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to ask for a raise?

Posted By: is it time on 2007-05-02
In Reply to: You did not mention if this account was yours--sm - DumDum

I own the account personally. It is not through an MTSO.

Wow, sounds like you've gotten the really short end of the stick, and I feel so bad for you. I hope you'll get what sounds like a well-deserved raise, or be able to find another company who will appreciate you for what you really do. Good luck to YOU.

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This has not always been the case, hence it hurts more. Merit raise/cost of living raise
The raise you're describing is a merit-raise, - (SM)
and I agree that a worker has to go above and beyond in order to get them. But what doesn't seem to happen in this industry is COST-OF-LIVING raises, which should automatically come to workers either in small increments yearly, or in larger increments every 2-3 years. Without wages that are at least somewhat *realistic* (and modern-day MT wages are a pathetic joke), it's no wonder quality workers are harder and harder to come by, and much harder to retain. An MT should not have to work sweatshop hours for 7 days a week just to keep their head above water financially.
MQ raise
My last raise was in 1998.  When I asked for one last year, I got one quarter of a cent.  Then three quarters of a cent were taken away from me when I started DocQscribe, as I was told I was gonna make so much more money with DQS.
May want to follow up with a phone call, sometimes if they get a lot of email it is easy to overlook them. That's what I do if they don't get back to me as soon as I think they should, anyway :)
getting a raise
How does one go about getting a raise as an independent contractor? I am not even in the same state. Shoud I e-mail or phone and how long should I wait before asking? In the past, I could always ask a co-worker, but my kids are my co-workers now. Does anyone know the correct protocol?
anyone with DSG ever get a raise?
I've been with MQ for a good while and I'm happy (just because my office is awesome), but I'm an intrigued with their production comparisons (ASR vs non-ASR) and interpreting polls (after the first one I sent that they "interpreted," I never sent another).

My theory on raises: Since the ASR rate will be reduced, you already have a "built-in" raise by not doing ASR. This is not to say they won't give raises eventually, but if you ask for one because you are doing the scum, they will say, "Well, the ones who do ASR don't get paid as much."

My advice to you would be to do ASR. Or get a different job because with MQ, this is the future. At least if you can master it and as the ASR improves (you'll get faster), you won't have a continuous diet of bottom-feeder material. That would absolutely drive me crazy. They probably eventually will eliminate all non-ASR'ers anyhow once the system is more refined.

Just total speculation on my part.
I hope whatever they gave you in the form of a raise compensates for what you have to go through, day in, day out, without any reprieve, and without even a good doc thrown in for good measure.  Does it?  Was it at least a buck an hour, and preferably two bucks?  Or was it two bits?  Keep your eyes open, MQGuy.  It won't be long before you are OUTTA THERE!   (Will the 0.050 cents per line, or whatever paltry sum it was, pay for your psychologist to keep you as sane as you are now?) I wish you luck, and I mean it sincerely.  They got you hook, line and sinker.
Do ICs ever get a raise? -sm
I work as an IC for a great company.  I have been with them almost 2 years now.  I  would like a pay raise.  As an IC, do I ask for it?  If so, how is this approached?  I have worked as an IC for almost 10 years for various companies.  Some give you a raise, most do not.  I would stay with this company either way.  TIA
Have been there over 4 yrs and no raise other than
across the board raises that everyone gets, latest being $0.002/line.  (No that wasn't a typo, it was actually a very insulting .002cpl).  Was told upon hire there would be merit raises.  Asked about one after a year of exemplary service with 100% QA and was pretty much laughed at.
pay raise
I was wondering when it is appropriate to ask for a raise?  I was thinking around my first year anniversary.  Also, how much is usually given? Do they up .5 cpl or 1 CPL? Just curious. 
MQ raise?
and how might I ask did you accomplishment the acievement of 2 raises in the past 3 months for MQ?
Wow, I need to ask for a raise! I am 1:2
5 min of dication takes me 10 min to transcribe.  If I have to re-listen to something, or look up, it may take 11 minutes. 
to ask for a raise?

