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Kinesis Freestyle Solo....love it....sm

Posted By: ms on 2008-10-02
In Reply to: Kinesis Advantage is my favorite! - An Iowan

With the Freestyle V3. Got it about three weeks ago and already about half of my right forearm pain is gone.

Also have the RollerMouse Pro, which I got for my mouse overuse....and they are absolutely wonderful together. Should have spent the money and got them both at the same time!


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bought a Kinesis Freestyle Solo about 3 weeks ago
The price was a little over $100 and took two weeks to do the brain retrain but it so sooo worth it. I will never go back to a Microsoft. I love that I can place each half where I feel the most comfortable, and I love the soft little clicky sounds it makes! If I was you I would find a way to pay for another Kinesis.

Please Help - anyone who uses the Kinesis Freestyle Solo split keyboard....
 am considering buying one.  However, I noticed you have to buy a keypad separately.  I use the numbers at the top so I don't need a keypad.  Or so I thought, until I realized I use the plus and minus key on the keypad when we are in the ADT screen to move the date back.

So, my question is:  Do I have to also buy that separate keypad or is there a plus/minus key (that you don't have to use SHIFT to use) on the keyboard?



Keyboards - Goldtouch, Kinesis Maxium, Kinesis Freestyle (sm)
Has anyone bought and used these keyboards within the last year?  I want a new keyboard and was looking at the above 3 mentioned.  I was favoring the Goldtouch but when I goggled Goldtouch reviews there seemed to be so many negative reviews - keys sticking, keyboard collapsing in tented position, etc.  Has anyone bought these keyboards within a year or so and could you tell me how you like them?  Would appreciate your input so very much.
I have a Kinesis Freestyle.
I like that it can be separated as much as you personally desire. I also purchased the lifters and they have proven to be well worth their price. This board is on the pricey side but like the commercial says, "I'm worth it!"
Kinesis Freestyle
I am using the Kinesis Freestyle. I had been having problems with the muscles in my fingers aching and I had read that the Kinesis keyboards have a really light touch. I had previously used the Microsoft Natural and the Logitech Wave. Both were great keyboards and I had no complaints. However, after using the Kinesis for about an hour and then switching back to the Microsoft Natural, I noticed that my fingers immediately started cramping again. I've since stayed with the Kinesis and I haven't had any problems since. I did, however, by the separate 10-key, as I do prefer to have that option available, as well. Also this year, I tried the Kinesis Advantage and the DataHand, and found both to have entirely too much of a learning curve. Good luck in your search for the perfect fit!
Kinesis Freestyle with v3
I've got this one, and it has the keypad built into it. It's cut down on my arm and wriste pain tremendously, and I'd recommend it to anyone.

I just got my Kinesis Freestyle...

with Vip Accessory, and I love it.   I just got it a couple of weeks ago and it's taken a while to get used to it, but I would never go back to a regular keyboard.  I like being able to adjust the separation between the two keyboards, and I like not being all scrunched over while typing.   It's on the pricey side but I think well worth it, plus I can deduct it at tax time!


Anyone use the Kinesis Freestyle keyboard?
That one that separates with a cord?  There are accessories such as an incline platform that look interesting.  I was hoping someone has this or has used one in the past....


What I really need to know is if they keys are considered low-impact.  I think that is what is killing my hands/wrists....pounding away on my microsoft keyboard. 


Any replies would be greatly appreciated.    Thanks in Advance!




I think you have the Kinesis Advantage not the Freestyle...
I know the Advantage is remappable. I have the Freestyle Solo, the one with the two separate halves. I love it so much that I'm going to send it back and have Kinesis remap the delete key for me. There's no "program" key (unfortunately) on this keyboard. But I absolutely LOVE this keyboard. The keys are very low force and using it has totally gotten rid of my achy wrists.
I love the Kinesis!
It stopped almost all of my hand and forearm pain. I do have the front of it resting on one of those foam arm/wrist rests to place the keyboard in a more neutral position for me. I almost gave up on typing on it when I first got it but it seemed about the fourth day using it everything fell in place and I have never turned back. It has the softest key touch I have found as well which helps me significantly. I loved my first one so much I bought another one when I got my new computer, just so I would always have a back-up as I type like a beginner on a regular keyboard now and hate using them. :) I, too, have tried many different types, but this is my favorite by far.
I haven't tried the Kinesis, but I use a Goldtouch, and love it. sm

You can split it however far you want it, "tent" it up and do whatever you need to make it as comfortable as possible.   I have heard good things about the Kinesis (are you referring to the one with the "wells?"), but it is kinda pricey, and I think it takes awhile to get used to it.  Let me know what you think if you get one.


