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We are still waiting for that source

Posted By: Citation. What's taking so long? nm on 2008-10-10
In Reply to: Same thing happenignat Obama's rallies. - problem is..........sm


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Still waiting for that source. In the meantime,

nine times..waiting..waiting..sigh..waiting

Still waiting for the NINE OTHER TIMES I HAVE CALLED YOU A BIGOT..Please post them..Otherwise you are a liar.

Where are the posts..SM..still waiting....and waiting...
Still waiting.....SM..when have I ever called you a bigot..Show the proof..Bigot is not a word I throw around easily or frequently, so if there are posts here with my handle stating bigotry, I WANT TO SEE THEM..Still waiting............and waiting..........and waiting.........and waiting.........where are the posts?  Show them or forever been labeled a neocon liar..
The waiting


Still waiting...

but you said Michelle Obama does not talk like a black woman?  Again, how do black women talk?

waiting for it.....waiting....waiting...
when is this supposed to break for all of us to know about?
Sure and I'm waiting for it just like you.

Problem is, it ain't gonna happen. There's no magic wand. There are too many things in a heckofamess and nobody can fix it. It will take years and as long as the government keeps in-fighting, it will be the same old, same old, just like it's been for the past 20 years or so.

Still waiting...........
I'm stll waiting for all those Obama lovers who said yes, Obama WOULD make all those wonderful tax cuts for us, to stand up and admit he's a joke! He LIED, plain and simple. Of course, we told them he would not make these tax cuts but oh no, their precious Obama would NEVER lie. Now, they'll say it's the economy. He knew the economy was slowing when he kept making those promises. Sorry, you can't use the economy as an excuse. Of course, Obama knows if he DID make those tax cuts for those he promised it to, he would then be a REPUBLICAN! ROFL!
I'm waiting..... sm
Okay, I do agree with you on some points. This is what I see...

I used to be a democrat and I used to be a republican and I used to be an independent, and I used to be a green party/constitutional party. What I see is this...the whole thing is a mess, all over. Plenty of blame to go around. What I see is, Obama inherited one big huge fat mess. No way to disprove that. Its fact (IMHO). I'm not blaming Obama for any of this and I believe he wants to do what is best and try and pull the country up. With that said....he doesn't "run the country". He is not the grand pubah in charge making decisions, he just gets to tell the American people in a nice and calming way "your screwed". He has a way about him that he can say your screwed and the country will be fine with it. Just the way it is and I am thankful we have a leader who is a calming reassurance to the people. However, with that said...congress/house (don't know which it is), just all those politicians that stand up and make decisions and vote on issues. Those are the people I blame, and last I knew we have had a democratic congress for that last two years. I will no way blame everything on just the dems because the pubs had a fair share in it too. But it's time to stop blaming everything on the pubs because they were not in charge of making all the decisions. They were not in charge of the FM/FM crisis. How long has Pelosi been in? Reid? Dodd? Franks? Conyers? and yes I can think of pubs too but those are the first ones that come to mind and who are on the top of the decision making tree. I take offense (well not really offense, but it is unfair and one-sided) for people to post obviously far left or far right media-wh@re articles blaming all those rich white ugly republicans when they don't take any of the blame themselves. There's enough blame to go around and for every far left article theres a far right one too.

I will stand by what I say...the republicans don't need anything to bring down the dems. They are doing a fine job of it and approval ratings are falling like a lead weight.
Waiting must be something
that happens on the coasts in really high-population areas.  Here in 'flyover country' (the midwest) I've never waited more than a week for a mammo appointment and 3 days for the followup ultrasound when the  mammo found a cyst.  And I've gone through the followup ultrasound routine three times now. 
I keep waiting and waiting for

the free stuff to start flowing to me, but I am simply not being stimulated by any of this.  Is there an application I can fill out...or something? 

I keep waiting and waiting for

the free stuff to start flowing to me, but I am simply not being stimulated by any of this.  Still got a house payment.  Still buying my own gasoline.  Grocery store still charging me the regular rate for food.  Is there an application I have to fill out for all the freebies...or something? 

I'm waiting on the answer to this one too. sm
That's the problem with SOME bible thumpers. They make things up as they go.
Still waiting..where is the post?
Still waiting....tick-tock..tick-tock..still waiting..where, pray tell, is the post where I said ALL republicans are liars?  Still waiting..sigh..
Still waiting, Carla. ???
They are waiting in the wind for the day...sm
to bring the Lords of the Talking Loud and Saying Nothing back full swing.

