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I use MediSpell

Posted By: mtlady23 on 2005-11-23
In Reply to: Spell checker - mtathome

I use MediSpell. I know there is a free trial on there site. For the money its really good. Not to sure how it stacks up to steadmans but worth a try.

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You can try MediSpell for $39.99
I would look at MediSpell. I believe its $39.99. They also have a free trial on the website. I hope this helps :)
I used to use Medispell but use spellex now!
Medispell didn't have the drug names i needed so i just bit the bullet and upgraded to spellex. It was a life saver.

Medispell cost me $39.
Also did not include most drugs.
MediSpell is decent and only costs around
It was about $10-$20 when I first got it, but I'm sure it's gone up since then. There's a free trial (or at least there was) and you can compare it to others. Not sure what Dorland's is like so I can't tell you comparison, but I've found MediSpell to be a decent medical spellchecker at a reasonable price for starting out. You can add to it, of course, too, but I don't think they ever issue updates like new drug names, tec. so you might want to invest in a more thorough one later on.
Just bought Medispell spell check.

Just have loaded it and I am already disappointed.  I am used to Stedman's, but did not think I could afford it.  First document I loaded to check, all the medications were highlighted.  I wish I had just spent the money and got Stedman's.  Has anybody got any ideas for quick lookups for drugs that will show exactly how they are to be typed?  Guess I will have to take the time to look them up at least once, then add them to the dictionary, and I have dial-up.  Drug books are as expensive as the software, and I am not making a whole lot right now.  I guess someday I will learn that you get what you pay for. 

How's Medispell? ive heard there good for the price.