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Yes, indeed, it is illegal to feed deer in PA.

Posted By: Lllls on 2008-12-06
In Reply to: Deer for pets - MTmom46

It's never a good idea to feed them, anywhere. I was just reading an article about this. When deer are fed, they tend to concentrate where the food is being left for them. The local population of deer increases, the food left out for them is not enough to support all of the deer, and so many of them starve. It's actually counter-productive. Deer adapt to the winter weather. They spread out in their environment. Their metabolism slows. They move less and eat less. Some die over the winter, of course. It is nature, after all. But feeding them is not good for them. Your animal loving neighbor is actually hurting the deer.

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I do believe it's illegal to feed the deer in PA

because of the harm it causes (see other postings). Your neighbor might get in some serious trouble for doing this. My father and uncles were deer hunters and every year would put salt licks out for them, but about 30 years ago, they stopped. I really don't know the reason, but I would seriously do some checking on this.

You could tell your neighbor that she's making it easier on the hunters as they will start trusting humans and think that they (hunters) are coming to feed them. If that doesn't get her to stop, then show some printed material on the laws. DH isn't hunting this year or I would look it up in the manual he used to get.


We have deer here also but
I hope never to see a bear out in the open here. I know no matter how cute, they are still wild. Just on the news yesterday morning a guy who had permit to raise deer killed by 1 of them while feeding as male in rut and he and his family knew aggressive. He had all kind of wildlife on property including beer. Like your own animals, they can and will turn sometimes.
Is it an albino deer?
If so they don't usually live long.  Eyesight in all albinos bad.  Also, easier for predators to spot.
albino deer
Native Americans think they're sacred.  I can't remember the legend but I think it's amazingly good luck to you.
Deer for pets

I am having a similar problem with my neighbor.  Her yard adjoins our yard and she puts out food for the deer right on the property line.  I don't mind the deer as they are pretty to watch, but it has gone from 2-3 deer from 5 years ago to nearly 10 deer constantly including bucks.  They walk from the woods through our yard to go to her yard to eat.  It has gotten to the point where the deer are roaming about all hours of the day, not just at dusk.  I, too, see them roaming the neighborhood.  One has come up on my front porch before.  I have small children as do my other neighbors and I am concerned that they are going to startle the deer and someone might get bitten.  I tell my kids to not to ever approach the deer and give them their distance.  I am also concerned about deer ticks too.  

I asked her if she would not feed the deer on the property line as it is causing a potentially unsafe situation and she got very huffy about it and said she was an animal lover and it was her right to feed the deer if she so desired.  I tried to explain to her about the kids, not only mine but other kids, and the dangers of wild animals being in the yard and roaming around and she basically told me to "mind my own business."

I don't know in Pennsylvania what the laws are about having deer for pets or feeding them, etc, but I have heard in other states it is illegal. 

I'm a deer widow this weekend SO
I'm cleaning out the closets and going through my husband's drawers. I swear he has underwear that I don't know what in the world they could cover since they are so tattered!

I'd like to clean my desk and under my bed as well but that may have to wait until he's gone again next weekend.
Is it legal to keep a wild deer as a pet? sm
Someone has had a wild pet deer for a pet in our subdivision for a few years now.  I am a serious animal lover myself, but it has gotten rather old having this deer roaming through the roads and, most of all, eating landscape plants down to nothing.  We have sprayed deer repellent on nearly everything, but the one little area we miss will be chewed right away.  Besides, we have to keep doing it over and over and this stuff is not cheap.  Really getting tiresome.  Do not want to be mean, but what rights do the homeowners in here have??
Think you need a permit to actually keep deer as pets...sm
but I couldn't find anything on the Game Commission website about it being illegal to feed them. They do strongly discourage it, though, for a lot of what you posted.
If you have not yet seen the deer and cat video treat yourself to

something wonderful.  Copy and paste and enjoy.  This is truly beautiful.  


