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natural estrogen

Posted By: ge on 2005-08-01
In Reply to: does anyone know any natural way to replace estrogen? - old and dried up

Estroven, mexican yam (in the supplement section of WalMart and health food stores), Black Cohost (also in supplement section), soy products.  There are also estrogen creams, over-the-counter, that you apply topically. 

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does anyone know any natural way to replace estrogen?

estrogen renewal
I use Estroven.  Its not a complete wonder, but its SOOOOOO much better than using nothing.  Also Natural Yam (i think that's what its called) from Natural Food stores is helpful, but IMO not as good as Estroven.
natural disaster
well, if Mt. Rainier even erupts or sends a lahar through the Puyallup Valley, thousands of people will be buried alive in 30 feet of 300 mile per mud and rocks the size of dump trucks. But unlike New Orleans, we have drills, and evacuate routes already set up. Incompetent planning is all it is.
the natural order in the would does not
Try using a more natural makeup

I hear mineral-based makeup is the best for your skin as it contains no harsh chemicals or ingredients. its also supposed to be great for sensitive skin and/or acne-proned skin.

I used Mineralles by Shaklee & i love it!! It doesnt even compare to my old makeup (I used Lancome before)

Its more expensive than drug-store brands but less expensive (or the same) to the department store brands.

I like the MS natural multimedia
with its 'split' (but intact) keyboard, and esp like the down-slope of the wrist rest and the slight hump in the middle, which lends to a more natural position of the arms. Plus you can easily 'program'many keys to either do different functions or take you directly to certain websites. Cost is also very reasonable, comparatively.
Dealsonic has the MS natural
Not sure if it's the multimedia or not but it's only around $16. I had the 4000 and took it back to Circuit City -- some of the letter keys didn't always work.
no such thing as all natural...
everything that is natural is made of chemicals...combinations of hydrogen and carbon. Everything. Including carrots, tomatoes, meat, spaghetti-o's, synthetic insulin, your bones and blood...all chemicals.
It's just a natural thang....

Been using a Natural for 6 yrs and LOVE it!
natural keyboard
It will take you a couple of days to get used to but then you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Good for the wrists and lets your arms and hands sit more naturally. I'm all thumbs when it comes to regular keyboards now.
Natural disasters everywhere

The upheavals in regular routines would cause changes in work flow.  There would be more emergency room and less clinic.  More orthopaedic and possibly more Infectious Disease, but less preventive maintenance and well care checkups. 

natural products helped me - sm
I feel for you. Different story, (though same in that tubes tied, PMS-crazy 10 out of 30 day each month, teens) but maybe this might help you. I could not opt for hormone tx (diabetic)after hysterectomy (for other changes in cycle; light, then very heavy, then not there) and opted for surgery when fibroids were found.)Immediate surgical menopause resulted in symptoms even though before this my FSH and estradiol levels came back I was not peri.

Researched websites and found natural progesterone cream (bought at local health store)helped me a lot, but wound up on Lexapro (calming) too. Taken together, this was the optimum fix for me.
Wow. I want one. I have an older Natural keyboard that
I've been using for years. All the letters are worn off, and I use a piece of wood to prop it up into the natural typing position. I never did understand why keyboards propped up in reverse to how your hands are supposed to be positioned. Since using my little block of wood to prop my keyboard up, my wrist problems are gone.
Microsoft Natural 4000
I tried the new Microsoft Natural ergo and actually perform my old (Elite) model. I do 400 lph and did not feel that the Microsoft Natural 400 felt nearly fast enough on the demo.
I think there is only one better, Karen Carpenter, a natural.

Microsoft Natural is too stiff for me. sm
I have heard good things about Goldtouch, but never used one. I am impressed with the speed I am getting on the Maxim and comfort of the keyboard. I had problems with finger fatigue, and that is now alleviated. The layout is standard except the home, end, page up, etc. so the keyboard would be smaller. I was used to it by the end of the first day. I paid $119 for mine at Fentek.
Or natural misspelling? What was this SUPPOSED to say?

