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AIM mentoring program

Posted By: Lilly on 2008-04-19
In Reply to: AIM internship program - Veronica

I would personally stay far away from this "opportunity." No mentoring program you have to pay for and work for free can make up for inadequate training. AIM will let you work for free until the last 2-4 weeks of their 12-week mentorship. If you can transcribe at 98% or better on QA, they will pay you 2-4 cpl. Flipping burgers pays better than that! For this "opportunity" you have to pay them $99 (admissions fee or whatever they are calling it). Bottom line, you pay for this mentorship. Will they guarantee you employment? I seriously doubt it.

Check out M-Tec and Andrews. You will get what you pay for. Good luck!


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OSI Mentoring Program
Ever heard of OSi Mentoring Program?? Is this supposed to be on the up and up???? Good program? Bad program? Good company???? Thanks for the info....:)
Mentoring program
Allstate Transcription has a mentoring program for those who are interested in something like this.  Feel free to visit the website to learn more.  Click on the AIM Program link, then Detailed Overview.
AIM Mentoring Program
AIM got back to me in 5-7 days.
yes spheris has mentoring program
I did some editing for it... seems pretty good.  I wish I had had a mentoring program.
AIM mentoring program - anyone participated in this?

Hi - I'm curious about the AIM mentoring program that I saw advertised on MT Jobs (maybe here, too, I just haven't looked yet).  I've got the qualifications to become a mentor for these guys - well, at least I think it do! =) but was wondering if they're legit.  Has anyone here participated in this program and, if so, did it do what it claims to do - give you a better base of training to make you more marketable?  Any info much appreciated!

Does WebMedX offer a mentoring program for newbies?
Hi, 'me': You suggest taking a mentoring program
for newbies.
Could you name some companies or schools which offer mentoring programs?
I know http://www.ositranscription.com has a mentoring program. I don't know anymore about it. But thought you could check into it.
I would be glad to talk with you. You may e-mail me at mtizfun@yahoo.com.
I would be glad to talk with you. You may e-mail me at mtizfun@yahoo.com.
That would be both, job and mentoring, especially if you are a newbie.  It is for one who can work in WP5.1 or WP11 or 12 and who owns a wave player.  The pay, of course, is not great to start with, depending on the level of experience, and will be raised with improvement.  This is not a scam and there is no cost involved.  We have quite a few  docs in various fields who are great for building experience.  I am offering mentoring and a job for someone who meets the qualifications above and is willing to work hard to be a good transcriptionist.     
I am a recent graduate and would like someone to mentor me.  Please help.  I will appreciate all responses of any kind.  I would like to work from home.  Thank you.
I am looking for someone that could possibly help me with mentoring.  I graduated from PCDI but need additional help with dictation.  PCDI taught the basics, but nothing to help prepare people for the testing for employment.  Thank you.

Hi! I've been teaching 12+ years now (transcribing and editing longer than that) and suggest you go to your local community college or adult education people in your town/city and let them start your classes. They can advertise and reach more students. I make an excellent salary, especially considering I live and work in the wilds of Maine. Granted, I could make more transcribing, but I love teaching. There is such a need for good training by real transcriptionists these days, NOT by these so-called schools recommended by AAMT. I have mentored (which usually means working individually, you know) more than 1 student who paid $3,500+ to M-Tec and had a horrible experience. If you go through an established school, you will reach many more people. Oh yes, I charge $25/hour for tutoring (mentoring), but that's geographically-related. When I taught in San Francisco 15 years ago, I was paid over $60/hour.

Hope this helps.

I could give you some help. Me -- 20+ years transcribing and 12+ teaching it. How much time do you estimate? I could do a little every day. Weekends I have more time. Rosie

Mentoring and mentors
Hi. In the past I mentored several new medical transcriptionsists. I loved it. They basically came off the street for the job, a couple had "technical college" training. They were poorly prepared for live dictation. One eventually went on to have her own business and I worked for her when she had overflow!

A mentor can do a lot to help someone along, but also the get-up-and-go must be present in the student.

Mentoring is awfully important. It is rare to work within a large facility and not have someone who can lend an ear from time to time.

Currently I have a friend who from time to time calls and asks me to listen to difficult dictations.

Points of a good mentor: Honestly encourages. Shares tools unselfishly. If I had extra references or older books that could be let go, well that was just another way of getting that person into the success bracket.

Honesty: If, over a period of time, a person is not cutting it as a Transcriptionist they most certainly need to know that. javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
Mentoring Programs
Has anyone heard of the AIM Mentoring Program thru Allstate Transcription?  They are asking for $99.00 for the entire 12 week program with possible employment at the end.  I am wondering if this is a route I should go since I am having trouble getting a job.
Mentoring Programs

For those of you who have tested for the mentoring programs through AIM and Meditec, about how long did it take for them to get back to you?