This was a good read.
Won't be waiting around for your standard
How many reporters were waiting for
Iraq/Afghanistan? How many liberal reporters followed O around Europe, putting him on a pedestal for the whole world? Biased reporting, not even a doubt. JM & SP still rising above it. Maybe there is something to this Christianity thing after all. I suspect that a lot of us uneducated, unscientific, believers in creationism, simple-minded people who know what our future holds, are praying for them daily.
What is it that you're waiting for him to say?
I am waiting for your answer...
Here is the question again.

Keith Olbermann is a graduate of Cornell University...and you are a graduate of what?

Why are you afraid to answer this question?
ing - waiting patiently
To be fair, I am waitING and watchING, I have not made up my mind at all about who is the best candidate. Joe says, "talkin", "What am I talkin about?" Spirited debate about "real" issues coming up. One has to have a professional presence at all times. I want the best person representing America who is educated, honest, with a breadth and depth of experience. Why she would ever use "Joe six-pack" to represent the working people or avoid important issues, I don't know. She certainly should know better if she is going to represent my country and its future dialect with the rest of the world. Why does anyone have to go to "debate camp" to make it? Rambling idiot(s)and/or barracudas may show up tonight -- we shall see!! I hope God is in the room! I hope He is also in this room, as a high level of respect expected here as well for all of us. Our future is in His hands, and there is only ONE of Him, may we find him now.
We are still waiting for one pub to articulate
I'm waiting........big talker
I was waiting for this question
Sorry I couldn't get back on sooner - swamped with work.

Okay who I think he should have picked.....

1. Anyone other than HRC.
2. Gov. Bill Richardson.
3. Sen. John Kerry.
4. Hundreds of other qualified people - NOT HRC.

Anybody but her- A-N-Y O-N-E BUT HER!!!!! We've got a country of how many million people. Shirley there was someone else.

She is a deceitful, lying, kniving, disrespectful, dishonest, sneaky, revenge-seeking, immoral humanoid. She does not respect Obama and she will undermine him any chance she gets. I heard people say she couldn't even negotiate peace within her own campaign staff. She is too decisive and bullheaded to lead the Dept of State. She will undermine him at any chance she is given trying to make him fail so she can just waltz in and take over. Anyone who goes against them (Bill & Hillary) they turn on them in a mean and nasty way and tries to ruin their careers (remember what they did to Gov. Richardson when he didn't support Hillary - they tried to destroy him politically).

I am so very disappointed and upset. This just sucks! First he fills the WH with Clinton hang-overs and now he rubs salt in the wound and picks her!!!!!

Gov. Richardson would be my first choice. Richardson and Obama have a good relationship together. They work well together. The only one billary works for is herself. You really think she's going to take orders from Obama. Heck no!!!! She wants to be the almighty empowered one. If Obama directs her to do something he's going to have to look over his shouler all the time (remember the threats she talked about during the primaries). My god!!! what is the man thinking.

Obama is showing himself to be weak and a liar with every day that passes. Change????? Tell me where the heck is the change he promised us all. It's all Clinton people and now Clintons!!!!!! You know for a fact they had some deal worked out. Maybe because she didn't push the birth certificate issue he promised her a high office position. Is he really that stupid??????? I guess so!

This has raised the doubts in so many people's minds about his ability to lead.

You know for once forget Bush (not you personally and by no means am I aiming this at you because I know you just asked who I thought would be a good choice - I'm just throwing this out in the air), so forget Bush, he will be out of there but for 16 years we have not had a decent president (20 if you count Bush Sr.). Obama came along and promised everyone "change". Change? Bull-ogney. He is not making any changes. He's bring back the old stooges. "Hope". He is giving us nothing to hope for. He hasn't even taken office and by the people he's picking this administration is going to be on a downward spiral very very quickly. There is no change and no hope. And he doesn't care. He's in, now he can break all his campaign promises as fast as Bill Clinton did as soon as he took office.

There are so many many people who are qualified for the SoS job. NOT HER!!!!!!

We've had 16+ years of crap and now we've got another 4 to "look forward to". From now on I will hear the news off of the internet or come here, but from now on the TV is staying off!!