no kids, no deer - will that stuff keep other animals off?
Home Depot is just around the corner - I have a 6 foot stockade fence and live in the city - I am sure there are no deer - possibly possoms, no deer.
chittlins and mauls....deer jerky...sm
Anyone else out there cooking specialty items for the holiday?    Cat
There were a lot of albino deer in Shenandoah Natl Park.
I don't know if they are still a "problem". A while back, hunters were asked to specifically look for and thin them from the herds -- something to do with weakening the gene pool. I don't know anything about wildlife management, but I know that I've seen a good number of albino deer in SNP. It is exciting to see them!
Deer and rabbits especially think my garden is an outdoor diner. (sm)
Have tried multiple things, can keep rabbits out of green beans, peas and lettuce until they get larger and not so palatable by using chicken wire bent over the rows and pegged down. The deer seem to prefer to just rip smaller branches off the fruit trees and really seem to hit the melons hard.

One of the things that I have tried and works pretty well for me is Irish Spring tied in the branches of fruit trees. I suppose it is the smell they don't like.

Anything else you come up with, please share.

The produce in the store isn't going to do anything but get higher with strikes, etc.
Oh, my dog is Michael Jordan. I swear she's part deer!

We just moved to the country, but when we lived in town, she jumped the fence I don't know how many times.  When she wants in the house, it's not enough to simply scratch on the door, she has to jump six feet in the air and basically throw herself into the door. 

I just get so frustrated.  I was at friends house who has a golden retriever and they have a little bell hanging from their back doorknob and when their dog wants out, he simple rings the bell and same thing on the outside of the door too.  I was incredulous.  How did they get their dog to do that?!?!?! 

I forgot: ecargots, rabbit-, deer- shark-meat.s are no,no for me, too..nm
I feed the 6 of us
with about 120/wk. We eat ham & beans, pasta, eggs for dinner, and different casseroles. I always make my dinner list for the week, and plan my shopping from there. It helps me to stay on budget, and not impulse shop. I stay stocked up on personal items (like tp, deodorant, shampoo, etc) by catching them on sale or getting one item each week. I don't let the kids snack alot because that adds up.

You might feed the cat up on the counter.
That's what my sister does. Otherwise you could use a baby gate. I used to lean a baby gate in a doorway. The angle left an opening for the cat, but the dogs were afraid of tipping the baby gate.

You are buying great food though.
Hummingbird feed
God bless you guys with a green thumb. I CAN grow plants but just don't have the time to get out there and do it. No excuse either, I have no children. Guess I'm just not garden oriented. MIL lived here before so she planted beautiful flowers that are still flourishing, but I end up making my own mix for the hummingbirds. Ours will not touch the red store bought feed.

We use red feeders with the yellow flowers, preferrably with a roosting or resting stem. Ours like to sit a while, while some flutter around. I mix 1 cup sugar with 3 cups water. You can bring this to boil and let cool or you can heat 1 cup in microwave, add sugar and stir to melt and then add 2 cups of icewater (including the cubes). Always 3:1 though. If I alter this they won't eat. I make sure to wash and change feed every 3 days, if it happens to last that long. Mine feed mainly in the early morning and late evening but they will eat throughout the day. They are all over this stuff. The other day one stopped about a foot in front of my husbands face just looking like...where are you going with that? There will be up to 15 at a time fluttering around we have definitely seen more. These are some friendly little birds we have. You can hold the feeders out at arms length and they will come and eat. We have actually filled our mouth with the sugar water before and held a plastic flower and they will come and feed.
they should force feed the
troll....If you or I, we would spend more than 3 days there.
I usually try the feed store first,
they used to carry something called yellow marlin, but I warn you, it is highly poisonous, a consideration if you have young ones about or curious animals inside. They carry a small jug like contraption you put water in to draw wasps and they can't get out, but I don't know about fruit flies or gnats. Good luck.
Help feed the kitties too! sm