To make a long story short, I've had this account for 4 years, and am on a salary.  At first I didn't think I would make any money since it was a salaried accout, but as it turns out, some days there is much to do and other days there is not as much, so it rather evens itself out, but then there are days when I'm working from daylight until dawn, but those days are rare.  Four years ago this was great money.  However, the COST OF LIVING has gone up exponentially!    I love this account, but it's my sole income; I have no other accounts.  Thus far I've been able to make it on this account and prefer to not take on anymore work because, as I previously mentioned, some days there is more work than I want, but it has to be done.  It would just make life much more difficult to take on more work for the days that they slam me, which outweigh the light days.  My problem is this:  I really want to ask for a raise, but afraid to rock the boat.  I realize all they can do is say no, but then, once I've mentioned wanting a raise it might plant the seed that I might be moving on if they don't give me a raise, which I have no intention of doing, but how do I tell them that?   I can't just say when asking for a raise: "Can I have a raise?"  (them) No, you cannot.  Me:  Okay, just thought I'd ask.  I am at a loss as to what to do about this situation.  Any advice would be so much appreciated from anyone with experience in such a predicament as this.  Thank you very much.

Are you asking for a raise or trying to get an
What's a raise?
I'll take the one dictator. I haven't gotten a raise the entire time I've been at the company I work at right now (several years) and I never know what will land in my workpool. One dictator by choice? I'd give my pinkie finger for an account like that and gladly look up everything! What a fool.

we will never get a raise
they will just crack the whip harder...work faster, longer, all day long, all night long so you can make more money more money more money. it is a vicious (brain freeze, is that how you spell it)?
Asking for a raise sm
Speaking from experience, this is not time to rock the boat, so to speak. With the economy the way it is, perhaps they will pretend to go along with you and start searching elsewhere. Been there, done it, think it over very carefully!!! Everyone is replaceable, I found that out the hard way after 20 years of faithful service, and they told me I was the best in the state! Be very, very careful unless you think someone else will pick you up right away. Under-bid by 1/4 of a CPL!
can an IC ask for a raise? nm
No, no raise here, either.
I still make the same rate with my local doctors that I did when I started in 2000. With the company I am an IC, I actually make 4 cents a line less, but the work is abundant so I am still thrilled.

It sounds like you are lucky to still have a job where you are. I wouldn't push it. If you are not happy, start looking for other doctors. If you are content where you are, don't rock the boat.

As ICs, no, we never get raises. If I need more money coming in, I raise my production 100 or 200 lines extra a day, improve my shortcuts, push my speed to the limit. There's always room for improvement. If there is not work sufficient enough for you to do more, then take on another local doctor, if you can.

I try to keep myself thinking of the blessings that come with my job, what it allows me to do for and with my family. This is not a profession where we can dwell on what we are not getting, cause we'd all quit, even the employee status MTs.
Ask for the raise

You should ask for a raise...if you have been working there for two years with no raise, no bonuses, and of course, I'm sure you don't get any insurance or anything like that, you definitely deserve a raise...don't short change yourself, you can bet the office raises their office visits, procedures, etc. when things get tough on their end...you deserve a raise, and besides, if you don't ask, you will never know...the worst that could happen is they say no....but at least you asked.  I recently asked for a raise, and got it...I work from home as an IC and type for a local doc...I pick up tapes and deliver the transcription, etc., but I got the raise.  Even if I worked in the office, I would have asked for a raise.

We as MTs need to get the idea out of our head that we don't deserve a raise...if you're doing a good job, have experience, and do the work that they expect from you...ask for that raise! 

no raise??
Cost of living???  Who gets a cost of living raise as an MT?  I want that job!!!  I have done this for 35 years and no cost of living raise for me.  Raises when I was working in a hospital and was a supervisor in the early 1980s and still transcribing and only got raise because my line count increased within a certain period of time.  And believe me I was making much more THEN than I can possibly get now, due to no work, and the amount we get paid per line is going down and we still have to work more hours to get that.  But I still hang in there.  What is to do at 56??
A raise!?!
Heck, I've been taking regular pay CUTS for the last 10 years! They laugh in your face when you ask for/expect a raise.

pay raise - not
Not only are we NOT getting well-deserved raises, but per-line wages are being cut!
You definitely need a raise....sm
I was a Transcriptionist for about 7 months when I got my first raise. I started out at .065 cpl almost 2 years ago. Then 7 months into it I got .075 cpl without even asking. Then when I had been an MT for 1-1/2 years I asked for another raise and got 8 cpl. I am supposed to get another one in June I believe to .085 cpl. I have a very nice boss.

