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Posted By: Phyllis on 2006-08-30
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This is a message for everyone who would like to become an MT but can't afford the training.  Career Step training is now available through San Juan College, in New Mexico and Everett Community College, in Washington.  Career Step has partnered with both schools which are now using the Career Step program. 

Th The San Juan program has already started its fall session, but Everett College does not begin its fall session until September 25.  Both programs require that you fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). 

I hope this information helps someone.

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Career Step Training

I just started Career Step training via San Juan College, a community college that offers Career Step online training.  I would like to hear from others who finished Career Step Training and are now successfully employed as work-at-home MTs.



Career Step Online training
Self-motivated is a rather limp way to describe the course. There is no instructor support, nor is anything except the final graded by a human being.

I think you have to be a bit more than self-motivated. If you don't know wether something is right or wrong a computer graded response won't help you learn.

Just an observation from a
student who finished the course.
Career Step is quality training!!!
I am, of course, a Career Step graduate.  I really believe in their program and have found great success as an MT due to their training course.  I highly recommend it to anyone!!!  Feel free to email me or check out my website for more information ... www.MTinTexas.com.
Career Step training is excellent

I received my training from Career Step which is an online school.  If you would like more details, I'm happy to share my experience.  Feel free to email me. 

Whether you want to work from home or inhouse - you'll be prepared.  Make sure whatever school you choose offers job placement assistance.  Also, CS is very well respected as they are 1 of the schools recognized by the American Association of Medical Transcriptionists. 


San Juan College Career Step Training
The teachers for the majority of the classes at Everett are CMTs. This is not the case with the program at San Juan College.
Community College Career Step Training
The fact is that most students who take Career Step training via Everett Community College or San Juan Community College do so, because they cannot afford to pay for Career Step out of their own pockets. No matter where they obtain the training, it is still quality training. Even if they don't get their first job via the Spheris or any other fast track, they will still be able to find a job if they work hard.
Career Step Training via San Juan College
Has anyone completed MT Career Step training via San Juan College, in Farmington, New Mexico?  If so, please let me know how your experience was, i.e., faculty support, answers to your questions, etc.
Career Step
Please excuse the typos, my cat decided he wanted to sit on the keybard.... cher
Career Step will get you a job.
Hello.  I graduated from Career Step with high honors and was hired by a major national within a week after applying.  I have been working for 4 months and have moved out of the mentoring program faster than "normal" (per my mentor).  Since being out of training, I have excelled beyond what they consider "normal" for new graduates.  If that's not an indication of the course content, then I don't know what is.  I chose Career Step because of the fact that it is self-paced with no "assigned" instructors.  It didn't mean I was alone.  It was the way I liked to learn.  If I had a question, I emailed support, and received an answer promptly.  Many people put down Career Step, but they are usually disgruntled students (who may need more support than others) or from other people who are just listening to these disgruntled students/prior students/ex-students.  I admit that Andrews and M-Tec are fantastic schools, but they will cost you.  I am happy I attended Career Step, didn't break the bank, and am employed at a great job.
career step


i looked into Career Step and it is like $1500, does anyone really have that kind of cash to lay out in the beginning?



Career Step


I too was trying to decide on which school to train with, when after careful research and hand wringing, decided on the Sallie Mae loan for Career Step. In my opinion, it offers more bang for your buck. From what I have gathered from the student forums and chats, there's lot's of support if you need it. The top two schools are excellent, but very, very pricey! I work full-time for the benefits and want to transcribe part-time, so I didn't want to go into heavy debt to learn MT.


Thanks! (? about Career Step)
But don't worry, I would never base my decision on what is said on this message board, it just gives me a little more to think about. I am still very serious about it. I am currently taking a course at my local college, but it's not a certification course, it's just a supplemental course. I am considering taking the Career Step course, and so far everyone has positive things to say about it. Is it truly a good course for finding a job in the future? Thanks, SC
Career Step
Career Step offers a great medical transcription course. I saw it first-hand in a couple of months ago.

Career Step
chose Career Step program -- finished in 13 months while being home with my daughter who was 1 when I started -- passed final with honors and had a job within 3 weeks.
Career Step
No, you are not wasting your time. I'm on Career Step through Bellevue Community College, and I just got a full-time benefitted position at Tucson Medical Center.

I'm not even done with the program yet. I just applied, they called me, and I tested. They thought I did really well, and couldn't believe I didn't already have professional experience.

Also, at the time I took the position, I was in contact with Write Now Transcription in California, who offered me a job through them, as well.

Please note, I am not even done with the program yet.

So, go ahead and do the program through Everett Community College.

The reports they have you transcribe are in general, a bit tougher than average in the real market, which is good. You get a chance to really cut your teeth on good and bad--really bad-- dictation.

