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Council Tip Catheter?? nm

Posted By: MT and worn out on 2008-11-20
In Reply to: cystoscopy catheter? sm - Carol

Subject: Council Tip Catheter?? nm


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In this case it is council, as in advisory council
Subject: In this case it is council, as in advisory council

Inserting a PICC or other central catheter? Maybe 'Groshong' catheter? nm
Subject: Inserting a PICC or other central catheter? Maybe 'Groshong' catheter? nm

Udall catheter or Uldall catheter?
Subject: Udall catheter or Uldall catheter?

Way out on a limb here, but could it be a D-catheter or 3D catheter?
Subject: Way out on a limb here, but could it be a D-catheter or 3D catheter?

s/l serial catheter or zero catheter
Subject: s/l serial catheter or zero catheter

s/l 60-cm serial catheter introduced in right femoral artery
Subject: Catheter

6 French-Judkins left full-coronary catheter. I can't  make out what he's saying. Thanks for the help!
SOS catheter
Subject: SOS catheter

Subject: catheter

Prowater catheter.
Subject: catheter

Swan-Ganz catheter to provide online monitoring of pulmonary artery pressure and oxygen saturation

arterial line (A-Line) - a catheter placed in an artery to constantly check blood pressure without a blood pressure cuff; also allows medical staff to draw blood for tests without having to give the child another needle stick.

help with name of catheter
Subject: help with name of catheter

It sounds like he is saying pain q or pin q catheter. Vein (leg) surgery TIA
catheter used in PCI
Subject: catheter used in PCI

Has anyone heard of a catheter that s/l Tortnes? This is dictated by an ESL. He says he is using a Maverick balloon with the use of a Tortnes catheter. I can't locate the spelling of this catheter to document whether or not I'm hearing it correctly.

catheter help
Subject: catheter help

S/L dobbonzier catheter

Patient with obstructed ureteral stent. 

Need GU OP help catheter
Subject: Need GU OP help catheter

PROCEDURE PERFORMED:  Cystoscopy, bilateral retrograde pyelograms, bilateral ureteral stent changes with 6 x 24 ureteral tents

We initially turned attention to the right stent and this was grabbed with the graspers and removed without any difficulty.  We then were able to place a ___(s/l pollek, or pollock)_______ catheter without difficulty into the right ureter, up to the right renal pelvis.  Contrast was injected in a gentle manner and this showed a severely blunted calices and collecting of the dye without subsequent efflux. 


catheter help please
Subject: catheter help please

S/L pleuradex or pleurodex catheter for thoracentesis
yes. not sure if catheter is
Subject: yes. not sure if catheter is

name of catheter
Subject: name of catheter

I have an ESL doing an OB/GYN procedure (a hysteroscopy, to be more specific) and she inserts a catheter into the bladder to drain it.  I think she's saying red_____catheter, and the first thing that comes to my mind is 'red Robinson' or maybe even 'red rubber.'  I looked at the last report that I left this blank in, and the QA put in red Robinul catheter.  I do not believe there is such a thing.  Maybe she just attempted to use one of her shortcuts, and the wrong one filled in without her realizing it, or she was sleep typing.  Who knows!  Robinul is a med, and there is no such catheter, is there?  I sure can't document one in my reference books or with Google searches.
name of catheter
Subject: name of catheter

I agree, I've heard red rubber catheter many times too.  I was just going back and listening to the blanks to see if I could figure any of them out on a second pass, and it definitely does sound like Robinul or a word ending in that type of sound, but she's getting a blank from me on this one.  Maybe a different QA will proof it, and I can see what it really should be.

Thank you all!

