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I've posted enough

Posted By: gourdpainter on 2008-11-29
In Reply to: I'm relieved to hear...........sm - m

you shoudl know that I research everything but my decisions come from credible soruces...the horse's mouth.  I ended up voting for Obama, not that I supported him, but because we sure didn't need 4 more years of George Bush's policies that have driven this country to destruction.  Has no one researched him?????  John McCain bragged he had agreed with him more than 90% of the time.   I still have reservations about Obama but time will tell.

It has become obvious to me that the posters who continue to post on this forum and probably any other politics forum they can find, have an agenda and it is not the Constitution they claim to be protecting.  I  hope you have researched the people who are fostering these frivilous lawsuits.

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I said I was on your side, sam. You've posted
to who is with you and who isn't. When you feel it necessary to reply to every single post and always against Obama, it's no better than what you're fighting, IMO. I'm not a fan of Obama, either, but he's not ALL bad. Both parties have strengths and weaknesses. I am objective enough to admit that.
It's been awhile since I've posted
I can't even remember when I posted this message. I have stayed off the boat because the posters that defend the dems and say they had nothing to do with it just make me so infuriate I could just scream. Like you said, you can show them a video of them defending it and they still won't admit to it. They come up with something like "oh that video's been doctored" or some baloney like that.

I just found myself getting totally frustrated. Been screaming at the TV so much my voice is sore, so rather than add frustration stayed off the board for a short while.

I found some more information I found interesting I'll post later on. Back to work here for me for now.
Can't chew gum. Would've if I could've.

Even got hypnotized. Supposedly guaranteed to quit. Lasted 5 hours. Thank heavens I never smoked anything stronger.

Wow, I can't believe you posted that. sm
considering all else you have posted on these boards.  LOLOLOLOL!!!  Man oh man!
who posted it?
I suspect it was the person who goes under the name Brunson who posted the Army mom post as in the post it talks about C-Span and I kind of thought..mmmmm..this is just one of those crazy right wingers posting to start stuff..So right after the post came through, I checked out the right wing board and Brunson was posting the same thing about checking out C-Span today.  Coincidence?  I dont think so..Two posters within one minute posting about checking out C-Span today? 
She posted this as a
She stated above the reference to the Clinton body count and that it was a conspiracy theory.  The statement of someone above *It seems that people that sue Bush turn up in bad health or dead* is every bit as much a conspiracy theory as this.  Someone on both boards has been trying to spam us with conspiracy theories for days now none of which have an ounce of substance or actual fact behind them.  Most of us can see the difference between conspiracy and an actual story with facts behind them.  It's really hard to get away with conspiracy theories when there is so many facts out there on the net.
This has been posted before. sm

And is in no way or shape complete or accurate.  Rumsfeld served 3 years.  You think a flight instructor is a small job?  That's pretty telling.  Clinton dodged the draft by deferring for a ROTC duty, which he never fulfilled after writing his famous loathing of the military letter. So if we are going to post these lists again and again, let's get it right.

Well, as I posted before...
...it's probably good that you love something, even if it's based on cruelty and mockery. 
Do you really mean what you just posted?
Do you actually liken Gitmo to the Hanoi Hilton? Seriously??
Yes, I just posted it too, right after you. sm
It brought tears to my eyes, that the Obama campaign could do such a thing.

And tears that McCain cares more, quite obviously, of our country and it's symbol.

Sorry. This should be posted
yes! I posted below. Don't let

the Fox zombies drown out the truth on this board. Bless you.


When I first posted
I did not know who it was benefitting. I later found out it was benefitting Obama. Either way if it was benefiting McCain I'd still be saying this is not right. 11/4 is voting day. I'd say a sure fire way to comit fraud on the democrats side. Do the right thing and vote on 11/4.
I don't think they have posted the new one....
if they have, I can't find it.
This should have been posted under
I posted before that I liked it better
when it was two boards, a liberal board and a conservative board. More intelligent discussion and less mudslinging back then. Three boards would be great, liberal, conservative and politics for anyone that just want to keep pubbing and demning as you say.
Not the OP who posted........sm
about "the reality of O" but my take on this phrase is that when he takes office and starts bringing to pass things that conservatives have been concerned about (detention/"reeducation" centers, civil army, further division of America, etc.), that will be "the reality of O." In other words, he will be revealed to be the charlatan that the liberals refuse to believe he is. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong, but I really believe this country has made probably the single biggest mistake in our history.
that is exactly why I posted it...n/m
I DID! I posted below too!
I know what I posted.
Seeing as this was posted 11/13
And today is 11/17, I would say its a new article.

It's actually more than one person's opinion of Obama. One person may have written the article but thousands and thousands agree with him. Truth hurts.
It may be old to you but I had not seen it until I posted
So what.
you posted it as something

that would delight you.  Coward.  can;t even stand by your own messages.


I will say this again. I posted here because

the Red Envelope Project is a political protest again a godless president and his administration.  It is Obama who wants babies murdered on a global scale and wants U. S. taxpayers to fund it. 

