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Thanks for replies but does Spellex make Word lock up?

Posted By: blearyeyed on 2005-09-20
In Reply to: I use Spellex and it's pretty good. - Janice J

I'm having trouble with the trial version crashing the program.

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make sure your caps lock is not on...but..
Spellex has a Medical/Pharmaceutical Spell Checker called Spellex-Anywhere
Spellex has a Medical/Pharmaceutical Spell Checker. The program is called Spellex-Anywhere they have a free trial on there website so you can try if before you buy. I hope this helps :).

Spellex Corporation is proud to announce International Spellex Week (Dec. 5, 2005 - Dec. 11th, 2005)
Spellex Corporation is proud to announce International Spellex Week (Dec. 5, 2005 - Dec. 11th, 2005).

Please visit http://www.spellex.com all this week and save 10% on any of our popular software products.
How do you make fields in Word Perfect like in Word? I'm drowning out here
in new keyboard commands, macros, etc.  Thanks.
No, not within SH. However, if you use Word, you can make a macro.nm
How can I make a macro in word

For some reason, I am unable to use the F11 key to jump to headers within a report when I use my macroed reports in EXtext.  So, I wanted to know how I could macro to jump from header to header in the word document and use a hot key.  If I could make a macro using word, I think I could still use my macro reports. 


Make Word 03 and 07 work together!

First of all, I appologize for the LONG message, but well worth reading if you use Word.  I asked this question on the Microsoft Discussion Board on 11/7/08.  Here are the posts:

  >>>> DeviousRedBaron wrote:
>>>>> I am running Word 2007.  For work, I download a template created
>>>>> in Word 2003, then type my document in Word 2007.  After this, I
>>>>> have to import header/footer info that I believe is created with
>>>>> Word 2003. This takes a long time and at the bottom of the screen
>>>>> the message "Word is replacing ..." appears.  Is there any way I
>>>>> can speed this up, or avoid it all together?  I love Word 2007 and
>>>>> would like to continue to use it.  I do have Word 2003 also.  I
>>>>> cannot change the info that I have to download.  I access it
>>>>> through the intranet and it is different for each report.  (I am a
>>>>> medical transcriptionist.) Speed is important in my line of work!
>>>>> Thanks in advance!!!!!

>>> "Graham Mayor" wrote:
>>>> You will need to tell us more about the importing of the
>>>> header/footer. How? From where?
>>>> What is the exact sequence of steps used to create a document. At
>>>> what point does the message appear?
>>>> --
>>>> <>>< ><<> ><<> <>>< ><<> <>>< <>><<>
>>>> Graham Mayor -  Word MVP
>>>> My web site www.gmayor.com
>>>> Word MVP web site http://word.mvps.org
>>>> <>>< ><<> ><<> <>>< ><<> <>>< <>><<>

>> DeviousRedBaron wrote:
>>> Hi Graham,
>>>  I open my transcription program (created by the transcription
>>> company that I work for) and download my reports over the intranet.
>>> These are voice files and .doc information (that ends up in the
>>> header/footer).  I double click on the report I want to type up and
>>> a template box pops up.  I choose the .dot template that I need and
>>> it automatically opens Word in compatability mode with part of the
>>> header/footer info already in the document.  This is usually the
>>> hospital/clinic address and phone number, or what ever info that
>>> particular company has requested.  On some reports, there are
>>> headings that are loaded into the body of the document as well.
>>> This process is usually pretty quick, depending on my company's
>>> server.
>>> Now, I type up my report in the body of the document.  When I am
>>> finished, I have to apply the demographics to the document.  This is
>>> the information about the patient, clinic/hospital numbers, doctors'
>>> names, cc info...that is also downloaded with the report from the
>>> intranet.  Some of this info goes into the header/footer as well.
>>> Some of this info is "attached" to the document so it is sent to the
>>> correct departments/doctors....  Once I apply the demographics, I
>>> have to wait for Word to replace .....something.  (The message on
>>> the bottom of Word flashes from a long message to a short one very
>>> rapidly, making it impossible to read the entire message!)
>>> I have read a little bit about writing a code (macro) so that
>>> everything opened with Word is opened in 2003 format.  I do not
>>> start Word, it opens with my company software, so I never get to
>>> choose a template in Word.  I have also tried to set the
>>> compatibility for all documents to 2003 and this does nothing.
>>> Also tried to set it up to save as a 2003 document, as well as a
>>> .dot and this does not make any difference.
>>> I am at a loss!  Thanks for your quick response, it is greatly
>>> appreciated!

