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Black Oil Sunflower seeds

Posted By: bird feeder MT on 2008-02-03
In Reply to: Lucky you!! I've never seen more than 1 or 2! - Hayseed

and living in the right spot, I guess. lol  We live right on a creek in the Ozarks.

There were a whole bunch more, I just couldn't fit them all in the picture. I have another big bird feeder over the bridge that you can kinda see on the left. 

My mom loved cardinals. She collected all kinds of cardinal items. We even had a cardinal engraved on her tombstone.

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In addition to the black oil sunflower seeds,

cardinals also love safflower seeds.  Extra bonus -- squirrels will not eat safflower seeds.  Cardinals also require a platform type feeder as opposed to a perch feeder. 

We have had very few cardinals this year, which is quite unusual.  Two winters ago I counted 19 all at once.  It was after a heavy snow and it was quite a sight. 

Love them birds!

I already do this! Nut butters, every day! Almond, PB, sunflower,
I did leave the seeds in...
maybe that's it. Strange stuff.

I also read you have to have a pressure-cooker for green beans and corn. I decided to blanch and freeze mine because I don't have the money right now for a pressure-cooker but that's on my list to watch the upcoming sales so I have one for next year.

Good luck to you too! Its a great way to save money after the start up costs and a much healthier alternative to store bought.
My pumpkins are gone! I planted 4 pumpkin seeds in March sm

which grew up really nice and started to grow out like vines - got pretty white flowers in them which means the pumpkins would be coming out in a few weeks.

I haven't checked up on them all week because we've had plenty of rain so I haven't had to water them.  I go today with my big bucket of water and there was only dirt left with holes. They dug them up and ate EVERYTHING - the stalks, flowers, everything!  I am really upset.

I have 3 boys - 2 little ones, and we live in the country. Every year I spend about 80.00 on pumpkins decorating our porch, land, etc with pumpkins. I though I'd be a little more economical and plant seeds in the spring which cost a dollar so that I could have nice, ripe pumpkins, as many as I wanted - for the fall.

I'm thinking rabbits got them. We have indoor cat/dog so it wasn't my animals. I'm not sure what to do next spring. I'm not giving up. How can I keep animals from getting to them like that???

I want to cry.......I've been going out into the field and watching them grow..they were my babies..

I'm black
and was not allowed to watch shows with mostly black actors either. I got the beating of my life when I got caught watching Soul Train. My brother got the beating of his life when he got caught watching 'Good Times' with JJ and Thelma.

My mom was very serious about education and steering us away from shows that glorified negative stereotypes of black people.

I also could not watch:
VH1 (could not watch any music videos whatsoever).

I find myself doing the same thing with my son. No matter what the race of the actors, I do not allow him to watch 'dumb' shows....shows that contribute nothing that is beneficial to him.
you could do orange and black
streamers (i think that is what they are called) like are used at bday parties. Outline your trunk with. Then a really cute idea I thought of was if you could find a scarecrow for cheap or make one that can sit, sit it in your trunk and put the candy on top of it like it is bathing in candy. You could also put a fake pumpkin or real in there on top like it is floating in the water for his rubber duck
No Black Friday
No Black Friday thing this year because I didn't see anything that jumped out at me in the sale papers....until dh told me about Walmart's secret items that they just found out about on Wednesday. They had a computer tower, mouse and keyboard for 148 bucks. (you had to supply your own monitor). I thought they would be great for the boys. It was one to a customer so I recruited Kristi (my 19 year) to come with me. I was up and out the door at 3:30, planning to pick Kristi up and be in line by 4 for the 5am sale. Walmart had their greeters handing out maps so that you could find the sale items and get in the right line. I was all over that store because these computers were not where the map said they were. I asked lots of associates and got pointed in lots of directions and I was MOVING man! LOL Kristi was like, MOM, it's 4 in the morning, slow down. You have to forgive her, she's never been to a Black Friday sale. I teased her that she should be able to keep up with an old lady. LOL

Finally, I'm back to the place on the map, with a huge sign pointing down to where those computers are supposed to be and flag down a manager, who goes in the back and checks. He comes back out to me and says that they never got any!!! What??? You never got any?? And he says there are no rainchecks either since they never got them. What?????