I'm still hopefully the birth certificate issue will not allow him to pass. DH told me today that the Kenyan president is saying Obama was born in the hospital in Kenya, and because his mother was under age, he was not registered as an American. He's still a foreign citizen. And they are creating a statue there in Kenya to honor him with. Imagine that. The United States will have the first Kenyan man to be President. But if anyone with their right mind stops this, maybe then Biden will then become president and he can pick some decent people to fill the white house with.

You know I don't hate Barack by all means (I voted for him in the primaries), but I have become so disgusted with the whole situation and what he is doing. The WH is going to earn the same disgusting reputation it got when Clinton was in office and when Bush continued on. Personally there is no difference. Different faces but same policies.

I don't mean to dump, but I am so highly disgusted and disappointed with the whole situation that my blood pressure rises. Funny how someone can be proud enough to serve in the Armed Forces and 20 years later be totally ashamed to tell anyone I an American.

Man do I hate politics!!!
am waiting patiently for the

bamaknockers to make reference to Barack's planned mode of transportation -- come on now, haters, getting lazy?  is it the s-o-u-l  train with Don Cornelius at the stick?



Waiting for true debate
personal attacks continue, but debate eludes you.
Tick tock. I'm waiting, too.

Still waiting for that bounce from the perky one.
you will be waiting for a long time
I'm still waiting for ONE Obama supporter on this

The news that he intentionally hid the 800K plus he donated to ACORN.  His camp has admitted to it but said it was an "oversight".....yea, right!  Obama knew what ACORN is mostly all about and he's all for that........ya know, voter fraud?!!!  I'm still waiting for someone to post a fact to refute that statement made by his own spokesperson.   Where is it?   So many underhanded, deviant, illegal characters he has contact with......this is a dem that will NOT be voting for him. 

They're waiting for those freebies.....
Still waiting for those O lovers to refute any of this
No, I'm still waiting for your answer - see message
You acused me of making racist statements way before I posted the message you are talking about. Try again. I'm still waiting to know what posts you were referring to where I made racist statements you accused me of. As far as Michelle Obama...she's one classy lady. That's all I have to say about her!
Stardust - still waiting for your apology.
It's been close to a day. After my challenge to you I waited a few hours and nothing. You couldn't find one of my posts where you acused me of racist comments. I knew you wouldn't find one because it's not in my nature and I'm sure by now you know I am a black woman. So after a few hours I re-posted and within the half hour you came back and said see, there your comment about Michelle Obama.

My answer to you was that you accused me before I made that comment. Besides there was nothing racist about the comment I made about Michelle Obama and the way you stereotype how you think us black folk should talk and therefore assumed I was white.

So you know you were wrong yet no apology. That just goes to show me you are a racist yourself. I have no more time for this.
Don't hold your breath waiting.
He already said that he can't do everything at once. "It may take a year, it may take 2 years, it may even take the first term to do it all, but it will be done".
I'm waiting for any alternatives....what do you suggest?...
I'm still waiting for an answer to my question about s/m
about where poster got those grossly inflated statistics.  But, as usual, you're just more interested in deflecting the truth by attacking a Canadian news article.  Not surprised -- par for the course for you people.
So you're actually waiting to see what kind of job he

What a quaint idea!  Maybe others on this board will try it.  (NOT!)

Waiting to get blown up...from a soldiers mouth..sm
BAGHDAD, July 26 Army Staff Sgt. Jose Sixtos considered the simple question about morale for more than an hour. But not until his convoy of armored Humvees had finally rumbled back into the Baghdad military base, and the soldiers emptied the ammunition from their machine guns, and passed off the bomb-detecting robot to another patrol, did he turn around in his seat and give his answer.

Think of what you hate most about your job. Then think of doing what you hate most for five straight hours, every single day, sometimes twice a day, in 120-degree heat, he said. Then ask how morale is.

Frustrated? You have no idea, he said.

As President Bush plans to deploy more troops in Baghdad, U.S. soldiers who have been patrolling the capital for months describe a deadly and infuriating mission in which the enemy is elusive and success hard to find. Each day, convoys of Humvees and Bradley Fighting Vehicles leave Forward Operating Base Falcon in southern Baghdad with the goal of stopping violence between warring Iraqi religious sects, training the Iraqi army and police to take over the duty, and reporting back on the availability of basic services for Iraqi civilians.

