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Penn Foster & PCDI can't help with job placement because it's too hard to find jobs for their

Posted By: deb on 2008-02-07
In Reply to: School - Jo Lynn Cogbill

Not being mean, just honest. There's a reason they won't help with placement. They take your money for their course and don't care if you can get a job afterwards or not. And most people can't, because they are not trained well enough by those courses.

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Hard to find MT jobs for newbies

I attended TechSkills. The course was 32 weeks. I have a desire of being a transcriptionist. By me being a firm believer that I can make a career of being a transcriptionist, my positive attend has brought me a long way.

Hard to find MT jobs for newbies
Lisa, unfortunately I expect that you are going to have a hard time getting a job with your current English-language skills. Even from these brief messages that you have posted, it is patently obvious that English is not your first language. In any type of transcribing or editing position fluency in English is one of the first requirements; if you don't have that, you are not likely to succeed.

Hard to find MT jobs for newbies
Ian, Please consider a career in MT. I have been truly rewarded as my career has changed from working outside the home as a surgical technologist to a full time mom. The field is growing by leaps and bounds especially with all of the outsourcing that is going on. this would allow you to work at home if you wish and work at your own pace. You would not regret it. Now as for the school, VLC is an excellent choice, but remember that you get out of it what you put in it. I am a graduate and have been working steady for the past 2 years and am now preparing to take the AAMT certification.

Good luck on your choice.

I do MT placement and I have more jobs for MTs than ever before
I'm beginning to wonder if there might be a large segment of MTs on this board right now who are not in the top group as far as performance and education. I'm shocked to see what some of you are claiming that you are making. I haven't seen income that low in any of the people I've been placing.
Penn Foster?


I just came across this wonderful site!

I'm  planning a career in Medical Transcription & would like to know if anyone could recommend an accredited online/correspondence school. (if there is one out there) 

I've received mailings from Penn Foster - formally Education Direct.  Is anyone familiar with them?

Thanks for your time,


I have seen ads for Penn Foster as well..
but as far as "accredited and reputed" schools. There are 4 or 5, which you can see here:

Penn Foster

Thanks for the info, I had a feeling she should look further.  I had already given my recommendations, but she chose to go this way.  Luckily she had not paid yet, and is now going to re-think this carefully before jumping in again.

Thanks again!

penn foster
what does everyone think of them? are they a good school for MT? i came across them but i am not finding anyone saying much about them..so was wondering what everyones opinions were on them! thanks
penn foster...

I took my training from there, it was actually Eduction Direct when I started. Am not impressed at all with what I recieved to try and get a job in the "real world." If at all possible, I would have my friend try to get into another training program even if it is more expensive. I've read a couple listed here..andrew's and another one-can't remember the name. I'm just happy I didn't foot the bill for the course as I got it through a job retraining situation. I'm doing general transcription while trying to get more training for MT.

Hope that helps.

Penn Foster


Has anyone out there graduated from Penn Foster Career school and had any trouble getting work?


Penn Foster
Hi, I am also a soon to be grad of "Penn Foster". As we all know now, its subpar. I'm wondering if getting my RMT would help with future employment? Any thoughts?
Penn Foster
I, too, recently graduated Penn Foster and am having difficulties finding employment. It seems everyone wants 2+ years experience or graduation from a different school..I wish you luck in finding employment.
Unfortunately, Penn-Foster
will not prepare you for the demands and competition of today's MT world. I do not think many MTSOs take it seriously. You would be better off to take your loss and enroll in Andrews or M-TEC. You get what you pay for. There are too many well-trained MTs out there looking for jobs, many with decades of experience, competing for the little work available. Unfortunately, I do not think Penn-Foster is going to give you what you need to compete in the reality of today's MT world. It may not be a complete waste of time and money, but it surely leaves much to be desired.
Christy - Penn Foster
Hi Christy,

