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must be a slow day in conservativeville

Posted By: gt on 2005-09-10
In Reply to: gt I wouldn't stand in the middle of a field - leftist basher

I think you are talking about yourself or your children..not me..conservative board must be slow today..git fool, git..go back to your hypocritical friends..

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I read r-e-a-l slow
and I saw two words spelled incorrectly in your post.
I read real slow.
I checked 47 websites regarding Snopes reliability. Excluding those websites with an obvious agenda, I have come to the conclusion that Snopes is reliable.

Thanks ever so much. :)
I want to see him impeached for the slow response in Katrina...sm
I think that alone is enough. Him and Blanco, and their coherts, they've got to go!!!
Hope he doesn't slow down anytime soon...

As far as the way he debates, I like to think that he kind of stammers and stutters sometimes to buy himself time to really think about what he is going to say, as obviously saying one wrong thing can damage an entire campaign.  I personally wish he would spit things out a bit faster, but in the end I can always see what he is trying to get at.  Of course, he is my favorite candidate and I know where he stands on most issues anyway (I go to his website a lot), so that probably makes me more accepting of his style, I guess.

I hope he does not slow down, and I have a very good feeling that he won't.  I think he is bringing out record numbers of young people out to vote, and I think that has been and will continue to be a huge part of his success.  He does inspire people in general, and he obviously inspires them to vote! I've seen so many people comment on his MySpace page that they have never voted before but went and registered just so they could vote for him.

Obama has integrity, and I think many of us get the sense that he cannot be bought and will not work for big business but rather for the American people, and that is one of the things I like most about him.  I guess I trust that he doesn't want the job for the paycheck but that he really wants to improve this country and the world in general.  I'm sooooo sick of politicians voting according to what drug company is paying them the most money, or oil company, insurance company, etc.  It is beyond outrageous at this point!

It's like watching a horrible car crash in really slow motion.