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Neurology exam for migraine sufferer

Posted By: sh on 2008-10-30
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Subject: Neurology exam for migraine sufferer

MIDAS score and s/l * pryman D * score is 6. Got the MIDAS.  Not sure about the other. TIA!

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Migraine med
Subject: Migraine med

Midrin, perhaps?
photaphobia? Like in migraine?
migraine drug?
Subject: migraine drug?

Headaches and TMJ.  She can use a migraine as needed.

Am i missing something here? When I look this up in my drug book it has a list of migraine agents, but doc doesn't dictate any brand name just "a migraine"

ibuprofen Migraine
Subject: ibuprofen Migraine

He probably took a shortcut for "ibuprofen Migraine"...like in...Advil Migraine, Motrin Migraine, etc.
migraine drug
Subject: migraine drug



Can also google.com key in migraine medications or drugs.

Well Packs for migraine
Subject: Well Packs for migraine

His s/l Well Packs are not helping his migraine.


Thanks alot

migraine prevention
Subject: migraine prevention

s/l talpurinate or topurinate. Went to quick look for migraine prevention and cannot find anything like this
s/l abdominoplegic migraine? TIA........nm
Subject: s/l abdominoplegic migraine? TIA........nm

ophthalmoplegic migraine?
Subject: ophthalmoplegic migraine?

s/l finagran? for migraine?
Subject: s/l finagran? for migraine?

migraine scotoma ?? (nm)
Subject: migraine scotoma ?? (nm)

Migraine medication
Subject: Migraine medication

Maybe Esgic-Plus http://www.drugs.com/mtm/esgic-plus.html
given for Migraine headache
Subject: given for Migraine headache

Could be Amerge (for migraine) -sm
Subject: Could be Amerge (for migraine) -sm

Comes in 2.5 mg tablets...
Migraine meds
Subject: Migraine meds

You can always go to Google and type in meds for migraines.
Fioricet is used for migraine headaches....nm
Subject: Fioricet is used for migraine headaches....nm

Migraine med s/l midclin or mayclin..nm
Subject: Migraine med s/l midclin or mayclin..nm

propranolol for migraine prophylaxis? wm
Subject: propranolol for migraine prophylaxis? wm

Propranolol for migraine prophylaxis

Propranolol for migraine prophylaxis. Linde K, Rossnagel K. This is a Cochrane review abstract and plain language summary, prepared and maintained by The ...
www.cochrane.org/reviews/en/ab003225.html - 16k - Cached - Similar pages

The dose of propranolol for migraine prophylaxis. Efficacy of low ...

In addition to confirming the well-known utility of propranolol in migraine prophylaxis, our results show that low doses are effective in controlling ...
www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=2611887&dopt=Abstract - Similar pages

Here is link with migraine meds. sm
Subject: Here is link with migraine meds. sm

Drug for migraine s/l Revolis..nm
Subject: Drug for migraine s/l Revolis..nm

summation or sublimation migraine?
Subject: summation or sublimation migraine?

This is a patient with seizures and migraines related to the onset of them.  It sounds like the doctor is calling them either summation migraines or sublimation migraines?  Any ideas? 
Possibly migraine prodrome?
Subject: Possibly migraine prodrome?

Migraine medication injection
Subject: Migraine medication injection

JUst want to make sure I am hearing this correctly- DHE/MF(?)/Phenergan as IM injection for migraine
Yes, I found that, but this is in regards to migraine sympstoms. nm
Subject: Yes, I found that, but this is in regards to migraine sympstoms. nm

Wigraine is a drug for migraine headaches.
Subject: Wigraine is a drug for migraine headaches.

Maxalt? Here is link with migraine meds. sm
Subject: Maxalt? Here is link with migraine meds. sm

Pretty good info. Can also find meds to prevent migraines. ===







Drug s/l "probaparine" for migraine headaches
Subject: Drug s/l "probaparine" for migraine headaches

or "probaperine" or something like that for migraines.

Thanks a million!