See natural stupidity post, below.

MS Ergonomic Natural 4000...
I admit, it took me a few days to get used to where the keys are, but I bought it for my wrists.  Two things:  My wrists have quit burning and the keys are very soft touch.  I love it.  I got mine at an office store for 59 dollars.  I guess not cheap, but it was worth it for me since I plan to type until my little fingers won't work anymore.  
I love my MS Natural 4000 sm
The 4000 has a much lighter action than previous models. They make a standard keyboard with the same action. I go to the office supply store, try them out, and then buy them on e-bay for much less than at the store. Hope this helps.
MIcrosoft Natural Ergonomic

Best one I ever had.  It has all the programmable shortcut buttons at the top for programs and/or webpages and is extremely comfortable.  I used to have problems with my hands hurting a lot after a full day of working and now it is gone.  It took about a week for me to get used to the feel of the split board, but now I can't stand using a regular one.  I even take this one when I travel to my in-laws.

I have a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic.
I got it on sale at Staples for around $60. When I used to work in a hospital, I had one for home and bought one to use at the hospital. They are not all that expensive and well worth it.
I also use Microsoft Natural Ergonomic and ...

just purchased a store-return new backup keyboard through Amazon for around $25 dollars ..

New, at my local CompUSA they were close to $60 regularly and went down to around $40 on special ... that store closed and I'm not sure where I would buy one now (most places do not carry them) ...the time and angst spent replacing a keyboard in a hurry is REAL and well worth preparing for (also keyboards keep getting  redesigned which is really annoying when you're typing all day and have to switch in a hurry -- so it's great to have an "old model" on standby -- I last had to replace my keyboard when I popped off a key that was sticking and it went flying and I have NEVER found it ... it was an N) 

I've found this particular model to be comfy and durable --- I didn't think I would like it and I really do -- it's quiet and has good key play.

My next purchase is going to be QuickLook Drug book on DISK since it can do wildcard searches of partial lookup -- my old web site for that "changed" and is not helpful and there are SO many bad Google entries.

Anything that makes you more comfortable with less fighting your desk also helps --- a decent chair and glare protection, a foot rest .

and SAMPLES when I start a new account I save almost every report I type, even if they are full of blanks -- which I fill in when I review my QA  -- invaluable for saving time figuring out H&P mumbles and  particularly op note

I use RED NOTEBOOK from Horus development (link below) ... I am not aware of anything comparable ... it's searchable. You can, for instance, upload a hospital medical staff roster  if saved in TXT, edit and print out lists,  just fabulous for new accounts with new terms / medications/ names for things.

Good luck.

Go to the store, get valerian. It is a natural way
to soothe. You may also try St. John's wort. Valerian is fast acting, St. John's takes 2 weeks to kick in. Only problem with valerian, is since it is made with flowers, it has a strong odor. But it will help.
Try to dissociate yourself from your notes. Pay attention to the words and the grammar and edit as you go along instead of paying attention to the stories. As with anything, cognitive therapy helps, but if you go to the library, there are plenty of books on this subject. If you get really anxious, you can take a benadryl now and then, however, this may be sedating, and you can do that if you are finished work for your full shift or until you come back later, so you can rest.
I suggest doing all of these things before addressing such a personal issue with your employer. As a professional, you can solve these things through training your mind, and through healthy remedies. If nothing else, you can always visit a walk-in clinic which is about 70.00 and they can prescribe something but the healthy remedies are just as good and not addictive, IMO. All the best to you! PS: Keep your chin up and thinking positive. You are not the people in the notes. You are you.
I should mention that there are natural ways to deal...
with menopause.  Vitamin E, primrose oil and black cohosh work wonders, although their effect is not immediate.  It takes on average 3-4 weeks to realize you're having NO MORE HOT FLASHES and NOT MORE NIGHT SWEATS!!!!  Good stuff. 
There is a natural order in the animal world
that does not include mankind. Those animals which are debilitated, old or very young become food for other carnivorous animals. It is population control and also keeps disease at bay as the animals carrying disease are attacks, killed and taken out of the picture. Also, stops bad blood lines as those animals with hip dysplasia from in breeding or the weak and runts are also food for the natural predator.

