management
that's what forums are for.
can you tell me why you are leaving WMX. Am thinking of leaving too. nm
Anyone leaving?
Is anyone leaving companies for lack of work or is this just a slow time of year for transcriptionists?  Having tough time making lines.

In my experience, our work has always slowed down just before school starts.  Most people are focusing on buying school clothes, books, supplies, etc., and aren't taking the time nor spending the money to go to the doctor or into the hospital for elective surgeries.  Believe me, after the kids get into school and start passing the "bugs" around, it will pick up - or at least it always does for us.

Would any of the MTs who have left mind sharing where they went and if things have worked out any better. I am feeling like it is just trading one bag of crap for another in this business.
I am leaving for a few reasons, mainly because I got a better offer, more $$, benefits, etc.

I was moved to Columbus from another office. There is lots of work, I'm on DQS. However, I had much more schedule flexibility in my other office. I'm an SE, buy produce more than full-time. Since the switch to DQS, if I work 15 minutes less than my scheduled "shift" I get questioned on it, even if I have produced 1400 lines that day. My old office (the one I was hired on) did not require a set schedule.

Mostly I am leaving because of money - 2 cents more per line, and only a line commitment required each day, not a set schedule.
I'm leaving MQ...
and I will never go back. I've been there for years with no raises.  They just came out with a 'rewards' program that isn't a reward, it's a pay cut.  They are currently being sued by their clients for over-billing and by their transcriptionists for under-paying.  In order to pay for their mounting legal problems, they are moving their transcription to India. 
Why is she leaving OSi again?
She hasn't been back here that long?
Leaving OSI?
I am not leaving OSi but I was recently laid off from SPI/Cy-Med. Glad to hear you are so happy with TT.
That is see her say she was leaving.
Okay so blast me for a typo. I care about my typos more than your calling me down for writing on here. LOL.
Why are they leaving?
I'm in the middle of testing right now, and I am wondering why so I know whether or not to continue? You can e-mail me if you don't want to say it on the board.
leaving OSi
I am in the process of leaving due to very low work volumes the last few months. I cannot believe they are hiring.
For those leaving TT.....
Did you call or email management to notify them you were leaving? Did you give a 2 week notice?
Leaving MDI
I know what you mean. I have spoken with and e-mailed to other MDI MTs and we all seem to be going through a grief reaction. I will find myself breaking into tears without warning. I thought maybe I was going nuts or something but several others have the same thing happening to them. I have to admit, that this tops anything I have ever experienced. For me, it is not what was done but how we were kept on hold for so long without work. When I asked, I was told that some accounts would be coming on in September and October and it would all be fine then. Yeah, right. Anyway, I wish you good luck in your search.
leaving MDI....
I have an interview at 1p. I will probably take the job, already know all the specs. I will probably stay at MDI, just cut down to part time and see how things go. Good luck to you!
leaving MDI....
I have an interview at 1p. I will probably take the job, already know all the specs. I will probably stay at MDI, just cut down to part time and see how things go. Good luck to you!
leaving MDI
I agree with you completely. I feel a real sense of loss. I wish MDI and all concerned nothing but the best, but like you, I think I made the right decision to leave. I hope all who are looking can find the right jobs.
Where did you end up working after leaving?
People Leaving

I think a lot of people may be leaving just because of the unknown. Myself  I plan on sticking it out. Of course we got the short update today. I myself need the insurance and love the time off.

Not sure who your sup is, but i guess i have been lucky as a remote MT. I have had not been given any thing bad to say about anyone in Toledo, or remote sups. At this point all i can do is wait and see.


I wonder if the clients are leaving
because they are being sold and that is why I have no work? I can't wait until they make the announcement - then I will know if I need to pack up and leave.
Accounts leaving?
Is Doctors Georgia of Columbus still with them?  I always liked that account and wonder who they are with now.  Thanks!
I am happy too since leaving

Medscribe was the worst job I ever had in 30 years of working.