Thanks in advance. :)

mentoring programs

Does somebody know which MT employment companies have mentoring or internship programs?  Thanks in advance.

Mentoring opportunity

I am a medical Transcriptionist who has over 15 years of experience and also have taught medical transcription and provided quality evaluations for graduating students at the college level. I am in the process of revamping my medical transcription business and have a spot for two either graduates or soon to be graduates to intern.

The internship will be paid at a starting rate of 0.06 cpl (65 char with spaces) while in training and then will go to 0.07 cpl. This is an wonderful opportunity to gain much needed experience as well as allowing you the opportunity to work from home.

Just reply by email if you are interested and tell me a bit about yourself for consideration.

Mentoring programs
I applied to a company called Accustat (www.accustat-mt.com) and they responded that they don't hire new graduates, but they do have a mentoring program.  There is no fee to join the program and it does pay a little, but I would have to purchase some equipment that I don't currently have.  They also require you to produce at a certain level or they will drop you, but they haven't told me how much they expect yet.  I guess that is what makes me nervous about it.  I just can't afford to make financial mistakes right now.  Has any one been through Accustat's mentoring program?

Well:  I certainly would reply to you.  I am a recent grad of a 1-yr, 900-hr, CMT- taught course in need of an internship or a job and beginning to despair of finding anyone who will give me a chance.  I have an A average, medical background, and a college degree and the school cannot even find 1 business to take me for my "guaranteed" 80-hour externship.  I have begun posting my own resumes and applying, so far with no replies.  I am scheduled to take the RMT on April 15; perhaps that will help.  I have not been looking too long, so I haven't given up hope yet.  The woman that didn't answer you is a fool. 

OSI, Heartland Mentoring Programs
Just wondering if anyone has heard of these mentoring programs. I, too, am finding it hard to get a job with no experience. Are these programs worth it? Has anyone out there gone through these? Please give some friendly advice!
Mentoring by above - personal experience

Well, having been mentored by the person who is offering the mentoring, I just wanted to add my two cents...

I did all of my practical training/learning, etc., through DKM.  Without her, I would be nowhere. I do not believe there is a school out there that will totally supply you with all the knowledge you need to be an MT...actually working on actual dictations is the only way. There is not one day that goes by that I don't learn something new - either a new term, new med, new surgery, etc., etc.  She provided me with feedback, corrections, etc.  When I repeated mistakes again, she corrected me again.

So, here I am over a year later...still with her.  I worked hard, I made notebooks with all the terms/meds/exam types/procedures, etc.  I poured over all of my corrections, etc., etc.  I am far from perfect, but I learn more every day.  Some docs I can do 20 mins an hour, some 10, but I am certainly able to work as an MT with a high degree of accuracy.  So, is this mentor a scam?  I would verify NOT.

new mt mentoring programs or internships?

are there any good newbie MT mentoring programs out there? or internships?


Are you offering mentoring or an actual job for newbies? nm
since you already have a little experience, go apply at a hospital. They have benefits, mentoring,
etc.  In a few years time, you'll be on your way to really cleaning up.
If your original training is any good, you shouldn't need mentoring.
Especially not if you have to pay extra for it. Some places will not only charge you for mentoring, they then expect you to work for free, claiming it is part of the learning process. Baloney.
try the SUM Program
It is the best one I know of. Good luck.
MT program

I took the Oak Horizon course offered at CVCC in Hickory NC.

At the time I took it, it was 2 semesters. But it is now a 3 semester course.

It was tough but I managed to make the honor roll.

Take care!!
The CS program done via the
community college is actually a better program! I would definitely consider myself a CS graduate. Put CS first, and I wouldn't even mention a community college unless you are asked. Where you took the CS course shouldn't matter. Good luck to you.
The program more than likely can be used elsewhere.
It doesnt mean you are paying for work. After you have been in transcription a while you will have dozens of programs on your computer for some reason or another. I have about 20 :) Some were free and some I had to pay for.
FTP program
Does anyone know of a good FTP program, and how to work one? Sorry if this is posted to the wrong board, but I am new to posting anything. :-(. Thanks in advance.
AIM program

Does anyone have any experience with the AIM mentoring program through Allstatae Transcription?  Any info would be helpful!

AIM program
That was what I was afraid of! I have already paid my $99. and she said that it would be about a month before I could get started because she had a new client starting and she was going to start my internship with that client. Did you do any interning with her at all? Why did your friend go 5 months?? Thanks for your info I really appreciate it!
AIM program
Yes, I went through the program earlier this year and was able to find a job because of it.  However, I never did receive my certificate in the mail.
M-TEC uses the SUM Program.
You are provided detailed feedback from an actual live human being who has experience in the field.

CareerStep has their own dictations that you compare to a computer program. You have to deduce for yourself if the differences in your transcription versus the "key" are true errors or acceptable style differences or if you are correct and the person who transcribed the report for the course made an error. If you have questions, you are to contact student support, who may or may not have time to provide feedback, and that feedback may or may not be accurate.

