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My hands get cold, and typing with cold muscles is like (sm)

Posted By: Not sore today on 2007-01-31
In Reply to: When your hands feel like they are - curious mind...

running or other exercise when not warmed up. I wear thin, warm gloves with the fingertips cut out to keep my hands & knuckles warm. For muscle pains in the shoulders, neck, biceps, etc, try Flexall cream - I find it to be VERY effective. Also try slight changes in chair height, keyboard height and angle, and monitor height. I found if I enlarge the print on my screen, it keeps me from hunching forward to try to read it. (CTL + scroll up or down on mouse wheel to make print bigger or smaller. It will not affect the size of the finished product.) Frequent "mini-breaks" to do other chores: filing etc. if in an office, quick household task if working at home, also helps relieve repetitive stress. A few months ago I thought my typing days were numbered due to various pains & arthritis; now I can work pain-free for up to 11 hours in a day. Good luck! :)

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Cold hands
Does anyone else have freezing hands as they type?  It's worse of course in the colder weather.  Are there any gloves or similar products out there that we can wear while we type?  Any ideas are appreciated!  I freeze all the time, in warm weather or cold, but my  hands are what I need to be warm to keep transcribing.  I need a space heater that doesn't cause my electric bill to go sky high, but haven't found one of those either.
My hands are always cold too.
I have seen gloves with the fingertips cut out, but do not know how comfy they would be to type with.

I sit with a heating pad on my back cause I have arthritis in my hip and when my hands get cold I just put them behind my back to warm them up.

There are also those heat packs you can squeeze or rub together to warm up your hands.

You would think after typing and typing our hands would stay warm with all this exercise, but NO.

Keep Warm.
I'd like them for when I have cold hands

wonder if they would work for that...

I have had cold hands lately
and I tried buying some little stretch gloves and cut the fingers out, but I found in the Sunday paper an add for Miracle Therapy Gloves that supposedly reflect body heat. I was going to order them and try them. They do have a web site it's called www.DreamProductsCatalog.com
cold hands
My hands get so cold in my office that it's difficult to type.  They're stiff from being cold.  Any suggestions for a type of warming glove that wouldn't be cumbersome while typing?
what I did for my cold hands

I bought a duel-headed lamp with adjustable necks (kind of like the 50's space-age atomic style).  I have it on my desk in front of the keyboard with a lamp head bent over and trained on each hand as I type.  The warmth is wonderful, and it doesn't get in my way at all.  And you can move them up a little if your hands get too warm.  No cumbersome gloves that will slow your speed and accuracy down.

I have Raynaud's, so I know all about cold hands.
Raynaud's is a fairly common circulatory problem of the capillaries of the fingers and toes. When your hands are cold, look for distal portions of digits that are white compared to the rest of the hand. Treatment for Raynaud's is keeping hands warm. Wear mittens when it is 50 degrees or below. Don't use bare hands in frozen foods.

Transcriptionists who want to protect their precious median nerves AND keep their hands warm use these gloves:


You may actually type faster with them - I do.

Another option is to keep a heating pad on your lap as you work. That's what my dad's secretary used to do in Wisconsin.
Cold hands could by a sign of anemia.
I gained weight, eat better and take a multivitamin with iron in it. Haven't had a problem in years now.
How I deal with cold hands... (see mssg)
My hands are cold a lot of the time, too. I find that in order for my hands to be the proper temperature for typing, my body actually has to be quite warm, sometimes even a little TOO warm. Unfortunately, the Thermostate Police at work always have the temp turned down way too low. What works best for me is to go into the restroom and run hot water on my hands for a few minutes to warm them up, then I put on a pair lightweight glvoes that I cut the fintertips out of, so I can type in them. It may look funny, but it makes my hands happy!
No more complaining about cold hands while working.....sm

Now I have absolutely seen it all.  Found this on accident but just look, if you suffer with cold hands these could be your answer.

I don't have Raynaud's but I always have cold hands when I type even in the summer! I keep a

heating pad under my desk.  I turn it on and sit on my lap and use it as kind of a muffler for my hands.  Every so often, I stick both hands into the sleeve that covers the pad and let them warm up.  It works really well!  I also bought a pair of cheap knit gloves, the kind that stretch to fit any hand, and I cut the fingers tips off and wear them when I type.  In the colder months when I get cold feet, I have a space heater under my desk blowing directly on my tootsies.

