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I'm a Christian, I don't celebrate Halloween but

Posted By: sm on 2006-10-04
In Reply to: I challenge you all to host a Halloween/Fall party at your house this year! sm - The Witch

I do have a harvest carnival for my friends kids. They love it and every year it's bigger than the year before. 

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What does being a Christian have to do with Halloween? see message

Your Halloween Party sounds fun!!!  I was thinking about doing one for my 6-year-old, having the kids dress up. 


But I do have to ask, just because you are a Christian does not mean you can't celebrate Halloween.  In fact, you ARE celebrating "Halloween", just on a different day.  I understand the meaning of Halloween isn't the best, however, that is the day that is set aside and Halloween has been totally commercialized anyway, so it is not like I am sitting at home worshiping un-Christian like things or trying to be a witch.  Do you see what I mean?  I am not trying to be mean, I too am a Christian, but we do take the kids out on Halloween. 

Halloween has Christian origin. Please sm

Please see the link below. 

Why even answer if you don't celebrate?
I think you owe the OP an apology for that outburst. She even said "for those who do" and didn't seem to be ASSUMING anything. Easter is far from a "Hallmark" holiday. It has deep spiritual and religious meaning to those of us who believe in Christ as our savior and it's very offensive when you say it is celebrated only for the benefit of American manufacturers. On the contrary, I think there are precious few American manufacturers who will stand up for anything Christian these days, even if it is their personal belief.

Sounds like you are jaded and I think that's sad. If you do not believe in Easter, why not just ignore the post? She has a right to her beliefs and she has a right to post them, same as you. If you posted pagan information or whatever it is you believe in (since you are PaganMT, I figure it's pagan beliefs), I would just skip over that post and not even read it since that is not my belief. Why couldn't you do the same for her? Perhaps you are not so sure about your own beliefs and that's why you become so defensive. You also appear to know very little about Easter and why it is celebrated other than for eggs and bunnies so perhaps you should look into the true meaning of Easter before you speak again on the subject.
Merry Christmas (or whatever you may celebrate)!!!!

I don't celebrate and/or believe in Kwanza, Hanukkah, Ramadan, etc.
just not tolerate enough to let "a minority" stop me from celebrating my religious holidays!
I don't celebrate Hallmark holidays. If they forget...(nt)

This is a U.S. holiday so the ESLs don't normally celebrate it at home anyway, so
that is why there are so many working on holidays IMO.
Spanish, French do celebrate Christmas in USA
Middle Eastern Arabic people do not celebrate Christmas nor the Jewish people (and Chanukah comes early 12/3 this year so they should be working.  Russian Christmas is in January.  The Hispanic community as well as the French communities here in the USA, as I know it, certainly do celebrate Christmas.  Happy Holidays To All....
Any good ideas to celebrate 50th Birthday
A friend and co-worker turns 50 next Tuesday and we are planning a 1950s celebration here at work.We are gonna dress in poodle skirts and jeans and t-shirts, etc., but I'm looking for something else... maybe a unique poem..or any unique ideas?  Anybody have any tips?  TIA!
well time to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas...
and please dont get me wrong... i know these times are hard for everyone and i hope your work picks up or you find a job that helps... but regarding the holidays... so many of us (myself included) have made this a buy buy buy holiday. I'm been so upset this year because I have bought barely ANY gifts but I simply cannot afford them. So then I realized, it is time for family and togetherness, as generic as that sounds... life is short... it's not about "things" it's about people. And I'm not super religious, but this is a good video below.
good luck on work!
Go to marthastewart.com and search 'halloween'. There's a ton of stuff in there. Have fun!
I don't like Halloween....

so I'm not up for that challenge.  It has nothing to do with religion, or beliefs, or such....I just do not like Halloween.  I did the whole bit when my kids were little, but never liked it (they could not tell that though!). 

I don't like witches, or spiders, or cupcakes that look like them.  Don't like pointy hats and long chins with warts on them and especially warts with hair growing out of them.  Don't like to scare people or to be scared.  Don't like hairy spiders hanging on a thread.  Don't like green faces on little children.  Don't like mucous-looking stuff dripping off someone's face or, worse yet, off another body part.

I am being somewhat facetious but...I really do not like Halloween.


Here's the deal. If someone is a Christian,
and they have been saved, the will go to heaven no matter what. Just read John 3:16. That is all there is to it, simple as that. You don't think that Jesus would have made it complicated, do you? If He had, we would all be going to hell.

(Mark Twain said he didn't want to go to heaven because he didn't like harp music.)
Christian site
Because, as a Christian, alcohol was not an

option for me.