Good luck! 

I love the Kinesis Classic-softest touch! (nm)

I have tried Kinesis Contoured, Kinesis Maxim and...sm
the the Comfort Programmable. Have spent megabucks trying to find "the keyboard" and am still looking. The Kinesis Maxim semed cheaply made to me and just did not feel right. The Comfort Programmable was very awkward for me to use...sat too high to be practical. I would have really liked the Kinesis Contoured had my thumbs not started hurting so much I had to quit using it and sell it only 3 months old for a steal. Currently I am using a Goldtouch that I have literally broken apart in the middle to space the 2 halves as far apart as possible so that it is fairly comfortable for me. I know it is a matter of personal taste and fit for each person, but so far I am....still looking!
thanks - nice to know I'm not solo in this boat!
I will send a certified letter (but she will lose it anyway LOL). Thanks again!
I use the Freestyle and really like it.
It made a big difference in the hand, wrist and shoulder pain. I use it at the highest angle (it think that's 15 degrees). I would highly recommend it.

I hate to sound so incompetent, but can anyone tell me what "freestyle" means?

At first I thought it meant simply as dicated with no headers etc, just paragraphs as appropriate. This just did not look professional.

Then I began to wonder if it meant I should title appropriatlely such As HPI PHYSICAL EXAM etc, which certainly looked better but this is a verbatim account.

I am embarrassed to have to ask this,  but there are so many knowledgable, helpful people on this board, I am sure someone will be kindly advise me.


Many thanks!


you can be Sam-E solo and it is great with depression/mood swings. valerian root and/or melatonin b
If you like to type (fast), are fascinated by medical field, enjoy working solo, you will be fine.
You may have to go through three jobs (over several years) to get to the big money. Best to chose a specialty which you find intriguing and tends to pay well (surgery, radiology perhaps).
I have a Kinesis

You can get your money back if you return a Kinesis to the company within, I think, 30 days. It might even be 60 days. I don't remember. I kept mine. It was a good 2 weeks before it felt "right" to type on it. There was much swearing the first week.

I decided to try using a Kinesis to improve my speed, not for RSI. I'm not sure I'm faster, but I'm certainly not slower. And I love having my spacebar, return, etc., moved to the thumbs.

I have a Kinesis
I would never be without it. In fact, a neighbor and I bought a "spare" so if something happened we can both share the spare. It is awesome.
re kinesis
thanks athomeMT for sharing your experience -- it's very reassuring to know you have not had any problems. Yes, i did everything i could think of, shutting down, unplugging, resetting modem etc -- but i didn't wait 5 whole minutes either...

I am just totally hooked on the light touch now and believe in the ergo difference of this board, and so again, very much appreciate hearing how you have not had problems.
I have also used Kinesis
for years and I also looked at the Microsoft Ergo on-line and it look nice but if you use the Kinesis keyboard with the backspace, enter keys, and function keys at the thumb position, I was thinking that I would miss that feature if I used the Microsoft Ergo but that is just me. That us know if you like the transition, as I also gave it some thought due to the lower price of Microsoft but I am still using the Kinesis. 
i use the kinesis
but not the freestyle type.

but love my classic/advantage (have both) types. They have a hump contour, divided keyboard. either are fully programmable, with macro capability, etc. i hear the keys but they are not what i would call clicky or noisey type. The advantage has the USB plug which i like for in and out of my laptop.

and yes, personally, i feel anyone working on a keyboard longterm should have ergo products to minimize future problems. i like the research behind the kinesis, the different key levels and locations geared towards stronger/weaker fingers. It did take a few days of re-training myself before i got up to speed again. but i am happy enough (several years now), i'll never use anything else. Kinesis is a little pricey (i did get one off ebay), but you do get what you pay for and it can be a tax deduction as well.

don't know if this is helpful, but i hope so!
Buy yourself a Kinesis. Yes, they do cost a pretty penny, but well worth every cent! Good luck!
Can those of you who use this keyboard please let me know how you like them?  How long of an adjustment period is there?  Are they worth the price????
Kinesis Keyboard

