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I'm relieved to hear...........sm

Posted By: m on 2008-11-29
In Reply to: Credible source - ggourdpainter

that you had at least looked at the BC prior to this. The way your post was worded, I wondered if this could be the first time you looked because I know your propencity for ignoring information from sources you consider to not be credible. :o)

With that said....FACTCHECK??? As I and severeal other posters have said, that site is highly biased in Obama's favor. However, if you are satisfied with your research, then so be it.

And yes, I am well aware of all the hullabulu and legal processes going on right now. I have watched this carefully and, while you may be right in saying that nothing will come of it, I may also be right in saying where there's smoke, there's fire.

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I am so relieved...

...that you gave me permission to champion whomever I like on the liberal board.  Golly, that was keeping me up at night.

Not angry at all.....frustrated at times yes.  Mostly just sassy!!!

Relieved - thank you all
It has been relieving these past couple days to see posters with the same concerns that I have posting and not being attacked by others. Valid questions/issues have come up and I'm glad to see I'm not alone in the country with the same views/concerns.

I remember awhile back reading posts and posters were saying how the whole world just loves the O. Now we're seeing quite a different story in real life on our TV. The whole world does not love the O.

Thank you to all that keep posting and raising legitimate issues.
Sure will be relieved when these silly analogies
Nobody's listening to that crud anymore.
I'm so relieved. We're spending $6 million for explosives detection

I was just thinking the other day:  If I'm Obama, I'm saying to he!! with spending enough money to secure the borders.  The main threat is that Jackson Hole airport.

I'm telling you, people, the government has gone positively insane.  $6 million would go a VERY long way at the border.  Oh, but wait - that wouldn't make good pork politics, now, would it? 


I'm so relieved. We're spending $6 million for explosives detection

I was just thinking the other day:  If I'm Obama, I'm saying to he!! with spending enough money to secure the borders.  The main threat is that Jackson Hole airport.

I'm telling you, people, the government has gone positively insane.  $6 million would go a VERY long way at the border.  Oh, but wait - that wouldn't make good pork politics, now, would it? 


Hear, hear! He is an exceptional person for an ....sm
exceptionable time. They say that God is watching us from a distance and I believe that is true. I think that Obama has a good pure heart, extraordinary intelligence, does truly want to improve our lives, and my prayers are with him. How about that he has Bobby Kennedy's desk (my hero).
Hear ye, hear ye. We don't want to be scared.
Do you hear yourself?
You drive even other Democrats off this board.  There hasn't been logical debate here in weeks.  You have no idea how you appear on the conservative board. Like a bunch of grade schoolers.  They have stayed away from the most part from here, but you have not afforded them the same courtesy.  And yet you think YOU have taken the higher ground.  It's just amazing your lack of insight into your own behavior.  Just as you were accused, so was I.  By one of YOU.  Unbelieveable.
My God, do you hear yourself? NM

You won't hear that in the MSM!
Thanks for posting the article!
So what I hear you saying is...

...that you're terribly proud of youself because when you beat up on people and they bite back at you that you don't whine about it?  And also that you beat up on the libs because of their feelings about the troops and the war.  Seems like you lash out indiscriminately on this board without really knowing what most folks believe. 

And you are deceitful in saying I saw someone on the conservative board being wished to die and burn in hell once.  ACtually I wrote the post you refer to and that is NOT what I wrote.  Do you recall the game folks play at parties where a story is whispered in the ear of one person after another and then the story is read as it started out and then read as it ended up?  And then everyone marvels over how much it changed?  Well, that's what has happened here.  So you are lying when you provide a quote of that post as the truth.

I did not hear this but it was probably said
in reference to global warming, not Bush, causing more numerous and more severe hurricanes. The water in the Gulf of Mexico is right now around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmth of the water is what restrengthed the hurricane.
I hear ya.

Reading your post, I think you'd be shocked if you realized how close you came to describing MY life! 


