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does anyone know any natural way to replace estrogen?

Posted By: old and dried up on 2005-08-01
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natural estrogen
Estroven, mexican yam (in the supplement section of WalMart and health food stores), Black Cohost (also in supplement section), soy products.  There are also estrogen creams, over-the-counter, that you apply topically. 
estrogen renewal
I use Estroven.  Its not a complete wonder, but its SOOOOOO much better than using nothing.  Also Natural Yam (i think that's what its called) from Natural Food stores is helpful, but IMO not as good as Estroven.
VR and ASR will never EVER replace MTs
I have done reports, in fact one just now, where the dictator jumped three or four different times from the hospital course to the diagnosis.  How is a voice rec machine going to pick this up and put it in the right format?  Also, the other day I had a doc that dictated a surgery on both the left and right foot....although in the diagnosis it was the right foot only. I get docs who are confuses as to gender of patient, says he...she...he...then she through the report.   And again, more than once a day, I get a doc who talks on the phone as loud as he is dictating.  Won't the machines pick this up?  What about period as opposed to the actual symbol period?  I don't care what you say, we will not be replaced!!!  Not possible.
Do a Replace.

Edit, Replace. Search for .(one space) and replace with .(two spaces) You can also write a macro to do this for you.

You may want to replace your

PS in example just replace Alt J with f3 if that is the you want to go
Why replace them?? Don't you know
i used to replace them
just as soon as a new edition came out. Now, am only updating my most used ones, which include the surgical book. i've been at this 30 yr, and do use the I/N for lots of research, but prefer the books, where i can make notes, highlight, etc. I find them more reliable and quick than the I/N in may circumstances.
EMR will replace some
some MTSO. Our local hospital here is using eRecord which allows the doctor to dictate into certain fields and requires in-house transcriptionist/secretary to go in and transcribe directly into EMR. However, at my old group of hospitals in prior state I lived the EMR we had incorporated DolbeySTAT into the EMR so it depends on the hospital
Looking to replace my headset.
I'd like to hear what everyone prefers for these.  I've tried all kinds but am not sure what I think are the "best."  I want good sound quality whether it's from my computer or C-phone and will be using them for both (unless I should have 2 different kinds).  At any rate, I'm curious what you all use or what you think are the absolute best.  Thanks.
You get what you pay for. If you're willing to replace in

2 years might be okay.  

Sounds to me like he wants you to help him replace you. sm
These doctors are so clueless! They have no idea how many times we save all of them every day from looking and/or sounding ridiculous. They have no clue concerning the many, many mistakes they make in their dictation or the great lengths we go to in order to get it right when they can't, don't, or won't. After years of making our lives miserable with their completely rude and thankless approach to their dictation, they now would have us help them send us to the soup lines. Don't help him replace our industry. They all need to find out just how much we do for them, and it seems reasonable that they should start by being victimized by their own careless and often unintelligible dictation. If he plans on using VR himself to produce these reports, then let him deal with the frustration of watching the VR platform just sit there because of its inability to decipher and record what he just ditated. Let him reap the mistakes that will glare back at him due to his lack of understanding of the language of his own business. Let him catch his own mistakes and fix them if he can and let the rest go through to his own embarrassment. He may even be one of the better dictators, but that still doesn't eliminate the fact that he would burn us all tomorrow along with our profession if he could. Don't help him. He needs the rude awakening I'm hoping he'll experience without you. If he plans to replace you with another company and wants your macros to help them do a better job for him as they offer him a lower rate while benefitting from your hard work, I say let them do their own hard work in creating their own macros while they sell themselves and the rest of us down the river by cutthroating the price.
not sure on this, but maybe just delete and replace nm
need to replace DAC phone

Hi all.  I need to replace my DAC phone and looking for recommendations.  I currently have two and both are on their last leg.  ONe is a DA-125 and the other is a DA-127.  I don't think I necessarily need the same exact one.  I just need to make sure it is good for VDI.

I have had the DA-127 worked on, but with time the issue is back and it is just plum worn out after almost 10 years of use.

Any suggestions are welcome.



you say ESL MTs have better quality and should replace US MTs?
Can you back up your claim? I do not believe for one second ESL MTs are better in qaulity than US-based MTs.

Have you had first-hand experience editing reports from ESL MTs?

Blaming the MT is almost ridiculous in my opinion. Blame the MTSOs and the managers for it is their responsibility to hire/train/mentor/teach and deliver ongoing support and supervision.