Christian too; he will change perhaps...sm

in the next life, perhaps in the next transition...but for you to think he's going to change in this life 30 years later.....I think you're dreaming, just my opinion, not etched in stone.

Also, I believe religion has nothing to do with this topic of decades-old substance abusers!  I think when having discussions such as these - we all need to leave our religions out of it (for at LEAST 10 minutes) ....because again, I think we/some tend to reach for our crutches (religions, if fanatics and cannot hold a regular old conversation for 10-20 minutes, such as how my ex became).

Please don't think that I'm sitting here with my hands all neat, pretty, tidy/clean regarding these many issues in any of these many areas, either in my former family (mom/sister/dad, etc.) or the marriage that I dumped, but today I'm a different person, have learned MUCH about people and their behavior(s) and men, in particular.

You're going to do what you want to do - just whatever you do - advise making real sure your eyes and head are being completely open minded about the issue(s).

Good luck to you, it sounds like you have made your choices.  Be well.  Happy July 4th!     

How do you know they said a Christian prayer?
It is very possible that both the patient and physician are Muslims. You are only assuming it was Christian prayer and getting your panties in a knot based on that assumption.
Christian prayer
I know because I know the docs personally. I am a paramedic and have also worked as a nurse in several docs offices.
Halloween Candy
Milky Way!
Whatever is on sale at 50-75% off the day after Halloween....sm
Target usually has the most "good stuff" candy on sale i.e. the Hershey bars, M&Ms, Snickers, etc.  Usually the day after Halloween it's 50% off and 2 days after Halloween it's 75% off.  I stock up on enough candy to last until Christmas, then after Christmas get enough to last until Valentine's Day, then after Valentine's Day I grab whatever I can because there's no major "candy events" for a while to get it cheap! 
For me, I would have to say Halloween and Candyman. nm
Halloween goblins???
Happy Halloween to all. nm
I agree about the Christian stuff

I dont know if that was necessarily why she got booted last night, but it was very obvious that LAST WEEK when she did sing the Christian song, that the judges just didnt get it.  I was so proud of her for showing her faith to the world and not worrying about it being "popular" or not. 

John 3:21

I'm not a dreamer. I'm simply a Christian
woman praying for her husband and believing that he will be changed.
You know, good question. I really don't know. I have been a Christian for sm
10 years. Before that, I LOVED Halloween and would go trick or treating right along there with all the devils and everything! j/k Then, met my husband who has been a Christian all his life, attended Baptist churches, and he told me that they just don't celebrate it at all. Couldn't give me a clear-cut reason why...so, we get married and for 4 years (before we had kids) we didn't participate in Halloween. I would get so mad at him because he would get mad at me for spending 20.00 on Halloween candy and then he wouldn't let me pass it out! He'd turn the outside lights off, but if the kids came anyway he'd let me pass out candy. Then we had kids and for a few years he still wouldn't let me celebrate. It wasn't until his sister 3 years ago invited us trick or treating (and he didn't want my kids to dress up!). But, they had minimal costumes on and they were in absolute AWE of Halloween. The lights, the CANDY, the trick or treating.

Fast forward to today. He's "okay" with it, but still clearly uncomfortable. You don't understand, I have been absolutely mesmerized by the whole "Martha Stewart," "Katie Brown" entertaining thing since my late teens, early 20s. Obesessed. My first year of marriage, my husband was at work and I watched the very first Martha Stewart when she went and decorated the White House (an evening special). I cried during the whole thing. I thought everything she did was absolutely breathtaking. I LOVED her creativity, the colors, everything. I swore that I would have "that kind of life some day." I wanted it ALL. The cheesy cupcakes, the Pottery Barn decor, all of it. I learned to cross stitch, woodwork, paint, stencil, flower arrange, you name it, I can pretty much do it. I can lay tile. That's one I haven't gotten down yet.

So, now that you my entire sad life story, you know where all of this partying comes from. I can linger for HOURS over Southern Living magazines, Southern Living At Home magazines. My home pretty much shows it. I have good taste, but that's inbred in me.

A designer once told me that I was a Tuscany, French-Country person....WHATEVER! Just give me some hot chocolate, 5 Southern Living magazines, and a babysitter, and I could die right there.

