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I have a mind. I don't need to take what the "experts" say. n/m

Posted By: gourdpainter on 2008-11-29
In Reply to: Factcheck not reliable and b/c is forged - Factcheck is not a credible source


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I hear a lot of "experts" on TV saying that
I actually heard some liberal say that if Clinton did anything wrong it was from Bush's administration before him, but if Bush Jr did anything wrong you can't blame Clinton, and he already said anything that goes wrong "of course" would be Bush's fault. I remember when Bush first won back in 2000 whenever anything good happened the democrats said it was because of Clinton.

Double standards is sickening.
What mind?
Never mind
I thought you were responding to my comments. Now I understand your comment as you were responding to PKs remarks on this board. Sorry...
Never mind. You obviously don't get it.

How can you be so certain this country isn't going to be blown to smithereens?  If we're not already in the beginning of WW III, then we're definitely heading for it, and Bush is encouraging it with his love of war.

I'd really appreciate an answer to this, and I would respectfully request that you answer in the format the question was asked:  Without any personal attacks directed at me for asking the question, sticking to the issues and no insults.

Please tell me why you think we're safe under Bush and are not on the brink of being blown to smithereens.  I welcome respectful, polite debate and sincerely hope you respond.

This is not what I had in mind, exactly. NI
maybe in your own mind you have but i'd rather
May we just keep in mind that these....
corporations you demonize employ most of the people in this country? And can we keep in mind that huge corporate taxes are generally a big factor in companies moving offshore, closing facilities, downsizing, etc. Corporate tax bills are one the largest things corporations have to pay...and yes, they pay bills just like anyone else...for labor, for benefits, for supplies and materials and on and on.

You speak as if corporations were made up only of executives and they are the only ones who reap benefits...that is just not true.

We do need to keep this real.
no, but i wonder how your mind got so
twisted on the facts. Democrats have a terrible history of spending more money; their theory is always to throw money at a problem (that's OUR money)...and if you TRUST that the bad guys will EVER think we are now good people, you are totally delusional!! AND, there's a big difference between slaughtering of innocent babies and death row immates my friend. Your argument is weird, but to ever disregard taking of innocent life is beyond me. you have too many topics to discuss them all -- but marry your horse huh? like i said, a very twisted state of mind. maybe the right medication or therapy will help you unravel your messed-up thoughts. and all your cheerleaders sure need help as well.
In whose mind, exactly?

Keep in mind
I said both MSNBC and Fox were biased.  Then read their posts.
keep in mind
that Clinton passed the Patriot Act. At any rate--I think that we become more tha more and more susceptible to government strong arm every year, and I am not just saying under Democratic control. I personally have a problem with a state controlled medical system and there are many countries with worse health care than ours who offer it. If we take out the free enterprise, the money has to come from somewhere. Either we pay for it with higher taxes or subpar health care or lesser equipment or less research, but one way or another, the bill has to be paid. I grew up near a Naval base and my parents have always been employed by the federal government in one way or another--I think that my father currently has BlueCross/BlueShield insurance, so I am not really sure what plan you speak of, but you actually might know more about this than I do. I do know that you certainly do NOT want TriCare. My fear is that Obama will shuttle us down a path we are already heading at an accelerated pace. I understand that many people disagree with me. I can live with that.
If you don't mind my asking s/m

where in Oklahoma are you from?  We have to be next door neighbors.  I was raised halfway between Bentonville and Rogers.  Went to school in Rogers, but the farm I grew up on has now been annexed into Bentonville and is a huge subdivision now.  Hate going to that area because I'm totally lost.  Husband always tells me "you grew up here, you ought to know."  Well, when I left there in the early 60's the population was around 5,000.  I don't even know what it is now.  B'ville, Rogers, Lowell, Springdale and Fayetteville is all just about one big metropolis now, except for signs you can't tell when you leave one and enter the other.  One thing is good, this area probably won't suffer as much in a depression as other places.

As for Wal-Mart, I think in the 70s, I was tickled spitless when I saw the sign in Katy, Texas saying Wal-Mart was coming.  I shopped there then.  Remember Sam's motto was "Buy American?"  Now it's "Bring it Home To America."  Yup, bring it on home from China or Japan or Tiawan or whereever. 

Another thing about Sam Walton......he lived in the same home until the day he died, drove an older pickup truck and was just "one of the good ole boys" who made good in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Now there's a success story for ya.

Oh yeah, we go to W. Siloam Springs, Ok to the Cherokee Casino, ever go there?