Blame the hospitals who demand we as MTs single-handedly carry the entire burden of quality all the while cutting nurses jobs (jobs that directly and adversely affect patient care), who got in bed with the devil (offshoring) to make their profits, who day in and day out come up with new ways to 'cheat' patients of care and make more money for themselves.

...and the MT is supposed to carry all the burden? we are not martyrs, we are working women most of which just trying to make a living on what are now becoming third-world wages thanks to every suit in this business that used to be more of a humanitarian effort rather than a cash cow.
I have to replace mine every 3 months or
so, but I use the cheapies, too. I found that the expensive ones got just as sticky and gummy and slowed me down, so in the long run, they cost me even more money because I would not replace them often enough.
Try cutting out soda and replace with
Green tea. I don't know if it will work but I cut out all diet pop this week and have been drinking diet green tea...Arizona brand, Lipton Citrus, and I've been making my own just with tea bags. I'm also 43, lost my dad in October, really depressed here in the Wisconsin winter, and a week ago I was at my highest nonpregnant weight. Well, let's see, actually I weighed about the same as I did at the end of my pregnancy with my first child back at age 21...and I gained 50 pounds during that pregnancy! So...not so good. I can't go all the way on induction again, but I have been watching my carbs this week, although I really believe that even without that, this green tea is helping curb my appetite. I used to sit here and grab a snack and always be munching on something all day long. I haven't been as hungry and have hardly been snacking during the day. I'm also not falling asleep in my chair at 2-3 every day. It might be a little change you could try and see if it works for you. One other thing I've done...I've actually gone outside and walked. I work all the time and never make time to exercise, but I was feeling at my wits end and very depressed at getting to that weight. So, on Sunday before anyone got up, I went outside and actually walked for nearly an hour..and it was 32 degrees, although sunny. I've done that 4 more times this past week, when weather has permitted, and I mentally feel better. I've lost 8 pounds this week with these little changes, but mentally feel much better and am just taking it one day at a time to keep it up.
How to replace letters on keyboard? (sm)

The letters on my keyboard get rubbed off within a couple of weeks of buying the darn things (just bought a new Microsoft ergonomic keyboard 2 weeks ago and already the A is half gone).  Is there anyway to buy replacement letters for these darn things?  Or do they make white sharpie markers?

I end up replacing the stupid keyboard at least yearly because after the letters are worn off, I find I wear grooves into the keys.  This is ridiculous.


Thanks in advance!

How to replace letters on keyboard
I have the same problem.  I have worn 11 of mine off and my keyboard is new too.  I am going to try that keyboard sticker idea.  Anything is worth a try.   My husband and son also use my keyboard from time to time and they fuss about those missing keys.  Thanks for the idea. I will try.  I do not use any lotion on my hands when I type.  They just do not make them like they used to.
How often do you replace your reference books, or (sm)
do you all strictly use medically acceptable internet sites for research now?  I've been using the internet a lot, but I'm thinking of getting a new Surgical Word Book.  Wondering if it is worth my $50 to do this.  Thoughts?  Thanks in advance.
How did they replace MTs that couldnt cut it as obviously some wont want the stress of it.
I've had GE for 35 years, getting ready to replace with
new GE as we are updating the kitchen.  
You can do a find and replace or even make a macro to

Crtl+F, in the find section enter a period and two spaces, in the replace section enter a period and one space.

Record this and make it a macro.

When I used this combo, we had this problem. IT had to replace Citrix with something else.
They had to do a lot of tweaking, and they were somewhat resistant. They had trouble understanding that letters need to appear immediately ... or sooner.

I guess if there is a 10th it's time to replace my 8th!
I use autocorrect with Extext. Just have to check the replace sm
as you type box in the autocorrect box each time I start ExText.  Hope you find a solution! 
Macro for multiple find/replace
Please email me with some specific details of specific phrases in your list to find / replace - I will work out a macro for you that can run through the whole list. I'll also repost here if anyone else is interested

