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you nailed it

Posted By: lol on 2006-01-15
In Reply to: Mr./Ms. Moderator pleeeeeeze!!! - full moon madness???


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Yep ... you nailed it
Yes. It is the bo account. Was okay from the start because I was promised the transfer to ChartMatrix in a couple of weeks. Now, a couple of MONTHS, and whenver I ask about it ... I get no response at all. Archaic system, takes forever, sound quality terrible. Just plain don't like it. Work other places ... much better sound quality. At first, I liked lack of communication, felt like at least I didn't have anyone looking over my shoulder, but once I started asking when it was going to new platform ... all of a sudden, don't hear ANYTHING from ANYONE. It's a shame, I liked them in the office, but not this platform.
you nailed it -
thanks for your post...
Nailed it.
Wayyyyy too many control freaks in the office/hospital.
Ha ha! You NAILED that one!
You nailed it! Too many people think it is going to be EASY
and just want to work from home. Yep, work from home.....but NOT easy.

I can sooooooooooo relate to everything you wrote :)

I am in the same boat, used Verizon Freedom, got nailed.
Now need to find something else.  Think I am going to go with Vonage!!
you nailed it...recruiters, trainers, everyone wonderful and nice...
until you get thrown to the manager...they (and QA) rule everything, and I can only hope things got better after I left. My first year was heaven, until they were 'taken over' by edix managers...

when I started the attitude was like, (from my first two managers, because they were always changing and leaving), 'what can I do to help make your job better' etc., that went to 'you simply do not matter, you are only here to make us money' like a flip of the switch.

granted, there are many people okay with that; however, I am not one of them. I happen to know my value and am not going to settle.

like most companies, also, they throw at you how so-and-so is making a kazillion lines, now come on you losers so can you...

only you are working on 6 to 8 accounts, and as soon as you work through your accounts and get used to them, you are changed again on yet another, or the work dries up and it is impossible to find anyone to help you find any.

I could get a kazillion lines, too, if I had the easy dictators and normals, but when I left I got 'squeezed' out, bumped, and never even heard the same dictators more than once. I was under 1000 lines/day and begging, literally begging for work...

of course, that is because I spoke up for myself. after the newer managers came in I starting questioning why I was losing my accounts and my lines, and I was told basically the managers have all the power to make or break you.

like I mentioned, you have to judge for yourself. everyone has different values as to what they expect on a job. my opinion, they got way too far away from MTs.
Excellent post, Tech Support. You nailed it. nm.