Subject: Neurology

I don't hear fibro at all. I don't think it could be lipoma since it's not mentioned anywhere else in the records. Thanks for your help.
Subject: Neurology

Upon further research, I found that a lipoma could be found on routine CT or MRI without having any symptoms. So lipoma it is. Thanks very much. (On careful listening again, he's pronouncing it lapalma)
Subject: Neurology

Has anybody ever heard of "syngipital spread"?? Help please!!
Subject: Neurology

Sounds like he is saying "Lamitz Sign"...can't find the correct spelling. Can anyone help? Thanks!
Subject: neurology

I'm trying to find a term that sounds like Mose's sign. All I can find is Mosse syndrome. It's in reference to neurology. Any suggestions?
Neurology help
Subject: Neurology help

____ right PCA and absent hypoplastic right A1 segment. (Sounds like "fetal").

Finger flexors, ______, and pincher grasp. (Sounds like lumbar curls).
Subject: Neurology

This is in the history section referring to MRI results 

"there is a patchy focus of "MARROW" signal alteration that has developed at the T7 level, which is essentially "OF ANTI COLY" morphology to a stable "MARROW" signal abnormality at T9."

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you: Liza

Subject: Neurology

S/L "rapid oneal axonal neuropathy"  Is this a phrase?

An EMG exam has been done in her lower extremities on 05/11/07, and this shows a wasting or "rapid oneal axonal neuropathy ".


Thank you for any help: Liza

Neurology help please
Subject: Neurology help please

Good morning...doc is dictating consultation and states

Cervical spine x-rays have been obtained, which revealed no evidence of cervical rib.  Documentation did reveal findings of diffuse degenerative disease in the cervical spine with pronounced osteophytic growth in the s/l angioportions of C4-C7. 


Is angioportions correct?  I cannot find good documentation. 

Neurology help please
Subject: Neurology help please

Recommendations were to obtain brain and cervical spine MRI for the possible of central s/l de mon ing disorder. 


Any ideas?  Appreciate the help! 

Subject: neurology

could it be "brisk reflexes" in......
Neurology H&P
Subject: Neurology H&P

s/l ("blanchers") are down going bilaterally. hoping someone can help withthe s/l. thank you

EXTREMITIES: Strength is 5/5, normal motor strength in lower extremities including proximally and distally. Tone is normal. No cogwheeling. Deep tendon reflexes are equal. ("blanchers") are down going bilaterally. Coordination is slow but intact from finger to nose, bilaterally. She has no pronator drift; however, her left arm bobs quite a lot on out-stretched hands. Sensation is decreased on the right, especially on the new foot and hands, as well. Romberg is not even testable because she cannot stand straight with her eyes open much less closed.


Found ophthalmoplegic migraine in Medical Phrase
Subject: Found ophthalmoplegic migraine in Medical Phrase

Migraine headache s/l eleshev Brooks scale? (ESL doc)
Subject: Migraine headache s/l eleshev Brooks scale? (ESL doc)

minor tension headaches without migraine *quadromata*???? thanks. nm
Subject: minor tension headaches without migraine *quadromata*???? thanks. nm

neurology term
Subject: neurology term

Sounds like "probellar" tap is positive. It is definitely not cerebellar.
Neurology syndrome
Subject: Neurology syndrome

s/l "top of the basilar syndrome" re some kind of stroke
Neurology test - help!
Subject: Neurology test - help!

"suggesting Poltz perceptual features" ???
neurology questions
Subject: neurology questions

In the neurologic part of the physical exam:  "Cranial nerves II-XII are grossly intact, with the exception that she does have a [s/l sarcotic/psychotic pursuit] as well as a decreased left [s/l seven central], which is mild." 
Neurology Term
Subject: Neurology Term

Is dictator referring to seizures?  If so, might he be saying absence seizures.  Some pronounce this term ab-sons' (emphasize on second syllable).

Neurology--EMG term
Subject: Neurology--EMG term

The word is vastus lateralis.

Well, it is neurology with a chief
Subject: Well, it is neurology with a chief

complaint of unsteadiness of gait. she has a lot of problems, but he says "past medical history: Medical Illnesses: FBS 110. Would you think that would fall under medical illnesses? I'm pretty sure that is what he is saying, though
Neurology word help
Subject: Neurology word help

diagnsoed with lissencephaly and/or s/l paclegira
Neurology question
Subject: Neurology question

Patient has occipital nerve pain.

The discomfort is retroorbital and bilateral, and he describes it as a constant ache. 

I can't seem to find this word anywhere.  Does anyone know how this is typed?  TIA.