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behavioral health/psychiatric jobs?

Posted By: mimt on 2008-02-15
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Does anyone know of any companies that do mostly behavioral health or psychiatric transcription?  I have tried to search online, but come up with a bunch of junk.  I already have a transcription job, but am looking elsewhere, and this is where my main interest and expertise lies.  Hoping to find something that focuses on this specialty.  I just applied to a few off the M-Tec board, but who knows if I'll hear back!


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Health Professions Institute is a legitimate school
This is based in Modesto, CA and you can go to the website and check it out: http://www.hpisum.com. They also have great reference books that you can buy. Sometimes you can pick up used programs on MT Daily as well. You can also download samples from their website. Check it out.
Just stopping in to wish love, peace, and health to all my "newbie" friends here!....sm
Hope you all have a wonderful blessed holiday and that the upcoming year has prospertiy and contentment for you all!!!
Still plentiful jobs in MT if you want to do it in-house. Lots of jobs
MT Jobs

I have been trying unsuccessfully to e-mail AAMT.  I am interested in knowing why someone with prior experience cannot take an abbreviated course rather than the full course like M-Tec and Andrews provide.  Of course, my experience is old, but I have basically kept abreast of what is going on in the MT world.  All of the schools seem to want to give complete courses.  In other words, everyone is treated like a beginner.

Thanks for any suggestions.



There are jobs
Jobs are available, but some companies don't want to put their resources into training new MTs. It's a costly process. Those that do hire new people prefer to hire from schools with a proven track record in providing solid training. I was offered a job with a large national before I even graduated, but I went to a top school. Even so, the company had to invest a lot of training and time in getting me up to speed. Choosing the right school is the key to doors opening when you graduate. If you didn't invest in a top-notch education, you may have to work harder to find that first job.
MT Jobs
Try Spheris.
I have been doing this for three months, and I did the same thing on my resume. You might have to start at a low pay rate, but it will get you experience.
Where are all the jobs
because I cannot find any since my graduation in November????? Need and appraciate any POSITIVE feedback.
Don't give up.  I just graduated in November, and I applied to EVERY place I could.  Even if they said that they only hire experienced MTs, I submitted a cover with my resume that asked for the opportunity to test.  Of course, I got several denials, but I got a few takers, too.  And, the great part is that I have been working since Thanksgiving!!!  Keep looking, you'll get there!!!
Jobs MT
I read your post and would like information about Sten-Tel, Inc. I just recently graduated from Career Step in Nov. 2005 and need to get to work. You can e-mail me. Thanks
I have 2 IC jobs..

I still haven't finished the course.  However, I have managed to get two great IC jobs paying 9 and 10 cpl for acute care while still taking the course.   I love doing acute care.  I think Career Step is excellent.:o) I'm sure the other schools are excellent too, but CS is the one I chose. 



Try Premier Transcription Services, Inc.
Subject: jobs

I love this board.  I will use this in the future if I am stumped.  I am done with school, involved in more training BUT now I need a JOB!! Does any one have a good job lead for me doing transcription?  I was laid off at my waitressing job Tuesday for the winter! YIKES!


No one deserves a job more than any other person simply because they are a mother. LOL

Whether or not she is a mother, if she cannot provide services when the employer wants/needs, she doesn't deserve the job.


Where is this job. I would be intrested. I just finished courses online and don't know where to start looking. Thank you
Check with your school first. They should have a list of companies/services that hire their students. Also, talk to other graduates of your program and find out where they are working.

Depending on what course you completed a lot of companies will waive their experience requirements and let you test. I know that RI Unlimited lets grads from the top 3 test, but I don't know if they are hiring newbies right now.
I have a year of on the job training with a company who has gone downhill.  Any suggestions as to a company that would hire me.  I am a stay at home mom who is trying to provide for her family without having to pay the high prices for daycare.  I have done radiology, mammography, and pain management. 
I have done MRI/CT, and cardiology testing reports. I did not mention those because I thought that it went with doing radiology. I do thank you for your advice.
Jobs = yes
Just type in Radiology transcription or medical transcription on the internet and you will find 100's of jobs to apply for online. That's exactly what I did and it paid off. Be picky and take your time on the tests.
Does CareerStep not have a placement program. I thought they did.
I graduated from Career Step about 6 months ago.  I have a job with Focus Infomatics.  I also had an offer from MedGarde.   They do hire new graduates.  I hope you find a job soon!
Me too, But where are these jobs?
I worked as a nurse in psych, dementia and behavioral health before becoming MT. I would love to find this type transcription work. I haven't found this kind of MT work yet, and I've been looking too.