> "Graham Mayor" wrote:
>> It is the application of demographics - presumably by a macro that
>> appears to be the issue. This was obviously created by the
>> transcription company with Word 2003 in mind. Whether it would be
>> possible to improve that code is impossible to say without seeing it
>> - and really that is a job for the company that provided it, so I
>> will stick to attempting to make the function use Word 2003 rather
>> than 2007.
>> http://www.gmayor.com/Toolbars_in_word_2007.htm demonstrates how to
>> set Word 2003 and 2007 to share the same platform without
>> reconfiguring the registry each time one of them is run to grab the
>> shared settings for itself..
>> You should then be able to associate doc and dot files through
>> Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > File Types - DOC >
>> Advanced  > Open > Edit and change the application used to perform
>> the action to Word 2003, which by default should mean entering
>> "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE11WINWORD.EXE" /n /dde "%1"
>> in that space.
>> Repeat for DOT, though this time edit the action for NEW - the
>> application used to perform the action should be
>> "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE11WINWORD.EXE" /n /dde
>> and the DDE message should be
>> [REM _DDE_Direct][FileNew("%1")]
>> In both examples if Word 2003 is installed in some other location
>> than the default shown, change the paths to reflect that other
>> location.
>> --
>> <>>< ><<> ><<> <>>< ><<> <>>< <>><<>
>> Graham Mayor -  Word MVP
>> My web site www.gmayor.com
>> Word MVP web site http://word.mvps.org
>> <>>< ><<> ><<> <>>< ><<> <>>< <>><<>

DeviousRedBaron wrote:
> Thanks so much, Graham!
>  I have followed your instructions, but have not yet tested it with my
> company's software.  I am going to test it out tomorrow.  If there
> are any gliches, I will repost.  If all goes well, would you mind if
> I pass this info on to my fellow MTs? (Medical transcriptionists.)  I
> am sure there are numerous woman, and a few men, who could benefit
> greatly from your advise.  I will await your response.
> Once again, thank you!!!!!

If it works for you, feel free to share with your colleagues. If double
clicking a doc or dot file opens Word 2003 and not 2007 it should work with
the company software - depending on how the company software calls Word.

<>>< ><<> ><<> <>>< ><<> <>>< <>><<>
Graham Mayor -  Word MVP

My web site www.gmayor.com
Word MVP web site http://word.mvps.org
<>>< ><<> ><<> <>>< ><<> <>>< <>><<>

I hope this will help everyone!  I know it helped me.  I love typing in Word2007, but for now, I will have to type in Word 2003 until my company's software is compatible with it.  At least I can have both programs running at the same time!  The info on his web page about creating a toolbar is not necessary, unless it is something you need to do for Word 2007. 

Does anyone know how to make the text larger in Word?? TIA
Do you have Word set to make backup copies (sm)
of the documents? Check the folder your document is in for a backup file. I've also been able to recover using a .tmp file as well. You didn't delete the file so it wouldn't be in the recycle bin. You just didn't save the changes you had made, so hopefully along the way Word saved a version and you may be able to recover something.
Does your Word version let you make Macros?

I have never been able to figure out how to do special format characters in ShortHand, but if your Word version allows you to make Macros, you can set up a Macro that will do the same thing as ShortHand.  If your transcription platform does not accept Macros, you might still be able to “trick” it by then linking your ShortHand to your Word Macro.  It works for me but every Word version and transcription platform is different, so you may have to play around a bit before you hit the right combination.  If you need specific instructions to set up the Macro let me know.  Good Luck. 

