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The perfect supervisor

Posted By: MT with a heartbeat on 2008-11-26
In Reply to: What traits do successful supervisors have? - Please describe the perfect supervisor

One that allows you to have an "off day" once a while and does not get too personal.  One that gives bonuses to those who go above and beyond to help when it's needed.

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you know as couples go, angelina and billy bob were perfect skanks for each other. perfect!
i suspect they may get back together because they are both so skanky no one else can keep up.  that is unless she decides she wants her brother more which is skankier.
Except my supervisor is NOT an MT
And anyway, our experiences are just different.

I think if I was being routed crap, yeah, I'd be pissed. I'm just saying routing, or reserved as someone pointed out, isn't ALWAYS a bad thing.

It's not cherry picking if the folks who do the routing aren't transcribing. And at my place they're not. Trust me, I ask them questions and they have no idea what I'm talking about. They're admin people, not MTs.
MQ supervisor
Mine is a wonderful lady, helpful, funny, hard-working. I think Atlanta has the best staff in the country.
Not unless they are actually your QA supervisor.
Tell your supervisor!
Do you work for a company that is located in Massachusetts?  I won't say the name....most pathetic QA on the planet. 
Supervisor of who?
If it is just her, who is she supervising?  Maybe they want to pay her to supervise at this point since they gave her the title?  How do you not give the girl a chance?  Anyone with experience would need trained even on the difficult doctors.  Give her some samples.  Just because it was not the "supervisor's" decision on who they hire doesn't mean this girl wouldn't work out.  I think the supervisor is afraid this girl might just show her up while she's gone!!  JMO. 
I had a supervisor like this. (sm)
Her mistakes & shortcomings were glaring and inexcusible. But although these were, and continue to be, pointed out to HER supervisor (who hired her) and even higher-ups, they stand behind her as if she were a saint. (Which she is NOT.) Nope, I really don't think it's worth pointing out her flaws, it'll just put you under a microscope and in the company's gunsights at a future time. That's the kind of people upper middle management seems to want these days. Pretty sad.
What do you think of a supervisor
who watches her transcriptionists' typing time including in between reports for the whole shift plus, even when there is a split shift, and then questions if there is more than a few minutes in between reports for that whole time. Just wanting some input. This truly exists in at least 2 jobs I know of and I have a certain opinion about that. And this would not be a manager who is watching newbies to help them if they were needing help, this is someone monitoring the whole staff. Thanks in advance for your feedback. 

They will think twice about nitpicking then. 

But perhaps you should! Eye are not perfect! (as above)
A second look never hurts!
well i'm glad you've never made a mistake or wrong decision in your life. you have no idea what went through his head while he was there, and you have no idea what his situation was, or how he was feeling or anything. i wish my husband could be as perfect as you. ha, but then he would also be heartless.
Of course, nobody is perfect
but when your rate of pay depends on your QA score and you have endless pages of style guides to memorize, then one would expect the QA people to already know all of that information. I have done QA in the past as well and what I didn't remember, I would look up and many times learned things from the MT!!
Perfect!! Thanks so much.

Thank you!  Exactly what I was looking for. 

Have a great day


Perfect!!!! nm
perfect job for me.... sm
Why? Because I love this job and doing it from home just makes it so much better. I get to work in my jammies without makeup, deciding what to wear, traffic, long lines at the donut shop, fighting for the optimal parking spot, office politics, the boss's "favorite", backstabbing, nit picking, monitored bathroom breaks and phone calls, etc. I do acute care for a large hospital and every report is different. It keeps my brain motivated and my fingers moving. It ain't perfect, but I love it.
Lee Perfect
I like how a transcription company can't spell transcribing....lol.
Perfect example of why we need QA ... it is
Truly laughing out loud here!

Lee Perfect
Hi was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about this company. Thanks.
lee perfect
do a search on Company Board, not under Google, but under MTStars. They use Emdat platform, which a lot of people do not like. I feel there is a turnover there, as the same jobs are advertised always. They are IC.
I don't get it, either. If we were all perfect,
Perfect VR/ASR
Remember that the better it gets, the less you will be needed.
Thank you so much!!!  You have no idea (or maybe you do) how excited I am about this!!!  I just started using Word about 6 months ago and I have been cursing the fact that I have had to get used to using my arrow keys to get around the templates.  BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!
This is a perfect example of why
we are losing our jobs.  After 7 years you still don't understand the terminology?  Oh Vey!
Wow! That is perfect!
That is exactly what I need.  May I copy it and use it?  You are so helpful! 
No one is perfect

I had a doctor tell me that he got a report back with fecal sac.  He laughed when he told the story.  It can happen to the best of us.  Try not to let it get you down.

yes, my supervisor and other transcribers
are well aware of the system. And YES I DO DO DO DO DO type the foreign and American mushmouths. 520 lines in six hours is nothing ... I average 220+ lines an hour.
I've been both, supervisor and MT
I work just as hard and you're right, hear just as many excuses as when I was a supervisor over about 50 people.  But at least then I could do something about it.
A GOOD supervisor will:
1. Inspire confidence.
2. Share information.
3. Gain cooperative of the staff in completing work on time and reporting to work as necessary because they respect and like the supervisor.
4. Does not lie to their staff.
5. Assists as necessary, but does NOT cherrypick the accounts, whether or not they are paid a salary.
6. Has a little empathy for their fellow workers.
7. Recommends raises to the boss for those that are worthy of it.
8. Communicates regularly with staff by e-mail and at least once a month by telephone.