Maybe PAC catheter??...
Subject: Maybe PAC catheter??...

as in abbreviated port-a-cath?? Not sure on that one.  Then--"catheter was sutured using a Witzel tunnel suture to prevent rotation or volvulus" (twisting of the bowel).  Would make sense with Witzer tunnel procedure and if the cath site is in the abdomen (especially for chemotherapy). 
Subject: catheter

Day or Dague CSL catheter?
Subject: catheter

name of catheter
Subject: name of catheter

Rob-Nel catheter
s/l vee-ta catheter
Subject: s/l vee-ta catheter

I utilized a 5-French s/l vee-ta catheter to engage the left subclavian. Any ideas? javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
Think he could mean D-catheter?
Subject: Think he could mean D-catheter?

for dilatation catheter?
I think it might be D-catheter
Subject: I think it might be D-catheter

but I'm not sure enough to put it so I'll leave a blank (well, five blanks) and see what they fill in.
s/l INO catheter
Subject: s/l INO catheter

The patient states she has to perform ________ cath to relieve her bladder due to paraplegia.

He's saying something like ional cath or INO cath. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

CDP ? catheter
Subject: CDP ? catheter

cardiac patient with Swanz-Ganz and s/l CDP catheter in place on physical exam
Subject: catheter

Stedman's shows it as two words Omni Flush.
Subject: catheter

Rax catheter?
Subject: Rax catheter?

Caudal catheter placement (lumbar back pain) sounds like "Rax" catheter.
Could it be catheter?
Subject: Could it be catheter?

IO catheter or as I&O (in and out)
Subject: IO catheter or as I&O (in and out)

IO catherization, referring to in and out, I&O.
Subject: Catheter

A 16 French s/l coudar Robinson catheter was introduced into the bladder connected to aerated K-Y jelly.
sl Coo-day or two-day catheter
Subject: sl Coo-day or two-day catheter

It is referred to as a Foley catheter is two other places in the report, but that is not what he says here.  Thanks.
s/l key zee catheter. nm TIA
Subject: s/l key zee catheter. nm TIA

HELP with catheter
Subject: HELP with catheter

 s/l Racz breby catheter.  Please HELP!!


Mix catheter?
Subject: Mix catheter?

the patient a hematoma at the cath site, may place a Mix?  cath.  thanks a lot!
Catheter name..
Subject: Catheter name..

Need help...s/l Seedman catheter or Siedman???  Can't find at all.  It's used in a nephrostomy procedure.



Subject: Catheter

Thanks...I sent it to QA because he said it 4 times and each time it sounded like "Seedman".  Will let you know.
Uraceal catheter?
Subject: Uraceal catheter?

Anyone heard of this?  s/l uraceal catheter used in a nephrostomy.  Thanks!

s/l Gershon Catheter
Subject: s/l Gershon Catheter

Has anyone heard of this?  I cannot verify it on the web or my books. Thanks!
Groshong catheter
Subject: Groshong catheter

Groshon catheter
Subject: Groshon catheter

The ortho and neuro docs I typed for spelled it Groshon catheter.
catheter over needle
Subject: catheter over needle

Could it be catheter over needle ? This is frequently described during a pneumothorax procedure. 
cardiac catheter
Subject: cardiac catheter

Is it acceptable for a doctor to use cardiac cath or should I edit it to catheter? Thanks.
Hasson catheter. SM
Subject: Hasson catheter. SM

Considering that the catheter is named after Dr. Harrith Hasson, a pioneer in laparoscopic surgery, I think we can safely go with Hasson catheter!
type of catheter?? sm
Subject: type of catheter?? sm

The patient has:

mandibular aveolar ridge squamous cell carcinoma.....

she would be a candidate for brachytherapy through radiation seeds or acolenic catheter.

I am unsure if this is a type of catheter or possibly a cancer treatment med received through a catheter.

Any help would be appreciated ---Stumped!!

Plurex Catheter
Subject: Plurex Catheter

I believe this should be "Pleurx" catheter
Subject: .....WEINBERG CATHETER...nm

s/l v tech catheter
Subject: s/l v tech catheter

Sounds like V tech
sauce catheter? sm
Subject: sauce catheter? sm

Initially, we were able to selectively catheterize the left renal artery with a s/l "sauce catheter".  Thanks!
s/l Allis catheter ? sp NM
Subject: s/l Allis catheter ? sp NM