I went to CS, but I also did the SUM program on my own. If I had it all to do over again, I would not choose that program. I would go with Andrews or M-TEC. I did graduate with high honors, and I did get a great job a week after graduating (with a company I still work for), but I supplemented the course with the SUM program, Language of Medicine, and the HPI workbooks. There really is no comparison when it comes to the quality of materials. The CS course is essentially homemade whereas the materials used by M-Tec have been created and vetted by knowledgeable professionals.
OSI mentor program.
I applied and have not heard anything yet?  Have any one else applied.  Thanks.
I don't know about their mentor program...
But I have been working for them for about 6 months now and absolutely love them. I highly recommend them, and I have heard good things about their mentor program. I just haven't experienced it first-hand.

Try an internship program
Cort Medical and Accustat Carolinas both have a mentoring progam, I also graduated from PCDI and could not find work, I had to work for free in an intership program for 8 weeks to get a job in the end, this might sound hopeless but I know how frustrating it is to look for work, I now have been working steady for accustat and love them if you need more information email me at flgeitner@comcast.net if you wish and may be I can help..
osi mentor program
Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. I am currently in the OSi mentor program and while it lacks a lot of structure, I am certainly getting my foot in the door and obtaining the experience necessary to move on to another company when possible.
Is there anyone at your school/program who can help?

Would it be possible for you to ask someone for more sample ESL dictations to transcribe?  Would you be able to buy a CD of ESL dictation? 

This company has an ESL CD:  http://www.absoluteexperience.com/AudioSamples.html

The typing program I have is .......
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, which I have had for years. It doesn't cost much and allows you to practice your typing and improve typing speed.

Also, used to get a lot of headaches sitting in front of the computer but since I bought a radiation shield/screen to hang in front of my monitor, that has relieved a lot of my eye strain and headaches. It tones down the brightness of the monitor, which I didn't realize was so bright and how it affected by eyes until I put the filter screen in front of it. But I also wear glasses now for nearsightedness as a result of sitting in front of computers for years in previous jobs.

Anyway, hope this helps.
I don't know particulars about the MT program, but
my 14-YO took a course from them and it was a joke.  You have to have finished at least 8th grade to take their classes, so that should tell you there they their courses aren't very challenging.  Everything is open book and if you flunk the test the first go round, or just do poorly, you get a second chance to take the test, though you can only get a 70 if you have to take the test again, even if you score higher.   I wouldn't waste money on it because it is like taking some classes from some of the other schools, it is just money wasted and their reputation isn't great and unless they are terribly desperate or running a scam, will pass you over.  M-Tec, Andrews, and Career-Step are good some schools (not necessarily in that order).  I believe the PF course is close to $1000 and you can take the course for close to the same amount at a local community college. 
Advice for your program
Our company hires a good deal of recent grads, though most have a few months of experience.

Let me tell you what I see in their work and tests when they are referred to me because they cannot make their quality audits or they want to test to move up:

1) They have no idea what the AAMT BOS-2 is most of the time; those who do, seem to have just glanced at it. Please, please thoroughly study this wonderful resource and have your students deliberately practice these guidelines.

2) Teach them appropriate grammar and punctuation. Simple basic English grammar and punctuation that should have been learned in grade school and many do not have it.

3) Teach them to never, ever guess and to always use spellcheck. I am usually shocked at what could have been avoided had these 2 simple techniques been employed.

4) Teach them that even when they feel they are at their best game, they should - at the very least - periodically review AND relisten to their work before submitting it. Maybe 2 reports a day or so. Re-read it first for any spelling, grammar, terminology and punctuation errors. Then, relisten to that same report.

These very, very basic skills should be intinctive if they are well taught.

Please feel free to write if you'd like a more in-depth discussion about other trends I see in their work.

Took their intern program too

I felt the intern program was taking my training to a higher level and fine tuning  that training in a way that would get me working faster and make me both more productive and confident when I finished it.  Not only that, the growing experience with different companies only helped cement that training, which is something I will always have as I go forward.   Meditec is not a scam and they are very supportive.


Maybe everyone does not need an internship opportunity, but I knew I wanted one and am glad to have had it.  Besides, that very internship was one of the main reasons I chose Meditec in the first place.   I did pay a little extra for it, but I am worth that investment!    I have been on paid status since the internship and never had to worry about getting that very important first MT job.


Good luck to everyone and God Bless.


Unfortunately this program is horrible and
you wasted your money.  Many people have come here complaining they can't get a job after completing this course and end of having to take another course.   You're chances of getting a job are very slim. 
Internship program

Has anyone completed the internship program offered by Allstate Transcription? Did you receive a job offer?  Is it worth the money?

If you're already in an MT program, then do get it and
which program did you complete?