So that was the end of that. I did end up getting, on a whim, two gamer chairs...the last two they had. They were on sale for less than half of what they usually are. I NEVER buy things on a whim, but I figured if I bought them and decided it wasn't a good idea, I could always return them. If I didn't buy them and THEN decided it WAS a good idea, I'd be kicking myself.

At least I didn't walk out of there with nothing so that the entire trip wasn't a waste, right?? LOL

If you went to the sales in the wee hours of the morning, how did you do? Did you get what you went for?

She is only defending him because he's black
just like Jamie Fox said it which is probably where she got her idea.
First of all, get a black keyboard. (sm)
But I have alcohol wipes I use about once a week over the keyboard. It helps a lot. Or even HandiWipes help. But to get down in the valleys I do resort to a Q-Tip and alcohol on occasion.
Lewis Black
Ever see Lewis Black do his routine about the weather when he stayed in Boston? Pretty funny!

Two black beauties!
They look like the best of friends!
Or a black snake.
Is this family black? sm
It sure sounds it. My experience growing up in a fairly racially segregated town is that white funerals are reserved and solemn, black funerals are loud and dramatic--whether celebratory or morose. I swear they try to outdo each other in their show of grief. I've never seen so many women pass out in one place as I did at a black funeral.
I don't think anything you say will "comfort" them because it's their culture to put on a dramatic grief-stricken show.
Black Hills of SD
There are dozens of interesting things there, from Mt. Rushmore, Reptile Gardens, lots of caves and beautiful scenery, especially Spearfish Canyon. Lots of cabins to rent. And Rapid City has a great mall!
The Black Hills are best seen
from the back seat of a Harley.
pot - kettle -black
To anonamissytoo - You have stated below that you had an abortion AND gave a child up for adoption. What gives you the right to call her a troll? You, IMO, should have been spayed as well, especially after all of the posts about the child you don't care to hear from. I am just curious as to why you didn't choose to abort her as well???
Black Friday
My husband and I always shop on Black Friday, but if there's something we really want he goes out at about 4:00-5:00 in the morning to get it and then comes back to get me at around 9:00. I'm not a morning person at all. I usually don't go to bed unti 4:00 a.m. because of work so the thought of getting up that early doesn't appeal to me. We leave the kids at my parents where we spend Thanksgiving. Then we go out to a fantastic Greek Restaurant for lunch then back to grandma and grandpa and then travel back home an hour away. Then the next day it's off to cut down our Christmas tree.
black friday
I went one time...and won't do it again.  I guess it would be better if I had someone to go with, but even then it gets crazy!  Good luck to you!  I will stay at home on Black Friday & shop online! 
Black Friday

Where did you go?

What time you started?

What did you buy?

Yes, i'm very nosey.

Stayed home just relaxing -- when I heard earlier on NPR that a Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death when a crowd of early shoppers pushed in the front doors! They said the store was on Long Island, but gave no town. Guess what? I grew up on Long Island (that's NY) but have lived in Maine for years -- haven't seen a crowd yet! Bargains will still be there tomorrow.

I never go out on Black Friday...SM
We live in an unstable environment, I feel at least.  And I woudlnt feel safe going to a store on this day.  In fact, I do all my shopping before Thanksgiving, mainly just to avoid lines, crowds, and out of stocks, but in the last few years I also have to safety into my mix of reasons for my early shopping.  Crazy world!! 
Black Friday

I never go out on Black Friday.  Of course, this year I had a little help staying home....a terrible cold, which also made Thanksgiving less enjoyable.  Feeling a little better, but still in bed.

I know people who live for this day.  Sorry, I don't care how good the sale is, it ain't worth it.

Black Friday....

I don't bother with it. I'm at the point in my life now where if I want it or need to get it as a present, I'm not real concerned with how much it is. I would rather sleep in, take a leisurely drive to the store (or shop on line), buy it and if it's on sale great; if not, oh well, makes no difference to me. My last Black Friday purchases were Cabbage Patch dolls (the FIRST incarnation of them many years ago) for my daughters. That was enough for me.

A black Russian, please...sm

or plain Bailey's Irish Cream and a plate of chocolate chip cookies.  So much for New Year's Resolution to lose weight!

Is everything always black and white?

I'm not sure if I'm missing something here or what, please tell me what your thoughts are - believe me I'm ready for anything anyone can tell me.