When I first started out as an MT, I used to laugh at all the little quirks the older MTs I worked with had and now here I am with all my different quirks and orthopedic and electrical equipment just to make my work day comfortable.  And don't even get me started on my drugs! 

One hand goes cold as ice when typing...??

My right hand goes ice cold when I type all day long.  I asked the ortho doctor about this a while back and got a dumb look in response.  Anyone have this or have any clues as to what is wrong?  That wrist has a ganglion in it.  The other hand remains normal temperature.


What do you use for cold fingers while typing?
You think that's bad? I had cold
It gets cold in FL too...........nm

with a cold
I have listened to one sniff and blow her nose into the phone today.  
Anybody live where it's cold?
Like below 60 today.  Wish I were there.
COLD, 40s, where are you. BEAUTIFUL here in NY.
cold agglutinins
cold agglutinins and haptoglobin
cold feet
I bought a cheap electric heater and run it pointing towards my feet.
Cold fingers
Even though I keep my house comfortable, I find my fingers getting cold when I type.  Is it just me. Does anyone have any suggestions.
Cold in Colorado! ...
Burr is right!  I'm in northern/central Colorado, I think it is about 5 degree now with light snow ... but the wind is dying down.  Horrible hurricane type winds the last few days.  Thanks for mentioning us Coloradans!!  :)
Cold in the midwest too
I heard on the TV that Cedar Rapids (eastern IA) had temp of -17 with a wind chill of -30 this morning! BRR!
Old people who are cold?
cold fingers
All the time when I start out before the work area is sufficiently warmed up with the SPACE HEATER. Space heater essential to get fingers going.
How about a cold remedy?
I get great relief from colds with Zicam. (I also take 50 mg of oral zinc, which boosts the immune system). I use the Zicam when the cold is in my nose, with runny nose, sneezing, congestion. To open your sinuses you might want to try Rhinocort. You'll need a Rx for it, but it is good stuff. It's safer than Afrin (which works great but can't be used for more than three days, and can raise your BP). Oh, and chicken soup may help.

Hope you are feeling better soon.
Mine gets cold too

Not sure why just the right hand.  I have mild Raynauds though it is worse in my toes - I have to wear wool socks or slippers while I work. 

Do you have cold intolerance in your hands or feet any other time?

Yes, I do have cold intolerance
I've been tested for thyroid, but it comes back okay.  Hands always cold, but when typing the right one becomes much colder than the left, feels somewhat numbish, and painful in the wrist.  I'm going to try making a wrist warmer with rice in it to heat in the microwave to see if that helps.
Cold in California

Chance of snow tonight near Fresno.  I know this is not your kind of cold, but for us it's unusual.

aw man, it's too cold, but I'm wishing!

Cold Fingers
Try typing gloves! I have the same problem. They do help some. I also have been known to sit on a heating pad while typing -- helps warm me up.
Cold calling sm

Has anybody used cold calling to get their own accounts? If so, can you give me advice on how to go about doing this?

I'm also marketing with direct mail, etc., but would like to do some cold calling.  I heard it works.


my right hand goes cold

Hi - I just developed identical sympotms as you in the last week.  Especially while typing, my right hand goes cold and I have pain in the joint of my thumb and wrist.  I also have very mild swelling in the hand (no one else notices but me).  I can tell the fingers are all slightly more swollen on the right hand.  My suspicion is this is a "repetitive movement" agitation of the joints kind of like tennis elbow or something.  My plan of action - which will be very hard to accomplish - is take advil to reduce pain and swelling, and reduce movement of the hand by using my left hand instead.  If the problem continues, I may try a home made splint or something from Walgreens.  If after that, I'll go to the doctor to get a referal to someone who knows how to fix it. Please respond to this if you ever found out what your problem is.  I'm at the beginning stages and people have said, "maybe you have arthritis".  Well, I'm only 36, there's no way I'm gonna have arthritis this young, right?  Anyway, I'd like to know what others have found.