Yes, I am a complete computer dummy, but where is the battery and can I replace it myself?
I'd lose the comma after the male and replace with "who is".
Otherwise, the sentence is fragmented.  Do you have carte blanche to edit for clarity and style purposes?
I was just the opposite, I bought the Bose to replace a set of Shure E2c
The sound quality for both brands is excellent, but the Shure ear buds, because of the way they fit, seem to block out the ambient noise in my environment better and provide more focused audio. I like the Bose for my iPod for the opposite reason though, because they don't block out the ambient noise as well. A lot of people are bothered by the way the Shures fit though, so I know they aren't for everyone. I have a set of E3c's now and, although I am finally used to them, I think for transcription the E2c's are better.
Only one word or phrase at a time with Find & Replace.
you need to find someone who can write (not record) a macro that can find more than one word.
YES, it's true, funding for schooling to replace outsourced jobs...sm
my husband is a machinist (was a machinist) in Illinois where manufacturing took a hard hit. They sent home a piece of paper with his pink slip about getting funding for schooling if the company was identified as having lost jobs due to overseas outsourcing. His company was too small to qualify but I went on the list and found many companies in the Chicago area that qualified. I even posted the info on the boards here about six months ago.
replace "should" with "could" - there, doesn't it make it a lot easier now?
replace "should" with "could" - there, doesn't it make it a lot easier now?
natural disaster
well, if Mt. Rainier even erupts or sends a lahar through the Puyallup Valley, thousands of people will be buried alive in 30 feet of 300 mile per mud and rocks the size of dump trucks. But unlike New Orleans, we have drills, and evacuate routes already set up. Incompetent planning is all it is.
the natural order in the would does not
Try using a more natural makeup

I hear mineral-based makeup is the best for your skin as it contains no harsh chemicals or ingredients. its also supposed to be great for sensitive skin and/or acne-proned skin.

I used Mineralles by Shaklee & i love it!! It doesnt even compare to my old makeup (I used Lancome before)

Its more expensive than drug-store brands but less expensive (or the same) to the department store brands.

I like the MS natural multimedia
with its 'split' (but intact) keyboard, and esp like the down-slope of the wrist rest and the slight hump in the middle, which lends to a more natural position of the arms. Plus you can easily 'program'many keys to either do different functions or take you directly to certain websites. Cost is also very reasonable, comparatively.
Dealsonic has the MS natural
Not sure if it's the multimedia or not but it's only around $16. I had the 4000 and took it back to Circuit City -- some of the letter keys didn't always work.
no such thing as all natural...
everything that is natural is made of chemicals...combinations of hydrogen and carbon. Everything. Including carrots, tomatoes, meat, spaghetti-o's, synthetic insulin, your bones and blood...all chemicals.
It's just a natural thang....

Been using a Natural for 6 yrs and LOVE it!
natural keyboard
It will take you a couple of days to get used to but then you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Good for the wrists and lets your arms and hands sit more naturally. I'm all thumbs when it comes to regular keyboards now.
Natural disasters everywhere

The upheavals in regular routines would cause changes in work flow.  There would be more emergency room and less clinic.  More orthopaedic and possibly more Infectious Disease, but less preventive maintenance and well care checkups. 

natural products helped me - sm
I feel for you. Different story, (though same in that tubes tied, PMS-crazy 10 out of 30 day each month, teens) but maybe this might help you. I could not opt for hormone tx (diabetic)after hysterectomy (for other changes in cycle; light, then very heavy, then not there) and opted for surgery when fibroids were found.)Immediate surgical menopause resulted in symptoms even though before this my FSH and estradiol levels came back I was not peri.

Researched websites and found natural progesterone cream (bought at local health store)helped me a lot, but wound up on Lexapro (calming) too. Taken together, this was the optimum fix for me.
Wow. I want one. I have an older Natural keyboard that
I've been using for years. All the letters are worn off, and I use a piece of wood to prop it up into the natural typing position. I never did understand why keyboards propped up in reverse to how your hands are supposed to be positioned. Since using my little block of wood to prop my keyboard up, my wrist problems are gone.
Microsoft Natural 4000
I tried the new Microsoft Natural ergo and actually perform my old (Elite) model. I do 400 lph and did not feel that the Microsoft Natural 400 felt nearly fast enough on the demo.
I think there is only one better, Karen Carpenter, a natural.

Microsoft Natural is too stiff for me. sm
I have heard good things about Goldtouch, but never used one. I am impressed with the speed I am getting on the Maxim and comfort of the keyboard. I had problems with finger fatigue, and that is now alleviated. The layout is standard except the home, end, page up, etc. so the keyboard would be smaller. I was used to it by the end of the first day. I paid $119 for mine at Fentek.
Or natural misspelling? What was this SUPPOSED to say?

See natural stupidity post, below.