When you hate your job, we can tell it. When you are not competent, we can tell that too.
I'm not saying I want to be best friends with my supervisor,

I rarely take time off unless its an emergency, in fact its been a couple years, and not too long ago there was an emergency with my health.  My supervisor only told me she needed me on working asap, did not inquire about my health, wish me well or to get better.  Its just work work work...which seems kind of cold to me. 

When I worked for a local office and knew them for years, as for favors, meaning i'll work my fingers to the bone, settle for  getting no raises whatsoever, not complain, just give me work that i'm the most proficient at so we both win, like predominantly operative reports or maybe even psych. 

My supervisor is very friendly and
personable, however, we have never met in person. We have "known" each other for years since we have both worked out of the same office a long time, he used to be an office employee, recently promoted.
I feel the way you do! I don't have a supervisor now, but SM
when I did have one, I just ignored her for the most part. :D
I have only heard from my supervisor
once or twice and have no opinion at all. I'm not even sure where she is or what she does. I do hear from QA nearly every day though - she is great! never puts me down or tries to sound like she knows everything, she just points out the error of my ways in a helpful way..and when I have a terrible dictator, she commiserates with me!!
supervisor and QA? Go w/QA would be my impulse. nm
I report them to their supervisor and if I can't get anywhere, I look for another job and when
I've located one, I give notice with an explanation as to why I'm resigning.
Yes, they do. Call your supervisor.
You can also go online to the website and read the downtime polcy and see that it sounds like your situation constitutes technical downtime.

If you have problems, contact Human Resources.
Have you talked with your supervisor?
Every national I've ever worked for has assigned me a secondary or tertiary account so I never run out of work.
Obviously you do not call the supervisor and
make a lot of small talk and chatter about how wonderful he/she is, what a hard job they have, and find all their points of interest, etc. You have to "butter up" the bosses. You are stuck with the crap and you know it. The ones who can spend part of their day with the small talk are the ones who get ahead.
Can you ask your supervisor for samples of
the ESL doctors' other reports? This will help you can get a handle on what they say frequently.

You have a great attitude. Remember if you can transcribe ESLs, you can transcribe anything. Good luck!
old supervisor put her ex-husbands
with on a rad account because "she was in nursing school" and had learned the terminology by process of "osmosis"
If you are the supervisor why not fire her? If she
isn't carrying her share of the load and was switched from a different department for the same why is she still there? 
thanks, neither the IT person nor the supervisor -sm
know the answer, so I said I'd go on the net and try to find out! LOL. Thanks anyways
I asked my supervisor and she did it (nm)
Just asked my supervisor this ?......

She basically told me that this could be done in PRIOR versions of Meditech, but  can no longer be done. I was told one of the reasons was because the headers and footers were not being done accurately.I did a "test" document in Word and tried to copy and paste and THAT didn't work  I'm not sure if this is true for all Meditech platforms, but seems to be the case with the one I am using. I would be happy to just be able to type the BODY of the report in Word so I can utilize my Stedman's spellcheck software, but does not look like that will be the case. The ONLY good thing so far is that it does work with Instant Text, but even with that I am definitely not producing what I know I am capable of! Very frustrating...

Going into QA, getting a supervisor job or MT teaching job... SM

is easier said than done.  A lot of times, transcription supervisors at a hospital are required to be an RHIT, in the old days it was an ART.  Took me forever to break into QA.  A lot of companies hire you as an MT and tell you they promote from within.  And teaching jobs are even tougher to find, they are few and far between.

You best bet, if you choose to stay in the MT business, is to strike out on your own.  Start your own online school and charge MTs $1200 or more a pop.  Or start your own MT business, but it's hard to do that with the monster services out there buying up every little guy they can sink their claws into.

I've decided coding is the best avenue for me and that's what I've been studying on my own, but it's taking forever because their so much to absorb, not to mention up to date books are MUST in coding and the books are $100 (ICD-9-CM and CPT) and that doesn't include HCPCS book.  And if you don't buy the new books every year, you can't pass the test.  So I'm trying to do it on my own without paying another school for another education that might end up outsourced overseas anyway.


How to become an MT supervisor/manager?
Just curious from anyone who knows - does this usually require a bachelor's degree and if so, which one?  Also, any clue as to the pay?  Thanks.
Have supervisor MT sign for them
Have the MT you turn them in to sign for them, then redirect calls to her, saying that she had all of them when you left. Also, I would charge for reprinting, redelivering, etc. I had this happen a LOT with the last local doctor I typed for. I feel for you.
Cant get to it from polycola. My supervisor
I did contact my QA supervisor and
she states that she has sent an email to all of QA to make them aware. But that has been said before and each QA person continues to do something different.
Do not put down your supervisor as a reference (sm)
Do not put down that supervisor as a reference. In other words, use your professional references outside your former, problem company. Hopefully your former company is not a small company, so that you can list an HR contact with a note "for employment verification only." And be upfront with recruiters about your situation and the fact that this happens to many employees (not just MTs) from time to time, that you are an excellent professional employee, and unfortunately your former employer has decided to handle it unprofessionally, and so on. A word of caution - do not omit that employer from your resume because the MTSO community is small and recruiters move on to and someone can somewhat easily find out whether you have omitted the employer.

And if you can prove that your former employer is blackballing you, handling employment verification unprofessionally and perhaps even illegally, then confront your former employer about it via a letter that is very serious yet nonthreatening. It's a federal law that former employers are not supposed to tell prospective employers or do anything to let them know that an employee was fired!
I can't see who's working either, but my supervisor can;) sm
I work on a web-based platform that uses word.
Then you go to your supervisor and tell her the conflicting QA...
and see if something changes...