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Have friend who has false front tooth. Can be done. Looks

Posted By: fine. on 2007-12-29
In Reply to: I have to have a front tooth removed because it cant be fixed anymore and has had all it can have - PAMT


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/;) umm no but a friend lost a front tooth and had to go without - which is worse? she'd say us
Did anyone ever have a dental implant for a front tooth and wish to say what
they thought about the whole process with wearing a flipper, etc. until the implant.
I have to have a front tooth removed because it cant be fixed anymore and has had all it can have
done to it.  It was damaged when I was young along with the one beside it.  Has anyone had a front tooth removed and instead of an implant had a partial or something put in for 1 tooth.  What do you recommend other than an implant.  I have lost a lot of bone with this tooth so it would be a very long process for an implant.  This tooth has cost me a fortune so far.
I have to have front tooth removed after multiple apicos on it and it just keeps reinfecting. The
tooth next to it is also not the best having had surgeries so bridging is not an option.  These teeth were broken when I was a kid.  Any suggestions other than an implant for the space.  This is quite upsetting as I have spent a fortune on these 2 front teeth. 
Anyone ever have a front tooth pulled and have to wear a flipper for awhile up there. nm
We have a few of "those types" up heyah in Maine.  Their sveltness can be attributed to either poverty and lack of groceries, hard liquor, heroin or crystal meth, or all of the above.  It's pretty sad actually.
this is false
according to Snopes, this e-mail has been passed around since 2004 and there has yet to be one documented report of this actually happening. More junk e-mail.
My dad's false teeth!
OK, I admit it's weird. My dad had false teeth made for him courtesy of the Veteran's Administration. (Had all of his teeth pulled courtesy of the Army in WWII.) But dad would never wear his teeth. He hated them, and being toothless never seemed to slow him down. It was a real sight to see him eat corn on the cob, but he did it! His government issue teeth were always in our medicine cabinet in the bathroom, and he changed the water everyday and dropped in a fresh Efferdent tab. I only remember him wearing his teeth two days, for my h.s. graduation and on my 21st birthday.
My dad was a quirky guy, but he was tremendously generous and a wonderful father. He died shortly after my 21st birthday. I have a sentimental attachment to his false teeth, and I should probably see a psychiatrist about that, but for now, I keep his false teeth in their container in my medicine cabinet, and they've been there for 24 years. (OK. Go ahead and collectively say, "Ewwwwwww.")
True or False: Any woman who...
A single digit dress size is guaranteed a middle class existance as long as she doesn't get pregnant and has 'second generation' middle class values.
Anyone wear false eyelashes? question sm

Is there a trick to wearing them so they don't look obviously fake? 

I have never tried them but considering it. 

Have had too many eye problems in the past year from reactions to different types of mascara but I have white blonde eyelashes.  Need a little something.


Stupid question - false eyelashes sm
How do you keep from ripping out your own eyelashes when you take the false ones off?

Just soak the glue off with water before trying to remove them?
MTSO made false accusations
Yes, it was a small company and the owner trained me to manage things while she would be away on vacations. I worked 12+ hours 5 and 6 days a week and told her at the time that some day I would have a life so I would not work that kind of hours forever. A year-and-a-half later I told her I wanted to only work 8-10 hours a day and she had gotten used to the freedom of me covering for her every whim...

She retaliated by calling the law and saying that my boyfriend had beaten me up and left me for dead and that she'd seen me snorting drugs up my nose. Fortunately, I had been out of town the weekend she was talking about and had gas receipts to prove it.

The investigator went to my kindergartner child's school and interviewed her there first and nobody had to tell me about it. I found out when my child told me. Then I tried calling the Child Protection people to see why they pulled my child out of school and it was a couple days after that call that they finally made it to my house.

Meanwhile, for two days my child's teacher looked at me as if I were some criminal, but it all washed out in the end...
There is enough to make you worry, without being given false information. Keep us posted!
NOT TRUE!! Just went to a link and it is a FALSE RUMOR. How horrible..nm
Why are you SM tellling me not to post here? Is this a warning because this is a false website? nm
I think the few of us who are here need some straight answers. Sold, Stolen, Hijacked, Owned by a Foreign Country?? What is the truth?
False Information- TAIB (Maine) is not associated with Synthescribe in any way!
just wanted to (hopefully) clear something up. Although I know this is an older post, I am sure that I am not the only Transcriptionist who searches the archives when deciding on whether to apply/interview with a company.

I spoke to Penny Jackson Pray, President/Owner of Transcription at its Best, Inc. in Maine. I asked Ms. Jackson Pray about these references, and she is adamant that she is not, nor has she ever been, associated or affiliated in any way with any other transcription company, including Synthescribe.

It's very important that, when we're making these postings, we are as specific and thorough (educated) as possible, as - in this case - a company's reputation has been unfairly tarnished.

After speaking with Penny, I truly believe that TAIB is a well-run, stable, US-based company that does not offshore.

