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medical stenographer

Posted By: piglet on 2007-10-03
In Reply to: What kind of alternate careers can MT's transition into? - So Very Tired

I have been approached about doing medical transcribing during depositions for court cases.  Basically, it entails learning a steno machine and applying your medical knowledge.  Maybe this would be something you should look into ~

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closed caption tv typing and court stenographer

You know the closed caption on TV programs, especially the Court TV transcripts....I wonder if those are computer-typed or human-typed.  If they're typed by humans, then any one of us could do a hundred times better, as there are typos all over the place! 

While we're on the subject....I wonder how much money a court stenographer makes, and wonder if it's more of a pain than it's worth.  They don't look very comfortable when they're typing in to their little machines.  Anyone know?

I would buy new a Dorland's Medical Dictionary, Stedmans Medical and Surgical Equipment...SM

and Tessier's The Surgical Word Book, 3rd edition.  Books you could buy used I would say would be Stedman's Pathology and Lab Medicine and Cardiology/Pulmonary word book.  These are all the books I use the most during my day.  You could buy other speciality word books as you need them and could probably go used with those.

I wouldn't bother with buying a drug book, new editions come out every year and I just stick to the FDA website and RXList as my drug references.

Also FYI, not a book, but I use my Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictationary a lot.  It's easier to open the program than it is to pick up a huge 30-pound dictionary.

Medical Transcription In The Era Of Electronic Medical Records
EMR has revolutionized the healthcare industry in recent times. Many experts felt that EMR & Voice Recognition would totally replace Medical Transcription - however; the industry soon realized that transcription has certain advantages over point & click charting and many physicians preferred to dictate notes rather than document the data at the point of care themselves.
At ease, soldier! This isn't a medical document. I repeat, this isn't a medical document. nm
I've thought about coding. My DH does medical coding and I think with an MT's medical termino

background and anatomy and physiology knowledge, a transition into coding wouldn't be hard at all.  From what I can tell by looking through my husband's books, an MT would have to learn insurance regulations and legalities.  We've basically got all the medical background down or we should be if we're worth our salt as an MT.

I even contacted AHIMA and found that the qualifications for taking the CCS or CCP coding exams are completion of the a coding program, RHIT program, or RHIA or related work experience.  Transcription is part of HIM, albeit the red-headed stepchild of the HIM department, but a part nonetheless and so satisfies the qualification of having work experience.

The test is tough though.  My husband didn't pass it his first time out and I think I read something like only 20% or so pass it the first time.  So it would probably be best to take some sort of formal coding class, in my opinion.

medical abbreviation list and medical drug list

Anyone there who could help me out finding the latest abbreviations list.
I even want the latest drug list because my current program does not have many drugs.

So if anyone could suggest anything which is available online for informationd quick look purposes.

any help for medical abbreviation list and medical drug list would be very helpful.

Your English teacher does not do medical reports. This is for medical reports.
It's not a MEDICAL spellchecker. You have to convince them to add the medical spellchecker.
unless you feel like adding 10,000 medical terms on your own time LOL
QT Medical does not. nm
medical ins
Thanks for the info. Did you like working for them? 
IC but not medical
From what I understand there are online "marketplaces" where a Transcriptionist (medical, legal, or other) can bid on jobs. If you don't want to work for a week you simply do not bid that week.

One is called Guru. I can't remember the name of the other one.
B. S. in Medical Technology

I worked in a hospital laboratory for 33 years and retired in 2001. I found out about a year later that my husband was losing his medical insurance after he retired on disability and so I had to go back to work. I had dabbled with transcription in the pathology department and so I decided to make it my second career and I just love it. I get to work from home and don't have to deal with the office politics and all the bureaucratic red tape that comes with working at a hospital.

Color me happy!!!! 

Ellen S.

Medical experience
I guess I should have worded that different...I've been in the medical field for a total of eight years (medical assistant, medical secretary/admin. assistant, EEG Tech), but only being doing MT work full time for 4 years. I've also taken A LOT of extra classes on terminology and anatomy/physiology. Plus, MT is just one of those things that came naturally for me, it's been really easy to pick up the "language." So I guess I'll stay with this company then, if that pay is not bad. Thanks.
Medical Dictionary

Does anyone know if there is a place to download a free medical dictionary?



Medical Dictionary
MT Mom
Hey thanks guys for the suggestions. I am going to be doing transcription at home for they physician I work for and am using Word perfect 12. It has a spell check on it but was looking for a medical spell check I could download and use along with a general spell check.
Dragon-Medical 7
Got mine on e-bay for half of Softscan.
An MT is a Medical Transcriptionist...sm
Here is a link and some helpful information on desertion in the military. http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Desertion

Good luck!
ME = Medical Editor. nm.
You ARE a medical transcriptionist, right?!
Geez, how idiotic can you be?!