I am now happy and hopeful for the future.  Seriously, that job was depressing.


Just out of curiosity, why are you leaving? nm
That's the reason I'm leaving
Have been working for them with no problem. Now that the memo came out indicating they will be sending a certain number of reports per day to test the waters, I'm finished with them. I would leave ANY company, I don't care WHO they are, that offshores. I've been with Transcend for awhile now, but once I found this out, that's it. I'm finished with them. I'll only work for US-based companies that only hire US-based MTs.
Leaving Amphion
I am quitting too. The management there is so out of touch with the realities of trying to make money as an MT. There are WAY better companies out there.
No, I have never been audited since leaving DSG...

I was also never audited before DSG.  Furthermore, I was not audited my first year at DSG.  That was something that they have always made up as they go along. 

The only thing High School or immature here is your inability to present any valid arguement.  All we hear is how much you feel sorry for me... and dont really feel sorry for me.  I feel sorry for you.  DSG is a total rut of a company to be stuck in.  I hope they miss me every day - I was a good worker and always went above and beyond for them, and was never appreciated or rewarded for it. 

Unless you want to point out something positive, a true and valid point, dont bother with the rhetorical responses. 

Leaving ASAP
Not because of pay...ESLs are getting worse and I rarely make my line counts anymore without working 12+ hours a day.  Getting ridiculous.
There are lots leaving and not just
mgt. I think some MTs leaving will not be on a voluntary basis either. Last time work got this slow they let a lot of the ICs and part timers go and that was right before Christmas time. With work being so slow, wondering how long they are going to keep paying insurance benefits when a lot of people are not making the line requirements anymore.
All I can say is, I am leaving after 12+ years.. The changes that have
taken place in the last 2 year are causing people to leave in droves.
why specifically are you leaving?
I also am leaving Webmedx
..can't give me enough work.
Really? Is she leaving her current co?
Leaving transcription?
Anyone thinking of just quitting this industry for good?  I've watch it go through so many changes and I'm just plain tired of having to work more for less.  My bills are getting bigger and paycheck shrinking proportionately.  Can't take it anymore.  Anyone feel like I do?  And where are you going?
Leaving transcription?
Wow, I envy you! I used to be an RN, but really want to still work out of my home. I also breed poodles, and want something else along those lines. I just need financial security.
Leaving transcription?
What is DH's business? I just started a new job after MQ and oddly I'm making SOOO much less because of having to learn another system. I just can't make a living anymore, and have been studying all the other companies out there. Still havn't found anything worth going for.
Leaving transcription?
You're a doll to suggest so many things. I actually live way out in the country to save money, and need to drive at least 45 minutes ($20 gas RT each time), to get anywhere or have anyone come to me, but I sure do love those animals and people who love them, too.
Leaving transcription?
Great idea! You have my vote. Let's go for it.
Leaving transcription?
My heart goes out to you. I love this job, but I can't see doing it until I'm 56. You're right about doing something part-time until you find out for sure if it will work for you. I've been trying that for years, breeding poodles alongside transcription. At least it's at home, but now I'm working my fingers off in transcription and don't have the time to start another part-time job to try out. I'm feeling desparate.
leaving was the best thing I did...
I had a great 2 years, until they grew and took on a huge influx of Medquist MTs only to adapt a lot of their ethics...I too as the poster below had to work way too hard to get even minimum lines, was working probably 10 hours a day, started on voice recognition which killed my line count because I guess I was not a favorite or something because no matter how I tried I could not make enough money.

I originally thought they were the best and really referenced and searched, but now I have found another company and (for the time being I guess) they are really the best.

I actually enjoy transcribing again just like when I started some 14 years ago. It is a pleasure to work and my paychecks are even a bit more than I used to make 14 years ago, which come on nowadays is pretty good! I was bringing home a little over $500 in TWO weeks with WMX, CAN YOU IMAGINE?? Oh my gosh, haha, what a dope I was. Just did not want to accept the fact they had changed so much...

