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An example............sm

Posted By: m on 2008-11-29
In Reply to: Exactly what is a "vault copy?" - ggourdpainter

When I enrolled my kids in school, I took the certificate I was given when my kids left the hospital. It just basically said that my sons were born on a certain date and was on a certificate issued by the hospital. I was told that would not suffice and that I needed a certified copy from the records division at our court house. So, I went to the courthouse and received one. What I received would be considered a "vault" copy as such records are not available in my state to anyone other than the person in question and immediate family. The following elements were on it that were not on the certificate I was given from the hospital.

1. Name of father and mother and birth dates of same. (Birth dates of parents are missing on Obama's.)

2. Address of parents at time of birth (missing on Obama's).

3. Signature of physician attending birth and his office address (missing on Obama's).

4. Date BC was legally filed with the courthouse (missing on Obama's. All that is on his is the date the the document was released, which is in question in and of itself as the date on his is 2007 and it was released in 2008).

I won't even go into the issue concerning the folding of Obama's birth certificate which are clearly not evident on the scanned copy or that it carries a hex mark notation that it was altered by Adobe Photoshop. That is all explained in the video I posted elsewhere here that you probably didn't even bother to watch which was put together by someone who has researched genology and is familiar with legal instruments.

Obama is flying on the premise that he is innocent until proven guilty and the hope that his puppeteers have enough money to keep his guilt from being discovered, which they very well may have. Their pockets are practically bottomless.

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