It addresses ALL medical transcriptionists. Again, the new definitions for two classes of their transcriptionists have apparently been updated. That does NOT exclude SEs! LOLOLOL

Ya can't see the forrest for the trees can ya?! LOLOLOL

Medical Insurance??

I am looking at moving back to working from home, I am currently 'in-house' working for a hospital clinic but I need more flexibility for my children's schedules.

I have a decent lead on an IC position, but I am trying to figure out if I can find/afford health care.  I really only need catastrophic type care and plan to pay for my own routine care.

Does anyone know of a decent insurance company??


Thanks VT_MT

It is a Medical Transcriptionist
and Medical Editor. I was confused at first too but you can do both. They never had ME's before.
medical trancriptionist
I am looking for a medical transcrioptionist job in the following area:  Clarksville or Nashville TN.  I have experience in medical transcription work and would like to work from my home.  I am eager to hear from anyone in this area.  Thyank you Nancy Seymour
Sorry, don't know about Cort Medical,
are they in Wisconsin also? Also, do you do SLMC ER for Accustat?
OMG! I think I worked there, too! Except it was a medical
insurance company. We had to be at our desks 10 minutes before our shift started. Then my coworkers turned the company in to the Department of Labor and Industry for unpaid overtime to the tune of approximately 40 hours per year. So the company changed it to 5 minutes and rewrote their OT policy. We had to give blood to earn time off. The same thing for personal phone calls. They actually had recorders on our desk phones for beneficiary purposes, but that didn't stop them from using it to monitor our personal calls, too. I found out that the recorders were recording us while we weren't on the phone as well, so any nonbusiness discussions between workers were recorded and listened to. That's how they targeted who would be fired next. Our Internet usage was tracked, even though we were allowed to use it on our breaks. They were firing people with 15+ years or more with the company because they could get younger college grads for a fraction of the wages the "older" workers earned. When I was hired, it was to replace someone they fired, so I had zero training and had to figure it all out myself. The boss' pet got special treatment and was recruiting people for her Internet business by bypassing the proxy server on her work computer during business hours. We got in trouble for snacking at our desks, but the pet took long lunches to run errands and then ate her lunch at her desk when she was supposed to be working. I got in trouble for taking too many bathroom breaks (I have kidney problems) even though I skipped my regularly scheduled breaks to make up for it. There were so many "unwritten" rules that I didn't know, so my coworkers backstabbed me for not following along. What, being psychic was a job requirement? I could go on and on, but my blood pressure's going up just thinking about it. I quit and even gave a statement to the fired older workers to sue. I think they dropped the suit because most of them got hired by a competitor. I vowed to never again work for a big corporation after that.
if it was in my medical record?

It would depend upon whether or not it could have a negative impact upon my medical care. If the doctor dictated something like, "The patient has diabetes" (when I don't), yeah, I would ask them to correct the record. But for something like what was stated originally ... heck no. Let it stay.

But that's me ... I don't have OCD and I'm not anal retentive about this business like others. Never have been and never will be.

I still think you need to lighten up. There's a lot more to worry about in life than something like that.

medical transcription ?
Does anyone know of a legitimate work from home transcription company who wants someone with there training but has no experience yet. Thanks!
IC to medical secretary
Thanks everyone for your input.  I have a lot to consider and you all have been a great help. 
This is why every MT should own a medical dictionary. NM
You get a free trial of the spellchecker. Later, if you choose to buy, I think it is $29.99. Don't know of any others.
BS in Medical Technology
I worked as a medical technologist (lab tech) in a hospital laboratory for 30+ years before retiring in 2001. I was interested in transcription as a second career so I volunteered to cover the pathology secretary's days off just for the experience.......and here I am and love it. The pay is only half what I made in the lab but there is much less stress and I love working at home. Obviously, my many years in the medical field helped tremendously with terminology but there was still a tremendous amount to learn; it's a continuous learning process. 
Medical expenses

January, 2000 - DH tore rotator cuff, needed MRI/arthrogram, followed by rotator cuff repair.

January, 2001 - I had foot surgery in podiatrist's office. 

January, 2002 - DH had cervical MRI/myelogram, followed by anterior cervical diskectomy with fusion, two levels.

January,  2003 - DH had knee MRI, followed by arthroscopy.

January, 2004 - I had LASIK surgery. 

OMYGOSH, it's almost January again! 

He can't discontinue medical. sm
I am sure he will be bound by law to continue the children on medical insurance if he has it available to him. My ex-husband did and my present husband is bound by law to provide it for his children even though their mother provides dual insurance. Check with your lawyer.
new job - no medical spellcheck

Hi all ... yesterday I started a new job - hospital MT, decent pay, great location. But guess what - the program is so old there is no medical spellcheck in it!  And the old lady that works the other shift, who's had the job for light years, does not use the AutoCorrect feature of MSWord!  The boss told me feel free to use it (thank God) - but can you imagine that?????   Any advice ? 

