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capitalization help please

Posted By: rf on 2007-03-13
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Subject: capitalization help please

If you have a drug that is not capitalized but is at the beginning of a sentence, do you capitalize it?  thanks

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Subject: capitalization

Patient given albuterol "neb" treatment.  Is "neb" capitalized?.....I say no but others tell me yes. Advise me which -- thank you.
Subject: Capitalization

You know when you go to a website for a piece of equipment or a drug name, sometimes the product is in all capital leters.  Is this for the website only or do you transcribe in your reports as all caps?  For instance, TAXUS stent or Taxus.  Thanks a lot. 


First I was corrected for not capitalizing "statin," and now I am corrected for capitaling "Statin."  Seems to me that it is not a brand name but generic and would not need capitalization. eq. The patient was put on a statin.

Thank you!

Capitalization ?
Subject: Capitalization ?

Do you know if the word ambulation should be capitalized?  spellcheck wants to and I am not sure.  thanks.


The patient, previous to this, was a house community ambulator using a walker to get around.

Capitalization help
Subject: Capitalization help

According to the Book of Style, drug names, trademark, or trade names that have spelling such as pHisoHex can be spelled Phisohex - only the first letter caps. Does the same hold true for instruments? (It's called idiosyncratic capitalization in the BOS.) Like DERMABOND can be Dermabond.
Subject: capitalization

I am getting points deducted for not capitalizing departments such as orthopedics when it stands alone.  I always thought you were to only capitalize these words if the facility name is listed with it.  Can anyone clarify?  Thanks
Subject: capitalization

History of trichomonas, history of chlamydia-- should they be capitalized? 

Subject: capitalization

You would type Mercy Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine but not Mercy Hospital emergency department.
capitalization? Please see msg.
Subject: capitalization? Please see msg.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with a similar question.  How to capitalize:

"I would like to take this opportunity to wish a healthy and happy holiday season, a merry Christmas, and a joyous new year to you, your families, and staff members . . . . "

like that?  Many thanks in advance!  (And merry Christmas!)

capitalization ?
Subject: capitalization ?

she was followed by the diabetes education team


she was followed by the Diabetes Education Team.

Subject: Capitalization

Where I work we capitalize every drug whether brand or generic, I guess that is where my confusion lies.
Subject: Capitalization

Hi I have a question that I'm going to kick myself for when I get an answer, but I'm having a meltdown here...

In 'Dr. Smith of infectious disease' would first letters of infectious disease be capped or not?

Capitalization of Chlamydia
Is Chlamydia always capital according to AAMT rules?
RE: Capitalization of Chlamydia
the genus Chlamydia - All genus names should be capitalized. I do agrree with poster Anon.  This is something a transcriptionist should already know.  Book of Style rules would never apply.  This is a Latin term, i.e., genus, therefore is capitalized.  A quick look in a dictionary would have explained this to you.  I am not intending to give you a hard time, but basic transcription knowledge, i.e., research ability, is needed, not just the correct spelling of words.
Capitalization question - sm
Subject: Capitalization question - sm

Should these organisms be capitalized in this sentence?

Prior cultures were all positive for organisms such as coagulase-negative staphylococcus, peptostreptococcus, and prevotella.

Thanks.  Becky 

New MT capitalization question
Subject: New MT capitalization question

Is black monofil suture capitalized? Thanks.
You are incorrect on the capitalization...
Subject: You are incorrect on the capitalization...

Capitalize eponyms but not the common nouns, adjectives, and prefixes that accompany them.

Do not capitalize words derived from eponyms.

ligament of Treitz
red Robinson catheter
non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Parkinson disease but parkinsonism

Cushing syndrome but cushingoid

Copyright (c) 2002 American Association for Medical Transcription
BOS department capitalization
Subject: BOS department capitalization

Can anyone tell me what BOS says about capitalization of medical departments. i.e. She will be seen in cardiology next week.
? regarding capitalization of name of departments
Subject: ? regarding capitalization of name of departments

Would you capitalize emergency room or emergency department if the department name is given with the name of the hospital in same sentence - such as

____  _____ ______ (name of hospital) Emergency Room

I was always taught that if the name of the hospital was used it was to be capitalized, but if not, then lower case? 


capitalization of departments
Subject: capitalization of departments

I used to think they should always be capitalized, but this is what the company I work for says to do: Substitute a name (say, Dr. Smith) for the department. If it sounds right, capitalize. If a name does not sound right, don't. For example, we consulted Orthopedic Surgery (we consulted Dr. Smith).  We need an orthopedic surgery opinion (we need a Dr. Smith opinion - no, does not sound good). However, you also have to go by the preference of the facility. One of my accounts wants these capitalized all the time, even Operating Room (I think that looks silly - as if that operating room is more important than any other).
bougie - not sure on capitalization, though
Subject: bougie - not sure on capitalization, though

check a med dictionary
capitalization rule
Subject: capitalization rule

Can someone please tell me why sometimes Microsoft Word capitalizes the first letter after a period and sometimes it doesn't.  What can I do to always get a capital letter at the begiining of a new sentence?
capitalization rule
Subject: capitalization rule

Thanks.  It works fine with all words and latters, but not numbers, like 4/23/08, how come?
hematocrit capitalization
Subject: hematocrit capitalization

I swear I read somewhere that Hematocrit should be capitalized.  I know Hemoccult is capitalized, but......have I lost my mind?  Did anyone else ever run across Hematocrit being capped.  For the reason that machinery in the lab is called Hematocrit and therefore they are defaulting to capitalizing it?  If not, I am dreaming about transcription and making up rules (again hahaha)
Capitalization question
Subject: Capitalization question

Do you capitalize hospital wings, such as 4 East, or would it be 4 east. The hospital name is not in the same sentence. Thanks!
Capitalization question
Subject: Capitalization question

Do you capitalize hemoclipped?  I don't think it is even a real word, but is used all the time.
Format & Capitalization (psychiatric)
Subject: Format & Capitalization (psychiatric)

Capitalize verbal, performance, and full-scale?  Should I leave the subtest scores in a vertical list arrangement or use a different format?

On this administration of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-III, Mr. ___ obtained a verbal IQ of 57 (range 53-63), a performance IQ of 64 (range 59-73), and a full-scale IQ of 56 (range 53-61). These scores fall within the mild range of mental deficiency.

The following scatter of subtest scores was obtained:
Vocabulary: 2
Similarity: 3
Arithmetic: 2
Digit Span: 3
Information: 3
Comprehension: 2

Picture Completion: 4
Digit Symbol: 4
Block Design: 4
Matrix Reasoning: 5
Picture Arrangement: 4

All the scores above fall within the mentally deficient range and are relatively even.

capitalization question - if refers to a heading in the note, do I cap
Subject: capitalization question - if refers to a heading in the note, do I cap

In the dictation, MD says (in ROS)  "...please see history of present illness."  Do I type  "...please see History of Present Ilness" or no caps?



capitalization rule after the previous word was a number.
Subject: capitalization rule after the previous word was a number.

how to capitalize the first letter of a new sentence if the last word in the previous sentence was a number?
Per AAMT-BOS2 page 149 it states "Use of idiosyncratic capitalization is optional" so I would
Subject: Per AAMT-BOS2 page 149 it states "Use of idiosyncratic capitalization is optional" so I would put Actoplus Met

TRIVEX or TriVex?? varicose veins-need proper capitalization

Can anyone confirm the proper capitalization of this procedure?  I cannot find it in any book I have and Google gives it many ways.