Good Luck and go to school!
Career Step, also..nm
Career Step
JBarker--I went through Career Step's course. I just graduated a couple of weeks ago...(Feb. 22) You can take a year to take the course, and if you need longer, they offer extensions. I think it was worth the money, in my opinion. The tests that I have taken so far have been very similiar to the final exam Career Step gave. Good luck with your choice!!
Career Step
Just to throw this in here. If your SIL does decide to do Career Step which is a great program. I have had a few friends complete it and get a lot of job offers. I have a Gold Online Career Step Course for sale very cheap. Just thought I would mention that. My email is tummons5@sbcglobal.net if you have any questions.

Career Step
I've hired two CS grads and both are wonderful transcriptionists.  The very worst I've seen out there is PCDI.  They don't train on ESLs and I have not had a single applicant yet pass the test on mttest.com.  What they charge and what they provide for what they charge is outrageous and I feel very sorry for these people.
Career Step
So...am I wasting my time? I've decided to enroll at Everett Community College because they use Career Step curriculum and I can get a pell grant. My husband is just starting his carpentry business and I can't afford payments. I'm hard working, polite, and where MT work is concerned an open book to be molded. So, surely someone would be willing to give me a chance when I graduate with high honors.
Career Step
Why would you suggest that new MT's choose a different career?
Career Step
Career Step, besides being by far the cheapest training approved by the AAMT, has the option of taking a module by Spheris (a transcription company), if you take this module they will hire you upon completion to work in acute care. Career Step also provides "job placement assistance" for their standard program too.
Career Step etc.
Everett Community College in WA has a partnership with Career Step (and you can enroll from anywhere in the country - online program). If you think you might qualify for Federal Student Financial Aid, Worker Retraining, diplaced homemaker, disability, etc., this is the program that can apply those benefits.
Career step
CS is a great school and approved by AAMT. If you are looking to sign up with them, see my post on the classified forum.

Career Step

I am doing my research on MT schools.  It is between the big 3   MTEC, Andrews, and Career Step.  Does anyone know why Career Step is so much cheaper.  (1500.00 vs 3800.00)


Does that mean the other two are much better and have better chance of finding a job.

Career Step

I am looking for all and any information on Career Steps.  Has anyone taken their course? Please advise me with the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Thanks a bunch!

Career Step
My husband is currently enrolled in this course and it is much more thorough than the course I took locally over 7 years ago. They have a payment plan and are very reasonably priced. M-Tech and Andrews are much higher priced and take longer to complete, we checked into those as well. They all look like good courses though, just your call. Good luck!
Career Step Course

Are there any Career Step Grads to give advice.  I am almost ready to sign on.  How long did it take you to get a job?



Career Step
It is a great course.  Takes a lot of self-discipline.  Most find a job within a week of graduation if you are not real choosy. 
Career Step
I also took Career Step courses, but I took them through an affilliated college. I think it made things a lot easier and there was also a lot of help if you need it through your instructors.
Career Step ?
HI I too am in the same boat im about to graduate an MT school myself and have also like you looked at serveral companies who are in partnership with Career Step I personally have decided that the extra training couldnt hurt so I plan to enroll as soon as im done.  email me if you want to chat about it.
career step

Is anybody satisfied with CareerStep training?  I hear alot of negative things about them....

Career Step ?


Does the companies that work with Career Step require you to make 98% on the employment test before they hire you?  Or do they hire right out of School.

I am trying to make up my mind if it is worth it to take another school as the one I took before was not on the list of schools with AAMT.


Career Step

I was with them a long time ago but decided to leave. Now I attend a great school with real instructors who are CMTs and have over 20 years experience. I already have a great job lined up and they pay for my RMT and CMT exams.

Just my opinion!!





The companies that hire Career Step grads, do you have a test to take with them that requires you to make 98% on the employment test before they hire you?

I am try to decide if it will be worth it to take another MT course, as the first one I took companies seem not to be interested in you unless you went to a aamt school that is on their list.

Thank for your input!



Career Step
Any advice on Career Step?  From what I've seen, it's the most affordable that's ACCP approved.  I read that, in order to get a job, you need to be at the top of their class.  I've always been a solid 'B' student, so I was just wondering.  Thank you.
Career Step
I actually took the Career Step course and found it to be very helpful. I did not have any trouble finding a job once I finished the course and I find that I learned pretty much everything I needed to know to do the real MT work. I would be glad to talk to you more about it if you would lke. Good luck!
Career Step

How many of you got your MT training via Career Step?

After you completed your training with Career Step, did you feel adequately prepared for a work-at-home MT job?  I'd love to hear from "seasoned" transcriptionists who took Career Step training.

Career Step
I went through Career Step and thought it was excellent training!

You should do well with Career Step
And yes, your pre-nursing studies will be of some help. I was a nurse for 16 years before getting into MT work. Though there were some pretty big differences, I did understand the content as I trained. So, welcome aboard and good luck to you.

God Bless.
Career Step

I've been in transcription 12 years, and my sister took this course 2 years ago.  I thought it was awesome!  They give you tons of great practice dictation to help prepare you.

M-TEC is another one that I hear is super.

Career Step

Does anyone know how much the extensions are?  and how long are they?


