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CHADS2 score or CHADS-II score?

Posted By: paulakaye on 2009-04-02
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Subject: CHADS2 score or CHADS-II score?

Which is correct? Thanks!

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CHADS2 - although I have seen CHADS(2)
Subject: CHADS2 - although I have seen CHADS(2)

MELD score (Mayo end-stage liver disease score)
Subject: MELD score (Mayo end-stage liver disease score)

how about, "MIDAS score and prior HAMD score is 6..." ? sm
Subject: how about, "MIDAS score and prior HAMD score is 6..." ? sm

HAMD=Hamilton rating scale for depression
FIM score
Subject: FIM score

SRB score ??
Subject: SRB score ??

Breast cancer - SRB score was 9/9.  Is SRB correct?
SBR score
Subject: SBR score

Yes, it's correct
SRB score, again!
Subject: SRB score, again!

I should have mentioned before, some docs say Scarff-Bloom-Richardson and some say Scarff-Richardson-Bloom. Sheesh.
No score given.
Subject: No score given.

Sounds like it is part of the procedure possibly but nothing more is mentioned about it - just repeats throughout the report c-section with s/l DPS.
T-score refs
Scott & White - Osteoporosis - How to read a DEXA Scan - Central TexasHow to Read a DEXA Scan. Really, there are only four important numbers, ... The T-score shows where your patient is compared to the population. ...
www.sw.org/.../org.sw.browse/.swdoc/iwcontent~public~osteo~en_ us~html~osteo_readdexa.jsp/.piid/152/.ciid/253 - 81k - Cached - Similar pages

Bone Density Test - OsteoporosisA bone density test, or DEXA scan, is used to determine if a patient has ... A T-score compares your bone density to the optimal peak bone density for your ...
orthopedics.about.com/cs/ osteoporosis/a/bonedensitytest.htm - 33k - Cached - Similar pages

what is DEXA scanningA DEXA scan report compares the patient's bone mineral density values with those ... normal patient (T score) and with age matched normal patient (Z score). ...
www.gorhams.dk/html/what_is_dexa_scanning.html - 26k - Cached - Similar pages

What is a DEXA scan?Your scan results will be given in the form of a T-score. ... You will also be asked to undergo a follow-up DEXA scan within 18 - 24 months, to assess any ...
www.irishhealth.com/?level=4&id=7099 - 39k - Cached - Similar pages

prestige score?
Subject: prestige score?

a guess
there is a MELD score.............nm
Subject: there is a MELD score.............nm

Connor's RS score
Subject: Connor's RS score

Is this right?  This is on an ADHD child.  I found Connor's score, but can't find anything about the RS??



Mallampati (score)
Subject: Mallampati (score)

s/l port score
Has anyone every heard of what s/l "port score" as in lower lobe infiltrate with a port score of... thanks.
PORT score
Subject: PORT score


s/l port score
Subject: s/l port score

Thanks so much!
modified s/l VAI score
Subject: modified s/l VAI score

She rates her sensation as a 6/10 on the modified s/l V** score. TIA
s/l malabody score 3? sm
Subject: s/l malabody score 3? sm

no mucosal lesions, s/l malabody score 3.



AUA symptom score
Subject: AUA symptom score

His AUA symptom score is as follows:  bladder emptying 2, frequency 4, interim ?__________? 3, urgency 3, screen 3-4, strain 1, nocturia 4-5, quality of life score 3-4/6.  


psych score
Subject: psych score

FILA? SILA? He never scored in his FILA?
seewa or cwa score?
Subject: seewa or cwa score?

The patient is getting Ativan according to his "seewa" or "cwa" score?  S/l sea wa (the a in wa like you were saying "what").

Thank you!  Happy typing! 