Govt should help the citizens in natural disasters
I disagree 100%.  If you dont have the govt to turn to, who can you turn to?  What are we paying taxes for..to continue a never ending war around the world?  What is FEMA for..to pay big salaries to Bush's cronies?  My gosh..if families didnt get water and food in time, I say government get your stuff together you need to help the citizens of America. 
it's a natural law. don't waste your time posting
hate on MT boards or you will fall under nonsurvival natural law.

just sayin.... truth might not be pleasant but helps to prioritize what you do with your life and time. you don't like what your doing and can't make enough money, get a new skill. the higher up the education you choose to pursue, the less likely you break your back in a field or scrubbing commodes at a fast food restaurant. natural law for modern days.
Have you tried the wireless MS natural keyboard? Very soft!!
MS Natural Keyboard help! spring needed!

I have a MS Natural multimedia keyboard that I used for about a month before I lost one of the springs that goes underneath the space bar. I tried other keyboards, even springs from pens, but nothing works. Does anyone have ideas on what to try or have a nonworking one that they can sell me the spring out of?



Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite
My Elite died on me (don't try to take them apart for cleaning).  I tried the 4000 and hated it. I bought it in a pinch because stores don't sell the Elite anymore. You really had the hit the space bar pretty hard and I just did not care for the touch of it.  I returned it. I finally found a store that sold the Elite and bought 2 of them, otherwise you have to buy them online.
microsoft Natural keyboard 4000
It is an ergo keyboard... Really you would love it if you would give it a try. It definately takes a little to get used to, but now I wouldn't be without it....And this new model is FANTASTIC! It has a built in reverse angle to avoid wrist pain, built in wrist pad, quiet keys that require light touch. I don't use other features like the built in hot buttons, but they are there also. All around great keyboard for about 50.00.
The A-angle keys are very natural feeling (sm)
virtually takes seconds to get used to. I've tried lots of the ergo keyboards and haven't liked any of them. I have zero patience for "getting used to" something and zero time, too! This keyboard is not at all like the ergonomic ones, more like a regular keyboard with a little angle to the keys, so if you are wanting an ergonomic keyboard, this really isn't it.

Not removable on the Microsoft Natural Multimedia, not sure about others. nm
Help with new Microsoft 4000 natural keyboard

Any tips on how to get used to this keyboard?  i think it might relieve my neck pain but I keep hitting the wrong keys.  it took me a long time just to type this message!


Anyone use the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000
keyboard?  Lately my wrists have been hurting and I've been having to take too many breaks.  Of course, can't afford to do that.  I was hoping if someone has the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 keyboard they could give advice on whether they think it helps their wrists as compared to a regular keyboard. 


I can't afford to buy it if it doesn't work YET I can't afford the loss in production from this wrist pain.  Funny, it's always been my ankles that got sore, now it's my wrists instead. 


 They do have the keyboard above on sale at Best Buy right now for only $50, but even that is too much IF it doesn't help with the wrist pain. 


IAny advice would be much appreciated.... Thanks So Much

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000
is the keyboard I use, and I like it.  I don't have a problem with the shift keys, but now that you mention it, I usually only use the one on the left side.  I never noticed that, wow.  Using the right one would probably help me out.  I like my keyboard because the keys are smooth to press, it is raised in the middle, and it has a bunch of cool features like a zoom bar, favorites keys, and other helpful shortcut keys. 
I use the Microsoft Natural Multimedia keyboard
I have a Micrsoft Natural MultiMedia and love it.
In the past have tried a variety of wireless keyboards and accessories and don't care for them. Constant batteries to buy and if you get out of the range at all, no reception.