I believe you would need to make changes to the normal.dot file in Word.

There are two ways to do it.  You can open up your existing normal.dot file and change your view to 200% and then save it.  Or you can create a whole new normal.dot file with the settings you want, but if you do it this way, you have to find and delete the original normal.dot file.

Either way, every new document should be magnified to 200% and in whatever font you set the default as.

your F Lock key needs to be on
your F-Lock key needs to be on for
Num Lock
She hit the num lock which is usually located above the backspace key in the upper right part of the keyboard.
if F-Lock key is on, then Alt C is spellcheck
is your caps lock on?
If so, it won't let you do anything in your expander.

Or try doing a copy and paste into your expander.
I agree with most of this, but in most states you can't lock him out. sm
I agree you should get away from him, especially if there are kids involved, but in most states you're not allowed to lock him out of the house. It's his residence, too, and the police and judges will tell you that he has just as much right to be there as you do. Please be sure to check with a lawyer or with the local police before trying to lock him out of the house.
Pry off the caps lock button.
Lock toolbar is not an option I am given? Any
Which model? Not all have lock keys. sm
I have a Logitech cordless that doesn't have lock keys. Did you try to Google your model to see if somebody else has had the same problem?
Over the door lock boxes
I pick up work from a local family practice and our schedules conflict a lot of times.  It is hard to be there exactly when the doctor finishes his dictation and they forget to give me a 30-minute warning since I am about 30 minutes away.  Sometimes I have to make a trip every day to fit his schedule.  Does anyone know where I can buy an over the door lock box (like what Lab Corp uses to leave blood work, etc.)?  I would love for him to leave the transcription tapes, etc., in the box and I pick up and drop off on my schedule so I can get to the work faster and also pick up after office hours.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 
sounds like you need a child-proof lock
Cap lock and unlock is driving me crazy

I wonder why the light above caps locked is so small.  With the constant need for capitalizing words in this industry, I am constantly backspacing to delete words mistakely capitalized or not capitalized, especially with IT.  Does anyone have a cure for this? 



No need to lock the cats up. They'll figure it out.

If someone is shooting them with BB's when they wander into someone else's yard, it won't take them too long to figure out to stay away from there. Cats aren't stupid.

I told my neighbors when I moved into my new neighborhood with my 2 long time outdoor cats, "If they bother you, just soak them with the hose and they won't come back."  It worked.  They sleep in some neighbors yards or gardens, but never venture near the houses they got wet at and we've been here almost 7 years.

I'd give my cats away before I would lock them in the house.  Once an outdoor cat, always an outdoor cat. 

Otherwise, you just have a miserable indoor cat.

you're welcome; glad F-lock key worked for you
View > Toolbar > Lock the Toolbars
You need to press shift key and caps lock. You may
need to do it a couple of times.  I transcribed for many years and never had a problem, but the last couple of years I have this happen about once a month.  It isn't a malfunction of the keyboard - it is user error :).
When I use my CAPS LOCK only the first letter of my abbreviation is capitalized..sm
and not any other.  The only way I can get my entire abbreviation to be in capitals is by holding down my Shift key.  I thought maybe I have something set up incorrectly in Preferences, etc. but can find nothing that would be of help. Do you have any other suggestions?
You can manually type the codes for caps lock on and off
Just type the symbols on the keyboard with the B and it will go in fine. Don't know why your keyboard is beeping, but hope it won't when you manually put the codes in. Hope this helps! :)
My daughter's elementary school was on lock down yesterday afternoon cause some freak in a red S

truck drove onto school property behind the school (where the playground is) and tried to get some kids on recess to get into his truck!  Thankfully the teachers on recess duty were paying attention and gathered all the kids back into the building and the school went on lock down.  The police showed up within minutes, but the guy took off before they got there.  So now they are looking for him.  The news was parked in front of my house most of the morning this morning.  I live directly across the street from the school.

