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PFC (orthopedic) meanings

Posted By: ER-MT on 2007-09-20
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Subject: PFC (orthopedic) meanings

All my orthopedic references show PFC (for knee) as a knee system...but I have an ortho doc who says it all the time and I'm fairly sure is referring to patellofemoral chondromalacia.  Anyone else hear this this abbreviation?  TIA!  

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IVAD has two meanings. sm
Subject: IVAD has two meanings. sm

implantable venous access device



implantable vascular access device

I show these meanings -
Subject: I show these meanings -

Tincture of time, tip-of-the-tongue, total operating time. I have only seen TAT for turnaround time, not TOT.
orthopedic help
Subject: orthopedic help

He has no motion between the skull and the thorax, owing to an *s/l occicothoracic*   fusion.

In the same report, doctor dictates under Diagnosis:  *s/l Spondyloepithesial dysplasia.

At a dead end with google search and medical dictionaries, can anyone help please?

orthopedic help
Subject: orthopedic help

I am doing a consultation, and just into the physical examination part, directly after weight, he dictates "somewhat flat and s/l* af-fect' and then goes into range of motion of the lumbar spine, with no indication of what or where "flat and s/l* af-fect' should go.  Normally, he would dictate gait after height and weight, but he dictated this directly after instead.  This is a new one for me, can anyone help?  Thank you!
orthopedic help please
Subject: orthopedic help please

We will place her on five pounds of S/L box traction. 

This is for a spiral fracture of the left femur.  I cannot find box traction anywhere - is this correct?  TIA. 

orthopedic help
Subject: orthopedic help

neural arch of L5 vertebra in the region of the s/l "pause interterious" suggestive of a stress reaction or possibly an early spondolysis. 


orthopedic help
Subject: orthopedic help

The patient has left shoulder issues.  He has got posterior shoulder joint pain and signs of posterior labral pathology, clicking, catching.  His s/l Kim test is weakly positive.  No clunk.

Orthopedic help
Subject: Orthopedic help

Speed and s/l Yourgensin's test.

thanks for any help

orthopedic help
Subject: orthopedic help

Sounds like "A1 pully" of the right ring finger and "AP pully" of the small finger.  (this is a new specialty for me... anyone out there who can help would be a lifesaver!!!) 
orthopedic help
Subject: orthopedic help

Re-evaluation right fifth metatarsal fracture, i.e., s/l "pseudodrone fracture. 
Need orthopedic help
Subject: Need orthopedic help

Cervical spine has ....negative Spurling's and negative S/L Larmeet's?  Say what? I know Spurling's but never heard of the second one.  Anybody?
Orthopedic ??
Subject: Orthopedic ??

posterior disk space retraction?
Orthopedic help please
Subject: Orthopedic help please

Dictated ... A guide pin was placed followed by over s/l *drone* with 10 mm drill.


orthopedic question
Subject: orthopedic question

I need orthopedic help

Dr performed "fem pops" on her legs

Orthopedic technique
Subject: Orthopedic technique

Initial attempts to reduce the shoulder dislocation using scapular manipulation and __________(s/l Hemapen) techniques were unsuccessful however the shoulder was easily reduced with traction-countertraction

orthopedic equip
Subject: orthopedic equip

I have two words from an orthopod...

s/l  fast e-fixer suture system and knightinol guide pin


orthopedic question please help.
Subject: orthopedic question please help.

There is a prior laminectomy and laminotomy present at L5-S1 with generalized disk bulge and flattening of the thecal sac and facet arthritis as well as ________________ (sounds like Rochester or krischester?) on the right S1 nerve root.

I was thinking impingement or encrochemnt  but it just does not sound like that.

Thanks for any suggestions

orthopedic exam
Subject: orthopedic exam

no venous cores, no holmes?, no moses?
Orthopedic Test?
Subject: Orthopedic Test?

Is there an orthopedic test called, "Manes' challenge?" 




orthopedic imaging
Subject: orthopedic imaging

All pedicle screws appear perfectly placed.  There is s/l wa-bat-i-cal im-eth of the lumbar spine. 


Thank you!

Has anyone heard of an orthopedic sm
Subject: Has anyone heard of an orthopedic sm

test that sounds like a Moses test?  This guy has a very thick accent and he mentioned it along with the drawer test as being negative. Thanks for any help.
Orthopedic surgery
Subject: Orthopedic surgery


S/l the ** esk-ell-a pins were removed, and the graft was captured.

This is on a cervical spine fusion.  Thank you

orthopedic word
Subject: orthopedic word

Anyone ever hear of the following? Neuroma (s/l) en cloto? This is a surgery the patient had. Any help is most appreciated! javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
Orthopedic term
Subject: Orthopedic term

Try olecranon.
orthopedic procedure help
Subject: orthopedic procedure help

He is removing synovium and says it was removed with the s/l "Vulcan vaporizator"...any suggestions
Orthopedic work help again.
Subject: Orthopedic work help again.