Seems to me if you have extensive experience you should be able to find a job.


I am a "newbie" just having finished my medical transcription course. can anyone point me in the direction of companies that will hire a rookie who wants to work from home?
MT jobs
How many of you have finished school (pls state which one) and started working soon after? Need to know!
The companies who hire only USA workers proudly post that on their websites.  Support them.  Help them grow.  They do not hire someone to do 4 hours a day and call it full time.  They can not afford to waste valued MT time because we are all they have.  The reason you do not have enough work is because the companies are doing ALOT more outsourcing since January 1.  That is not going to stop.  Competition is fierce.  Older MTs are getting put out of their jobs due to outsourcing and EMR.  Land yourself a job with a U.S. company and even if they lose your account because the client wants to outsource, they will do everything they can to keep you and provide you with other work as their companies grow.
Hello everyone, my name is Renee, and I am new to this board..  I have finished a school online and I have 1 years experience, and I am having alot of difficulty finding a job with hardly no experience...  Can anyone suggest any companies that give entry level or a years experience a try...Thanks in advance!!!!
Hello everyone, my name is Renee, and I am new to this board..  I have finished a school online and I have 1 years experience, and I am having alot of difficulty finding a job with hardly no experience...  Can anyone suggest any companies that give entry level or a years experience a try...Thanks in advance!!!!
Want to change jobs
I'm currently a CVT in AZ and while I enjoy working with the animals and the medical aspect of it. It has started to physicaly get harder on me. I am looking at schools for MT and want honest opinions which schools to avoid and which are good. Do they need to be accredited? and with who.  I currently have an appointment with Techskills. Thanks in advance for all replies
finding jobs


I completely understand what you are saying.  You said NOTHING about pay and just want a job.  Just ignore the nasty attitudes.  People like that obviously have nothing better to do than to get their BP pumped over petty things.  As for your question, I found out through my own experience when looking that sometimes even if they say 1-2 years experience, some will still allow you to test.  Quite a few companies were willing to test me even though they stated they wanted experience.  I say apply to everybody that requires 2 years or less.  Worst that can happen is they say no. 

Here's a tidbit on the ladies who have a hard time keeping the peace, next time you go "off" on somebody, you may want to stop and think about it.  She could be the neighbor that made sure you had a few hot meals after the loss of a loved one.  You can easily say what needs to be said without being catty, leave that to the tweens!

God bless and Happy Holidays! 

Where are all of the MT jobs I heard about?
I completed my MT training in September, and have not been able to find a job.  EVERYONE tells me the same thing - they need someone with experience!  As part of my training, I typed so many reports for all different specialties - isn't that experience?  Any ideas where graduate students can go to get a hospital, clinic, doctor, nursing home or MT service to give me a chance?  I am willing to take any typing or dictation test.  I got into this field because I thought there was a demand for the work.  Could have fooled me...
Newbie Jobs
I graduated from At-Home Professions April 2004 and started working immediately for a company called MediVoxx (then it was called Continuum Technologies). I still work for them and I also do side work for another doc. Hang in there and keep looking!
I do MT placement and I have more jobs for MTs than ever before
I'm beginning to wonder if there might be a large segment of MTs on this board right now who are not in the top group as far as performance and education. I'm shocked to see what some of you are claiming that you are making. I haven't seen income that low in any of the people I've been placing.
but why do they have so much trouble getting jobs?
I know half a dozen community colleges that don't teach medical transcription anymore because none of their graduates could get jobs. Why is that?
Testing for jobs

I know exactly what you are going through.  Even after being an MT for almost 3 years give or take a few months, it can still be hard to get a foot in the door.  Keep checking this site for openings and call around to the hospitals and clinics to see what service the use.  Each time you test, you are getting a tad more experience in your belt...


Good Luck and keep trying!!!


Jobs are going overseas anyway -
wonder how they're trained.  It's a bunch of garbage that you need all this "schooling."  Look at the schooling these doctors have - any they still can't talk! - Mumbling, slurring, etc.  Required schooling for becoming an MT is over rated.
Not many coding jobs
That's ridiculous. There will always be MT jobs.
People have been saying for at least 25 years that MT is disappearing.