But some soldiers in the 2nd Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, 1st Armored Division -- interviewed over four days on base and on patrols -- say they have grown increasingly disillusioned about their ability to quell the violence and their reason for fighting. The battalion of more than 750 people arrived in Baghdad from Kuwait in March, and since then, six soldiers have been killed and 21 wounded.

It sucks. Honestly, it just feels like we're driving around waiting to get blown up. That's the most honest answer I could give you, said Spec. Tim Ivey, 28, of San Antonio, a muscular former backup fullback for Baylor University. You lose a couple friends and it gets hard.

No one wants to be here, you know, no one is truly enthused about what we do, said Sgt. Christopher Dugger, the squad leader. We were excited, but then it just wears on you -- there's only so much you can take. Like me, personally, I want to fight in a war like World War II. I want to fight an enemy. And this, out here, he said, motioning around the scorched sand-and-gravel base, the rows of Humvees and barracks, toward the trash-strewn streets of Baghdad outside, there is no enemy, it's a faceless enemy. He's out there, but he's hiding.

We're trained as an Army to fight and destroy the enemy and then take over, added Dugger, 26, of

Reno, Nev. But I don't think we're trained enough to push along a country, and that's what we're actually doing out here.

It's frustrating, but we are definitely a help to these people, he said. I'm out here with the guys that I know so well, and I couldn't picture myself being anywhere else.

'Never-Ending Battle'

After a five-hour patrol on Saturday through southern Baghdad neighborhoods, soldiers from the 1st Platoon sat on wooden benches in an enclosed porch outside their barracks. Faces flushed and dirty from the grit and a beating sun, they smoked cigarettes and tossed them at a rusted can that said Butts.

The commanders in Baghdad and the Pentagon are looking at the big picture all the time, but for us, we don't see no big picture, it's just always another bomb out here, said Spec. Joshua Steffey, 24, of Asheville, N.C. The company's commanding officer, Capt. Douglas A. DiCenzo of Plymouth, N.H., and his gunner, Spec. Robert E. Blair of Ocala, Fla., were killed by a roadside bomb in May.

Steffey said he wished somebody would explain to us, 'Hey, this is what we're working for.' With a stream of expletives, he said he could not care less if Iraq's free or if they're a democracy.

I mean, if you compare the casualty count from this war to, say, World War II, you know obviously it doesn't even compare, Fulcher said. But World War II, the big picture was clear -- you know you're fighting because somebody was trying to take over the world, basically. This is like, what did we invade here for?

How did it become, 'Well, now we have to rebuild this place from the ground up'? Fulcher asked.

He kept talking. They say we're here and we've given them freedom, but really what is that? You know, what is freedom? You've got kids here who can't go to school. You've got people here who don't have jobs anymore. You've got people here who don't have power, he said. You know, so yeah, they've got freedom now, but when they didn't have freedom, everybody had a job.

Steffey got up to leave the porch and go to bed.

You know, the point is we've lost too many Americans here already, we're committed now. So whatever the [expletive] end-state is, whatever it is, we need to achieve it -- that way they didn't die for nothing, he said. We're far too deep in this now....
Hmmm....I am waiting to see who McCain chooses as VP...
because, all politics aside...he is not looking good (McCain). I mean, besides the fact that he is an older person, he just looks unhealthy to me. Does anyone know what happens if after he officially gets the nomination and names a VP...if for health reasons or something he could not continue...does the VP move to the top spot to run for Prez and name another VP? God forbid anything happens to him...don't wish that on ANYONE, but just curious.
True....still waiting for Bill Clinton to own up...
Teddy Kennedy to own up...Barack Obama to own up...there is a lot of owning up that should be done on both sides. But, as you said...integrity and guts. I think there are plenty of the "less brave" on both sides of the aisle.
What part of we are waiting to hear about MCCAIN'S
If he and his supporters cannot even acknowledge the #1 election issue and answer a simple question directly and in a sraightforward fashion without throwing fits of hatred, how is it that they expect to win in November?
Don't hold your breath waiting for the fanatics
They're probably holding a blog conference on how to discredit/over-rule the Supreme Court.
The O is ready to have his first news conference. Waiting now.
I was making fun of your conspiracy theory regarding paid "SMs", but I think you know that.
Thanks BB, I am still waiting for my own personal 'GOLDEN PARACHUTE,' seen it anywhere???.....
And did you know there are waiting lists for subsidized housing? Why do you think there are....sm
so many newly-poor families on the streets? Getting on the rolls these days, cutting through the red tape, can be a daunting and long task, but what about the families in the meantime? The shelters are overflowing. In my state, the food banks actually have to close now from time to time because times are hard, less people are able to donate, more people need the help, and there is just not enough to go around.