In the beginning they were so pro-employee, and by the time I left it was one excuse after another about (like below) how we should be just lucky to have our jobs because they were considering outsourcing overseas and were even doing a study, blah blah blah -

If you are a wickedly fast, no-homelife type of producer, you would probably do well; but if you have a life outside of MT I suggestive you keep searching because you will have to kick and scratch and claw your way to getting lines, in my humble opinion...
leaving transcription

I am a single Mom. Nine years in the field. I am deserpate to get OUT!  The thing is I don't really hate transcription. Years ago I went to school and started an RN program. I really intensely disliked it. I am ananxiety type person. while I enjoy people I didn't like the stress or the hands on aspects of care. So after thought I went into transcription. This almost 10 years ago and in-house positions were readily available. I had one within 1 month of gradulating from a community college 1-year MT certificate program. I also received my Asssociates in Science with all the credits I had.  I worked for a large teaching hospital for a year and then went home to work from them. Within a years I was making pretty decent money, great benefits. Couldn't have been better fora  single Mom with 2 small kids Well it didn't last. The hospital outsourced before my 2 year anniversary.  I was devastated.  I didn't know what else was out there but struggled for YEARS to find anything comparable to that first job. I have worked for many nationals, one local hospital in-house (with a tyrannt of a supervisor), and a few local services.  I am making peanuts. I don't even have insurance right now. yes I know there services who offer it but the accounts seem to be so terrible. May be most of the good work is being outsource or may be I am just burned out. 

I had considered returning to finish the RN just because I amassed so many credits towards this degree and the job security and pay is so much better than MT. But the stress and anxiety of the job and schooling would do me in. Also, being a single parent I really cannot take 2 years off working or even working part-time to go through an RN program.

I looked in coding/RHIT because at laest I could build on my MT skills, but that seems as dead-ended as MTing.  I had heard coding will go the same outsourcing route as MT.

So now I am looking at business degrees, maybe accounting. If it were totally up to me I would go in occational therapy or speech therapy but given that it's a masters degree its simple beyond me at this time without the support of another adult.

It's so sad what this field has become. If things were different I would get the coding RHIT and just stay in health information but the writing is on the wall.... time to get out.






Which company are you leaving?

Wonder who might be leaving in top management???
Wonder why they tightened the pocketbooks? In last 12 months, 16500 share were bought and 204,230 shares were sold. The CEO looks like he is selling almost $100,000 every week or so. Not a good sign.
Congrats on leaving. I'm not far behind you. nm
I am one of the Webbers leaving
Found out that some of the higher-ups came from MedQuist.  Oh boy!!! That really irked me, because things are starting to feel like Medquist there.   I'm leaving as soon as I can because I'm tired of spending 24 hours to try to get in 8 hours and having to fight for work because they OVER-HIRE!!!!!  I have five accounts and each day it is more and more like the MedQuist cesspool.  As soon as I can, I'm gone.
JMO, but i doubt they are leaving cause the pay is
I wouldn't think about leaving MQ

I WOULD RUN FAST>>>>>>>>>>>> NOW!!!!!!! 

Been there, and done that myself!  GO!!!!

Leaving Focus
Can you divulge who you went to work for?
ROFLMAO, I'm leaving MQ, sorry!
I should have made that perfectly clear from the beginning.

Yes, MQ allows PT flex w/ low count per p/p and a 401K (that they used to match); however, I'm not going to work for KUMAR!!!

Any other companies?
Don't blame you for leaving

I worked for Focus for almost 5 yrs but with new management - aka Nuance - no thanks - income dropped, accounts lost, no job security and I was losing $500 a month compared to when Focus ran the show!!  You did great for leaving!!!

I have been with my company every since leaving SPi
Been with my current company 3 years now (Keystrokes) and can't imagine working anywhere else.