feed the birds
You are ignorant about feed lots.
There are many large feed lots for horses that are fattened up and then sent to one of the 3 big slaughter houses in Texas to be sent off to Belgium, Japan, etc, in the form of steaks.  I have myself rescued riding horses from auction by outbidding the killer buyers.  There are bills pending that will outlaw this terrible thing, but the administration of Bush is against the bill and is supportive of the horse slaughter trade.  I have known individuals over the years, being a horse owner and lover, that would buy horses and then fatten them up and resell them to kill buyers or to the slaughter house themselves.  Many of these were horses that weren't fast enough on the track to make money, and also good riding horses, they were just worth more as meat.  Go to any horse auction and you will see good horses going for slaughter just because that is who is the highest bidder.  It is a heartbreaking experience.
I feed birds on the lake
quite often and really enjoyed doing it. I have seen others do as well and I do not see them becoming aggressive as a result of this. I also see the geeze and ducks feeding on their own when not being fed by humans. I have deer in my neighborhood and as much as I would love to feed, know this is not a good idea and should not so I donít. I think that other mother is a total jerk for her reaction, though.
I do feed the squirrels a mix with peanuts
and seeds and sprinkle it on the ground. Unfortunately they bury the peanuts instead of eating them. I've had as many as 20 squirrels in my yard before when I spread food out on the ground for them. They're pigs and it's quite ridiculous, but yes, I do put food on the ground and in a plastic bowl in an attempt to get them to stay on the ground. They have broken 2 nice feeders already, and for those reasons, many people like to keep them off the feeders.
What kind of food to you feed him?
Is it a high quality food? Sometimes supplements such as Missing Link or Nupro can help control skin odor.

How often do you give him a bath, and what kind of shampoo do you use. And do you rinse and rinse and rinse?

He could have a skin infection which might require oral antibiotics.

What kind of dog is he and what's his age?

I, too, would make a vet appointment to be on the safe side.
Feed DD supper before DH comes home so you can
I feel the same - I feed the squirrels too
they are fun to watch. Clever little devils. I have a peanut feeder with a lid on and they lift the lid up and take out the peanuts. I have a pair of crows that come to eat too. I have my own little wildlife sanctuary. Now my neighbors probably aren't too happy, they're not animal people. The guy across the street puts out those poison peanuts - so mean.
I'll feed your animals before I'd even
offer her a Kleenex to wipe a kid's nose!
Why should she offer to feed the twit? - sm
he was violating a restraining order, I certainly would not make him feel at home. She did the right thing calling the cops. He mouthed off because he was mad at her and wanted to cause trouble.

As for CPS, clean the house, why you still have his lousy magazines there is beyond me if kicked him out. Get rid of all the clutter for sure. Obviously be straightforward with the inspector. I highly doubt from your story that you are in imminent danger of losing your kids. Just be truthful and explain the whole situation, CPS has seen it all and can quickly figure out who the good and bad parents are.
You don't offer to feed someone you have a restraining
groundhogs,squirrels, wild turkeys, rabbits, raccoon, goat and deer meat..sm

Some folks just take for granted that they can walk into a market and shop for meat...We've done the same for similar reasons as you and nothing was wasted.   At least you're self sufficient!!!  And, I bet you've put up/canned/frozen all the vegetables from the summer/fall harvest.   

Didn't mean to be flippant in my earlier post...whack it, hack it, pack it and stack it...  Cat 



I don't feed sea gulls. It's generally a bad idea.
It's not a good idea to interfere with the feeding habits of any wild animal, and they are wild. They may be very accustomed to having human food, but it's still not right to feed them. The birds do become accustomed to humans as their source of food, and that will encourage them to fly too close to humans. Then, they'll become a nuisance. Do check for signs or other information in the area about feeding the wildlife. I know that in my area, more and more signs are being posted.
That being said, it's also not right for someone to use such language, especially in front of children, or for anyone to throw sand at you. So, I think the other woman's reaction was out of line.
Next time you go to the beach, bring sand toys and leave the bird food at home.
If you make it legal then it opens up a whole other can of legal worms. I don't think I want my tax money spent on settling the dispute between hoX and hoY. Even if they are paying taxes by making it a legal transaction, most will be doing it "under the table" (ha ha) and it will only be a burden on society, not a way to make more tax money.