Situation - dad is out of work.  He's 72 years old.  He's going through the employement agency, applying to at least 3 places a week, if not more.  He can't retire and live off social security and military retirement because they don't pay enough.  He has been living with his girlfriend (which I consider wife) for over 25 years.  They live in a moderate size house, but it's a little strange arrangment.  He has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, she has bedroom/bathroom downstairs but everything else they share.  My mom told me years ago that she believes he proposed to her and gave her an engagement ring but she couldn't be sure (mom and dad stayed friends after they divorced - as long as they weren't together for more than an hour :-o)  Anyway...unemployment office set him up with a free email so he could apply to places and give an email address (it was through something called ymail).  Dad said he was going to go through 2 days of computer training per the employment agency, that way he would at least know how to turn on a computer.  He's got a good sense of humor, is in just a bit of a rut but he keeps applying and hoping he'll get something, but he did tell me he has to be realistic and what place is going to hire a 72 year old man.  He's had a long history of injuries, had his ankle pinned years ago and every once in awhile will need to use a cane, but for the most part he gets around very very well.

Now...here's the deal (oh yes, I forgot to say he lives on the other side of the country from me).  Anyway...yesterday my sister calls and said dad was there (at her house) and asked if he could check his email but she didn't know how to get on.  I tried to see if I could help but we could not pull up anything and I was on my way out the door.  So I called back and this is what she told me (which is why I'm wondering if I over react or not react enough or what, or is my sister just a cruel-hearted you know what).  I told her I was sorry I couldn't help more but I had to be somewhere before they closed.  She said it was okay because it was taking forever and he couldn't wait around.  Then she said "you know dad is going to have a hard time finding something because he is so particular".  I asked what she meant and she said he's being too picky.  I again tried to figure out what she meant.  She said there are jobs he could do but he won't.  She said that he told the agency that he needs a job where he can get home at night because he has some animinals he has to take care of (in other words he can't be gone for days like driving truck).  He also said he couldn't do a job where he would have to be running up and down stairs and running from building to building because of his ankle and being 72 years old.  He said most everything esle he would do. Except that he doesn't want a job where he has to drive so far that whatever he makes would just be paid in gas to get there (which there were a couple jobs like that).  He called me and said if he wanted to truck drive he could get a job, but the places want him to relocate across country (and not near us), so he told them no.  Well my sister got upset and was telling me that he could relocate cos he has no ties there (which I was surprised to hear because she is close to him and I would think she wouldn't want him to move).  I told her what does she mean no ties.  I said he's been with his girl (thank goodness I didn't call her a wife) for over 20 years, he has a house (even though his name is not on the ownership papers he takes care of it, repairs, etc), and he has about 7 cats.  I told her he's 75 years old (to which she about bit my head off and said he's 72).  Then she proceeded to tell me he has no ties to his girlfriend.  She said he lives in 2 bedrooms upstairs, and the house is hers and she need to learn to live on her own.  So from that I took it she doesn't think highly of his girlfriend, which I happen to think she's a very nice lady.  I remember a few years ago after my mom died my dad told us what his wishes are (he has papers, a plot and all that stuff so if anything happens its all taken care of), but at one point something happened to him and my sister (who happens to have joined a mormon church) told me that if he died his girlfriend should have no say in what happens (service wise).  I knew what she was getting to because the same thing happened when my mom died.  Mom had cancer and I talked to her often in the hospital.  She asked me if I had strong feelings about what kind of funeral service she had.  I asked mom what kind did she want to have.  She said she was a strong episocopal, but my sister really wanted to have her church do something.  I told her don't worry about me just do what you want to do.  She said she didn't want to hurt my sisters feelings.  Anyway...she didn't have a mormon service, but a guy from my sisters church came and spoke at the funeral parlor about my mom (even though he didn't know her - kind of was uncomfortable listening to him, but at that point I didn't care and my sister was really happy).  However, afterwards one night my sister asked if I was upset about him talking and I said no of course not (which I wasn't).  She said she was glad because she had talked to mom before she died and mom was so curious about being a mormon and said she had wished she had time to become a mormon before she died (which I knew was a lie because I had been talking to my mom all along).  I just said that was weird because whenever mom talked to me she said how strong she was in the protestant faith.  Anyway...sorry for the side step, but I think what my sis was getting at was that when my dad dies my sis wants to run the funeral and have a full blown mormon service (which I know for a fact my dad doesn't want - he's catholic, but just doesn't go to church, but does cite the rosary and knows more about that faith and that is what he believes (he comes from a long line of catholics).  Anyway...sorry for that detraction too, but I was just shocked to hear my sister say she think my dad who is 72 years old should box all his belongings up and move across country and try to start a whole new life in an area he doesn't know. 

