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Factcheck not reliable and b/c is forged

Posted By: Factcheck is not a credible source on 2008-11-29
In Reply to: Get your reading glasses - ggourdpainter

Look at it yourself and then read what the experts say.

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Repeat - Factcheck is not a reliable source, Repeat - no reliable
You keep citing Factcheck and we keep having to tell you Factcheck is not reliable. Why is it not reliable? Because it is funded by the Annenberg Foundation in which Obama is part of. AND because Obama was Chairman of the Board. It really is like talking to a wall. So let me repeat and read this nice and slow. Factcheck...not a reliable source. Cheese-o-Pete...you might as well just say you asked Michelle Obama and she said it's real. Additionally....the b/c they put up there was found to be a forgery. So...once again...factcheck not reliable...b/c submitted was a forgery.

So are you a fortune teller? You don't know if he will be elected or disqualified and neither do I. If the SC comes back and says he is legite I will drop the subject. If they find anything out of the ordinary then I will most likely say I told you so. If they say he's not legite but we'll change the constitution just for him, then I will be madder than a hornet and you'll hear from me. But all in all I will be satisfied with what the SC says. We won't know what their decision is until they make it.

If it comes back that he is ineligible and he lied, he better do some explaining to this country about why and he better calm his worshippers down. I think overall the country will be okay. For as many supporters that he has there are an equal number of people who don't support him and view him to be ineligibile. There are even people who support him, but are saying...wait a minute here, things are not adding up. Just show us the certificate and be done with it. In fact more so now since all this info came out and many people upset about it that they didn't know ahead of time.

As for what I think will happen. I really don't know. I do believe that quite possibly Hillary will step in and become President because she is the one that he wronged by campaigning when he knew he did not meet qualifications. So I believe probably she will become the next President and Biden will remain VP, or Biden will step in as President and she becomes VP.

I highly doubt the SC will just elect McCain because the republican party did not win and now that we have a congress/senate that's all democrat (or mostly democrat) they would prevent that somehow.

As for McCain? Heck no I didn't want him in there. I wanted one of the following - Chuck Baldwin from the constitutional party (but he had no chance whatsoever). I was also interested in Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich. I really like Dennis Kucinich. I agreed with a lot of his ideas (especially impeachment of Bush) and I have agreed with a lot of what he has voted on in the past.

So maybe what I would really like to see happen is if the O is disqualified to have another "mini" campaign. All the candidates can run again and then the public decides after one or two months of campaigning. So, instead of having a President inaugerated in January they could be inaugerated in February or March. It would be different, but nothing like this has ever happened before.

I'll just say this on the whole b/c issues and this is why I say this and I hope you can understand where I'm coming from.

1. Let me first say I voted for Obama in the primaries. So in no way do I hate him or a racist or whatever else people want to throw out. I voted for him because he has some ideas I thought were good (thought is the key word).
2. After he was elected I read about the stolen election from Hillary (even though I was way so not supportive of her). I started learning about his lies to the people. His dealings with Ayers, ACORN, Wright, Farrakhan etc, etc.
3. He funds different groups who create websites to detract from the issues.
4. The media treated him like a prince while trashing McCain/Palin. I was no fan of theirs by all means but what happened to them was uncalled for.
5. The b/c he put up on the "factcheck" site was found to be a forgery.
6. We find out he's born in Kenya and legally goes and has the records sealed, along with his school records. He is hiding something and that is not very reassuring for over half the country here.
7. His grandmother was in the room when he was born along with his sister and brother.
8. His sister mentions multiple hospitals he was born at, while Obama mentions something totally different.

Those are only a few of the issues that are my concerns about his legitimacy.

On the other hand you have the issues/policies of his that I don't agree with and am finding out more and more how unsafe our country is going to be.

The incident in India has the you know what scared out of me and the thought of that happening here in our country is a real issue for me.

I was in the US Army. I spent 8 years in the service defending the country. It just makes me a bit upset to hear that people don't care if the Constition is not upheld, just so Obama gets in no matter what. All I want is the Constituion protected. That's all I'm asking for. Our founding fathers created it for a reason and we need to abide by it and not change it. I saw where Barney Franks tried to change it so that a foreign born could become president as long as they had been a citizen for 20 years (it was quite odd timing because not too much longer after that Obama decides to run and then we find there is a forged b/c. Timing of all this is just way too suspicious. All I say is let the supreme courts decide. That is what they are there for. I have read articles that say The Supreme Courts job is to protect the constitution and even if it means that a decision they make is not going to be popular, they are bound by their duty to defend the Constitution and they will.

