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Please do no presume to

Posted By: speak for liberals....sm on 2008-11-29
In Reply to: Obama "I am the change" - Liberals want a refund - At least I'm not the only one who wants to know

We understand exactly what he meant when he said that and it is an accurate statement. We who stand in support of him speak with one voice.

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I don't presume to know
what goes on in anyone else's marriage. I often think that we are best suited to believe what the parties involved have to say on the matter, but if you know better...But yes--the past drug use is a problem for me. It shows poor judgement. The "everybody did it" excuse is not good in my book. I did not. My husband did not and I actually would like to hold the president to a higher standard than "everybody" anyway.
You should not presume anything
I may support McCain over Obama, but I don't like McCain. My ballot still sits here on my desk and it is not filled in. My garbage can is also close to my desk. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to vote for McCain. Other times I decide I'm not going to vote. One day I think I'm going to vote, the next day I decide not to. It's really bad when you don't have confidence in a candidate but even worse when you know the other will unleash destruction in our country.

So I would not presume anything...me voting for McCain or Obama winning. We will find on on 11/4 who has won.
You, Vie, presume way too much.... sm
1. I am not "sm" who made the post that has you so up in the hackles. I have always signed my posts as "m". I'm not one who posts anonymously because if I have something to say, then I stand behind it and that means owning up to my words.

2. At this point in my life, I am unable to conceive for the simple fact that I have gone through menopause and children are no longer an option for me. I do, however, have 2 of the most fantastic sons a woman could ever want and I bore them with my own body, so your "theory" is flawed.

3. Jealous of a woman who could have an abortion? That is not even a credible statement. I am not jealous of someone who would do something that I would not do myself.

4. I sure hope you are able to either grow a thicker skin or resign yourself to living out your days secluded in your home because someone somewhere someday is going to offend you. You can't get around it, Vie. It's a fact of life, so you'd better learn to deal with it.
How can you presume to know....
anyone's patriotism. Your intelligence is showing - better cover it up with something with a little more substance. Hatred? no. Disgust? yes. Fed up? yes. I despise everything our country has been subjected to for the last 8 years and find it appalling there are still gobots spouting Rovian sound bytes.
Certainly, I would not presume

to tell any president how to do his job.  However, please do not presume to tell me what inferences I may draw from how he chooses to do it, or not to remark on it.  To prefer hanging with a sports team rather than honor police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty is extremely telling.  To insist a Christian religious symbol be covered before he would speak is indicative of his feelings about that subject.  To apologize to the rest of the world for this country's ''arrogance'' is a good indicator of how his presidency is shaping up. 

Everyone said ''give the guy a chance'' and this is what he's doing with it.  I am NOT impressed so far...

Please do not presume to speak
If you are so frustrated with repeating this paranoia over and over, then DON'T. That would be a welcome relief for us all. The people who voted for him (and those who did not, for that matter) know NOTHING OF THE KIND. There is not a single, solitary grain of truth in this mass delusion and certainly no proof exists to back up any of this BS. If there were, Berg would not have sought his legal action based on "standing." He would have actually been able to present something concrete.

No one here is violating the Constitution, but the loons who insist on pursuing their law suits to nowhere are making a mockery out of our justice system, not to mention the fact that they have now taken to internet extorsion scheme to finance their lunacy.

You are really not dealing with a full deck if you seriously believe your floodgate statement. There is nothing derogatory about the sore/sour epithets, since they accurately describe the motivations behind all the hoop-lah.

A US citizen has been elected, so don't worry your pretty little head about our Constitution. Obama is not strutting around anywhere. He is selecting his cabinet and preparing himself for the unenviable and daunting task of mopping up after W. He holds a 192-electoral vote lead over McCain, so no doubt the process will continue as it is supposed to and the result will reflect the will of the American people. The only possible miscarriage of justice here is the wack jobs' unsuccessful attempts to usurp a clean, legitimate election which has resulted in a very clear mandate for Obama.

No one has to wonder why Obama "skirted up" so fat (whatever that means), but you go ahead and ponder that one a while longer. Who knows, you may actually have a moment of insight that will reveal just how ignorant this birth certificate witch hunt really is. The people who are promoting this stupidity are an embarassment to our entire nation.
I don't presume to speak for Jesus either...
but I know that we legislate against murder. We legislate against theft. And in this case, legislated FOR abortion. In good conscience can't vote for a man who voted against the Born alive act. Lord knows I am going to have enough to explain some day without adding that to my list.

That is not the defining issue for me in this election tho. The far left wing socialist agenda...that is number 1.