Do you hear yourself?
Talk about talking points...you were firing them like crazy yesterday. And again...the moderator has said over and over and over again anyone who wants to post on either board can. I guess at least the moderator still believes in free speech, even if liberals do not. Liberals, who profess to be tolerant, are the most INtolerant group I have ever seen (at least most of the ones who come here). You ask a question, counter a point, ask them to defend a belief, and they go nuts. At least you finally put the truth into words...separate. I guess that is what liberals want. Well, my friend, I have news for you. This is America. COnservatives have just as much right to be here as liberals. If you are firm in your beliefs, you should have no problem debating. There is 1 who posts here who still believes that conservatives have the same rights liberals do, and is able to look past idealistic rhetoric to get to the real truth of things. Extremely refreshing. As to bothered...you do not bother me at all. You have every right to say what you want to say....but you should not expect it to go unchallenged.

That is another thing I do not understand about liberals...and why live and let live rings hollow. What you really mean is....we live over here on this board and we let you live over there on that board and don't you DARE to come over to this board because we don't want you to live over here.

That is the definition of intolerant...segregation.
I hear ya, DW....
but it does seem like the Republicans recognize those in their midst who claim to be Republican but their actions do not follow...and they call them out on it. RINOs. Obviously there are those on the liberal side as well. Makes sense there would be. It is just that I have never seen them separate themselves before...especially to the extent of a couple of posters who answered my question a couple of weeks ago. Very interesting. And actually very encouraging.
I hear what you are saying....
and I agree it would be difficult. You are right; the statistics I find say that 40% of the "convenience abortions" are not the first or even the second abortion for the woman. That being the case, I am not content to say because it would be hard to sort out, just go ahead and kill'em all anyway. So I will continue to vote for a man who will at least take a stab at trying to fix it.

And so myself and others with agree to disagree...and some of us will agree, at least, that abortion is wrong but fixing it won't be easy...

God bless!
Not that you want to hear from me, but...
actually I did watch it.  From a completely objective viewpoint, just looking at the performance and content per se, I agree with you.  Hillary, I thought, was much stronger and did not let the others run over her like before.  Again, objectively, I think Obama talked too much, meaning, took forever to get to his point and the way he delivers things might go over the heads of some people, or they stop listening waiting for the point.  Biden was strong, and he looks presidential, and to some people that is really important.  I know Hillary is not a tall person, and I know Obama is, but it was really striking in a couple of the shots...she really had the head back so she could look up at him and he had the head down ya-yaing at her.  Just an observation.  But I think she handled herself well.   As much flak as Hillary has gotten over the driver's licenses to illegals thing, I thought the way she answered the question if she was for it, was priceless...after Obama went on and on, she just said "No."  I think that was a bit of a coup DE grace for her, as an objective "observer."  lol
How sad to hear that....
This country was founded on a belief of being "free", allowing freedom from government involvement and corruption. Obama has stated he wants bigger government, more government to tell you how to act/feel/breath, all at your expense. Now, where is the freedom in that? Taxation, taxation, taxation.....it is sad to hear citizens of the US say they would rather be a socialist than fascist, when what one should be saying is I don't want government in my life at all...period!!!
No, what I am saying is if I want to hear anything about the ...
conservative side of things along with the liberal/Democrat side of things, Fox is the only alternative. Democrats/liberals are not the only people who tell the "Truth." So far I have not caught Fox in an outright lie, and they chose NOT to run that ad about Obama and Ayers that the guy in Texas made up, which I thought was fair, and if they were indeed as they are described here they would be running it every hour. Geez.
i hear ya

The unique thing about conservatives is that they form their own opinions.  Savage came out against Palin, and yesterday he was still against her.  I don't need anyone to decide or think for me.  But his stories are so worth the time.  This is one area where he's completely different from all of them.  That's why he wrote this current book and did every bit of it himself.  No editing, no publisher, just his words.  Gotta respect that, I say.  His dog (Teddy) has become a big star, too, and has his own section on his w/s.

Would rather hear a few ers and uhs
a polished, poised parrot delivering scripted speech from mysterious authors. It may be shocking to some, but we like our leaders to show us a glimpse of original thought and inspired vision all on their own from time to time.
I hear ya.......... sm
you want to see a stagnated salary? Just look at my paycheck!!

