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I googled

Posted By: potatopeeler on 2008-11-28
In Reply to: bit mouth frog? - credible source? nm

"bat boy" and got 1,640,000 responses.  Therefore, if it is on the internet, it proves this is a valid concern.  There are probably throngs somewhere demanding he present his birth certificate.

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I just googled
and found out that I am a homosexual billy goat and my neck is too short!     Oh my gosh, as one poster said earlier, adios, this has been surreal! 
Googled Americanthinker.com
Googled Americanthinker.com
actually not sure...googled it. It was a posting board...I did
find like to the times article though.

Heard it on the news this morning, then googled it...
there is a lot of information on the net about it.
Or even a Middle School Text Book? Does all info have to be GOOGLED??.....nm
yep. Its Fox. Just googled it. word for word. nm