I have been using the Professional Kinesis for maybe eight or nine years and it is the best.  I would not even consider going back no matter what the cost.  When I look at my son's regular keyboard, I think how did I ever work on a keyboard like this.  I tried all the other keyboards Microsoft Natural, etc. but the Kinesis is worth every penny.  My hands and wrists used to kill me and since getting this keyboard I have had almost no problems. Of couse, now and then your hands will still hurt but I probably would have had to quit typing years ago if not for this keyboard.  It takes a little getting used to, may a couple days or week or so but not very long.  Good Luck

Kinesis Maxim sm
I just got one and love it. No more finger fatigue, quiet, soft touch and fast.
Kinesis keyboard - sm
I use the Kinesis Maxim, and have for years. I've tried different keyboards, like the Goldtouch, but the Goldtouch doesn't have the attached wrist rests that I need/use. Otherwise, they are very similar keyboards. I have a Goldtouch in the closet I used for one day, and that was it. I have another keyboard in the closet that is in three parts, you arrange them as you like, can't think of the name offhand (it was expensive - in the $300 range), but couldn't get the hang of that one and it didn't fit under my desk in the keyboard tray. AND, I've tried numerous other ones, but always go back to the Kinesis Maxim. Good luck with your search.
to those who use a Kinesis keyboard
i just got a classic -- used it for 3 days and now i get up and go to start working, and the keyboard does not work at all -- not one key (the first one sent to me had one key malfunctioning, so had to return that).  After retraining my brain to the new key locations, this is killing me to go back to a standard layout, not to mention the touch on my old MS now feels like i'm working on a manual keyboard... have you had trouble with yours? 
Have you considered the Kinesis?
I have the Kinesis Classic and I have tried several types of keyboards and find this one has the lightest touch that I have personally tried and it also stopped all my finger, hand and wrist pain I had prior to that. They are pricey and take some time getting use to but, to me, it is well worth it. I can't even type on a regular keyboard now. I use one even with my laptop.
i've used the MS, but have Kinesis now
the downside to the kinesis is retraining yourself...some keys in different places. The design i think is superior and the classic can be reprogrammed with macros or to 'move' keys, ie if you have a problem thumb...if you just need a little ergo, the MS is good though. i've been doing this a long time and needed more help.
Kinesis, although it is expensive. nm
i use the kinesis classic
and you can re-map/program the keys if you want to. since the backspace and space bar are used so much, is it usually better for the stronger thumb to do it than the little finger. again, with the classic, you can reprogram. When i called kinesis with some questions they were very helpful. i'm not a leftie, so can't answer to that. mine fits on my under-desk tray, but not to put away underneath. warning -- it does take some serious effort to get used to. but it has helped same my arm nerves in a huge way. i've been at this 32 yr myself. i'd never go back to another kind. I didn't get near as much help from the microsoft ergo board.
Kinesis Classic has no # pad, but
not sure if it is quiet enough. i'd have to look it up but i think you can turn on and off the clicky-clicks.
Kinesis Keyboard-how to get used to it

Just bought one. It came with an exercise booklet and I am trying to do those exercises. It states not to wrist your hands on the wrist rests. Then why have them?

Does anyone think the keys are too noisy and "claky"? I thought they would be a really soft touch and quiet.

I found that I cannot keep my left hand on the home keys. How can I train my left hand to do that? Am I sitting wrong or do I have the keyboard situated wrong? I have it sitting straight on the top of the desk. Should I angle it a bit? 

I truly thought it would take me forever to get used to using the space bar (or should I say key?) but had no trouble at all.

Is there a place I can get more info on using the function keys and other keys at the top of the keyboard? I didn't find much on the website. So far, I like my Microsoft Ergo 200 better.

Thanks for any information you can provide.

my kinesis classic
has it in the center-bunch, where you use your left thumb for it (unless you want to reprogram it somewhere else).
Kinesis Advantage
I just purchased a Kinesis Advantage a few months ago. I LOVE IT. It is sturdy and easy on the hands and wrists, plus my speed has increased! They are expensive, as I paid $300.00, but well worth every single penny.
I have one of the old Kinesis keyboards, sm
which I've never been able to use because I couldn't get any help with disabling its function keys so that I could use my expanders. Do you know how I might disable them?

I'd love to be able to use that keyboard. My CTS is really getting bad in both hands.