When deciding on what school to attend it is very important to do a lot of research. There is a list on this board under "schools". There is a lot of information out their and questions asked about almost every school there is. Read through the web sites, contact schools directly (several so you can compare), then get a list of employers and contact them to see what grads the will hire. There are other websites you can also get infromation on MT Chat and AAMT. It is important to do the research before you decide on what school to attend. In the long run it may cost you a lot more if you try to save in the first place. Choose wisely! Good luck.
Penn Foster transcription
Try Career Step, M-Tec,
or Andrews School for MT training. they are AAMT approved and will help with employment.
Penn Foster Grad

Hi :)  I graduated from there this year.  It is difficult to get a job in Med Transcription if you didn't graduate from the Med-tech, Career Step, or Andrews.  Penn Foster has ads from MRTservices and MediVoxx on their website.  You might want to try one of those.  However, they didn't work out for me, and I tested with both. 

I think MRT was having human resource problems because some new girl took over the position, made me resend all of my tests and then never got back to me.  The first person I was in contact with said I had done well on them.

MediVoxx is a pain to apply for.  I never got my interview, and I think that is partially why I "messed up" on my test.  I didn't do that bad.  For instance, she marked me off for putting "she's" instead of "she is."  Then, she marked me off for putting "Marsha's" and then corrected it by putting "Marsha's" right next to it.  I was wondering what was wrong what the correction was.

I think that the course was good except for the ACTUAL transcription part, which is obviously the most important.  That part was very unorganized, and I didn't like most of the instructors, especially that one guy.

I think I found a good place to work.  I'm doing more testing on Monday.  Email me for details.  I don't want to put it on here. 

Also, you might want to try Focus Infomatics.  I tested there last week, and they called me, but I'm more interested in this other place.  Plus, the posts on here about Focus scared me.

Absolutely do not take Penn Foster.

You only have to have an 8th grade education to make you eligible for their courses, so that should tell you right off the bat it can't be that good of a program.  My teen son took a course through them (not MT) and it was very poorly written and the information wasn't always accurate.

It is a cheap program, but you get what you pay for. 

Trying to say this gently. Penn Foster is

probably one of the worst schools.  I have not seen their MT program, by my 15-YO took one of their other courses.  The only requirement needed to take any of their courses is to have an 8th grade education.  From my son's books that I have seen they are not well written.

I would recommend trying to get an in-house position, taking another course, or find a legitimate menitoring program. 



I did the Penn Foster route too!
I did the course and I found employment within 1 month of grad. You just have to apply, apply and apply!!! Good luck to you.
Penn Foster grad
I took the Penn Foster course and was hired by the first company I tested for...they knew what school I attended because I put it on my resume. I agree that some schools may be subpar, but that doesn't mean the students/graduates are subpar. If you work hard, you will reap the benefits- no matter what school you attend.
Any luck with Penn Foster?
Has anyone graduated from Penn Foster and had any luck finding a job?
I graduated from Penn Foster sm
I recently started my first MT job after graduating in December 2008. Because of this course, I felt right at home with transcribing hospital reports, which seemed to surprise my new employer. Penn Foster taught me the basics, and I've been able to apply what I've learned to looking up unfamiliar words, etc.

Good luck with whatever you decide!
I'm a Penn Foster Graduate sm
I graduated from Penn Foster in December 2008 and found an MT job within two months after graduating. Before you consider your education from there a total waste, my suggestion would be to apply to some of the companies who don't require two years of experience and see how you do on their tests. If you aren't passing them, then you probably should consider additional education.

If you pass them and the only thing stopping you is lack of experience, you might want to give it a bit of time and continue to apply to every company you can find who will take on a newbie.

Good luck to you!

