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Assign shortcut keys to macro Wordperfect?

Posted By: How do I do this? on 2007-03-27
In Reply to:

I have to switch to Wordperfect after working in MS Word for 7 years.  I have figured out how to record a macro, but how do you assign a shortcut key to it? 

What I am wanting to do is jump to the next * in my reports because that is how I move from heading to heading. 

The help section in WP just confused me

Any help is wonderful


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A macro shortcut requires that you strike 2 or more keys. nm
I use / and record a macro which I assign
to an F key. Then I put / wherever in the template I need to input.

So moving around is as simple as pushing the F2 key as many times as needed...

I also use the macro record and assign to an F key functions like block and copy. Then if you have to move a whole section of words to another page, it's one key to block and copy and one click of the mouse to paste and you're done.
shortcut keys

I am wondering if anyone knows this- there is supposed to be a shortcut key that you can circumvent an Expander with.  Say I want to type the name Lee and lee is my expander for lower extremity edema, is there something I can hit that would keep it from expanding just when I typed the name?  I swear I remember someone telling me this once but now nobody in our entire facility seems to know what that would be.  Thanks!

Try the shortcut keys
You will do much better with the shortcut keys. Remember, the linecount varies, depending on the physician and the customer. Give Alt-K a try.

Good luck

Different combination shortcut keys that I don't want to
also incompatible with Stedman Smartype (Word 2003 made a change that conflicts with Smartype, not a Smartype issue). Earlier versions of Word do not have this conflict.
macro / shortcut question

Hi guys ... I'm having a mental block. Years ago, in WP51, I had set up shortcuts for formats, such as "alt L" for a Letter, or "alt C" for consults, etc.  Now I type in MSWord, but I want to set something up for a new doc Im typing for.  What were those shortcut called?  How do I set them up?  They were not macros ... something else, less complicated.  I either used the ALT key or maybe it was the CTRL key - not sure.

Please help; I want to set up some quick hospital formats, one for an H&P, one for an OP, etc.  Thanks again !


You can use Shorthand to make a Macro, then bring the macro up in WP. nm
Think you need someone on their end to re-assign the
Simply assign the job # to yourself...
and then hit next job.
assign key on Lanier-need help!
I'm trying to re-listne to a job I signed off.  I need to find the assign key.  My Lanier is not marked with that key.  How do I find it.  Thanks
Assign Key....Cindy
If you don't have an assign key, you may need to make one yourself.  I can help you do this.  Send me an email if you need further help.
You can assign any key combo you want to the
NextField command in the customize keyboard dialog box. You don't need a macro if you are inserting blank fields with Ctrl+F9. You can also assign a shortcut to the previous field command.
If they assign the worst dictators (sm)
to only you, you will have the same problem.  The only files you will ever get will be the bad dictators.  The favorites are making a living while you have to work twice as long to do the crap.  It is so not worth it and I am glad I dumped services like that.
She's asking for advice, not someone to assign blame...

I really don't see how your post is going to help her find a solution to her problem.  It is easy to stand up on a pedistal and point out other people's mistakes, but we've all made them.  She needs advice on how to fix her situation, and "assigning blame" is just rediculous.  I can't believe this thread even went in that direction. 

I also don't think that it is right to blame someone for their spouse's actions.  It is his fault for acting that way, not hers for marrying him.

Most companies assign a point value for each
type of error and used these points to calculate your accuracy. My current company reviews approximatly 200 lines of transciption every quarter. Then there is a calculation of error points divided by line count, then they subtract that from 1, and multiply by 100.

Example - 3 points/200 lines equals 0.015.
1 - 0.015 = 0.0985
therefore accuracy is 98.5%.

Most companies I have worked for require 98% accuracy.

Our error points range from 2.00 (MAJOR) to 0.25 (minor).
Thanks very much, Pebbles. What functions do you assign to them?
Re companion macro. Do you know there is already a macro
in Word that will create a document with all entries from both the normal.dot and the .acl file? The normal.dot only stores the formatted entries.
They assign harder ESLs to slow you down.
consuming to type very difficult dictators.  In the long run you're make less money per hour.  What the poster means, I think, is they want the work done and don't care if you struggle for hours or all day on ESLs. 
Focus Infomatics - they assign work or you pick from database

I wanted to know from anyone who works at Focus if you are able to download work when you want to or is it assigned to you? I thought I heard that you can go onto the site and grab dictations when you wanted to instead of being assigned.

If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate !!

I have wordperfect 12 - sm

How the heck do I double space??  I have been through the whole tool bar and cannot find where I can double space.  what I have found is how to space between paragraphs, which is not what I need.  I need to double space my report.


please help me   I'm almost crying over this.

I have WordPerfect 11 and have no
problems with Vista. If yours is like mine, it came preloaded with Word 2007 as a trial basis. I just deleted 2007 and loaded my Word 2003 and have not had any problems. I don't know why WordPerfect 11 and 12 would be so different. Maybe you can go to the WordPerfect site and see if it says anything about Vista, or maybe even the Microsoft site.
Wondering if anyone can help me figure this out. I am trying to put the patient's name flush left on the top of the page and CENTER the title on the same line. It keeps centering the name with the title...what am I missing?
WordPerfect X3

I just bought & installed WP X3.  My office requires that all documents are password protected.  As I save my documents, I can 'see' the password protect box, but the program does not allow me to check the box & give a password.

Is there something in X3 that I need to go to that will allow me to use passwords?  I can't find it anywhere in the program & I've used Help, etc.