We all know what is on your mind.nm
His mind.
Keep in mind that I am not saying...
that I am against helping victims of natural disasters. I only think that at some point, they need to be pushed out of the FEMA or MEMA nest to take care of themselves and find their own homes. I think that one year is long enough. These people have had 3+ years. At some point are they not responsible for helping themselves? The still get Welfare--use that to find a house to rent on section 8 or something. Do they get to double dip forever?
I don't mind but....
How much is enough. 40, 50, 60%?. Should I give 80% of my paycheck to taxes (because welfare is not the only thing taxes go to). Pride is one thing, but should I have to put my bills on credit, and then instead of owing $160 for electricity, I'll now owe $200 when you add in the interest charges. Then because they've raised my taxes (but not pay), I can't pay off the credit card, so now I have to put next months utilities on my credit card. Now my credit card has been charged $320, etc, etc. Each month it will pile up all because the money I would be for my utilities is going to support all the democrat programs and welfare system for people who can work but wont. When is enough. Heck should I be taxed at 100% and not even be able to afford to live anymore and get forced into the street. Maybe that would be good because maybe then I'd quality for welfare.
Also keep in mind ................ sm
that a hefty population of MTs are of an older generation who did not grow up in the technilogical revolution, myself included, and it is those MTs who depend on transcription for their livelihoods. I understand the need to keep up with the changes in the industry, but at the same time it's just so darn hard to take a hit in the pocketbook in order to do so.
What I think you have to keep in mind...(sm)

is the mind set of the people in the middle east.  We are basing this idea that it will only anger them on what our own reaction would be, not theirs.  I don't claim to know what they think or how they think, but it's my impression that instead of them being horrified by the pics, they may actually respect us for putting them out there.  One thing is for certain.  When it comes to people in the middle east, they are big proponents of consequences.  I think they would look at it as the US owning up to what was done and taking responsibility for it.  That would be a big change for the US in their eyes (and rightly so).  They would see it as an embarrassment for us, thus being the consequence we pay for having done it.  They would also see it as one step closer to punishing the last admin (which they really hate). 

As a side note, on Rachel Maddow last night it was noted that Al-Q had put out a plea for financial help.  In other words, they're running out of money.  That may be the only good thing that comes out of this recession.

I seriously doubt that is who she had in mind. ...
reading my mind too?
LMAO!  Nope, I dont care, not at all, LOL, gee you are able to read peoples minds too, hun?  Attack number one trillion against gt, LOL.
So a theocracy is what you have in mind?
A Department of Faith like this:

Your mind is closed.

I have no desire to talk to the likes of you.

Nothing will change your mind but others should know.
Africentric church
A visit to Chicago's Trinity UCC
by Jason Byassee

One of the brightest points in Barack Obama's rising political star has been his ability to talk about Jesus without faking it. Beginning with his rousing "Audacity of Hope" speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and continuing with his book of the same name, Obama has shown that he can speak about his Christian faith in ways that are authentic and broadly appealing.

Little wonder that his enemies have tried to turn that strength into a liability. Right-wing bloggers and TV pundits have been targeting Obama's church, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, and its pastor, Jeremiah Wright, complaining that its self-proclaimed Africentric Christianity is separatist or even racist. Obama's campaign has itself pulled back a bit from being identified with Wright. In February it revoked an invitation to have him give the opening prayer when Obama announced his run for the presidency.

Africentrism (that's the term Trinity prefers to Afrocentrism) is wholeheartedly embraced at Trinity. One of the church's mottos is "Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian." Its choir is regularly decked out in brightly colored African dress, as is Wright when he preaches. The church emphasizes its connection to the African diaspora: it sponsors trips to western and southern Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin American countries with significant African populations. Julia Speller, a leader at Trinity and author of Walkin' the Talk: Keepin' the Faith in Africentric Congregations, notes in her book that the church offers courses in Swahili and that its youth programs, Intonjane and Isuthu, take their names from Swahili words for coming into manhood and womanhood. The congregation celebrates the Kwanzaa holiday and Umoja Karamu, a Thanksgiving Day service that narrates the story of the black family from its West African origins to today with dancing, drumming and storytelling.

Bible courses at Trinity emphasize the African roots of Christianity, focusing on the account of the Exodus and such passages as the psalmist's promise that Ethiopia would stretch out its hands to God (Ps. 68:31), and the conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8. In his preaching Wright goes out of his way to describe Moses as "an African prince" and his wife as a "raven-black" beauty. He declares that Jesus himself had "nappy hair" and "bronze skin" (he cites Rev. 1:14-15). Otis Moss III, who will succeed Wright upon his retirement this summer, says that the church is proud of its "Africanity," proud that "when we talk about Sudan, we have Sudanese present."