I just want DESERVING FOLK to get their needs met while they get back on their feet, and the kids do not have to live a nightmare. Yes, I, too, have seen some welfare folk buying inappropriate things, but perhaps if we had a voucher system that monitored purchases, if they only got reimbursed on the back end after submitting their receipts to make sure they were buying needed, healthy, appropriate goods....I don't have the answer, or I would be applying at the White House, but we need social safety nets so badly right now.
Hurry up Fitzgerald..Im waiting to throw a party!
 It's Bush-Cheney, Not Rove-Libby
    By Frank Rich
    The New York Times

    Sunday 16 October 2005

    There hasn't been anything like it since Martha Stewart fended off questions about her stock-trading scandal by manically chopping cabbage on The Early Show on CBS. Last week the setting was Today on NBC, where the image of President Bush manically hammering nails at a Habitat for Humanity construction site on the Gulf Coast was juggled with the sight of him trying to duck Matt Lauer's questions about Karl Rove.

    As with Ms. Stewart, Mr. Bush's paroxysm of panic was must-see TV. The president was a blur of blinks, taps, jiggles, pivots and shifts, Dana Milbank wrote in The Washington Post. Asked repeatedly about Mr. Rove's serial appearances before a Washington grand jury, the jittery Mr. Bush, for once bereft of a script, improvised a passable impersonation of Norman Bates being quizzed by the detective in Psycho. Like Norman and Ms. Stewart, he stonewalled.

    That stonewall may start to crumble in a Washington courtroom this week or next. In a sense it already has. Now, as always, what matters most in this case is not whether Mr. Rove and Lewis Libby engaged in a petty conspiracy to seek revenge on a whistle-blower, Joseph Wilson, by unmasking his wife, Valerie, a covert C.I.A. officer. What makes Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation compelling, whatever its outcome, is its illumination of a conspiracy that was not at all petty: the one that took us on false premises into a reckless and wasteful war in Iraq. That conspiracy was instigated by Mr. Rove's boss, George W. Bush, and Mr. Libby's boss, Dick Cheney.

    Mr. Wilson and his wife were trashed to protect that larger plot. Because the personnel in both stories overlap, the bits and pieces we've learned about the leak inquiry over the past two years have gradually helped fill in the über-narrative about the war. Last week was no exception. Deep in a Wall Street Journal account of Judy Miller's grand jury appearance was this crucial sentence: Lawyers familiar with the investigation believe that at least part of the outcome likely hangs on the inner workings of what has been dubbed the White House Iraq Group.

    Very little has been written about the White House Iraq Group, or WHIG. Its inception in August 2002, seven months before the invasion of Iraq, was never announced. Only much later would a newspaper article or two mention it in passing, reporting that it had been set up by Andrew Card, the White House chief of staff. Its eight members included Mr. Rove, Mr. Libby, Condoleezza Rice and the spinmeisters Karen Hughes and Mary Matalin. Its mission: to market a war in Iraq.

    Of course, the official Bush history would have us believe that in August 2002 no decision had yet been made on that war. Dates bracketing the formation of WHIG tell us otherwise. On July 23, 2002 - a week or two before WHIG first convened in earnest - a British official told his peers, as recorded in the now famous Downing Street memo, that the Bush administration was ensuring that the intelligence and facts about Iraq's W.M.D.'s were being fixed around the policy of going to war. And on Sept. 6, 2002 - just a few weeks after WHIG first convened - Mr. Card alluded to his group's existence by telling Elisabeth Bumiller of The New York Times that there was a plan afoot to sell a war against Saddam Hussein: From a marketing point of view, you don't introduce new products in August.

    The official introduction of that product began just two days later. On the Sunday talk shows of Sept. 8, Ms. Rice warned that we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud, and Mr. Cheney, who had already started the nuclear doomsday drumbeat in three August speeches, described Saddam as actively and aggressively seeking to acquire nuclear weapons. The vice president cited as evidence a front-page article, later debunked, about supposedly nefarious aluminum tubes co-written by Judy Miller in that morning's Times. The national security journalist James Bamford, in A Pretext for War, writes that the article was all too perfectly timed to facilitate exactly the sort of propaganda coup that the White House Iraq Group had been set up to stage-manage.