Try Career Step
Hi! I'm glad you asked the questions about the different online MT schools. Several months ago I checked out Penn Foster. Before enrolling I decided to check out the offical MT website for accredited online courses because I was still a little unsure about investing my money into something that wouldn't be worth it after I graduated. Well, Penn Foster wasn't on the list and needless to say I decided to stay away from there. Well, several months later after doing more research, much praying, and talking with several MT friends I was pointed in the direction of Career Step. I have only been taking the course for a month and so far I LOVE it!!! I would highly recommend it. I personally know someone that took that course and within a couple months she was working from home for a large MT company. Knowing that and seeing it first hand also was a big help in knowing which course to enroll in as I was still a little unsure it this all was a fake and a waste of time and money. It is always so hard to know what direction to take, but if you pray about it and allow the Lord to guide you He'll take care of it.....don't worry about it - just cast all you care upon Him. Feel free to email me at treasuredmemories@juno.com if you have any other questions.  
- Heather

Career Step ?

My sister-in-law recently completed Career Step's course, and graduated with honors.  I've been transcribing for 20 years, just kind of fell into the business, and really have no formal training.  She took this course on my recommendation, since she was unhappy with her job.  Now, I'm kind of wishing I hadn't mentioned it to her, for these reasons:  First, they live way out in the country and the only internet service they could get was satellite.  After looking at different company's requirements, she is finding that a lot of companies will not hire a Transcriptionist who uses satellite service.  Secondly, a friend who completed the course last year told me that she tried for months to obtain employment, but couldn't until she agreed to a 3-month internship. 

So, for anyone who has completed Career Step's course, and is willing to share their experiences after graduation, I would really appreciate some input, thoughts, advice...anything that I can tell her that may help her out!  Thanks!

Career Step (sm)
I did Career Step and was hired at Medquist about 3 years ago. At the time, I had satellite internet because that is all that was available where I live. I can tell you I hated satellite. About 6 months or so after I started, cable internet was offered so now I have cable internet.

I am not sure if MQ still hires people with satellite, but I think they still hire CS grads upon passing the MQ test.

I know you see some bad things about MQ, but it is all in where you are placed. I have had some bad experiences and good, and I still have good and bad days at MQ. There are days where I like it and day I hate it. Everyone's experience seems to be different depending on their supervisor. Anyway, if she can get her foot in the door at MQ and get some experience, she can always quit if she does not like MQ.

About the 3-month internship, if all else fails I would do it. I know you don't get paid, but I barely made any money starting out anyway.

If you have any other specific questions, you can email me.
Career Step
I wonder how much Career Step is? I've heard that it's not outrageously expensive. I guess after I complete this course and I find that people won't hire me, I may just start working somewhere else and look into taking the Career Step course. At least I would go into that knowing more having already taken one course. Just weighing my options. I'm not going to give up.
Career Step
Career Step is about $1200. I'm in the middle of it and I think it's a great class.
And they let you make 4 payments.
Career Step?? or not??
Can anyone please give me some good insight as to the Career Step program? thanks
Career Step
I would seriously recommend you consider M-Tec and Andrews before you enroll in CS. I went to CS. I graduated with high honors and found a good job, but I trained with M-TEC and Andrews grads, and their knowledge was head and shoulders above mine. If it was not for my mentor and studying the HPI workbooks and Language of Medicine in my non-working hours, I would not have been able to keep my job.

As has been said here before, the CS course is "homemade," there are no instructors (it is a DIY grading system via computer), student support is spotty at best, there are errors in the transcription answer key, and you have no real way to judge your progress until you take the final.

If I had to do it all again, I would go to M-TEC or Andrews.

Best of luck to you, whatever you decide.

P.S. My employer no longer hires CS grads as they require extensive mentoring due to information gaps in the program. I am the only CS grad still employed there.
Career Step?
Hi all: I have recently bailed from Kaplan University's MT program after figuring out that it will cost me over 30 grand to get the degree, and they aren't even AHDI certified! I am looking into Career Step - but they boast an 85% placement rate within 1 week of graduation. And I'm like, "Sure you do, Sure!". However, they supposedly work with Spheris, Medquist, and Etrans Plus. But horrible things have been written about all three companies on this board! So who can give me the low-down on Career Step?

I'm also wondering if doing MT is a good (or even possible) part time job. What kinds of hours or shifts do part-timers work? How many hours per day do you have to put in if you manage to get a part-time gig?

If anyone can address these issues and offer any other advice to a prospective MT student, I would be very grateful!

Don't go with Career Step

They train offshore MT to take U.S. jobs.  They are doing it in the Philippines and South Africa and are planning soon to launch a program in Jamaica.  Career Step will take your money, assuring you that you have a solid future, and then go train the people who make your future grim.

If you don't mind being double-dealt, go ahead.  I wouldn't give my money to such a company.

(I already did.  I'm a CS grad.  I wouldn't give them a dime if I were trying to choose a school today.)

Go with MTec or Andrews.  They have excellent reputations.  You can't go wrong with them.  That is... if you want to get into a profession with declining pay and fewer jobs largely due to VR and offshoring, thanks to greedy MTSOs and Career Step.