Ms. Jackson Pray has previously made this posting, although it posted separately from this thread and may be easily overlooked:

"Please note that my company Transcription At Its Best, Inc. is not associated with any other company with this name. This is the recent posting to which I refer --

Please run from this company. This is really an undercover name for Synthescribe, which operates out of TN. They will hire you and fire all their employees without notice. If you want a stable job, don't even waste your time with them. You will only be disappointed.

AGAIN THIS IS NOT TAIB in MAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you Penny Jackson Pray - Owner/President"


Again, I just ask that we (posters) be a little more careful and thorough in our descriptions before we slam companies; and also that, as job seekers, we make our own educated, informed decisions- based on our own research.

I have been offered a position with this company and, should I accept it, I will follow up with my experiences.
How about $4,000 for one tooth?
I live in North Georgia and having 1 implant put in, 4000 smackeroos.
False. I'm sure there are plenty of skinny dim bulbs living in poverty
Could be tooth abscess?
One tooth, implant
$4,000.00 for me. Have lower partial and all top teeth are crowns but I would estimate, oh, a small fortune.
Long in Tooth (!)
Some amount of gum recession is normal -- That's where the phrase came from: Long in tooth means "getting old."

I recently had some caps redone. They had been put on when I was 16 & now my gums had receded so that you could see the silver part at the base of the ceramic ceramic.

But there is definitely the problem of losing enamel from the surface. I tried a SoniCare for awhile & my dentist told me to stop because he could see little scratches. I think I was being too aggressive with it, but I just didn't feel like my teeth were clean unless I was scrubbing away. Now I just use Oral-B with soft bristles.

Have you used a tooth whitening system?
Like Crest Whitestrips or something else? Anything other than having the dentist do it? (That's so expensive!)
I have a similar problem with an eye tooth
had to have taken out due to bone loss and all and got a flipper until I decide on something more permanent. Mine looks so natural and has no metal so you can't tell at all. Insurance won't pay, was 300.00, but it was worth it because it went in immediately after the tooth was pulled. At first was hard to eat bagels etc but as I got used to it and now have no problems. Here's a site I found and I'm sure there is a lot more info and pictures if you search dental flippers.

Huh? How did you break a tooth there that you wouldn't have (sm)
anywhere else?
I had 1 tooth implant and my gosh,
had no idea it would take thatttttttt long, over a year in fact for 1. Like the above poster said, you have to let heal between this and that. I had a canine tooth done and actually it was from 08/2007 to 12/2008 before finished. What I did not like was the false tooth they tried to insert between going back and forth to do this and that, lots of office visits making sure healing, etc. It also cost me $4,000 for that 1 tooth. Quite expensive but maybe if you have more done, might get a reduced price? My mouth probably most expensive place on me, lots of dental work in the past.
Cost of tooth extraction
How much does a tooth extraction cost?  I have no dental insurance so will be paying out of pocket.  I am pregnant and since being pregnant this toothache has gotten worse and worse.  I am to the point now that I can't take the pain anymore.  Also does anyone know if you call a dentist and tell them you are in pain if they will work you in asap?  Thanks.....I just never knew that a toothache would be so painful.
I do have a crown on this tooth and have had a lot of surgeries on it but it is failing now so the

next step is removing it.  The teeth on either side are not the best because they were also damaged when I was young with this one. 

Anyone here ever had to wear a flipper until getting a tooth implant and how did it go. nm
Funny about Tooth Fairy reveal
When I told my children I was the tooth fairy, at first they thought I meant I was the "Tooth Fairy" ... as in, I was the one leaving money under everyone's pillows. - Lol I got such a kick out of that! :)

Just goes to show you how strongly they believe in what their parents say and scarey that we have such influence (when we are so flawed).
a friend's b/friend died last year, drank, took vicodin...

Did anyone ever have a tooth removed after it was root canaled etc. and very brittle. I am
concerned about it breaking off in pieces being so brittle from all the work done on it and now is infected again.  Brother, always something.  It is a front tooth no less.
She needs hard things to help wear the tooth down. Try clean branches, a wooden spoon, wood chews
I think it's better to be up front
and honest from the start about lending $$$ and stuff (cosigning loans next?), kinda nipping it in the bud as it were. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.
I had a guy jump right in front of me
As if he didn't see me.  I didn't want to make a scene, but I thought it was very rude.  I absolutely hate cell phone usage in public.  It is very annoying.  I will purposefully make noise to interrupt.  I think cell phone usage while driving should be banned as well.  Most people are not paying the least bit of attention when they are driving and talking on a cell phone.  It is worse than driving drunk in my opinion. 
especially in front of children
Once I was waiting of food at Taco Bell and a girl was talking to an employee and bragging about how when she worked in another restaurant she and her co-workers stole so much "sh*t" over and continued to repeat the word as well a further other words my son didn't need to hear. Finally I said "Please, he is only 9, can you talk about something else. She did shut up after that.
My little dog rides with me in the front
Most newer vehicles, including mine, have the ability to TURN OFF the air bag on the passenger side, which mine is unless there is a human rider. Also, we have a "Doggie car seat". A basket type seat which he rides in. There is a hook to secure him that attaches to his collar/harness. It allows him to sit high up where he can see out all the windows, plus he cannot climb on me to cause an accident. We need to treat our dogs like children and put them in a car seat. He loves it; he gets to see around and go anywhere momma goes. PS: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN THE CAR, EVEN WITH THE WINDOW DOWN, IN ANY KIND OF WEATHER. The interior of your car can heat to over 100 degrees even in 50 degree weather. My sister lost two of her babies when her husband left them in the car last spring.