I am jealous. Where do u live? I WISH it were cold
mmmm.. it was cold chili too.
Mmmmmmmmmmmm..cold pizza

s/l cold a glutens and haptoglobin

Northern Arizona is cold, too
Yes - cold does kill fleas
it's called WINTER not air conditioning........ROFLMAO!  Are you for real?            
Widowed at 28 - your either really cold hearted or
Nice cold Pepsi keeps me awake (NM)

cold calling/flyers/brochures
I have gotten several accounts that have been with me for years but I do a random flyer/brochure and then let them contact me. If they do, after I go in, I go back with cookies and reel them in. Seriously has worked for three accounts that have been with me from 4 to 15 years. Good accounts too.
I quit 2-1/2 years ago cold turkey
after smoking about 40 years.  It was one of the hardest things that I ever did.  To this day, I still want to smoke.  I am really relating to feeling like you lost your best friend because that was the same thing that I said!  I wish you well because it is hard to stick to it.  One thing I did want to tell you is that you can get support from the American Lung Association (or was it the American Cancer Society).  Anyway, they have people who can counsel with you, send you literature, can possibly hook you up with a local support group, plus they follow up with you to see how you are doing.  The more I think about it, I think I contacted the American Cancer Society 1-800-227-2345 or www.cancer.org.  Good luck!  If I could quit, anybody can! 
I'm not cold-hearted. I expect people to
take care of themselves, though.

I hate it that you had such a financial struggle growing up.

If you would have paid any attention whatsoever to my post, you would have read that I believe there should be various types of assistance for people who have not provided well enough for themselves. That does not excuse them from reporting income appropriately, though.

I've done without money. I've been in poverty and even without a roof over my head at one point in my younger years and I was raised in a home of plenty. I know exactly how it feels. I also know that I had to learn what my parents taught me was true -- no one is responsible for your welfare but yourself. That includes the present and the future.

No, I don't believe the government is without fault. However, does that make it right for any person to cheat against the people? No.

What a sad point of view: It is okay for us to cheat each other. I thought the Golden Rule was do unto others as you would have them do unto you; not, do unto others as they do unto you...?

I didn't say anything about the President or oil or Bin Laden's family. You will always find someone who is unjustly tipping the scales. Did you know that being dishonest like that is not only a sin but an abomination?

If your husband is an account, good for him. He should be able to fill you in on legalities of not reporting income.

I don't want to fight or argue with you, Mter. You have your point of view and I have mine.

Fortunately, I don't have to worry about these scenarios. I do devote a good deal of time and money to helping those without means, by whatever path they have come to that situation. I'm not cold-hearted but I am firm in the belief that our first obligation is not to be poor. We must TAKE control of our lives because control will never be GIVEN to us; it will always be handled by the strongest around us - so it should be ourselves.

Enjoy your weekend. Unfortunately, I will be working more than I had planned.
I get migraines if my head gets cold. I keep the heat

around 67 at night, cut it down to about 65 during the day.   Gas prices have come down significantly in the last couple of weeks, so while we can expect gas bills to be higher this year than last, it won't be the whopping bill it was expected to be earlier.   Also I use gas for heat, so my gas bill will go up, but my electric bill will be lower so it will balance out.  I also cook a lot during the winter and I leave my oven open after I'm through cooking to let that extra heat into the house.  We've weatherstripped, caulked all the windows/doors, got those foam things for all the sockets and light switches on outside walls, and added extra insulation in attic.  If bill does get out of hand we have a fireplace and we'll just shut off part of the house. 

Fortunately in my area we have had a very mild fall thus far and today is the first day we've had heat on all day. 

And with this awful bitter cold weather
going ballistic on the drivers when they do return!
"Weren't" even that cold. "T'aint" the snow
You know what they say:  If you caahn't stand the wintahs, you don't desehve the summahs!
Does she have a problem with going outside? Too hot - too cold? Child with asthma, (sm)
I would say it's time for a serious talk, about maybe some other living arrangements.
Frozen celery....stay cold and the
I love them, but can only drink them super cold.
I put them in the freezer before I drink them. It makes a huge difference in the taste.

I used to drink coke too. I think I kind of replaced it with these though, lol.
Wow...cold reply. No empathy for a fellow MT at all. nm