So, are things black and white or does my sister just not have any sense.  My aunt (mom's sis) told me one time that my sister doesn't have one shred of compassion for anyone.  My aunts dog died and my aunt cried for days and days and days and my sister never called her to see how she was doing.  Also sis's MIL was very sick and sis treated her horribly.  Sis sees things in black and white and she will say things that I think to myself how can she say that, that is not how we were raised.  Yet she always has compassion for those in her church, just not family.

Okay, sorry to drone on.  Just felt frustrated.  What do you think  Believe me you can say anything you want, you will not hurt my feelings.

black and white
Your sister and my mother should go bowling.
Black Friday Purchase
I didn't get up, but my DH was out of the house by 4:00 to get to Walmart. He actually said it was pretty civilized although it was mobbed. He ended up getting a portable DVD player for our daughter for Christmas and picked up a second one for a friend who didn't want to tackle the crowds. It was on sale for just $50. We did go out after (around 10:00 and got a few more bargains.
Pot calling the kettle black - both of them! nm
not just women - black men were used in 1950s-60s..
in the 1950s or 1960s a large number of black men were used to test syphilis and associated drugs.........they gave them syphilis.........or some such thing - you can Google this and I think it happened in the deep south....(but of course in the 50s, early 60s, wouldn't have happened in NY for example)....and maybe some of you readers may know what I'm trying to convey, the story......so it's not *just* women...but it is disgusting no matter WHO it is..........and no, I wouldn't subject my potential future granddaughters with this - I'd send 'em to private school if that's the case.
Black and blue toe - broken??
Ok, so I was walking from my daughter's room to my room last night and had this sharp pain in my 2nd toe on my left foot. I just shook it off as it didn't hurt that bad, but I woke up this morning and my toe is all bruised up with dark purple and redish shades on the bottom half. It doesn't really hurt unless I put direct pressure on it, but do you think this could be broken? Obviously, I would need an x-ray to know for sure, but does anyone have another explanation for why this would happen. I went ahead and buddy-taped it just in case and will continue to monitor for any changes, and will probably go to the dr on Monday if it gets worse, but this is just weird as it doesn't really feel broken??
I think you are trying to make this black and white
First off, the girl is still a child. Second, her parents gave her the pepper spray and she takes it everywhere with her. It just so happens one of those places is school. She was not trying to *disregard rules* as you put it. Next, the teacher found it and was a little nosey IMO, I mean its not like she had it out in class and was playing with and showing it to everyone. Also, the mother stated she did not realize it was considered a weapon. A mistake was made on their part and not intentially disregarding school rules IMO, but someone has to come up with a solution to protect this CHILD, so her parents will feel secure in letting her go to school. And I agree with below, parents cannot be with any child 24/7 until they are home school.
I only did the Black Friday thing once
and that was enough insanity for me.  DD just left to go with some friends and I said "Have fun!"  I have to work anyway, but wouldn't go even I didn't.  Unfortunately, I have to venture out tomorrow to get groceries.  I know what the stores will be like for the next few weeks.  
I did black Friday shopping ONCE and never again.
I had three young kids in tow, which was my first mistake. It was OK. We did have fun with all the little freebies and eating breakfast out. However, the crowds and rudeness just ticked me off. The stores are always out of the good deals by the time we get there. The rest of the deals are no better than I can find any other day. And the people shoving each other around just to get something free, which most of the stores don't give nice freebies any more anyway. We usually never have money at Thanksgiving either.

It's snowing here today, so I'm in homebody cleaning mode, too. I've got a fridge full of leftovers from turkey day. The kids are playing board games and DH is puttering around the house. They're playing Christmas music on the stereo. I've got plenty of extra work I'm doing to earn money for Christmas. Yes, it's a good day to be home.
Had a friend with a black lab that chewed sm
the $600.00 oak door right off the hinges and then yanked off the storm door and chewed that up too. Needless to say, he became an outdoor dog after that, complete with chain link fencing and 4 inch concrete floor.
I found out something about black licorce
My mother told to not eat because it could elevate her blood pressure and 1 time I typed on person in the hospital, hypertension. The attendants could not figure out why as he was on medications, etc. and come to find out his family bringing him licorce which he then was told to cut out. Strange, huh?
Any Black Friday shoppers out there?