I am wondering how you put the places in your document that you can jump while typing dictation in WordPerfect?  Can anyone help me?
Wordperfect 5.1 for Dos - does anyone use this anymore? sm
I' m not sure what board to put this one but . . . I have an computer with Wordperfect 5.1 for DOS on it that I've kept around "just in case."  Are there any companies that actually use this program anymore or is it safe to say that I can get rid of it? TIA
Another WordPerfect question sm

I had to install WordPerfect 6.1 for a new client's work.  I already have WordPerfect Suite 12 on my computer, but now WP 6.1 is apparently set up as the default WP program and any time I open a WP document from the Documents menu instead of with WP 12 running, it opens as a WP 6.1 document.

How do I re-set WP 12 as the default WP program?? I have a ton of personal documents in there (I don't currently use it for a client).  I wouldn't mind so much, except that one document I use all the time, my telephone list, opens in WP 6.1 (instead of WP 12, where I originally created it) and then when I try to scroll down it says "insufficient memory" and the program closes.   HELP!!!!


WordPerfect for DOS or Windows?
Either way, you'd have to write a macro or something that would find the next instance of what your jump marker might be, and go there.
Help with WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows
Long story short, I do dictation at a hospital where we use WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows.  I am going to be doing dictation at home and then pasting the file in WordPercfect at the hospital.  I was looking for a way to convert files from MS Word into to WP, but wasn't successful in that so now I'm trying to find a copy of WP 6.1 and am not having any luck.  Does someone know where I might could download this as I need it ASAP or can you use another version of WP with 6.1?  Thanks in advance.
If it comes with WordPerfect, it doesn't come with MS Word.
Unless you pay extra and special order it. One or the other, not both.
Just had to switch from Word to WordPerfect. Could someone please tell me in the
mess that is Corel Office, where I find UNDERSTANDABLE directions for making macros for headings, etc??
WordPerfect numbered list help please!
Just starting to use WordPerfect, so unfamiliar with it. I can't get numbered list feature set properly. I can get it to number, think I have it set, and then when I save the document, close, and reopen, it has changed. Pulling my hair out here :) Any help is appreciated.
WordPerfect is 6.1 (I think) and Word is 2003
Any version of WordPerfect will be compatible. nm

Stedman's Spellchecker and WordPerfect

I have Microsoft Word and I have Stedman's Spellchecker on it, but I now also have WordPerfect and am wondering how I get it to pick up the spellchecker?  Anyone know?  Thanks!

Wordperfect instruction sites that are easy

I figured out how to assign shortcut keys to macros in Wordperfect and I found a bunch of other useful instructions for WP at these two sites:

www.productivitytalk.com        and     http://wptoolbox.com/tips/EasyPlay.html

WordPerfect 5.1, typing as one long document, using
Didn't YOG use WordPerfect 5.1? Hold still my heart.
In WordPerfect, could someone please tell me how to make a line break
so it keeps the justification?  Ctl+shift+L just moves down another line and does not justify.  Thank You. 
How to copy macros from WordPerfect to Word
Does anyone know how to do this?  Would save so much time, as we have tons. Thanks for any ideas!
Depends on the versions of Word and WordPerfect. sm
Some WP versions can read Word .doc files, some don't. Some versions of WP will not accept copy/paste from Word. The advice to save the Word document as an .rtf file may be your only choice.
Need help ASAP - websites that are similar to WordPerfect for dummies.
Went from working soley in Word for last 8 years to WordPerfect 8.  Last time I worked in WP it was dos.  I need quick tips, time savers, keyboard commands, that sort of thing.  Need to get my speed up.  Thanks.
Is there any way to import Word Autocorrect entries into WordPerfect?

I've been Googling it and there is some info about going from WordPerfect to Word, but I can't find anything about importing them from Word to WordPerfect.

I just got really screwy account where we have to transcribe the reports in WordPerfect to get the line count, then save them in Word to send to the client. 

Is there any way to type in microsoft word and then get the document into wordperfect?
QT Medical. No "platform" type in Word or WordPerfect using VoiceWave. Very clear sound and
I use shortcut
but this has happened to me with it and I was told to always make sure you open your expansion program behind the document you are working in.

What are "Shortcuts" and "Windows" expanders?  I don't like the Expander I have and I can't use the one I bought about five years ago.

No shortcut!
Notice all these products say somewhere in fine print (even on commercials) something like "works best with a sensible diet and exercise." Proper diet and exercise the ONLY answer to losing weight.
Another ? Has anyone used PRD and ShortCut?

I'm having to switch Expanders too and have used PRD.  While researching it seems that ShortCut is very similar to PRD.   Does anyone know if you can import Expander word list from Dos to Windows?

I use every shortcut I can
That is the way to make money
I think these only work if the software has it written into it.

Try Control plus "+" to enlarge and Control plus "-" to decrease the viewing size of the characters.

Otherwise, you could go into your software's "view" option and see if there is a shortcut there.
Here's a shortcut for you.
Using the information given to you below on how to write the formula, you can copy the formula(s) to a many rows below by doing the following:
Left mouse click in the first cell that contains the formula to be copied. Hold down that mouse button to highlight the cell(s) containing the formula(a) you want to copy and all the cells by dragging the mouse across them (still holding down that mouse button). When you get to the last cell you want to highlight, let go of the mouse button and hit Ctrl+D. This will copy the formula(s) into their respective columns, changing all cell references accordingly.
(Please post if you don't understand this and I'll try to re-explain.)