    The administration's doomsday imagery was ratcheted up from that day on. As Barton Gellman and Walter Pincus of The Washington Post would determine in the first account of WHIG a full year later, the administration's escalation of nuclear rhetoric could be traced to the group's formation. Along with mushroom clouds, uranium was another favored image, the Post report noted, because anyone could see its connection to an atomic bomb. It appeared in a Bush radio address the weekend after the Rice-Cheney Sunday show blitz and would reach its apotheosis with the infamously fictional 16 words about uranium from Africa in Mr. Bush's January 2003 State of the Union address on the eve of war.

    Throughout those crucial seven months between the creation of WHIG and the start of the American invasion of Iraq, there were indications that evidence of a Saddam nuclear program was fraudulent or nonexistent. Joseph Wilson's C.I.A. mission to Niger, in which he failed to find any evidence to back up uranium claims, took place nearly a year before the president's 16 words. But the truth never mattered. The Bush-Cheney product rolled out by Card, Rove, Libby & Company had been bought by Congress, the press and the public. The intelligence and facts had been successfully fixed to sell the war, and any memory of Mr. Bush's errant 16 words melted away in Shock and Awe. When, months later, a national security official, Stephen Hadley, took responsibility for allowing the president to address the nation about mythical uranium, no one knew that Mr. Hadley, too, had been a member of WHIG.

    It was not until the war was supposedly over - with Mission Accomplished, in May 2003 - that Mr. Wilson started to add his voice to those who were disputing the administration's uranium hype. Members of WHIG had a compelling motive to shut him down. In contrast to other skeptics, like Mohamed ElBaradei of the International Atomic Energy Agency (this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner), Mr. Wilson was an American diplomat; he had reported his findings in Niger to our own government. He was a dagger aimed at the heart of WHIG and its disinformation campaign. Exactly who tried to silence him and how is what Mr. Fitzgerald presumably will tell us.

    It's long been my hunch that the WHIG-ites were at their most brazen (and, in legal terms, reckless) during the many months that preceded the appointment of Mr. Fitzgerald as special counsel. When Mr. Rove was asked on camera by ABC News in September 2003 if he had any knowledge of the Valerie Wilson leak and said no, it was only hours before the Justice Department would open its first leak investigation. When Scott McClellan later declared that he had been personally assured by Mr. Rove and Mr. Libby that they were not involved with the leak, the case was still in the safe hands of the attorney general then, John Ashcroft, himself a three-time Rove client in past political campaigns. Though Mr. Rove may be known as Bush's brain, he wasn't smart enough to anticipate that Justice Department career employees would eventually pressure Mr. Ashcroft to recuse himself because of this conflict of interest, clearing the way for an outside prosecutor as independent as Mr. Fitzgerald.

    Bush's Brain is the title of James Moore and Wayne Slater's definitive account of Mr. Rove's political career. But Mr. Rove is less his boss's brain than another alliterative organ (or organs), that which provides testosterone. As we learn in Bush's Brain, bad things (usually character assassination) often happen to Bush foes, whether Ann Richards or John McCain. On such occasions, Mr. Bush stays compassionately above the fray while the ruthless Mr. Rove operates below the radar, always separated by a layer of operatives from any ill behavior that might implicate him. There is no crime, just a victim, Mr. Moore and Mr. Slater write of this repeated pattern.

    THIS modus operandi was foolproof, shielding the president as well as Mr. Rove from culpability, as long as it was about winning an election. The attack on Mr. Wilson, by contrast, has left them and the Cheney-Libby tag team vulnerable because it's about something far bigger: protecting the lies that took the country into what the Reagan administration National Security Agency director, Lt. Gen. William Odom, recently called the greatest strategic disaster in United States history.

    Whether or not Mr. Fitzgerald uncovers an indictable crime, there is once again a victim, but that victim is not Mr. or Mrs. Wilson; it's the nation. It is surely a joke of history that even as the White House sells this weekend's constitutional referendum as yet another victory for democracy in Iraq, we still don't know the whole story of how our own democracy was hijacked on the way to war.

Still waiting for a direct answer to a simple question.
The long lines and months of waiting for tests