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Take OTC Estroven daily and Benadryl 25-50 mg each night

Posted By: missingCHItown on 2007-06-06
In Reply to: Sleep problems - hillbilly mt

Works like a charm for me - plus the Benadryl helps with my allergies and my migraines. I hit meno early (early 40s) and it sucks! Can't sleep, wicked hot flashes, restless leg, weight gain, yadda yadda... but since i've been on Estroven Plus (actually, Eckerd Drug's generic, called Estroplus) taking it daily for about a month, the symptoms are SOOOOO much better!!

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Anyone ever exerpience hair thinning/breakage with taking Benadryl daily
I have been taking one store brand Benadryl-type tablet every night before bed to help me with my allergies and to help me sleep for the past few of months. Ever since I started taking it, I have noticed that my hair is thinning and breaking very easily and is just very weak. I usually have very, very thick and full hair, but not anymore since taking it. In fact, my hair is usually so thick and heavy that I always had to go and get it thinned once a month because it made my head so hot! I stopped taking the antihistamine last night because I finally realized that may be what is causing my problem. Anyone else heard of this or had it happen?
I must admit, this is the third night of not taking the Benadryl -SM
and my hair is already starting to feel better! It is not completely back to it's normal thickness and fullness, but it definitely feels a lot better than it did while taking the Benadryl daily! It doesn't feel nearly as thin and weak. It must have been the Benadryl all along! My hair feels so much better today!
I use Estroven and it works...
like a charm for me too. I get it at Costco. It's worth the price as far as I'm concerned!
DH uses Benadryl s/m
He was also on Effexor for quite a while, but lost our insurance and that went with it.  If he is going to be in public, he will take a Benadryl, uses it sort of like Xanax.  Sorry, but I don't have a child with it or least hope that my two youngest don't develop it like their dad.  Good luck.
Benadryl does the trick for me and
also if you have an itch, hey, it takes care of both. I absolutely cannot take it while working as it kicks in the sleepiness.
Tylenol PM is TY with benadryl. That is that sm
melatonin is something completely different. It raises the serotonin level, the sleep level. Too much of it knocks me out. Nightmares, hangover the next day.
Benadryl cream
Apply to your earlobes front and back, put in the earrings and don't touch the rest of the day! Really works, even if you have to wear the nickel earrings from time to time.
Valerian root/Benadryl
Valerian root helps, and I have also used Benadryl. Those are the only two things I know of without a rx. Best wishes - I know how bad it can be!
NyQuil or Benadryl work for me on occasion. nm

Maybe as soon as you wake up, you can take some Benadryl (or generic), that helps me. nm
Save your money - just buy generic Benadryl (same ingredient) unless you have pain.
Try Benadryl, the generic is cheap. Works great, not habit-forming. NM
That's our daily routine...
My BF does all of the cooking, cleaning, shopping, errand-running, etc.

Maybe I should have been the one to cook dinner last night, huh?

Have at it. You are limiting yourself to options daily.
I pray consistently daily cuz I believe
in the power of prayer.
Tyne Daily, Judging Amy, NM
Eat yogurt daily, helped me....nm
Been married 1-1/2 years...still 2-3 times DAILY and still very hot for us...
I dunno....started off just as intense physical attraction, moved to serious feelings, living together, marriage, and we still both want each other 2-3 times a day.

I don't know if we're just really lucky or really just freaks, lol!!!
And Thursday night is safer than Friday night - how?
We used to live in a town that was once in the Guiness Book of World Records for number of churches per capita (which by the way was the worst place I've ever lived - discourteous, Nazi schools, etc.), and they wouldn't let us trick or treat on Sundays. Ridiculous! People can say what they want but celebrating Halloween doesn't make you a devil worshiper! Just my 2 cents!
I have a my space and use it daily to monitor my daughter and her friends
Yep thats me nosy mom but I have a few moms on my friends list lol
Oh my God. I read People.com daily. I was warned today sm

that one shouldn't read too much or watch t.v. when it comes to the VT shootings. Well, curiosity got the best of me and I read (with great regret) first accounts on 4 students who survived, played dead, jumped out windows, etc. The first student who emailed his story to People.com puts you right there with him. He played dead.  Everyone in his class died except for him and this other girl and she was wounded. I have 3 sons. My heart just broke, literally, for the first time since hearing about the tragedy. I've been sad for them, but not like this. How absolutely horrifying and terrible what has happened there. I am cringing over here at what it must have been like, the loved ones left behind, and the healing that must now take place..

I will pray extra hard tonight for everyone involved. 

not a quick fix, but get some progesterone cream and use it daily; will help PMS in the long run. n
Someone suggested trying spraying Clorox on toes daily
Please click daily for our innocent unconditional friends
Learn how to socialize again and would have to take daily showers - yuck!! nm
Yes, true, the daily lifestyle does not differ, but the nightly does,nm
Animal rescue web site - click purple button daily

please go to following site, all you need to do is click the purple button in the middle of the page, daily, to help keep the website up and take care of animals. 


Free Nestle Crunch Crisp bar (2000 coupons given out daily)
Got a soup kitchen or church mission that serves lunch daily?
Some daily exercise does wonders for mood, self-esteem, and changing your shape. Start off with
see website inside, click purple tab daily to support shelter pets
I had the same thing the night before...last night though (sm)
made teriyaki chicken and macaroni and cheese from a box. Tonight is chicken and rice. Tomorrow night is leftover teriyaki chicken :-)
I click tabs daily. People, look what a click can do.
Rain, rain, RAIN daily, flooding, 'nados, never above 78, not since last Sept. Is winter over yet
Hugs with my daughter and son!! Can't go without daily hugs!!! nm
Yes, I used to take 20 mg at night

and this worked very well for me.  I also felt a little out of it for the first week or so, but give it time to work as I didn't notice any changes until about 3-4 weeks after taking it.  I'm sure you know this, but don't stop taking it altogether without weaning because I actually ran out of it once for about a week and I had really bad symptoms of withdrawal after the second day. 

