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Posted By: hieche on 2007-02-02
In Reply to: Question about E-scription - Trying to get ready

Personally I don't love it.  It has a very choppy movement style, there is no smooth flow to it. No groove to get into, so to speak. I had wrist pain off and on over the last five years while transcribing, but this e-scription gives me aching forearms from elbows to fingertips. It is difficult to catch the extraneous "an" or "a" unless you read very carefully.


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The name of the company is e-scription and this platform is sold in a package deal to hospitals. They do not have to buy all the hardware and software .. more like a lease or ASP. ES has "alliance partners" or companies that work with them. They put hospital X out for bid to do the work with their partners and usually the partners absorb MTs from the hospitals who are in the mode to cut expenses or they would not be involved with ES in the first place. You would then become an employee or IC of the partner who got the account. Plan on some changes!
Has anyone worked with E-scription?  Looking for opinions on this.  I'm interviewing for a job where their platform is E-scription.  Thanks...
e-scription pay
Okay, so I had the interview.  The pay is 4.5 cpl for editing, 9 cpl for typing (only 5% typing apparently).  There are benefits, PTO, etc.  Input anyone???
We are going to E-scription

My office is going to E-scription.  If anybody has any knowledge about this please give me a holler. If it is a big pain in the dupee I am planning on retraining. I took classes here at the hospital and I now can be a nurses aid or a ward clerk (they have fancier names but this is what they are).  I don't know what happened to transcription, but managers  are getting weirder and weirder and everything is our fault.  If a doctor does not read over his dictation and we don't catch it it is our fault. Well if he is not reading over his dictation he is not doing what his boss (the patient) pays him for and he is not doing his job and should be repremanded and fired just like the rest of us. 

I am rambling but I am upset, VR is coming and they are making us mandatory 2 hours a day overtime.

If VR is going to help so be it, otherwise after I get the job skill I am looking to transfer out from 20 bucks an hour to 13 bucks an hour, might be worth the change to get rid of all the job hassles.


Question about E-scription

My hospital is switching over to E-scription and I have heard you can type more lines with this system than a regular system.  My question is how?  I figure typing is typing, why can you produce more with this system than something else?  We haven't had training yet, and maybe once I go through that I will see how it is possible, but I thought I'd ask those of you who already work on it first.  Thanks!

E-scription platform
Any working on wireless broadband/satellite for any company on this platform? If so, how well it is working for you?