I would not recommend Penn Foster. In order
to take any of their courses you have to have completed 8th grade, and that is about where the courses are geared to.  My teen son is taking an automotive course through them and he knows more than is in the books and he has found many errors in the books.  They emphasize that the testing is open book and if you do poorly they allow you to test again.  I don't feel like you learn much this way.   While the school itself is an accredited school in most states, I feel like it would be a waste of time and money for MT. 
Penn Foster Career School

I am asking on behalf of a potential new Transcriptionist student about Penn Foster Career School.  Does anyone have any positives or negatives about them and their medical transcription training?

Thanks in advance!

penn foster - questionable practice
I did take a freelance writer's course from penn foster and I found the course not very balanced. There were mainly mutable choice open book questions (for a writer's course?) that were too easy and most of the relevant info I found in other sources.

The other problem with this course was lack of writing for it, lack of practical lessons in the course. The course was designed as a half hearted reporters course that assumed the writer has a college level writing ability. (I had high school level from 17 years ago)

The other problem was lack of professionalism with grading the manuscripts and fuzzy grading system. The Editor (mystery editor-would not disclose who, where or what qualifications the editor had.) was NOT a professional, missed basic mistakes and went out of her way to find mistakes that were not in the script. If she did not care for your story you a poor grade a failed it. (Only 4 manuscripts [test] were required out of 14 test total.

When I called for help, the man on the phone said he could only answer questions from the text book, he could not tell me who graded the manuscript, he said they were sent off campous but would not say where. He then stated, that I would not want to talk to the editor anyways.

I researched the accreditation--which means noithing but they filled out forms and paid a 1,000 dollar or less fee and garentee the MININIMAL standard.

They are a real school, that just moved to Scottsdale AZ by the way, but they operate at a min requirement.

The price is double what the course is really worth, save your money and go to a local college.
Penn Foster transcription program....sm
Has anyone been through this program and if so, how prepared were you for a career in this industry?  I have a neighbor that just told me she has signed up for this and based off of what I've read on their website I'm concerned that she may be wasting her money as there's no mention of actual transcription time - it just talks about learning terminology stuff. 
Is Penn Foster a good school?
I completed MT course at Penn Foster Career School and I'm having trouble finding my first job. Has anyone had experience with this school?
Don't waste your money on Penn Foster.
go to M-TEC, Andrews, or Career Step. These grads regularly finding jobs right after graduating. Most online companies that allow you to work from home will not hire grads from Penn Foster. You may be able to find in-house work, but since you stated your goal is to work from home, you should check out the 3 schools listed above. Otherwise, you are just wasting you money.
Unfortunately there are NOT as many opportunities as impled by Penn Foster.
It is not a very good school, does not teach you all that you need to know, and most MT companies are aware of that. Sorry.
Penn Foster stinks to put it mildly - sm
Everyone recommends the 3 you mention, years ago (8) I did CAI, a little more affordable, not a bad program though a lot look down on it as well, a little more affordable than the others as well. You will be able to bring in some extra cash, and if all 6 kids in school, I would say $1-2K a month in the long run. Starting probably $600 or so if you work hard. It won't make you rich unless you have you own accounts and a lot of MTs working for you. I have a very busy schedule, only 2 kids and only bring in $1500-1800 a month, but I have a lot going on, I am sure I could get that up to $2500 if I didn't have life happening all the time. But avoid Penn Foster, AT-home professions, etc. Those programs are a joke. I worked with a lady who did Penn Foster, boy was she bad, she did not last long where I worked as she did not listen, made the same mistakes over and over again, etc. I looked over their course and could not believe how bad it was from the decription on the internet, total joke. But MT is a good job if you are looking to supplement an existing income, this what I do, no clue how I would live on $1800 a month, but I would if I had to I guess. As for finding work after, no it is not easy, you have to be persistent and apply everywhere basically. Took me 2-3 months to find a job after I was done my course, I just applied everywhere I could and eventually found 2 places (1 was clinic, the other acute care, the best of both worlds) that would take me and I ran with it, put in my 2 years and have since worked at about 5-6 other places, think I have my niche now, but will probably shoot to get my own accounts soon and get a few MTs working for me so I don't have to work so hard (I hope).
Penn Foster requires an 8th grade
education to take their course, which should tell you a lot.  They are poorly written and your chances of getting a job are only slightly better than if you had not taken the course.  Basically you've wasted your money - in this case you got what you paid for.   I don't mean to sound so harsh, but if you did research before taking the course you would have been much better off.   Your best option at this point is to see if you can get an in-house clinic position or either take a menitoring program. 
I've never heard anything good about Penn Foster
The only time I hear about them is when someone who took that course is complaining they can't get hired.
Penn Foster isn't a good school/program. I would
suggest finding a mentoring program of find an in-house position. 
This post is definitiely an advertisment for PENN FOSTER!..NM
It's hard to find...