As for paying their medical bills - I'm sure we the taxpayers are already doing that thru Medicaid.
Is she illegal too? sm
I would drop a dime to ICE so fast your head would spin. And why is your dad so much more interested in "helping her" when you are his flesh and blood? Have you talked to him about it? I'd be concerned about ID theft as well if she is using your mailbox too.
Wish ignorant people like YOU were illegal in this country! Look up the temperment tests & bite statistics... know your facts!
Pot is not illegal everywhere - sm
Woody Haralson was the host of a documentary about marijuana and how it came to be illegal in the US. During Prohibition, one man in D.C. wanted to make it illegal, but there was no data about it. So Congress ordered tests and everything came back finding no evidence of long-term effects so Congress found no reason to make it illegal. The man in D.C. wasn't happy, so he lobbied and was able to get a tax passed on pot.

Pot is not illegal to own wihout the tax stamps, which have never printed or distributed to The People. Pot is not illegal in certain quantities in certain states. Possession of marijuana without the stamps is the real reason it is illegal.

Just the facts, only the facts.
wrong - God gave you breasts to feed your babies

I believe God gave women breasts to feed their young and did NOT give us breasts for *sexual pleasure* regardless that we get sexual pleasure from them.

The reality is that God gave women breasts to breast-feed........not just for poor people in 3rd world countries.  I breastfed mine until they were 6 months old..........it's an individual thing but I went by the teeth thingy - once teeth are in, time to start weaning.


Paper feed problems here, too. I thought it was just mine,,,,
Feed in separate rooms, leave in with food for 1/2hr.
Help feed hungry dogs! I saw this young girl SM

last weekend on the Today Show.  SInce she was tiny she has loved animals.  Just click and answer the question and each time someone visits this site a donation of 20 pieces of Kibble is made.  Doesn't matter if your answer to the question is correct or not.  I do it every day. They allow one hit a day per person. Just takes a few seconds and does so much. 




go to the site, click the purple tab to help feed animals.
I thought this would be illegal too
I'd defnitely report it.  I'd be willing to bet somebody else already has.  That just sounds totally disgusting to me.
No, not illegal, born here but
from the getto part of town. Donít assume about things, ok? We are talking about a person who has never held a regular job, has lived off welfare, gotten food stamps and besides that, it is no where close to slave labor. OMG. She has been around so long she does what is the basics and then watches a lot of televison. Slave, she usually calls me and asks if I have anything for her to do.
Maybe he's an illegal, and didn't think he'd win, or they'd -
This was a tiger in the zoo, not someone's illegal pet - sm
It escaped somehow from its enclosure (they think it scaled the fence somehow as they know it did not go out the cage door). The tiger was shot and killed. It had previously attacked a zoo keeper a year ago (they lived obviously or it would have been killed then probably).
mee too, wish they were illegal in this country
I'm not sure, but I thought they were illegal
I know policemen use them, but I've never known them to be used by the public, but then again I could be way off base.
Well if you donít care if illegal or not
then I am sure all the extra people here in the US do not worry you either, right? So much for illegalities.
PLEASE - Just b/c something is illegal does not make it sm
immoral. Those laws (drug use in particular) change according to societies. Throughout history humans have chosen to change their mental status through use of substances, alcohol, chanting, fasting and religion! Pot is no more harmful (and probably less so) than alcohol.

We are wasting so much tax money on imprisoning people for using a weed, in the privacy of their own homes - what a collosal waste of money.