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You mean kinda sorta like some retired ex-MTs who do the same..

Posted By: with opposite pov? on 2008-11-29
In Reply to: Exactly what is a "vault copy?" - ggourdpainter

and paint gourds in their spare time?

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Yeah, kinda sorta like those. LOL
Kinda sorta like all you peppy eppy upper dupper cheerleaders.
whatever. He can do no wrong in your eyes, ever.

not retired

I take it you guys are already retired because if you are still working and your retirement is your 401K you can't touch it.  Luckily my dh's service provider has a fund that does not really make money or lose money so we moved it there.  Mine has nothing like that so I moved it to the least volatile but its a crap shoot.


Well, sorta.
There is a limit to how long they can fillibuster (not sure how long that is, though), but it doesn't prevent the vote from taking place. It only delays it. The fillibuster started out as a way for those in the minority to make sure their position was heard and maybe change the minds of some of those in the majority, but it's been abused so badly that at one time, there was actually a senator that just read a book out loud for something like nine hours just to delay the vote. It's a truly pathetic thing these days because it holds no real purpose except to pi$$ off the other side.
This liberal is a retired attorney. Not in it for the money.
All she wants is for McCain campaign to denounce the death threats and tone down the rhetoric. Once done, suit withdrawn.
I believe this is the $250 stimulus check for retired people who are...sm
drawing Social Security. It is a one-time $250 check out of Obama's stimulus package. It has nothing to do with the stimulus checks sent out during Bush's administration.
I guess we're even. Cuz it's sorta like how we
Sorta like Ma Kettle on the Beverly
gonna shoot me some vittles...  Me, I like the grocery store; it's more lady-like! 
I weighed in with my radical retired Teamster husband

to make sure I get it right.  Having been married to me for a number of years, he is fairly well versed in the field of MT.  So let's look at unions from that perspective:

Say we have an MT who cherry picks and signs off every time a dictator comes up that she doesn't want to do.  Other MTs that have to pick up after this MT complain until the company finally decides to fire this bad MT.  Okay, the firing is done.  The slacking MT files a grievance with her union.  A hearing is scheduled with the Union representative, the company representative, the bad MT and any interested parties may also appear on either side as witnesses...a sort of trial if you will.  The company must present all records for the bad MT to day 1 of employment.  Co-workers can speak for or against the person.  Let's say that the documentation backs up the bad MT firing.  She is fired.......end of story.

Another real example:  Radical Teamster husband once had a hot-shot supervisor.  Husband got so angry one day that he threw a trash can at the supervisor.  He was fired.  He filed a greviance and was suspended until the hearing.  At the hearing the company brought their records of some 20 odd years of hard work and being a good employee, 1 episode of, I think they called it insubordination.    Co-workers appeared on behalf of husband.  Husband received a reprimand from the union about the trash can throwing incident and went back to his job.  Shortly thereafter the company fired the supervisor. Supervisors were not represented by the union and he was fired...period.

Wouldn't it be nice if MTs had someone to stand up for them today?

I kinda think they would both
look out for themselves.  That's exactly what they're doing now, trying to win the prize, never mind if they have to whack their own mother...but that's just my opinion.
Well...that kinda clears it up...LOL. (nm)
Kinda like US Weekly!

Who has lost thousands of subscriptions over that so-called piece about the sex and lies.  Both Megyn Kelly & Laura Ingraham made that loon look even more stupid than he was.  But it's so easy to do.  All one needs to do is take their words and hand them right back to them.  Gets 'em every time.

I don't give any party a free pass, tho.  I have more respect for my own self than that!

try "craps out"....kinda like...all the...nm
crap that spats out of you and others of your ilk on this board, towards the republications.

Your handle of TP fits

kinda on a different tangent but....sm
but my husband said to me the other day, that Biden is the gift that keeps on giving....to the other side that is, what with all his verbal gaffes in recent days.

There's a reason Biden never made it past the primaries in all the other times he tried to run for prez.....your articles included, and the fact that he keeps dissing his own side (unintentionally, of course, but I guess that's just Joe).

It might be kinda' cool!

I was just kinda shocked to see you

would campaign for a known unqualified person for the presidency.  I do imagine they wll get around that though one way or the other.  He is just what we need for president.  NOT. 

It should be interesting.  I just wonder what kind of deal was "really" made between Obama and Hillary.  Unless I miss my best guess she isn't going to play second fiddle to anyone. 

I was kinda wondering about that myself
Considering the veil of secrecy the previous administration operated under, I'm kinda stunned that they're making this an issue. I don't remember this outrage when Cheney held his secret covert meetings to form energy policy with the members of the oil cartels. That directly impacted each and every one of us as it served to guide policy, yet I don't recall this outrage from the right regarding that.

I'm an independent (the real kind, not like Bill O), but I'm just a bit amazed about the short memories some people seem to have if they Obama is raising the fear level.
Ok....I just thought it was in kinda bad taste.
But...whatever floats your boat. I did think I would never hear anything negative about the left leaning from him...and I never expected to hear him say that. Oh well...whatever floats your boat. Enjoy! :)
Does the behavior on this board not kinda...
support that?
kinda syrupy, but cute.



This was kinda cute for Halloween....sm


(halloween political link.....)

Happy Halloween all.......going to splurge and get myself some candy, since living on a mountain we don't get any trick or treaters...unless you count the bears that aren't hibernating yet!!!

Dunno but I think it's kinda cute. n/m
Well, crow is kinda tasty once you get used to it. LOL
Oh, I get it. Kinda like the bailed out banks
I feel so much better now.
Hey, what kinda pansies hold their
tea party indoors?  
I kinda like the puff, light, etc.

Saves some money and if I put them down, they go out instead of burning away. I had my first carton of 'em last week. Took 7 days for that carton. Sunday I started my second carton. I'm almost through that one today because it's not a "puff and light."

Some day....

It's gettin' kinda late, but you got me LMAO.
Nahhh.....I just thoughtit was kinda cute. nm

I won't hide! It's kinda hard to give
posts any merit when the writer won't come forward. I don't like getting slammed, but what the heck--guess I deserve it sometimes.
Yeah...kinda like a 'whack-a-mole'...

And just who, pray tell, is Crackers? Sounds kinda
But, whatever makes the three of you happy...
Yeah, kinda laying claim to maverickism
Kinda makes me rethink the whole stimulus package........
Evidently Pickens Plan was incorporated in there..........as much as it was allowed!
I agree, Linda...time will tell. Polls kinda take a pulse...
they can change so quickly.

As far as Hillary supporters, the hard-line vote Democrat or die group will vote for Obama. It is the ones who are angry at the DNC and Howard Dean...those are the ones who might be persuaded. But even if they are not, those independents and undecideds seem to really like her.

We will see how it goes...but it IS exciting, isn't it? She is definitely not Washington politics as usual and that is SO refreshing!
It's kinda fun to watch you playing mental bumper cars
President Bush is kinda busy right now, you know, a little thing called a hurricaine. sm
Cities ruined, people dead and missing, flooding, looting, stuff like that.  Give it a rest.