If you think about it, how on earth could EVERY SINGLE hospital, EVERY SINGLE doctor's office, EVERY SINGLE MTSO give their work to offshore companies?

It is mindboggling that you would even think that was possible. Do you have any idea how many hospitals, doctors, MTSOs there are in the US?

Thhis "the sky is falling" attitude is just so ridiculous.

Some jobs are only 20 hrs a week, but you will need
Newbies looking for jobs!

Regarding the recent posts from those looking for a job - I cannot stress enough that you should really consider looking in your local newspaper for an in-office job to start with.  Sometimes you can find a job as a "medical secretary" that combines transcription work with filing, answering phones, etc.  If you have gone through a program such as At Home Professionals, a lot of the national transcription companies will not even consider you.  It is simply not realistic for you to think you can obtain employment working at home with no experience during these times.  The jobs that are available are being offered to those experienced MTs from companies such as Medquist or OSI.  The important thing right now is for you to get your foot in the door.  I am telling you what worked for me when I first started out.  If there are no jobs listed in your local paper, start calling some local physician offices and hospitals just to check things out.

That being said, I wish you all the best.  Be persistent and willing to take a job that might not be your dream job at first, since you so badly need some experience.  Good luck to all new graduates!

Ask them all if they have a mentoring program. I know Focus Infomatics in Massachusetts is a good one. At the last local AAMT meeting there was talk of mentoring programs being started by the association to address this famous "Catch-22" problem we have.

And why didn't your instructor coach you in jobhunting? I've been adding that to my curriculum for years.

Rosie in Maine

Transcription Jobs

seeking a transcription job i can do from home.  don't have the medical, just general.  anybody know where i should begin? 

Transcription jobs.....
You can try guru.com, if you don't mind bidding on jobs. There are lots of general transcription jobs there.
changing jobs

I am also with Breitner.  I sent you an email.

Changing jobs

I am currently with Breitner Transcription and am looking to, yet again, change jobs.  I am really worried about ending up at another place who says one thing and delivers another (I was promised an over-abundance of work and am only getting about 3 to 4 hours a day, if that). 

If anyone can offer suggestions on companies, I would appreciate it.  I looked on MT Jobs and have found quite a few places, but have heard different things about them, good and bad -- TTS, SoftScribe, ExecuScribe, and MedScribe, just to name a few.

ANY feedback, good or bad, would be appreciated.


Truth about MT jobs
Your are so right.  I have done this for 19 years, but had to take off the last 2 years.  I have been back transcribing for the last 5 months.  I now can truly say that I regret ever going into this field.  It is ridiculous what they pay now.  It is insulting and impossible to make a consistent living doing this anymore.  I make less than I did over 10 years ago.  Eight cents a line is ridiculous, but anyone that takes anything less than that is insane.  You will not get ahead doing that and never benefit from this job, working for a service.  Im sorry, it is truly sad what has happened to his occupation.  Very sad, and will get sadder..... unfortunately
jobs at home for newbies?
I just wondered before I begin training, how hard is it for someone just out of MT training to get work at home?
Check out for online jobs
Hi everyone,

www.superindian.com, I believe this site is going great guns and should do really well in the future. So all of you, just check out and register yourself there right now at www.superindian.com

So, check out www.superindian.com

Entry Level MT Jobs? HELP!

Hello Everyone,

I received my AA in MT and I have never been able to find a job in this field, every position I have come across says you must have atleast 1yr exp.  How did everyone get past that to find a job?  Please help me I would like to utilize my degree.

Thanks for you help.

I went to a not so great MT school, but I had two jobs before
I even finished the course. Both were at home, one was IC for a MTSO over the Internet, the other was at home for a hospital. It is possible. Just make sure that your correspondence and testing is immaculate and representative of your work quality.
There were two jobs on the Job Seeker's board
over the weekend that were looking for typists and general transcriptionists. Try one of them as a starting point. I don't know anything about either of those companies, but I started out doing general transcription while I was still in school. I worked for emediamillworks/FDCH, an insurance company and a small MTSO in New England doing work comp reports until I got hired to work at home by our local hospital.

Just proceed with caution. Don't go buying a bunch of equipment or paying anybody for a job. I wouldn't invest in anything except MS Word and a footpedal (can be bought on Ebay). You can download Express Scribe for free to play the sound files on your computer with the footpedal.