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Exactly what is a "vault copy?"

Posted By: ggourdpainter on 2008-11-29
In Reply to: So far, O chooses to ignore every lawsuit instead - of showing a vault copy. Why would he do that?nm

I believe the only thing he would be able to get is a certified copy of the b/c on file with the state, the same as what I or you would be able to get.  He produced it.  Still you people aren't satisfied and declare it to be a "forgery."  I have to wonder...are those of you who keep these posts going...are you really MTs or are you a part of a rebel rousing group who does nothing all day except post their agenda on every forum they can find?

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Copy-cat campaign strategies; copy cat leaders.
No such thing as a "vault" birth certificate...sm
No paper certificates exist in most states any more. All are either on microfilm or computerized. The only hits you get on Google for vault birth certificate are in relation to Obama. Who coined the expression "vault" birth certificate? I sent for a copy of my birth certificate to get a US passport and received a photocopy with a raised seal. This is the standard now for proof of citizenship. There are no longer any birth certificates in "vaults" anymore, all is verified in cyberspace.
Copy of NIE

Here is the link to the latest NIE report if anyone cares to read it:


do you really think there is only 1 copy of that?
don't you think if there was something to this then somebody else has a copy of this tape that they would show - even if it took money to get it from them?
Am trying to copy and paste it in.

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Wow -- did she send you a copy before
releasing it to the public?  Someone else on here posted that you are very good paraphrasing, Sam, and I believe they are right.  The book hasn't even been released yet, but you'll go with whatever tidbit you can find.
He produced a copy.

Not the original one.  That is why some people are questioning its authenticity.  I personally don't feel that this will be an issue since Obama's mom was an American citizen.  I think the thing that sticks out in some people's mind is that on his school records he was listed as a citizen to Indonesia....as well as his religion was listed as muslim.  Those are things that may not sit well with others.  Obviously people for Obama find it as no big deal but others do think it is worth looking at more carefully.

Like I've said before, if any other politician had the background and connections that Obama has had and still has......they wouldn't even be considered for president.  Their political career would be in the gutter.

If you really want to get technical about this, McCain wasn't born in the United States.  LOL.  He was born at a US military hospital in the Panama Canal Zone where his father was serving in the navy.  However, his parents were BOTH American citizens, so he could have been born on Mars and still been an American at birth.

If you will copy and paste each of the statements...
into a Google search, it will give you some sites with the full context of what she said. However, if you take the totality of the statements, and look at her basic agenda...Hillary does have strong socialist tendencies. Read up for yourself on socialism...how it starts and how it invariably ends. Veneuela being an example...Chavez took power saying he was going to return power to the people. What he did was take all the power for himself...that is where socialism invariably goes...to dictatorship. Cuba is another example. Chavez recently took control of all the television stations and radio stations so he could control the content and people who would disagree with him. We just need to be very careful to look at all aspects of something that looks good on the surface...need to make sure we push the lid off and see what's underneath. Educate ourselves. No matter what our political leanings are. We need to keep our individuality. It is vital...in my opinion.

Nothing fishy, link just did not copy right..trying again..
very good, you know how to copy and paste!
we are all so proud of you!
It will if you copy it and paste it into the address bar
And the prize is? I know, a free copy of
nice copy/paste job....................
blow me
Just copy and paste into address bar...(sm)
I obviously have a deficiency today...LOl
Please copy the post you're referring to that says she's not
I can't find it.
That's when she started referring to backup copy
The confidence you have in your candidate is admirable. Still it seems quite odd that SP will not be talking to reporters, taking direct questions from audiences or in town hall meetings or making the rounds of the TV political interview programs. Wonder why that is?
Oh, and don't forget your autographed copy of The Age of Obama.
By the 'impartial' (keep saying it and it might be so) moderator of the VP debate.
What liberal board did you copy this smut
you have to copy and paste them i guess but it will work that way
Yeah, O has NOT shown his vault copy and is
If you copy the link I provided, paste it...

into your browser and click "go," the page will come up with the entire article.  If you scroll down a bit, you will see the video screen which will work if you click on it.

I just tried it, and it works fine.  I will try again to post the link below under "URL/Link." 

I personally believe that your husband and all other soldiers who are placed in harm's way deserve so much better, whether it's safe food/water, safe electricity, better vehicles to protect them against IEDs, etc.  They are doing their best for us, and they deserve the best FROM us, IMHO.

Good because I started to copy the blog this morning...sm
And my first instinct told me not to. After reading Lurker's post I thought about the blog, copied it and forgot it had the word in it; it was bad judgement. Will it stop people from judging me - NO. That's the way of the world, so you guys have at it until this is deleted. I'm through.
Links not working but will if you copy and paste them in address bar...
No, Lollipop - no copy/paste......my memory serves me well....nm