So, my motto: JUST PARTY WITH A PURPOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Witch
Christian chat room
Is there any christian chat rooms for medical transcriptionists?  I thought I saw one about a month ago and now I cannot remember the name of it.
Thanks, I hope something comes up / Christian Troy?
Just Google his name (Julian McMahon) and a lot of sites come up. I have a lot of pics of him saved on my computer. My secret obsession. LOL.
oh yeah, tolerate everything except what is Christian
FYI, before my last major surgery, i asked my surgeon if he was a praying man. I am sure you are clueless as to the why -- but for those who DO believe in the Almighty, the why is well understood. and why pray tell (pun intended) are you looking for a RULE ???? How about a rule to tolerate Christianity the way we are asked to tolerate every other belief system?
Don't you feel guilty for being a white Christian?
Geez, you're responsible for everything that's wrong with this country - don't you know that?

That's what the sentiment in this country is anyway. You're only allowed to diss someone's culture, language, religion, etc. if they are of European Caucasian origin.

We have nothing to feel guilty about. If other cultures are jealous or resentful of us, that's their issue to deal with. We had nothing to do with their feelings of inadequacy for whatever reason they may have them.

I'm sick of having to coddle minorities who clearly hate us anyway.

So condescending and so insulting.
Private Christian school is where my kids go.
Group halloween costumes
Need halloween costume for 4 people, group ideas.  We don't want anything like sponge bob or cartoony.  ANy good ideas???  we have a party to go to. 
Halloween twinkle lights.

These lights are adorable.  If you weren't going to have the kids make them, perhaps you could make them up ahead of time to "decorate".  Twinkle lights are sold at the dollar stores nowadays for a buck!!! 



I'm not "afraid" of Halloween, but I was never into it, either, except when a pre-teen. Jus
You win! I'm coming to your house for Halloween!
on my broomstick!  LOL
THANK YOU. It is becoming increasingly hard these days to be a Christian with this idea of
every religion is okay and we can all be one attitude.  They make us sound like just because we believe the truth and say there is only one God and one way to Heaven (Jesus) that we are judgmental, prejudice and closed-minded to diversity. 
Rosa Parks was also a God fearing Christian woman!
That is a GREAT Halloween costume idea! LOL. nm
Don't get me started on them - I'm thinking of dressing up for Halloween
as a Diskriter transcriptionist, i.e. Indian transcriptionist!
Halloween party for 6 year olds
Any ideas for a Halloween party/slightly haunted house.  Food, games, spooky decorations?  Thanks in advance.
Help! Need teen halloween custome ideas?? anyone? nm


Poll: What is your favorite Halloween candy? s/m
I always get a craving for candy corn this time of year!
My pre-teen Halloween story - happened about

There were always literally hundreds of kids out in our neighborhood on Halloween.  When I was about 12, I got a gray wig and messed up the hair, a rubber mask with a large nose and lots of wrinkles, wore an old long plaid robe tied at the waist and socks with open-toe bedroom slippers.  So here I am, messy gray hair, ugly face, robe and slippers and walked with a limp down the dark street.  Two men were waiting at the end of a driveway for their children.  Here I come, limping by and one man pokes the other one in the side and says, "Hey, Jim.  Is that your wife or mine?" 

I will remember that for as long as I live.

I thought it was cute.. Happy Halloween. nm
It is that "reborn Christian" thing where they go overboard and make new rules LOL
Im Wiccan...I love this season and there is always a festival in our home at every season celebrating nature!!
I challenge you all to host a Halloween/Fall party at your house this year! sm

You will have an eyeball! I mean, ball.

This will be my 1st, usually my sister-in-law does it. I picked up A Taste of Home's Halloween issue and if that doesn't inspire you to do something this fall, then you might be dead...pun intended.

For dessert I am going to make little witches that will make a neat centerpiece. Here's how you do it: Take 16 large marshmallows, oreo cookies, coconut slivers (for the hair that you dye green with food coloring), Hershey kisses and peanut butter cups (miniature) that will be the top of her hat (place candies on top of oreo chocolate cookie (minus one side of cookie and the frosting).  Use pretzels for her broomstick. These things are so cute I can hardly stand it.

2. Spider cupcakes. Use chocolate EVERYTHING and for the legs use 8 small pieces of licorice dangling from the cupcake and anything small and red for the eys (M&M minis) or red icing.

There are tons of ideas and recipes. The main dish will be Witch's Brew Stew and it looks awesome! If you want the recipe, email me. If not, then drop dead.

Oh, and for the kiddies, I will be playing games like pin the stem on the pumpkin and bobbing for body parts (will probably call this game something else), but you fill up a large tin bucket, stain the water black and put things in inside. Each kid takes turns using their hands to try to find 3 things you tell them to find in this nasty mixture of stuff using their HANDS, not mouth.....

So, get your invitations out, dust off your printers and have fun! I'm doing this mid-month, not on Halloween since I am a Christian and we don't celebrate Halloween.