Tell me your plans for Black Friday.  I subscribe to a website that posts the Black Friday ads earlier than they are actually sent out.  It helps me map out my day.  I get up at 3:00 a.m. and wear my Black Friday shirt -- I have a couple and just ordered 2 more.  One reads:  "If you're not in line by 4 a.m. on Black Friday, you're just an amateur."  Another reads: "It's a Black Friday thing, you wouldn't understand."

I ordered 2 new ones.  One reads: "It's Black Friday, better have your big girl underwear on" and the other one:  "I train year-round for Black Friday; you don't stand a chance."

After shopping all day, my BFF and I head to the Roadhouse for dinner and drinks and then we hit the hot tub. 

In case you didn't figure it out, Black Friday is my favorite holiday of the year.  The closer it gets, the more psyched I get. 

What are your plans?

I never venture out on Black Friday...sm
I hate crowds and I have social anxiety. Don't get me wrong I do go shopping but not on Black Friday.
Black Friday Shopping
My husband got up really early and went to Target. He said it wasn't bad at all. He got my daughter two seasons of House on DVD and got my other daughter one of those Crayola Light Up Boards, all were on sale. Then we went out at about 9:00. We went to Kohl's, and the line, literally went around the whole store! Needless to say we didn't need anything that badly (I bet the wait was 4 hours, no kidding). Then we went to Target again and looked around (actually not very busy at all). Then we went to the Mall and got a slew of Twilight stuff for my oldest daugter and picked a few other things for my oldest. Then we ate lunch went to Walmart and just got home about 3:00. Now my husband is finishing up the Christmas decorations outside and tomorrow is tree day. I love shopping on Black Friday. And with the exception of Kohl's are wait was 5 minutes or less.
The first and last ones are butt-ugly, but the black

Revlon in the black tube stays put,
but then I put something glossier over the top because the look isn't as see-through as the style is now. But it doesn't feel drying; just not ultra-moisturizing.

The black tubes are a bear to find in a purse, so I wrap a strip from a yellow fluorescent sticker around the tube.
pot/kettle/black.....Moore is FAR from idiocy!!

Definition of IDIOT:  A person of the lowest order in a former classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25


nope, Michael Moore certainly does not quality for your terminology of *idiot* - that probably would be you.


Shadow (late black lab) and Whiskers (cat)...sm
So original aren't I?    There are some great names out there.
Also, animals are used as sacrifices. Several years ago, I had a black

having to give him away, but I was moving and couldn't take him with me.  I had put an ad in the paper and one day got a strange call asking about the dog. She sounded desperate, saying "thank God", and could I bring the dog to her.  I started asking her questions about where she lived and she said she didn't have the money for gas to come and get the dog.  So, I said that if she couldn't afford gas then she couldn't afford to feed the dog.  She said that she just didn't have cash and bantered on about how her debit card was warped, etc., then almost in exasperation asked if the dog was pure black.  That was the last straw.  I told her I didn't think this dog was for her and said God bless you and she literally screetched into the phone and hung up.  It was very, Very, VERY weird. 

Our local humane society and pound do not adopt out animals the day before and the day of Halloween.  Some people are just plain sick.

My understanding is that both parties involved are black. nm
The lesser known (and least respected) Black Hat Society.
Black Opal licorices is the brand...

Oh my gosh I'm just salivating thinking of them.  Loooove the raspberry ones, so soft and chewy.  They are made with treacle...dunno what it is, but it's a key ingredient to these kinds of unique licorices.  Highly recommend them!

Check them out on line here:

Again, found 'em at Target too!

A tea-length basic black dress?
What kind of company does your husband work for? Would that help in your decision? My opinion is you can't go wrong with black. Accessorize to make the dress "pop". Nicely of course. Congrats to your husband for his award.
I am using gray screen and black type. (nm)
Just checked on line, and this contains black cohosh. I s/m
thought the name was familiar, and I tried this product before and it made them worse instantly. I will go to the pharmacy and see what they suggest, if there is something available without black cohosh.  Thanks for your posts and wish me luck!
You couldn't even PAY me to shop on Black Friday.