MS Natural multimedia keyboard deal for under $12 sm
I love this keyboard and have tried other ergonomic ones but none have been the right fit for me, and this model is discontinued. If you use this one, I just got a deal on ebay for $11.05 including shipping ($0.99 for the keyboard + 9.99 shipping + Florida sales tax). I'll be happy to get it here but wanted to pass along this information as this seller is only doing this price for the next couple of days - seller is "recycles" & item number is 200331770552.
Dragon Natural Speaking-medical
I must have used that program about 10 years ago and it worked for me
ginseng is a natural stimulant. Try some herbal teas

However, there is hidden caffeine in quite a few places, so read your labels.  You can either wean yourself off the coffee or go cold turkey, but be prepared for a headache and foggy feeling for a few days.  Take an OTC anti-inflammatory for the headache.

I also wonder what's wrong with one cup of coffee per day?  I did the half caff mixture for a while, too, until I decided that I could have one habit in my life.  I can live without everything else, but I'm going to have my coffee.  I don't have candy bars or cola any more.  I cut out sugar.  I can live without smoking or alcohol.  Darnit, I want my coffee!!!  LOL

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Has anyone had a chance to try this new keyboard out yet?

I saw it at Best Buy yesterday and had a chance to give it a little hands-on feel. Very interesting. Started a little research and the reviews seem to be fairly positive (7/10 to 8/10).

But, I'm more trustworthy of feedback from people like MTs who really give keyboards a good "workout" on a daily basis.

I hear ya. I'm a natural blonde turning white sm

At first the box stuff worked pretty good. Now I have a huge "skunk stripe" on the left side of my forehead and I'm starting to grow another "skunk stripe" on the left side.

After a while the box stuff only calms down the different texture of the white stuff for a few weeks so if you wear a few bangs, you need to cut them to match after dying. 3 weeks later the bangs with the white stuff are suddenly a good half inch shorter again.

Needless to say, for the time being I have the "off the forehead"  look that makes my head look like two breakdown lanes on a highway.

I'm saving my money. The initial shock for the "makeover" is scary, but my 2 sisters told me to go for it as the upkeep isn't too bad at all. They would both be snow white in their late 40's if it weren't for visits to the salon.

I'm headed in the same direction and I'm early 40's. My husband, who went white by 38, told me to just go natural.

I told him to kiss my natural behind.


I was losing my mind. It's not natural to be completely isolated like that.
I've changed careers and now have plenty of material to use in conversation with my husband, have made new friends - real ones - the kind you know what they look like, can meet after work for a couple of laughs, and talk to in person. I am so much happier now and can't believe that for a decade and a half my life consisted of sitting behind a keyboard staring at a monitor and often not using my voice all day long. Enough to drive anyone insane, isn't it?
Artificial intelligence is no much to natural stupidity. yukyukyuk
Made from all natural products - minerals from the earth nm

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
I have a brand new one still in the box that I'll sell for a fraction of the retail cost. Just email me at rinny1987@yahoo.com.
Microsoft Natural 4000 Ergnomic Keyboard
I have been using this keyboard for two years now and I will be needing a new one in the next week or two (the cord is getting frayed).  I'm interested in one of the Microsoft wireless keyboards, but I'm concerned that the touch won't be as light as it is with the 4000.  Does anybody have any experience with these wireless keyboards and is there one that somebody would recommend? 
It's been all over the news about Bush being to blame for this natural disaster. Anyone sitting i
would have been blamed, too.  It really doesn't matter what political affiliation they would be.  People HAVE to put the blame somewhere and why not right at the very top?  What this really comes down to is that PEOPLE, not VOTERS must come together and work in harmony for the common good of our fellow man.  If we leave all the political baloney out of the equation, something good can be done.