The thing that really fries my taters is that we are the ones who will ultimately pay for these raises.
Hear, Hear!
I hear ya...lol (nm)
you can HEAR me?

rapidly progressing . . .


Do you hear yourself?
Adultry is okay as long as you say it out loud. Now dictatorship is okay as long as the candidate has the "decency" to say it out loud? Democrats are not socialists, no matter how persistently you try to assert that claim. Scare tactics are boring and downright insulting in view of the crisis the country now finds itself in. These pathetic distractions will end up costing your party any chance it may have once had of winning this race. Enjoy your descent and your ultimate defeat. Your party has earned it....10 times over.
What exactly do you want to hear.....
For the sake of pretending you didn't just read how VP nominee Biden can't stand his own presidential running mate, we'll do this again.

Now, that being said why do you automatically assume I am pushing the McCain ticket?
I am pointing out why Obama is a joke. If a man's character cannot be upheld, why in the heck would you want him running your country. There are numerous FACTS, yes, FACTS where this man is associated with horrible people, questionable organizations, and now he and Biden are great friends, all this without question. I'm sorry to say at this point our economy won't be worth crap in a pot if we have a corrupt man heading up this country. He and McCain can't get anything straight on the economics issue because it is a mess and they know it. There is no one thing that will make this all turnaround. They cannot make any promises without those monies coming from somewhere to pay for all those monies.

McCain has said he wants to cut taxes.....haven't heard that with Obama and no way we will. Socialists do not do that. Everything about his history screams socialist and that should be very frightening to everyone. There is nothing about McCain's history that scream socialist views and you cannot tie him in with terrorists, no matter how hard you try. So there are my choices, socialist or capitalist, very questionable associations or not.

McCain said he wanted to create an alternative system for paying income taxes and double the income tax exemption for dependents. Have an income tax system that offers two basic rates and a generous standard deduction. McCain would let Americans choose between the new system and the present one.
This is what he said and sounds better than anything I've heard from Obama.

"Americans do not resent paying their rightful share of taxes -- what they do resent is being subjected to thousands of pages of needless and often irrational rules and demands" from the Internal Revenue Service, he said. "We are going to create a new and simpler tax system -- and give the American people a choice."

McCain said he also would like eventually to phase out the alternative minimum tax, and says this will save more than 25 million middle-class families more than 2,000 dollars every year.

McCain said he plans to overhaul the tax code, close costly, unfair corporate loopholes and veto every bill containing earmarks "until the Congress stops sending bills with earmarks because lawmakers always use earmarks -- spending initiatives attached to unrelated bills -- to fund pet projects and curry favor with constituents and donors.

He wants to enact a one-year pause in discretionary spending and have the governmentw investigate each department's and agency's budget. Military spending and veterans benefits would be exempt.

McCain said he would use the money saved from these proposals to ease the burden on employers by lowering the business income tax from 35 percent to 25 percent. He said, "As it is, we have the second-highest tax on business in the industrialized world. High tax rates are driving many businesses and jobs overseas -- and, of course, our foreign competitors wouldn't mind if we kept it that way," he said.

Not all, but most from what I hear.
You say what you say. I hear what I hear. Must have been
pouring out of the red camp hate macine for weeks on end, so much so that it is all becoming just one big slur blur. Did you see the Johnstown PA McCain rally clip? How about republicans who hang Obama in effigy in front of their house by tying a noose around a Halloween ghost wearing an Obama T-shirt and let him swing from a tree branch for all those world, including their own children, to see? Yeah. Not a racist amoungst you.
i hear ya
I hear you on that one!
Why is is that we have to vote in a new president every four years, but Congress gets to stay in for life? They'll probably have to tear Nancy Pelosi's cold dead body out of her chair, not to mention some of the other cronies that have been there forever. Term limits on Congress? An idea to think over.
If I hear that (sm)
I'm moving because I am SOOOO in a horror movie....LOL.
Because I believe NOTHING I hear
and only half of what I see. 
I am sorry to hear that. nm

Sorry to hear
that you condone racism coming from one church but one someone points it out you accuse them of racism. In all forms it needs to be eliminated.
I hear ya, GP. (sm)
Every day, same old, same old.  It's disheartening.
Actually we just don't want to hear him at all
Until he is sworn and and "legally" president.
sorry to hear that

but not too much.


