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It's either irradiated or radiated leukopoor...nm

Posted By: Skipper on 2006-08-07
In Reply to: s/l radioleukal port for regulating blood products? Thx - Curious

Subject: It's either irradiated or radiated leukopoor...nm

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Oncology query...irradiated or radiated
Subject: Oncology query...irradiated or radiated

This is from a transfusion reaction report for my oncology account:  She was receiving the second of 2 units of leukoreduced irradiated red blood cells on March 20, 2007, for a hemoglobin of 6.6 g/dL and developed skin flushing 15 minutes after the unit was started.  The transfusion was stopped, and she was given 25 mg of diphenhydramine orally. 

I can't honestly be sure that she's saying irradiated or if she's actually saying radiated.  I got a sample from the office for another transfusion reaction report by the same dictator, and that report had leukoreduced irradiated platelets.  That's influencing my hearing, I think.  This is above my realm of knowledge, and I'm honestly not sure which it really should be, and I don't want to totally trust the other MT's report when I know nothing about her or her knowledge base.



irradiated is the correct terminology nm
Subject: irradiated is the correct terminology nm

irradiated is the correct terminology
Subject: irradiated is the correct terminology

Thank you!