Thanks guys!

What about Gov't medical for kids?
I am a single mom, kids 15, 10 and 7. My husband died 5 years ago, so I am solo parenting.

My kids are covered medically by the state run 'Dr Dynosaur' program, which is essential a medicaid program. There are different criteria for kids than for adults in my state. I don't qualify for Medicaid (I am an IC), but my kids qualify for Dr Dynosaur, wch I pay $80/month for.

You may want to see if there is something similar in your state.

Good Luck.
it is likely they are processing your medical
getting a job as a medical transcriptionist
I am getting ready to graduate as a medical Transcriptionist from an online school.  How long does it normally take for a new graduate to get a job?? I have noticed that no one wants to hire a new graduate..
Medical advice???
Sheesh!  I highly doubt that there are any doctors visiting the main forum of MTstars to dole out medical advice. Folks should have sense enough to call their doc or dial 911.  Has typing turned some of your brains to mush?
Medical coding

Use the link below that I wrote a few months ago.  It is a very honest review of today's coding needs and environment.  Good luck!



Medical transcription...you know, that is where ALL
If she is so wonderful and brilliant, she needs to run for president! MensaMT for President!!! We need a good woman in the White House that has all the answers and is brilliant too!! Maybe she can show us all how to be "incredible mothers" as well!
I went from legal to medical
I originally went to school for legal secretary/transcriptionist, but had a hard time finding a job with any benefits. So, I went back for medical secretary/transcription and have been doing this for 9 years now. I found that they really are two totally different areas. Granted, you have the heads up on knowing how to transcribe, work, etc. I think you would need some medical terminology classes and anatomy as many words sound the same, but spelling differs depending on body area you are talking about. There might be an online course or something, such wasn't the case when I went years ago.

I wish you the best!!!!

medical insurance
Transhealth, by pretty good do you know if you can cover dependents and what office copays are?
Medical Transcriprionist
Thanks to Lynn for your help. I will follow your advice. Sometimes it helps to have encouragement and connections.
Medical Editor job

Hi Guys! Does anyone have any info on what a MEDICAL Editor position should pay in the NY area?  It's requiring 10+ years of MT experience. 

Do these positions usually work from home - or on hospital sites?  I don't know much about editing jobs - and am darn curious about the particulars. I've sent in a resume, but am now playing the waiting game !

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks guys !


medical editor
It really doesn't matter. If you are working online, the
MTSO usually doesn't care. They pay what they want to pay. Many companies still want their QA people to work at the company and it seems as though the majority of MTSOs are located in the South where wages are lower. Some pay more if you are a CMT or give a shift differential but that is about it. I have been editing for nearly 12 years. In the good old days we were paid hourly, but more and more companies now pay by the line and have a minimum of lines that they expect you to do per day. If they also expect you to do feedback to the MTs as well, you have a problem. I do not think it is possible to give decent feedback and make a line count, partcularly if you are working with green and/or bad MTs and/or transcription done out of the country. If I can't get an editing job that pays hourly, I would rather transcribe. Some editors are switching to editing speech recognition reports. Even though no feedback is required, the current opinion seems to be that you still can make more transcribing. I have done some speech recognition editing and tend to agree with that. If you are thinking about editing because your hands are giving out, you might want to think about using speech recognition to transcribe. I have been transcribing (and editing) using Dragon Naturally Speaking for a number of years and have been pretty successful with it.
medical transciption

I am currently enrolled in the medical transciption course at my local college. For my final project this semester I need to interview a medical transciptionist. Is there any out there that would be interested in answering some questions for me. I would appreciate any feedback I can get. Thanks.

Medical Transcription.
I am working as a QA for a reputed firm for the last five years. After putting in so many years of work for a firm, I feel confident of doing various reports.

I would like some help from you to find me some work. Can you please suggest or provide me some work if you have excess work.

medical transcription not really all
Just wondering, because lately the dictators have gotten so sloppy, it seems they do not care, or there just aren't any consequences to getting the medical records that we type munched up.  I work for a national and the dictations are so sloppy I cannot make out even the little words that are transitioning the sentences.  I feel they think it is silly and a waste of their time, otherwise why would they rush, slur, muck it up now more than ever?  Even dictating the wrong medications. 
medical transcription -- sorry -- nm
medical dictionary
I loaded Stedman's and it did not automatically load into my Word dictionary.  Can anyone help me out?
Medical Coding
Hi, I've been an MT for 9-1/2 years working at home and am in need of a change.  Am looking for a good coding class that won't send me to the poor house and that you can actually FIND A JOB when certified.  Is that possible?  Does anyone know some good schools and how much experience you must have before you can work at home doing coding?  Thanks to anyone who replies.
medical renal
It is medical renal, as in medical renal disease.