African Americans have generated distinctly black forms of Christianity since they arrived on these shores. The significance of these forms has been appreciated in mainline seminaries and churches for at least two generations. Trinity is well within the mainstream of the black church, and is remarkable in the mainline world only for its size and influence and for its handful of celebrity members, like Oprah Winfrey and hip-hop artist Common.

Critics have pounced especially on the church's "Black Value System," by which members affirm their commitment to God, the "black community," the "black family" and the "black work ethic," and disavow "the pursuit of 'middle-classness.'" One hatchet-job report in Investor's Business Daily, pointing to the Black Value System (a statement written not by Wright but by church members in the early 1980s), concluded that there is "little room for white Christians at Obama's church." Black conservative pundit Erik Rush said the church has embraced "things African above things American," and he claimed that this should be as alarming as a Republican presidential candidate "belonging to the Aryan Brethren Church of Christ." Tucker Carlson of MSNBC described Trinity as having a "racially exclusive theology" that "contradicts the basic tenets of Christianity." Sean Hannity of Fox News confronted Wright on TV and asked how a black value system is any more acceptable than a white value system. Hannity also suggested that Trinity's emphasis on black values contradicts Martin Luther King's famous hope that people would be judged "not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Follow link for more.
Nostradamous comes to mind
Bear in mind....
it is not the hothead in the white house who "pushes the button." It is your duly elected Congress. If the Dem majority can keep their collective fingers off the button it doesn't matter who is President. He cannot go to war by himself. I cannot see Congress, after Iraq, EVER agreeing to go to war unless we are attacked again in a very aggressive way and there is no doubt who did the attacking. But, whatever happens...it will be the decision of your duly elected Congress...not the President, whoever he or she may be.
Huckabee comes to mind.LOL sm
A woman was interviewed in an exit poll and said she voted for McCain. When asked what attracted her to McCain, she said he was bringing the troops home. YIKES!!!! He just said he intended to stay in Iraq for 100 years. What is the matter with America. Are people really this dense.
Know you are not going to respond, don't mind....others might want to know...
any fire department employee is paid for by some branch of government...city, county, etc. They are all in essence government employees. Like any other city or county employee...like law enforcement. Los Angeles County FD, Orange County FD, they were the most heavily involved in fighting the Malibu fire, I believe. Generally volunteer firefighters are used where the municipalities cannot afford to pay firefighters, or for outlying areas that town firefighters do not cover. So I suppose that means firefighting is socialized anywhere the town, city or county government can afford it...not sure that qualifies as socialized firefighting. They are not universal firefighters all controlled from Washington, so really not similar to what socialized medicine would be. Control is at the local city or county level.
the thing in my mind that is so bad about him is
he was actually hard on that kind of thing and then HE went and did it. what a hippocrite
Would you mind stepping aside and
no, my mind is already made up
I have been catching some of it (busy with MT and all) but what I really want to see is political commentary by someone who can say these were the good things about the speech and these are the things that weren't good or they should have talked about. Watching Democrat commentary they mostly say everything is wonderful and great speeches, and wathcing Republican commentary they mostly say the speech was lame or ineffective or whatever. Isn't anyone impartial? I'm really missing Tim Russert now.. :(
You seem to have your mind made up
You'll believe what you want to believe. But, I just wanted to comment on tax breaks for companies that stay in this country. The reason they left was because they had exorbitant taxes placed on them to the point they basically said, enough!

BTW, no matter how anyone tries to justify things, these are the same companies who were providing jobs for millions of Americans. They paid their share of insurance premiums for thousands or millions, their share of payroll taxes, had to comply with environmentalists (which was basically a tax), had to meet all kinds of other standards that were expensive, etc. The insatiable giant govt machine (Congress) who wanted to extract more and more are the ones to blame for that fiasco. Now I see they're wanting to offer tax cuts to the ones who remained!! It seems they can learn a lesson or two after all, if we believe they'll actually do it.

As for the big oil companies, yes they make a lot of money, but they're producing a product and they won't do that without paying well, like any other successful company that provides a multitude of jobs. There are great costs to produce that product, and they're taxed at an exorbitant tax rate as it is.

And as for their profits, considering what they actually make off of a gallon of gas for instance, a huge amount of that goes to their investors, including teacher's pension portfolios, just to name one. And they're already paying billions more in taxes than they make in profits, and now some in congress want to tax their profits with another windfall profits tax! Just incredible. Where does it end!!

But, Congress does control the purse-strings, so they'll do whatever they want, and they'll continue to tax, tax, and tax some more, every "big" business that provides incredible jobs into non-existence.