The next Red Envelope project will be defending the lives of the elderly, the infirm, the physically challenged, both children and adults, who will not receive healthcare benefits under a universal healthcare system, who will be mandated to have lifesaving measures withheld.  Rationed care.  Will you protest if it is your mother, father, sister, brother or will you say it's their "choice"? 

This is Obama's agenda.  He is a president of death.  Red Envelope Project is a political protest supporting life and its participants are not all Christian.  Do you think it only Christians who think abortion is murder?  If you do, then you are totally uninformed.

Ob, but you do and you just posted it
I just posted this elsewhere...
About a friend's dad who recently died. lived in England and was denied CABG because he was too old. how old? He was 55 when he died. His physician admitted CABG would probably have saved his life but TOO OLD at age 55, so they let him die. Yes, we have problems with our system of health care, but at 55 I sure don't think I am too old to be worth saving! I don't want the government telling my physician what he can and cannot do in providing my care nor does my physician want this. I want my physician to make decisions that are based only on what I need to maintain my health, not what some governmental body tells him. And you can bet you bippy if your last name is Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, etc., etc., you won't be denied that CABG, only if your name is smith or Jones or the like.
And I also posted before that I think
gay sex and polygamy are wrong, but I am more lenient to polygamy, but NO groupsex, even animals don't do this.

This is more animalistic than animals behave.

I wish my brother/law will marry me in case my husband dies.

He could, but it is not a MUST.
I posted it for others to see.

And to straighten out where the "spook"/"spooked" reference came from, that it DIDN'T come from the liberals, as you suggested, but it instead came from bigoted Republicans as part of their mailing.

I don't care if you're angry or happy as a clam.

I don't care if you're white, black or purple.

It's 2009, and the south has a rich history of racism.  The only thing to me that is relevant about colors is that the Southern Republicans are showing their true ones, and I don't want them to stop, either. 

The only thing they've got going for them is fear.  If Cheney isn't lucky enough to see America hit a second time, then the best next thing is to divide and conquer.  That might have worked in the 1950s, but it's not working any more.

I'm actually eager for them to continue to be their true selves and show the rest of America and the world the sludge they're made of.

That's my opinion, and it has nothing to do with you or your race.

many facts posted
I have posted many facts, you just dont see them as fitting into whatever beliefs you have.  A closed mind is a terrible thing.  Open your mind to possibilities.  Half this country and many parts of the world believe as I do.  You know, when I think of the real true republican party, I think of the party of Lincoln but right now it has morphed into the party of radical christian extremists..
Did you even read what you posted!
The last paragraph says it all.  Obviously some thought went into this and do you really think if he was NOT an atheist, he would not have sued by now.  There were 49,000 Google hits. I am not going to do your work for you.   At any rate, I don't care if you believe it or not. It makes no difference to me. 
It's sad you posted this in this manner.
It's obvious you posted it to make a political point.  It doesn't change my opinion about Pat Tillman.  Why would he give up a million dollar career in sports to pursue a war he felt illegal?  I am not sure you can explain that.  At any rate, He is a hero to me no matter what.  His reasons are not sticking in the throats of any conservatives I know of.  We will have to take Mrs. Tillman's word for what she is saying. Pat is not here to reinforce it. 
I'm glad you posted this. Thanks! nm
Ooops - posted by me,

I only posted one story. sm
And the subject, to me, is Ward Churchill has his deception, not AIM.  I would think as an OP, you would be more in tune to what the OP publications are saying about him. 
I posted this on the other board...

seeing as how they are all so gung ho the war and all; I honestly thought maybe we could agree on something over there but not a peep out of anyone...so I'll post it here.

Here is a positive and really good idea and one I believe we can all agree on. I hope this ends the American Indian thread on a positive note. When I was down in Seminole country this past weekend I picked up a copy of The Seminole Tribune and found this article. I think this is so wonderful I can't hardly stand it. Believe me when I say this would mean SOOOOO much to the Indians serving in Iraq or anywhere for that matter.

It is a native tradition that when a warrior went into battle he would wear new moccasins. The new moccasins were to bring him home safely from the battle or to ease his transition into the next life. With the number of American Indian troops currently stationed in harm's way the National Native American Veterans Association (NNAVA) has undertaken to send a new pair of moccasins to each of our native troops deployed. Each pair of moccasins is hand made in the traditional way, wrapped in red flannel (all things of a spiritual nature are wrapped in red, flannel, trade cloth, wool, whatever) and then shipped to the addresses of our deployed troops. The cost to make and ship each pair of moccasins is only $21 due to the number of volunteers who are donating their time and money to this project.

Contributions can be mailed to Project Moccasin Fund C/O National Native American Veterans Association, P.O. Box 891973, Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73189-1973. For any more info, call Sherry A. Girty, NNAVA, Secretary of Counseling Services Center at 785-749-9445.