In the examination he says "no evidence of hypersensitivity, no evidence of s/l skinmiling, no evidnece of RSD
orthopedic manscn
Subject: orthopedic manscn

Anyone ever heard of this. It s/l man scan. He's saying it clearly and even spells it, but I don't know if it is capped or not. I can't find it to reference.  Appreciate any help thanks!

Orthopedic words
Subject: Orthopedic words

Doing hand surgery, sounds like fibers of Lugo and Javar.... . for Dupuytren's. Thanks
Orthopedic word help.
Subject: Orthopedic word help.

patient has left knee pain. she may need a s/l kinoectomy at this point in time.
Orthopedic word help please, see below
Subject: Orthopedic word help please, see below

Suspected right knee patellofemoral click as a result of synovial S/L plaque or band.



Orthopedic word help please, see below
Subject: Orthopedic word help please, see below

The patient is now about seven months since arthroscopic surgery of his right knee with S/L caretoging grafting of a cyst in the posteromedial femoral condyle

Thank you!

Orthopedic word help please, see below
Subject: Orthopedic word help please, see below

He has essentially full forward flexion of the left shoulder. He has limitation of rotation internally to the s/l facrin and has perhaps only five or ten degrees of external rotation.

Thank you!!

Need orthopedic word help again please, see below
Subject: Need orthopedic word help again please, see below

He had x-rays done which show he has a nondisplaced fracture of the radial shaft. His ulna is intact. His S/L pistasteel plate is fine.


Orthopedic word help please, see below
Subject: Orthopedic word help please, see below

78-year-old male who comes in the office complaining of bilateral knee pain. I had done arthroscopic surgery on his right knee in 2003 and found he had substantial osteoarthritis involving the medial compartment of that knee with S/L hubernea bone on the tibial plateau and significant cartilage loss on the femur.



orthopedic word
Subject: orthopedic word

Jergens ball?  I can't find anything definitive on the internet and I don't have a Stedman's orthopedic words book.  Please help me...  Thanks!  :) 
orthopedic word
Subject: orthopedic word

What is the whole sentence or body part?
According Stedman's Orthopedic
Subject: According Stedman's Orthopedic

and Rehab words on page 577, there's a Stimson anterior should reduction technique; Stimson gravity method and a Stimson maneuver. I'll bet one of them relates to what you're talking about.
s/l bump orthopedic
Subject: s/l bump orthopedic

Shoulder was placed on bump and prepped with alcohol.
Orthopedic surgery HELP!!
Subject: Orthopedic surgery HELP!!

TP had a complex tear of the lat meniscus, this tear had an inferior ______ type leaflet which could easily be displaced into the joint, and fraying on the superficial leaflet.  there was 50% thickness of the lateral meniscus with intact superior surface and the inferior surface containing the ______ compartment,......... Both blanks sound like parapete????
orthopedic question
Subject: orthopedic question

MRI of the Left Knee- Impression: Possible horizontal tear versus s/l grade II signally presenting intrasubstance with s/l musid.
orthopedic question
Subject: orthopedic question

is it grade 2 signal represents intrasubstance splits
orthopedic word help please
Subject: orthopedic word help please

The patient has a ganglion cyst and a dorsal (s/l boff) on the dorsal aspect of the left hand.



Orthopedic word...
Subject: Orthopedic word...

Has anyone heard of the word *ligamentotaxis*? This word was not in any reference book of mine, but I did find it a few *more credible* online medical sites. It is described as a technique sometimes used in fracture repair.
fracture orthopedic
Subject: fracture orthopedic

Maisonneuve fracture
Orthopedic test
Subject: Orthopedic test

Doc is saying thumbs-down abduction or adduction.  I can't tell which.  Which would be correct with thumbs-down?  Thanks
Orthopedic word help
Subject: Orthopedic word help

I need help with a work that begins with a "d." Sentence states: Two views of the tib-fib today show the fracture site to be reasonably well aligned, with slight distraction. She may need to have (demyelination or zation ending) done in six weeks.
Orthopedic word help
Subject: Orthopedic word help

Thanks to all replies!!
Orthopedic help needed
Subject: Orthopedic help needed

Next, 1/3 of the middle femur shaft and 1/3 of the tibial shaft s/l Chance pins were placed, followed by application of the femoral distractor to distract bone. 
orthopedic surgery - hip
Subject: orthopedic surgery - hip

"Stenkle's line was preserved" ?
Orthopedic surgery help
Subject: Orthopedic surgery help

a 58-mm s/l no-hole cup with a 20 degree s/l poly liner?
orthopedic word
Subject: orthopedic word

hey everyone my doctor dictated: waldolf ganglion cyst. i cannot find this anywhere. i am spelling this correct or am i way off???

thanks in advance for the help