So, once more I want to repeat that Factcheck is not reliable source because Obama/Annenberg Foundation and Factcheck are one in the same.
The b/c issue - Stating factcheck as a reliable source
Since they are all one in the same.  Factcheck is not an independent source.
Certainly not the forged one they put up there
How about the real one. But since it doesn't exist we will never see it.
Right, because they are so much more reliable.
Note sarcasm.
to me that factcheck did not say she did not do it -
left it up in the air whether she approved of it or not.
Factcheck may or may not be a

credible source.  I happen to think it is.  I am satisfied with the b/c photos there AND the certification.  What would it take?  Does Obama need to go door to door with the b/c?  I really don't expect the SC to ever even hear the case.  The lawsuits are obviously brought with people who have an axe to grind.

As for the Constitution.........George W. Bush would have destroyed it, didn't he say something like "it's just a piece of paper."  Why no uproar about that?

Think for a minute of what would happen if Obama were to be disqualified as you and others seem to want. The election was held.  It is over.  People had ample time to study the candidates BEFORE the election.  The PEOPLE spoke.  We're at the brink of disaster on so many levels.  I have researched probably as much as you have...including Factcheck.  One thing is sure, I don't watch Fox News!

Re FactCheck, I'm a
democrat, and there have been plenty of times through the years that FactCheck and Snopes have posted facts/findings that I haven't liked and that were none to flattering, so I do believe both sources try to stick to FACTS.

And as far as everything else you posted, I agree 100%! How can ANYONE with a brain still argue against a certified birth certificate AND an old birth announcement from the newspaper archives?! People are grasping at straws. But then again, these are people who think the country was doing great under republicans, that Iraq attacked the WTC, and who don't even recognize the impending DEPRESSION Bush threw us into, which McCain would've continued exactly the same, so what else can you expect from these people.
Drudge is as reliable as any of the MSM
He routinely/daily posts articles leaning both ways, but when someone doesn't tout the liberal mantra verbatim then you write them off. You don't want anything to do with fair and balanced reporting do you?
I'm sure reliable info is out there somewhere...... sm
but it would be hard to find. Any national coverage for the UAW would be the same, I would think, as the national coverage that Obama wants to put in place for all Americans.
reliable source for this please. nm
Not a reliable source - sm
The Huffington post is not a reliable source. It's radical left-wing propaganda. It's even less credible than MSNBC.
Exactly what would you consider a reliable source? n/m

As far as I know it is a reliable source, but not
totally. At least, so I guess, it is controlled for neutrality, whereas other sources just smell partisan.

Aaaah, there's that factcheck you seem to get
Don't forget that factcheck.org is part of the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania and is funded by the Annenberg Foundation that employed Obama in Chicago

AND here's the LATEST proof of which you have none to refute it....


AND IF YOU WILL DO YOUR HOMEWORK.....you will discover this case HAS NOT been dismissed as of today.....it's still going forward
Ah, there's that factcheck.....hmmmm
Don't forget that factcheck.org is part of the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania and is funded by the Annenberg Foundation that employed Obama in Chicago.

Strange bed fellas, aren't they?
just a note from factcheck.org

A second false quote has Obama saying he would "stand with the Muslims," words that don't appear in his book. What he actually said is that he would stand with American immigrants from Pakistan or Arab countries should they be faced with something like the forced detention of Japanese-American families in World War II:


And how does factcheck know what they mean and why does it take an interpreter...
So is Factcheck.org. What is your point???
Welcome back Sam.
Finding reliable news sm
If you want facts, the best place is the internet and alternative news sites. Those that rely on the mainstream news for information are not well-informed. The only news I watch on the TV is BBC World.

Here is a good article on the subject:

The Difficulty in Being an Uninformed American.

I just found factcheck.org. They debunk a lot...sm
of the statements being circulated by both parties.
FactCheck.org wrote about this in August
a spokesman for M/P issued the last paragraph so not sure how reliable
that would be. Odd how they added it at the end but did not say if it was a fact. It was supposed to be an investigative article. There is no way of knowing if that is fact, it is only what the McCain people say is true.

Cannot trust anyone it seems.
Reliable link? More fear mongering I think. You...sm
republicans will believe anything!

FactCheck.org staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate. We conclude that it meets all of the requirements from the State Department for proving U.S. citizenship. Claims that the document lacks a raised seal or a signature are false. We have posted high-resolution photographs of the document as "supporting documents" to this article. Our conclusion: Obama was born in the U.S.A. just as he has always said.

As we can see, there is no reliable source. Twisted, misleading passages out of context
Factcheck.org link inside - Obama birth certificate - nothing wrong with reputable sources for your


Either that or this is one heck of a fake, plus someone planted an announcement back in the 1961 Honolulu newspaper....