I would ask for a raise and if they wouldn't give one I would look elsewhere for work.
When was your last raise?

Do you get bonuses?  Look, I work weekends, and also don't work when I don't feel like it and I still make a decent wage.  As an IC, I can pick and choose and who is to say that just because someone doesn't work weekends they aren't going to make any money. 

The only thing open on weekends are facilities and hospitals; no clinics.  There is a skeleton crew.  You are working nights because India has taken the days.  So, please come down to Earth a little here.  We've all done our time especially the oldies when life wasn't so easy for an MT. 

We need to work together and not belittle each other for someone who would like to have weekends off, etc.  Some like it hot and some like it cold.  There's no real difference there.  Some like working weekends, and some like working during the week.  There's no harm done, really.  It's all the same.

Thanks to the 2 responders regarding DSG and getting a raise
no raise in 3 years
same here -- have you asked for one -- i did and was told that I was sending over 20% to QA - imagine that with the docs that we get -- there is no way to win at MQ and if there is would someone please let me in on the secret!!
Actually I did get a recent raise...
so I'm sure not complaining about that, and fully expect to be given the harder docs, but how are the former cherrypickers supposed to finally learn how to do 'em if all the Foul Ones are sent to us old-timers? I presume they must be getting SOME of them, hence the bad TAT suddenly - but my raise seems to be dwindling as I am assaulted by a steady stream of "mushmouths" all day! Not 2 mention getting hateful after so many in a row without an occasional "good doc"....oh well - back to the foulness!
Rate raise

I am going to do mine.  Have not done so for the past 3 - 4 years and so going to try to do 1 cent raise per mine.  Hopefully they won't complain too much but I still pick up and deliver and so it hits me hard as my paper has also gone up.  So we will see.   Usually when I do this they back off a little and don't dictate so much for a month or so but then it goes back to normal.   Let me know what you are doing.  I am in Oregon.  Been doing this for 16 years and I think I started out at 8 and now at 11 to 12. 


Not really. Why don't you ask for a raise at your current
employer if you're happy there? How long have you been there?
Has anyone ever asked for a raise at OSi? (sm)
I have worked there for almost 3 years and am wondering if I have a shot at actually getting a raise? Thanks for any input anyone has!
raise up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he
I figure I taught him what I know and believe. He has to make the decisions from there, and if what I taught him was strong enough, and believable enough, he will do OK. May make mistakes, but he'll do OK.
Mequist pay raise
I have been working for Medquist 10 years this June. Never got turned down for a raise when I asked for one, got at least 7 or 8 raises in 10 years - lost count but know I never let much more than a year go by without asking. However, only give 3% of base rate, no more.
I got a raise last week too!
Also, for the same reasons.  I actually covered for someone who suddenly got ill.  Hence, a raise!  Nice work.  It can happen.
Two years without a raise

I have worked for this doctor for five years and have not received a pay increase for the past two years. His patient load has increased very much in the past few months. Is it OK to to type a letter requesting a pay increase? It is very difficult to get a hold of this doctor???


Everyone is so afraid to ask for a raise.
I guarantee you that the people you work for have gotten a raise in the last 4 years, so why not you? Just do it. Like you said, all they can say is no, or give some BS excuse. But just look at the enormous increase in gasoline over the past 4 years, never mind everything else. No one can continue on the same salary.
Those afraid to ask for a raise are their own
This is one of the major reasons why women are paid at least 20% less than men doing the same job. Women are intimidated to just go in and say, "Hey boss, I need a raise."

