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MPWord - anyone use or know anything about

Posted By: indMT on 2008-01-22
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Will be working independently for physicians' office.  Need advice on email/fax encription programs that would meet HIPAA guidelines. Outlook features encryption, would it comply?   


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MPWord ??????? see msg

MPWord - helpful or not.  I am currently set up in Word with Instant Text.  Would MPWord help me any?  Can you use or import your glossaries from Instant Text into MPWord?  What about making your own templates and default settings such as font, tabs and format?

Does anyone know exactly how the fax options works?

Thanks, Mis

Love it!!

As a moderate sized transcription service, we have found MPWord to be an absolute lifesaver for our clients and our transcriptionists with maintaining consistency in production. Support was phenomonal when setting up our first client, creating our crazy customized templates, and Vann Joe is always there for support.

The system has been very easy to use from an MTSO perspective, and very each to teach to our remote MTs. It also integrates becautifully with our Audiworxs voice management system as well.

This has definitely been one of the best investments we've made in my 35 years in business.

You can convert your InstantText entries, and making a template is as easy as typing a document. I prefer to type my header and footer info on the document and then cut and paste into the header/footer sections on Page Setup. Set tabs, font, margins, etc on Page Setup(using Ctrl+Shift+H for shortcut to Page Setup seems to be quicker for me) and then paste the header/footer info into their respective places on Page Setup. If you've cut and pasted the sum of header AND footer info into the Header or 1st page Header section, you can cut and paste the 2nd page header and/or footer info from there to the other Header/Footer sections. When you have whatever info you need where you need it, click OK and it takes you back to the document. Then, type your document with codewords (a list is included in the Help File) and save it as a template into your formats file. Then when you type the info on the demographic screen, any info you typed will be inserted into the document in the correct place, spelled correctly including correct ages and pronouns, and you just transcribe the variable info; conversely, you can put everything you can possibly think that this dictator uses on a given type of report on a specific template and just listen and transcribe and/or edit your document as you listen to the dictation. Soooo much faster this way!
I've been using it since it was MedPen2. I love it. Never had a question or problem that Vann Joe could not talk me thru in a couple of minutes. Of course there is a learning curve like anything else; but it actually took me LESS time to learn than the nuances of re-learning MSWord or WordPerfect, or having to go back to WP51 required by some MTSOs out there, and it does SO MUCH MORE!. I will never use anything else again!

I use this product extensively from home and have been doing so for over 2 years now, and I find it fabulous. It is very user friendly, and should you have any questions at all, the developer of the program and his staff are extraordinarily prompt and attentive to helping you in any way they can. I strongly recommend it.
Absolutely. I can't say enough good things about Van Joe and his program!! You can't even begin to imagine the time it saves just by not having to name the file. I personally would NOT work without it!
If MPWord is a little more than you need
I have never used MPWord, but wish I would have purchased that now instead of Smartype although I do love it. I currently use MPLite and cannot imagine ever being without it. The OP is right when they said how much time it saves just not having to name files! Not to mention the patient database. Vann Joe is the best and you will not find better customer service!
I have been using MTSO and MPWord for quite some time now. I love the program and Vann Joe. Any questions I have he has answered and walked me through templates and other issues. The program is one of the greatest programs that we have invested in over the years.

You may not need all that MPWord offers.

I've looked at MP Word several times myself and it just more than I need, although in a different setting/situation, I may need all the options. If you have a choice and you have MS Word available to you, you will be fine. You should have an encryption method available to you; WinZip offers encryption with it's Pro version, about $50.

Just something else for you to consider.

How long ago was this? I know MPWord to work quite well for me.


MPWord and assembling the documents into one

MPWord does require you do a separate file for each dictation, but it takes the drudgery out of this, for it automatically saves/names the files for you.

It also has a feature that allows you to put all those notes into one file at the end of the day. If you don't need to preserve headers/footers use the Sticky Notes (Append). If you do need to preserve headers/footers, use PDF (Assemble). With either function, you can send your client one file with the day's work.

MPWord user comments


As the author and publisher of MPWord / MPLite / MPTools I will state categorically that each and every user comment that we have posted on the various pages of the website are actual comments we've received.

(We do have more to post, including about the new MPLite, but posting those will have to wait till there is time.)


MPWord current users - good and bad?

One of my accounts want each pt in an individual file and this looks like a great answer.  I've searched the archives and found nothing negative about this program, only positives.  I downloaded the free trial and it looks pretty simple.

Is anyone currently using the program?  Do you like it?  Are there any negatives?  Any helpful info to start with?


MPWord has been around for years. It is HIPAA compliant and a
contact Vann Joe and ask him questions.  He is a very open and honest person.
Anyone with comments on MPWord? Like, dislike, easy to learn and use? nm

CONGRATS to George E. of Texas on winning MPWord MTSO
CONGRATS to George E. of Texas on winning MPWord MTSO
Inexpensive Line Counter - http://www.mpword.com/mptools.htm - $43.00 - nm