One day, those of us who work our tails off, will just sit down and give up and let Uncle Sam take care of us with their tax money they get from.....
Where did you get that information, if you don't mind....
and no pregnant 17-year-olds are involved in this question.
Who said it? Open mind and
Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom.
Who said it? Open mind and
Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people whom we personally dislike.
Who said it? Open mind and
It's a recession when your neighbour loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours.
Who said it? Open mind and
This one calls for TWO:

Diplomacy is to do and say the nastiest things in the nicest way.

A diplomat is a person who can tell you to go to heII in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip.
Who said it? Open mind and
Community service should not be done just to announce the completion. It should be done without looking for a reward or praise. It should not be looked at as doing something for someone, but assisting them in making life better and fulfilling.
have you lost your mind?
Maybe Obama will smoke himself into a frenzy and forget he's even running.
It's quite possible! My mind is open. But sm
Obama didn't chicken out. McCain did--again!

I just watched the news on NBC. It was said (on Brian Williams' show) that this morning McCain got spooked by Obama's rising approval rating as opposed to his with respect to the financial situation, and he was advised to suspend--and pretend ("pretend" being my term).

Sorry, you can't change my mind...

I trust in the majority of the American people to know true honesty, goodness, and grace when they see it.

All the greasy left smear tactics in the world, cannot change that.

Just watch and see.....
Sorry, this does nothing to change my mind.
Only tells me that like many other soldiers, McCain came back from war and decided that the life he had wasn't the life he wanted now. It does happen - doesn't make it any easier on those left behind, but it does happen. What we're looking for in a president is someone with expereince in government, not experience in marriage. If that was the case, we wouldn't have found Bill Clinton in the closet with Monica! And yes, I left pretty much the same comment on the board at this site. My vote is still for McCain.
you didnt mind..

jumping in on my post about voting for Obama though did you?  I am not really nasty.  At all.  Also, I am not the top anything at my church.  I will pray for you, because you do need it even though you think that you dont.  I came in your conversation because I felt that I should.  True Christians today need to stand up for our belief in Jesus and not worry about what others may think of it.  The truth needs to be out because there will be a time when everyone will have to answer for their beliefs.  I am not going to stand before God at judgment and have him ask me why I didnt speak up for his son at the times that I could have.  My post is not nasty, it just goes against what most people want to believe.  People dont want to hear that they are not living right or that they will not go to heaven just because they are "good."  That is not the popular thing to say these days.  But every Christian who allows people they come into contact with believe that without telling them Jesus's message, they will be held accountable and I will not be one of them I hope and pray. 

Here is me praying for you!

so, make up your mind
Revolution or no revolution? Are you flipflopping?
Actually, during this time I keep in mind this
Thess. 2:3, 10). Paul, in his graphic warning to the Corinthians, says: "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works" (2 Cor. 11:13-15).

In your mind - the election is not over - sm
Well everyone can definite tell you are a democrat. I'm sure before the debate even began you had decided that Obama had won.

I think McCain did quite well. If you believe the slick lawyer talk of Obama then so be it but a lot of us are not fooled. McCain was strong. He finally listened to the people who told him to be strong, stand up for us, point out what is wrong with Obama's policies - you know that little tidbit Obama talks about called "redistribution of wealth". It also did not help Obama that he told the plumber guy that he needs to pay more in taxes so that the person who doesn't have anything will have something. Socialism at its finest!
Well, it has certainly crossed my mind once I
With his involvement in ACORN and his lack of condemnation for "honor" killings in this country, I became concerned this is why the secret service has been all over him, moreso than most.

Too many hard working people in this country, even those being misled up to this point in believing he is concerned about them, will soon realize where his true loyalty lies. And it is not with the white population. Knowing who he plans to give all those "increased free welfare handouts" to certainly isn't going to make things easier for them to swallow. When they suddenly realize the bum on the corner and the increase in "welfare babies" increased ten fold, and yet these folks have more than they have, and all for doing nothing but sitting on their butts, yea, I'm afraid there will be BIG problems.

Now all the O lovers can flame all they want! Truth does incite..
It's late...never mind nm
LMAO! I will keep that in mind.
My dad taught me to shoot a rifle as well.  I'm not much into shooting guns, but at least I know that I can if I had to.  I don't hunt but I don't have a problem with people who do as long as they use the meat.  All the hunters in my family use the meat.  My dad also taught me to shoot a bow and arrow and I was actually better at that than shooting a rifle.  I think it was the anticipation of the loud bang in combination with me being knocked on my rear end a few times that made me not want to shoot rifles a lot.  LOL.
Never mind - I think I just found it - nm
I wonder why that is? People don't mind...
fostering their feelings on others about stealing and murdering persons outside the womb, but inside the womb open sesason? Doesn't compute... :-)
Never mind geesh
I said it right the first time.