Hope it works for you!  It really did help me a lot, and I got to a point where I didn't need it anymore. 

Do you take it all during the day or only at night?

I took that 1/2 a tab this morning and fell asleep on the couch after lunch.  Ended up oversleeing for my 2:00 shift.  Don't want to do that anymore.

I'm sorry about what happened to you.  That would be freaky to have someone jump out in front of your car like that.

I only take it at night. I take it about 35 min. before I go to bed. If I were to take it during the
An Okay night, Me2!

At first when I went to bed I was freakin' out!  I did not sleep that well, but them drifted off. I think maybe when Hermie comes home at night (He works at home, but has a job a few evenings second shift) when he check his mail he leaves the front door open. I think that is how they get in! He said he had three in about 5 years!!  See my post about Hermie. I'm havin' some unsavory thoughts!  HAAAA!


Yes, the party was a smash hit. My precious growled at me when I acted like I ws gonna take her new rope toy. I heard this little ERRRRRR under the table and cracked up. She loves to jump up on my lap about 500 times per visit, but last night those  jump-ups were rather limited. She was GUARDING HER TOY! Every time she jumped up I could see her looking to the side with her big eyes watching the toy on the floor! 

I will try to enjoy my day. Some days I am not really up for just being alone and doing errands, but today I am. I need to relax. I have had so much pain lately again. I am glad we are email friends and sure wish we could get together sometime. Do you enjoy watching the agility trials and dog shows? I wish I knew of a place when it gets cooler to do to just take a lawn chair and watch these fabulous dogs perform for the crowds!  I don't know if I told you before, but I went to Westminster with my niece and friend in 2006! What a thrill!  I wrote a song and sang it on CD and took along and gave it to David Frei. I sure wish you could hear it!  About a month ago I wrote another song about a dog show, but I really don't want to go to the expense now to find someone to play for me and put it on CD.


Have a great day, and read my Hermie post. You might smile. IT IS ALL TRUE, so help me TYNE! 


N/T Fan, what did you think about last night?

Loved it, but poor Christian, feeling so left out.  But still up to his old ways.  I didn't like what he did at the end. 



We did that last night
We had pancakes and bacon.
When I was a kid we did that every Wed. night
That was our FAVORITE dinner! Scrambled eggs, bacon and toast! I still do that now, though not as often. I get hungry just thinking about bacon.
COF night
We do a COF night - clean out the fridge - where we just warm up all the leftover from the meals during the week.  Usually was something leftover from every meal or frozen in containers to just microwave as all it takes is adding a bit to the weekly meals.  Everyone seems to like it and finds plenty - just get out some applesauce or fruit to add and we are good.  Sometimes throw in a batch of cornmeal muffins. 
We have it almost every night unless

We've been married for 16 years.  I don't know what the average is, but I guess you have to really want it.

AI last night
I was very happy with last night's outcome. I love Adam and I think Allison is amazing for being so young. Not too sure about Chris. I really don't like the way they're doing the voting at all this year, though because I thought there were more than 3 that should have gone through this round and last round. It will be interesting to see who their wild card picks are going to be. Did you know that Clay was a wild card and he ended up coming in second and being pretty successful.
Well, how did you like last night?
I think the final 13 are about the best I have seen in several years now. Started off with a bang. I loved Danny, Lil and dog it, cannot think of the other's names yet. The group really is hot. I am glad to see it back as a contest of singing, hopefully not a contest of who is the most popular. This is a good group to choose from.
AI last night
I thought most of them did an awesome job. I did miss a few, but my favorites so far are Adam, Danny, Matt, Lil Rounds and Alexis, although I do think the judges were right last night and she was a little too over the top. Now what do you think about what they said last night about the big change? I was a little worried at first, but then on The View, Elizabeth was thinking that maybe it has something to do with the way the votes are done this year. She thinks that maybe the judges will have a say this year and not just the voters. If that's the case, I may like it. That way if America votes off someone and the judges think they were wrong, they can keep them. Not sure if this is what it is or not, but it made sense -- don't make it a popularity contest, but a real competition. She likened it to Sanjaya where he basically stayed because he was so popular.
Last night's AI
I personally cannot stand country music so last night was tough for me to watch but I am wowed by the talent this year. It's hard to say who should be in the top 4. Love the young 16 yo rocker girl and also love Megan. She reminds me a little of Joss Stone.
But it is the next day, was on last Night. NM
On a slightly different night...

...one of our previous pastors was called on the carpet for putting up a few Halloween decorations on his own propery.  Not by anyone in our congregation, but by a stranger.  They told him he should "know better."

I also don't know what decorating for Halloween has to do with those poor Amish girls, either.  Weird.  I decorate for fall more than Halloween, especially since my kids don't like to carve Jack-o-lanterns anymore, and Halloween has never been my thing since I was a little kid and the neighborhood teenagers had me scared out of my wits, but it sounds like you have fun!!

20/20 had a special on E-Bay the other night,
warning about scam sellers - it was actually a repeat though they touted the show as new. On the test buys they ran, all the sellers who scammed them in one way or another had 98% or above feedback. The feedback means nothing, really, as there are lots of ways to remove it - i.e. paying for it to be removed, and also lots of feedback blackmail, where most buyers are too wimpy to leave a negative, as it means they will get one, too. So the feedback system is not valid at all.