I don't think the right wants to hear her either. (sm)

Check out how well Fox treated her.....ROFL


I am very sorry to hear.....(sm)

about your stepson.  However, respectfully, I don't think that's a very good comparison.  I would agree with you except for the fact that it has been proven that Bush did receive notice of an eminent threat repeatedly, which included the use of commercial airplanes.  He chose to ignore those threats.

Proof of this is easy to find.  It's all over the internet and in the backlog of most network sites.  However, one in particular that comes to mind is below.


Oh, you better believe it!! You would hear
And where did you hear that...(sm)
like I don't already know..
I hear ya!
My dad retired from GM, my brother currently works for GM, and my husband runs a Chevy dealership.  You will never see me buying a foreign car.
I hear ya!!
Believe me, I know where you are coming from.  For right now, I'm trying to stay positive.  Don't get mad at me when I join you in the screaming in a couple of months...LOL!! 
Anybody hear that

American crew took the boat back from the Somali pirates? 

Everybody else the Somalis have hijacked just gave up like it was a game of tag, 'oh wow, you caught us, we give up'  but US sailors kicked butt!  Guess they didn't need Obama to fix it and this isn't his big test after all.  Bummer.  Wonder what happens to the pirate they're holding.  World court?

You did hear about how the US
executed Japanese prisoners of war for torture, I think they called it waterboarding back then. Shame on the US and I will say it. The repubs try to put a spin on it, it saved us from another 9/11, where would you be without, bunch of malarky.
I don't see or hear
of any crimes against people who engage in homosexual behavior. It's not making the news and I'm sure the media would love it if it was. Lets take the Big Bad for example... he/she makes up lies. I never said I called anyone names. I do call bad behaviors bad. And if you choose to call yourself a homosexual, then that behavior will be called bad. My kids think that homosexuality is bad and well they should, because it is. Once again, poor misguided person, tolerance is not the same as acceptance. My kids are taught to tolerate, not to accept. If the schools continue to teach what is not their business to teach, there will be many who home school.
Did not hear about that, yet, thanks....nm
I hear ya on that one.
I'm torn on that issue because I think if they start regulating everything that is a free choice in this country, where will it end? Will Big Macs and fries be next?

On the other hand, I can see where alcohol is a dangerous drug and does affect the lives of everyone around the person who drinks - I know because I live with an alcoholic and sometimes wish all that crap were illegal.

I do find it interesting, though, that we're working so hard to regulate the tobacco industry, yet many states are considering making marijuana legal - the smoke from that is just as harmful to the smoker as cigarettes - some studies say its even more harmful.
I hear ya!!!

I am so disgusted with Obama and this current administration that I could literally puke.  Bush didn't do us any favors but Obama is truly finishing the job of running us into the ground.  How does the government have a right to tell us whether or not we can plant our own garden on our own property.  Phuck that!  I pay my taxes.  I pay my bills.  I work for a living.  Stop taking away my rights!!!!!  Stop spending my money on wasteful things.  This country is so heading toward socialism and so many ignorant people don't see it.  They are too busy sipping the Kool-aid and listening to the lies instead of watching what Obama actually does.  They don't call him out on his lies.  There is always an excuse for Obama's lies or flip flops.

It is time that we take our country back.  Government is getting way too big and controlling way too many things.  They are working for themselves with nothing but greed on their minds. They aren't working for us.....b@st@rds. 

Now these are numbers you don't hear about.
Nearly 28,000 soldiers who served in Iraq and were discharged have already sought care at a VA facility. Of the nearly 245,000 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan already discharged from service, 12,422 have been in VA counseling centers for readjustment problems and symptoms associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.