I liked the part where the guy had to run in front - sm
of his truck and put a rock under the tire to try to stop it, and it kept rolling over the rock. I had a truck like that once.....
better shot of the front - sm
try, try again. This is before the previous owner refinished it, it is totally black now (with all the rust removed).
We usually have babies on the front - sm
and back porches, though I got rid of the nest on the back table on the porch as it was just a drag having to worry about if the dogs were going to figure it out and eat the babies, had it barricaded in a bit last year and all surived though. It was right by the back door which we let the dogs in and out from so it took them a while to get used to that. We did not hang out plants this year out front but when we do we always end up with a nest in the plant, makes it hard to water but we still manage to do it. But no nests so far front or back, had a family of rabbits under the shed though that all survived from whatI can tell, at least our dogs did not get any. Last year had a cardinal build a nest about 2.5 feet off the ground in the backyard and my Lab knocked the babies out, we put them back in the nest and moved it to a safe location near where they had it but they ended up dying. The birds tried again though, this time in a tree right by the back porch, high enough so the dogs could not reach luckily and they all made it that time. Neat to watch every year, will have to keep a look out. The birds have been stealing my husky's tuffs of fur I am pulling out from his massive shedding going on rigiht now. Seeing them flying off with fur in their beaks is funny.
Maybe you can work on your daughter to not ask to sit up front
Though, I agree, your DH is the parent and this should be a no-brainer for him. She absolutely should not be up front. Maybe if you can convince her that she shouldn't be in the front seat, as her older sister seems to know, then she won't ask. If she doesn't ask, dad won't put her up front.
It does stink, though. I've been married for 22 years to a really great guy. But occasionally, he just has no common sense, and yeah, I have to manipulate a situation. I'd be out of my mind, just like you, if my kid survived cancer and then was injured or killed because of a silly, preventable thing, like having her in the back seat.
Having known the risks up front, I decided
myself never to have a child after 30 even. I had my first at 21 and then my daughter was born when I was 29. I just had always heard the risks and did not want to take them myself. Everyone can do what they want but the older here is not always the better.
Interesting front garden
Interesting use of wooly thyme.
occasionally blatantly in front of them - usually (sm)
In an underhanded way - he is treating me as "subordinate" in a less obvious way in front of them most of the time. It's hard to explain. But to sum it up, my son told me the other day, "Mommy, I feel like Daddy is always trying to make you think he likes you but I don't think he really does."
Old dog keeps chewing front paw - new habit for him
any idea what causes it and if it is okay to put tea tree oil on it? He is 14 years old and has been doing this for a couple of weeks.  Has a raw spot there now.
No problem. Pay varies. Usually you buy something up front sm
and then you get paid for the shop on top of that. Usually around 20.00 for the entire shop. Takes about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on where you go. Metro area where? I live in Alabama.
Mine is in the front room
which is supposed to be I guess the "formal living room", but we never used it for that. I'm right next to two big windows so I can look out and see what's happening around me. My daugher's computer is right near mine so I can monitor her and my youngest daughter uses it for her playroom. I'm somewhat cluttered, but not overly so. Lot of pictures (my autograph collection), pens, scanner, steno book, dictionary. I've love to have doors put in, but I doubt that will ever happen.
Not sure about that. I'll have to check. I just know the gum in the front is very
bad and you can see on my teeth where it should be.  It is about 1/4 inch below that, honestly.  My nephew last night ordered Ultra soft toothbrushes on Amazon.com.  Like they told me at the dentist, this is a hereditary condition as well, and my dad had it and lost all his teeth when he was a young man. 
Me too! One time hubby and I pulled in front SM

of a car doing that and put our turn signal on. Then another car pulled in front of us and did the same thing. It was a TRAIN!!! For miles it went on like that down the highway, and the guy behind us never got a clue.

Does he treat you badly in front of your children or is it
usually "behind closed doors?"
The only reason I asked if it was in front of your children or
not is because there is always a possibility of children blaming the parent who leaves, not that being verbally abusive "behind closed doors" makes it any more right.  I just wouldn't want your children to say that mommy left daddy if they were not even remotely aware of what was going on.  Obviously, from what your son said to you, he is aware of his father's behavior toward you.  We can all give you our opinions and can hand out advice (myself included), but ultimately, you are the only one who can make the decision for yourself and your children.  I would definitely spend some time praying about this as it is a major decision and a tough one at that.  If you're like me, and I think you must be from what you have said, your children are your life and mean everything to you, and how this will affect them is your main concern.  My thoughts and prayers are with you. 
Love my front loader. Kenmore. Got it 7 yrs ago.