Gleason score?
Subject: Gleason score?

necrosis score
Subject: necrosis score

CIWA score
Subject: CIWA score

Mallampati score
Subject: Mallampati score

Mallampati score. check Cardiopulmonary.
Mallampati score
Subject: Mallampati score

its Mallampati score
S/l Dimitri score. I know I have this before, but
Subject: S/l Dimitri score. I know I have this before, but

for some reason it's not clicking in.  The patient has gastrointestinal problems.  TIA!
MELD score
Subject: MELD score

Model for End-stage Liver Disease score (MELD). Does patient have liver disease?
s/l ALRAD score?
Subject: s/l ALRAD score?

Pt has breast cancer. Doctor is giving what s/l an ALRAD score. Is this right?
I'd put Gleason score 6 (3 + 3). NM
Subject: I'd put Gleason score 6 (3 + 3). NM

Found it...FAS Score. thx
Subject: Found it...FAS Score. thx

Oops. That's SBR score
Subject: Oops. That's SBR score

You had it right. It stands for Scarff-Bloom-Richardson. There are three criteria with a 3 score being the highest for each, so 9/9 is correct.
Rehab score
Subject: Rehab score

FIM score??
FAST score
Subject: FAST score

Is the patient a child? There is a "Families and Schools Together" mental evaluation score.
Mallampati score. nm
Subject: Mallampati score. nm

s/l lunacky score
Subject: s/l lunacky score

in a CT scan probably of the sinuses, lunacky score is 7 on the left and 7 on the right. 

Port Score??
Subject: Port Score??

"Port score of "

cancer score?
Subject: cancer score?

Her s/l chilpu score is at least C and she is not a candidate for surgical resection or chemotherapy.
s/l mallenpody score?
Subject: s/l mallenpody score?

Mallampati score. sm
Subject: Mallampati score. sm

  • Mallampati Score

    Nov 3, 2008 ... Mallampati Score, Mallampati Classification. ... Higher Mallampati score (Type 4) is higher risk. More difficult intubation; Associated with ...
    www.fpnotebook.com/ENT/Exam/MlmptScr.htm - 21k - Cached - Similar pages

  • Mallampati Score Predicts Difficult Laryngoscopy and Intubation ...

    Jul 28, 2006 ... The Mallampati score, an assessment of tongue size relative to the oral pharynx, has become a staple among the difficult-intubation ...
    emergency-medicine.jwatch.org/cgi/content/full/2006/728/2 - Similar pages
    by A

  • I put *m*t* score into OneLook dot com and -- sm
    Subject: I put *m*t* score into OneLook dot com and -- sm

    it suggested DeMeester score, which is apparently a measure of esophageal acidity and used in GERD testing ... does that fit your context?

    Demitri score?
    Subject: Demitri score?

    Doing a Nissen fundoplication, doctor says pH study with a Dimitri? score of 20.  I can't get the beginning of the word, so it may be ___itri score
    There is DeMeester score.
    Subject: There is DeMeester score.

    CWAH score?
    Subject: CWAH score?

    This is in regards to blood alcohol level I believe and sounds like CWAH score. 
    Mallampati Score
    Subject: Mallampati Score

    Supposed to be classification for ease of intubation.
    DEXA scan score

    DEXA scan as per Sted's Ortho words.  Believe it is T-score. Here is a link for you.



    demonstrated an Ag-et-sten score
    Subject: demonstrated an Ag-et-sten score

    of 97 on an EBCT performed. Word lookin for sounds like Ag-et-sten.

    Thanks for the help.


    The Apgar score was 9/9 at 1 and 5 minutes.
    Subject: The Apgar score was 9/9 at 1 and 5 minutes.


    now I think I'm wrong - it's not MELD score...sm
    Subject: now I think I'm wrong - it's not MELD score...sm

    Maybe dictator meant ammonia level?  Usually BUN comes before creatinine, sodium, potassium, etc.

    sorry, I'm merely trying to help *S*

    NUA score? Narcotic overdose
    Subject: NUA score? Narcotic overdose

    Asian dictator - HORRID dictator...narcotic overdose, sounds like NUA or NOA score in a patient with a narcotic overdose. They gave the patient buprenorphine 0.3 mg Q 4H PRN.

    What's he saying?


    s/l MITA or MIDA score
    Subject: s/l MITA or MIDA score