I worked with someone once who used the Kinesis keyboard.
She absolutely loved it. Didn't take long to get used to it and her carpal tunnel syndrome was much, much better. Now she can't type on a regular keyboard. Her productivity increased, too.
Kinesis Maxim Adjustable. sm
Great for soft touch and speed. Love it.
Kinesis Classic Keyboard

It took me several days I believe to get use to the Kinesis. I just started out slow and when I became frustrated trying to use it I went back to the regular keyboard but soon found I was having more trouble typing on a regular keyboard so stuck with the Kinesis only and I would say it may have taken me two weeks to get back to speed but it has been well worth it to me.

I had OT come out to my house and they suggested I put something under the edge of my keyboard, the edge closest to me, so it would be basically neutral. I found a long wrist rest under that edge puts the keyboard at a perfect height for a neutral position. It is just one of those cheap foam ones like you find at Walmart but it works great.

It is the softest touch keyboard I have ever used which really ended finger fatigue for me. It also helped with my fingers aching and some of my hand pain. I had to change to an Evoluent mouse (as I posted below) and my right hand  hand/arm pain stopped.

Now, if only I could just find a way to stop my chronic back pain. :D

Let us know what you decide on and how it works for you, ok?


Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboard.  Newest technology, a MTs dream.  Feels like a cadillac when compared with other keyboards.  Purchased 10/2006, excellent condition.  Paid $350, will sell for $290--like new.  Adaptation exercise book.  Retired as MT.   Follow this link to review benefits:


Kinesis Keyboard or Microsoft
I have been working on Kinesis Keyboards for 10 years and mine finally started to die.  Has anybody went from Kinesis to the Microsoft Ergonomatic keyboard? I am trying to save cash but I am not sure if it would be worth the trade. Does anybody have any experience with this?
I had looked at a Kinesis years ago, but...
I went with the split keyboard of the Logitech Cordless Desktop Pro because I need a cordless keyboard due to computer configuration/set up reasons.I took a little bit to get used to it, but I think you should do well with minimal "brain train" since you're already using the Kinesis. You can get these at Staples, etc. Try it out before you buy it.
Anyone use Kinesis contoured keyboard?

I'm on day 8 of slathering Ben-Gay all over my piddies and right shoulder for worsening pain that must be either tendonitis and/or bursitis.  It's totally frigging up my line counts and will to live. 

I've been wearing my SmartGloves and doing everything else "right" as far as stretching, taking breaks, and even getting up and doing "the hustle."  ;-)

The only 2 things I can think of needing replacing here are my chair and my keyboard.  I've been eyeballing that Kinesis contoured and it looks both sweet and scary at the same time.  I checked a YouTube video of it and it makes that little clicky noise I love, which means the keys snap back and are quick...love that.  I hate mushy keys. 

So, does anyone here use this particular keyboard and if so, would you recommend it?  I mean like HIGHLY recommend it?!  Sure is a steep price tag, and I am tight with a dollar, so be honest.  Thank you!

Oh--the link for the keyboard I'm fancyin' is:
It's the contoured one...fugly one farthest on the left.


I tried the Kinesis Contour for a month and never could get used to it. sm
I would love to have the Kinesis Freestyle keyboard, but just don't have that kind of money right now with Christmas around the corner. Good luck!
Kinesis has a good touch.
try calling the tech at kinesis
when i got my board, i called and asked some questions and they were very helpful--also sent lengthy e/mail instructions when i had problems figuring things out.
Kinesis Advantage is my favorite!
If you go to the Kinesis website, you can see if they have a refurbished one and save $60. Depending on how much you use it, it takes a little time to get up to speed with it. However, it has a very light touch and erased any discomfort I was having once I was used to it.

I haven't tried any of the upright keyboards.
Anyone use the Kinesis Advantage keyboard? see msg....
I would really appreciate any kind of feedback on this keyboard.  It's expensive but my hands/wrists/fingers are killing me.  Since I do VR mostly, I'm wondering where the arrow keys are.  Can't tell by the pics on the Kinesis site.  Also, are the keys really low-force and do you think that helps reduce pain and discomfort when typing?  Anything you could tell me, good or bad, before I spend this much money would be so appreciated.



I bought an ergo Kinesis
I spent an arm and a leg on a Kinesis Keyboard.  It helped for awhile, but not I've got burning pain.