You are so right. I haven't posted here
for this very reason. Certain posters (you know who you are) will come here to bash posts even when they are addressed to liberals. Apparently it doesn't matter to them that the moderator has repeatedly asked them not to do so and they can't seem to resist the urge to come over to this board when, in fact, they have their own. They've done it to me, they've done it to PK and others. Good luck to you...it's too bad, 'cause they ruin the discussion for everyone else and it gets to the point where it just isn't worth it.
The last paragraph is why I posted it.
I am not at all convinced that the issue of abortion is a liberal or conservative stance. I think it tends to be tied to conservative because of its religious roots, but even that is debatable. Women throughout history regardless of religion have been having abortions. I believe it simply to be your own belief that really should not be attached to a political process.

As war is always a political process, the comparison isn't really fair is it? and I really, really hope that you are not referring to the war on Iraq because there is just too much refuting evidence to continue to believe we were justified in invading Iraq in the guise that we were defending ourselves.

How can you be pro-choice in the voice of war knowing that the very nature of it kills more people than abortion ever could? Just the war in Iraq alone has probably killed more people than the abortions in the United States in the past 100 years.

Makes no sense to me.
DW, if you will look at the article I posted....
you will see some of your concerns addressed. I think the link piglet posted in her original post, where she went searching for more on Camp Cropper....that link has to do with something else, not Camp Cropper. Two different persons in charge. At any rate, Camp Cropper sends kids outside the detention area to school taught by Iraqis, not Americans, just a more moderate view of Islam also not the militant jihadist kind. It says that Sunni and Shiite teens are starting to interact and the hatred seems to be disappearing. And, as piglet rightfully pointed out regarding Venezuela and how the young people were effecting the change...so can it be in Iraq, because that is where it starts, correct? And it sounds like this commander over this detention center, with the help of Iraqi teachers, is doing just that. Not trying to convert them from Islam, just give them a different view of Islam and a choice other than violence. As you say, they are the future of the Middle East, and I think the school that Camp Cropper uses is the way to help that happen. As the Iraqi principal said...mostly they are just kids wanting to be kids. And if we can turn a few of them from jihad and toward reconciliation within their own country, then I think it is well worth the effort.

Have a good day!
I merely posted who they are and what their agenda is...
that is not attacking the messenger. That is presenting the other side. Why do you object to presenting the other side?
Again as I posted earlier
UAW was offered pay rates as they are paid to American workers who work in the U.S. for foreign auto companies, i.e. workers in Indiana who work for Honda and Toyata. This would surely NOT be the same as our working for the same rates as Indian MTs. That would be crazy. Don't even suggest it.
TRASH is all you have posted.....
Talk about venomous and spitting like a run over cat.........you have spewed nothing but nasty, tasteless, useless blobs of opinion - NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE - Ignorance doesn't cover it - dumb does.
Consider these words you posted.....
is about. Chances are greater than ever now that Americans are waking up and seeing who is the safest choice for president and vice-president in this election, JM and SP, by far!!! Opposition is struck by horror and fear!

***The GOP convention has also caused a flood of cash to come Obama's way as many lethargic donors focused on the potential horror of a McCain/Palin presidency.***
You foolishly think I posted before the one above yours here...sm
above mine. I posted once on this thread....good grief

get your posters right.

I only said one thing, one post....stop confusing yourself.
I posted about enemies...sm
someone else posted about terrorists.

Same thing.

Still can't reason with them.

Yes, he's an idget.

Well, see, that person that posted obviously has it in...sm
for sam. I know it. You know it. Everbody who sees it knows it....sooooo there's nothing to say because this person says it all about herself.

This person and her buddies play games with her all the time, and really act childish.

And, I, well....really.....unless I resort to name calling, I really have nothing to say, because this person has waayyyyyyyy too much time on their hands and has a personal vendetta against sam.

And by the way, I'm not on the board very often. I don't respond to every single post I see. I don't know who you have me confused with.

But really, all you're doing is being kind of condescending in your response here to me, so why should I bother?

You have me labeled a certain way, and frankly my dear, as one of your cohorts has said recently.....well, just frankly.....

You have too much time on your hands too, if you think you have to post to everybody's post....get a life....while you're at it, get me one too. I work too much and come here and find too much crap posted to try to sift through in a day....so I rarely bother.....just like you rarely to bother to know who I am......

oh, I must be ranting again.....sorry.....you probably think I had nothing to say anyway......


At least I can laugh at myself, which some on this board don't know how to do anymore.

Wow, I posted this yesterday and...
Today there are no comments? Fascinating. I thought surely someone would leap to McCain's defense and/or find a way to justify his behavior.
You forgot what you just posted?
When I posted the link,

I realize you do. I posted under yours
Zville MT posted below s/m
about what she would do if she were elected president.  I hoped that would bring about an INTELLIGENT discussion.  Instead  the board is  taken over by the rabid Republicans who seem incapable of thinking for themselves.  I give up.  They'll still be blaming the "Democrats" when they become homeless.  Oh well...................
No, I only just saw this website just now too...someone else posted it....sm
I only posted the article by Col. North because I like how he writes.

But it does look like there are people out there that think this way. I had no idea this website existed either, until just now. oh boy....good grief is definitely right.