someone to even give me a chance. I've been really lucky so far.

Thanks for the advice though.

They changed their name from Education Direct to Penn Foster to mislead people ...
when too many people found out what a worthless course it was. She needs to get her money back, and save up enough to take the course at Andrews School or M-TEC.
Allied is no better than At Home Professions or Penn Foster. Not a good school. NM
Job placement
Just wanted to know if anyone has been hired by a company after finishing a MT course, but never passed their final exam. 
job placement
Susan and Kathy are always available to answer your questions or help with anything that you need. Their contact info (emails and phone numbers) are on the M-Tec website. Susan personally recommended me for the job that I was offered after graduation. Go ahead and give them a call. Also make sure they have your correct e-mail address as they send out e-mails to grads with current job openings.
They don't do placement because they can't.
Most companies will not hire grads from that school because the training is not good enough and they know it.
Job Placement w/Mtec
Hi Everyone!

I am considering taking the Tier 1 M-Tec course but would like to hear about their job placement rate before I sign up. Is it all that it claims to be? Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
did they guarantee job placement?

I have never heard of them before but the question of how much effort in placing you in a job should be stated in your paperwork.  Can you ask for a list of employers where past graduates were placed and the percentage of graduates to employers?  That would let you know where you stand with them and in the meantime ask them for resume assistance and start making applications on your own.

Good luck.

Career Step placement
I know for a fact that Career Step offers job placement assistance. There are several options available to you. I was hired with 24 hours of receiving my test results with one of the largest employers out there. I highly recommend Career Step. I'd be happy to tell you more if you'd like to email me.
The college should help with job placement, but most companies
will not accept wireless or dial-up.  You can dump Vista and put XP on your computer so that isn't an issue.  You may need to look at trying to get a job locally in an office. 
Still plentiful jobs in MT if you want to do it in-house. Lots of jobs
Contact your school for job placement assistance. NM
100% placement rate is like guaranteeing you a job when you finish.
NO reputable school would do that.

They are also frowned upon because they use/used their students to spam all over the internet about their school. WAHM message board actually deleted the MT area because of them.
I am actually a current student of PCDI's program, and I am seriously beginning to regret my decision to use this school.  They lead you to believe that they have employment placement over the phone, but I have now come to find out that they only write you a letter of recommendation because there are so many students in their program.  They take 6 weeks to grade lessons, so I have been doing all of my lessons at once and sending them in with 2 1/2 months between shipments.  I become rusty between assignments and practically have to relearn everything again.  I am not happy with PCDI.  I would never recommend this school to anyone considering an education in medical transcription.  I am looking for a mentor to help me because no company is interested in hiring me.  One company actually told me that they will not hire new graduates from PCDI.  This upsets me but it is hard to blame them.  If anyone as aware of any company that will hire from PCDI, please let us know!!  The whole reason I decided to begin a career in medical transcription is so that I can be here with my family while I bring in income.  If I have to get an office job because no one will hire me or give me a chance then the purpose of this entire education is defeated. 
do you feel like you were trained for the equipment that is out there? have you been able to find a job?
well that's good to know. its also great to find someone nice in this room. i have come across some rough people in here.