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WebChartMD Problem

Posted By: Anyone else? on 2006-11-30
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Anyone else having a problem with accessing WebChartMD today?  Can't upload the recorders because nothing works.

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Anyone else having a problem with uploading files through WebChartMD?  Just wondering if its only our computers or if others are experiencing hte same thing.

Can anyone give me info on WebChartMD and other platforms, exactly what their service does, and how expensive they are?  I have a very small business and wanted to check out any info on them before formally asking the companies for information.  I have never used any type of platform like this before and am a little cluless.  Would appreciate any info at all.  Thank you.

So how do you provide this service to your doctors? I am currently providing service for one doctor, but occasionally the others in the practice will call me to pick up a tape.

Thanks for any advice,

I've been using WebChartMD for six months and have not had one single problem... my clients love it!

Anyone ever heard of WebChartMD
Anyone ever heard of WebChartMD
Question about programs like WebChartMD

Okay, I see that there are templates you use for your reports.  And it looks like there is someplace to enter the patient name, etc.  But some of my accounts are clinic accounts where all the patients are put into one line file.  What I mean is, there is not a separate report for each patient, but rather one file for all the patients seen that day.  So does WebChartMD or MPWord allow for that kind of thing?  Or does it force you to make a new report for each patient?

Also, what would be the advantage of using something like this?

I lost 2 clients while using WebChartMD.....sm
because they lost voice files all the time. I would not recommend them at all.