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Posted By: Wayne on 2008-05-20
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Subject: adnexae

I type for a radiologist who sometimes says "adnexae", e.g. "The uterus and adnexae are unremarkable." I don't think that's a valid pleural but I was surprised to find about 21,400 Google hits. Does anyone type that? (So far I have not given it to him.)

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Adnexa =1 adnexae =2
Subject: Adnexa =1 adnexae =2

No adnexae. Adnexa is the pleural. See inside
Subject: No adnexae. Adnexa is the pleural. See inside

Adnexa: This Latin word (in the plural) is used in medicine in reference to appendages. For example, in gynecology the adnexa are the "appendages" of the uterus, namely the ovaries, Fallopian tubes and ligaments that hold the uterus in place.

Common Misspellings: adnexal