It's just scary out there.  My daughter who is in kindergarten was matter of fact about the whole thing.  All she said when she gave me the note from the principal telling parents what happen was "It was for real mom.  We thought it was a drill, but it was for real."  Then I thought what a sad state this world is in when our schools have lock down drills now in addition to fire and tornado drills. 

I live in a small town too and had a false sense of security until the Amish news and until yesterday.  It seems like you simply aren't safe anywhere anymore.

I use Spellex
Spellex seems to have the most terms in it. I believe they have a trial on there website so you can try it before you buy it. I hope this helps!!!
Thanks Spellex, I just got notified I was a winner.  Thanks for showing us your support during MT week.  Happy MT week everyone.

I like this program. Very useful.
I would Try Spellex-Anywhere
I don't use Meditech but if it is just a text field I would try Spellex-Anywhere. They have a free trial on there website to try it before you buy. I hope this helps :)!
Spellex Anywhere
Update. I did download trial, but I could not get it to work right with Meditech.
Spellex for Me!!!!
I use Spellex and love it. I would recommend that you try out different spell checks to figure out which one you like the best. I believe they all have free trials. I hope this helps!!!!!
Does anyone know how or if I can get my copy of spellex....sm

off of my old computer? I was able to get a free copy when I went to the VLC about two years ago. I never bought any of the updates...just kept using the one I had downloaded for free. I have since changed to a new computer, but cant seem to get that copy off of my old computer. I was never given a disk, just info to download it. I have a couple of small accouts that I am working on, but am not really in position to buy a whole new program, especially after I just dropped major money on an Windows XP!! Any help is greatly appreciated!! Do you think it is possible the VLC would "replace" it?

spellex is good
Yeah I have used spellex for awhile and its great!!!!! As far as the pedal it really depends on your setup and software that you are using. Hopefully that helps you out :)
I used to use Medispell but use spellex now!
Medispell didn't have the drug names i needed so i just bit the bullet and upgraded to spellex. It was a life saver.

Spellex test sm
I scored 90%, did not have my glasses on. The print was very small, I knew the correct answer, but read it wrong. Fun! (Be sure to wear your glasses.)
I use Spellex and Love it!!!!
I would try Spellex medical spell check. They have a trial on there website so you can see if its going to work for your version of word. I Hope this Helps!!!!!
I would try Spellex AccuCount
I would try AccuCount out and see if you will like it. I believe they have a free trial on the website for it(www.spellex.com). I use it and I believe it was $39. I hope this helps!! :)
I would check out Spellex
I know they offer a free trial on there website. I would try both of them out and see which one you like better. I hope this helps!!! :)
I use Spellex on my new computer and --sm
it is not slow, by any means. perhaps it is your computer. Word 97 is pretty much outdated by now. Anyway, I have tried Abacus as well, and Spellex gave me more lines consistently, than abacus did. but that is just my experience.
Has Anyone heard of Spellex?
Thanks for your suggestions. Does Steadman's have a free trial. I did a search on Google and came across a company called Spellex. I downloaded the free trial from there website and it seems to be great so far. I am just curious if anyone else uses it?
I had a lot of problems with Spellex on the
last update, misspelled words, etc. I currently use Stedman's.
I had trouble with Spellex when they sent
I have Used Spellex for Years
I have used Spellex for years. The Spell checker works in Word 2007. The line counter is another program. I am not familiar with the program you are talking about it. I know Spellex has free trials on there website so you can try it out before your buy. I hope this helps!
I have Vista and Spellex
You can use Spellex on Vista. When I upgraded to a new computer Spellex installed with no problems. I Hope This Helps!!!
I use Spellex and it's pretty good.

Like Diana, I used to use Stedmans but now use Spellex.  It just seems to pick up a few more terms.  JMO


I Use Spellex Spell Check
I have used Spellex for awhile and I love it!!!!! I beleive there is a trial of it on there site not sure though. I know that it comes on a cd. I hope this helps :)