Many years ago, I was working as a cashier. Certainly not a great job, but for low level work, it didn't really pay that bad. I had been there 5 years, had received my usual raises and a merit raise. However, I still felt my level of flexibility by being able to take over in a lot of other departments at a moment's notice made me a valuable employee. I went into my supervisor, told them what I thought my value was to the company and asked for a dollar an hour raise. He gave it so quick, I probably could have gotten more.
Since you are working for him as an IC and have informed him of the rate increase, just bill him for it.  That is what I do.  If they didn't accept it they probably would have spoken to you by now.  Smile! 
Yearly raise? What's that?
I've been waiting for 3 years for a raise I was supposed to get after 6 months. 
PS: Most of us would be thrilled just to have a raise! nm
According to my math, you actually need a raise to 13 cpl. sm
It seems that when you cut your pay by 1/3, you need to raise the line pay by almost 1/2 to keep even. Checked it out on 100 lines at 9 cpl ($9), dropped to 68.5 lines, had to go to just over 13 cpl to get the same pay. Am I missing something?
Let's look at that 1 cpl raise closer ..
Let's say you make 8 cpl and you want a 1 cpl raise. That is a 12.5% raise...quite costly. No company can afford to give its workers 12% raises.

I know MTs who make 6-figure incomes. You can do it in MT work. You can also get a degree and work your way up in a nonproduction job to get it, too. It's all up to you.

time for a raise?

I'm working at $5.75 per 1000 words, and I have 5 years experience with the same company.  Is this average?

Congrats, but 8% raise?!
Way to go! but I must know which health system is offering an 8% raise for CMT?  And on top of that, an extra 2 cpl on incentive pay?!  What the heck did they start off at, 6 cpl? I work for one of the largest health systems in Virginia and all we get is reimbursed for the cost of the test.  We do get paid 10 cpl with a good calculation format, though.   
I think anytime you get a raise you should
thank your lucky stars. I have been doing this for over 20 years and I cannot even remember a raise, probably in the 80s or early 90s? I think most places, the companies here, are not giving raises these days. I make less than the 80s and 90s now. Others will make more but they are probably the ones who have their own accounts.
LOL! if it stays down, maybe we could get a raise!
I hope it stays down long enough to have us appreciated and get a raise! Watch, all the "good" dictators will mysteriously appear again....
Can you ever expect a raise!?

I've been an MT- for 15 years, so I'm not new to this, but is it still common to keep on at the same per-line amount that you were hired at year after year!?  I have been at my current job for 3-1/2 years and still make the same per line and also get no paid days off.  I hate starting new jobs and when I hired on the per-line rate I got paid was higher than most, although it is IC work with no benefits.  The cost of living has gone up so much and I need more money to make ends meet, but I am a bit wimpy about approaching my boss.

I would love some input on the going per-line rate (I do ER and clinic work) and also how often you receive a raise if ever so I can decide how to approach this issue.  Thanks so much!

Chin up and ask for a raise.

The worst they can say is no.  You're IC.  If you don't like what they're paying you, there's nothing keeping you there.  Believe me after 10 years with a company and no raise in the last 6 years, I spoke up and asked to be considered for one.  The process is still ongoing (only about 2 weeks since I asked) but at least I know they're looking at it.

Why did it take me 6 years to ask for one?  Because when I started with this company I was told I would be evaluated yearly, which I was for the first 4 years.  Every year, I got an evaluation and a raise on my anniversary date.  Then the company made major changes and 1 year slipped into 2 and before I knew it 6 years had gone by and nothing.  I guess I thought if I deserved a raise, they'd give it to me, right?  Wrong.  Companies don't just give out money.  Finally, I decided to do something about it.

You need to politely address this issue with your supervisor.  Be prepared for them to scrutinize your quality, commitment, production and availability.  Be prepared to sell yourself - i.e., how much OT/extra you work, any weekend/night hours, QA scores, etc.  You deserve a raise - go get it!!!!!

Raise requests???
I already posted this on the "Gab" board, but thought I'd put it on this one too so I can get as much advice as possible....

Ok, so I work in-house at my local hospital. I get paid a decent wage by the hour. We get annual raises and cost of living raises. However, I have been put in charge of transitioning all of our clinics to a new dictation/transcription system and have been meeting with all of the doctors, setting up templates, meeting with the product vendors and deciding how we want to go about implementing the new system. In addition to this I have been making my minimum line count EVERY DAY. My question is...Should I ask for a raise in pay since I am doing all of this extra work for the hospital even when I have been getting annual and cost of living raises anyway? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!
Giving myself a raise

I have been working for an office for 2 years now at the same line rate. I would like to increase my per line rate, but want to know how I should go about doing that.

I feel that I do good work for them and need some type of raise since I am an independent contractor and do not get bonuses, etc.

Thanks for your input.